Microsoft E3 2015

Live event is closed now. Thanks everybody that was awesome.

Link for Sony E3 live chat room will be added here 1 hour before start.

MS presser for me - 10/10. blown away.

E3 2015

Misterx: Amount of news is increasing before E3.

We will organize a place to meet and chat during MS E3 show. The link will be added to this post on Monday.

The day after will be opened. PM or DM me for beta early access.

A bit busy with new forum and not time to update Parasite E3 campaight table. Plan to do it on Monday when the new forum design changes will be done and everything will be ready for launch.

Current stats are around $1450. We have almost done it. Thanks everybody!

But no extra funds for lottery tickets numbers raised. Anyway i plan to drop $60 prizes/mounth(game code for games winner will choose) from that list from my own budget for some time(as much as possible). So lottery numbers will win prizes for sure.

As for Insider pre E3. He said a lot already. Now its Phil's job to surprise us.

Insider gave clues on almost everything for the last 4 years. We know what to expect in the future(while there is still unknown places where even MrC could guess only). Everything he told could be digged out. Or just wait. Time will prove.