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Microsoft E3 2015

Live event is closed now. Thanks everybody that was awesome.

Link for Sony E3 live chat room will be added here 1 hour before start.

MS presser for me - 10/10. blown away.
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Damn, i was to late for my trible ;-)

Chris C Olic

June 15 2015, 14:05:22 UTC 2 years ago Edited:  June 15 2015, 14:10:19 UTC

Im so excited. I know we shouldnt jump the gun but i feel we willbe vindicated today, whenthey show the games the xbox can do there wont be amymore denying its power
nice, cant wait.
I hope to see some 1080P 60Fps surprises

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I can still remember games like Jet Pac, Atic Atac, Sabre Wulf and Knight Lore from Rare's predecessor, Ultimate Play the Game.

Would most like to see Jet Force Gemini from their time working with Nintendo; an under appreciated gem.
Hello everyone! :) Hope we have a great conference.
I hope Halo 5 1080p 60fps
Because ponies said it between 900p and 720p
Hi folks, just heading home from work... Happy E3 talk to you all shortly and GAME ON!
1080p+ ???

So excited for today e3.. I expect  some great new

join the stream guys. link in this post
Let the hype train blow the whistle... and our minds!

Choo choo!!! = )
Regardless of resolutions, I hope to see some tangible benefits from DX12. Hopefully enough to vindicate the design of the XBox One.
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Hope you all enjoy the conference and everyone gets the news they want to hear. I am currently at work and then got an hours drive home but hopefully I can get out of work in time to make it home for the start of the conference, its going to be tight!
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