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We don't know Microsoft market strategy, The Insider is a tech guy and always believes Microsoft will show that side to public as soon as developers sample technology to other developers. His info could be up to 3 years in the future.

The insider will sometimes state in his notes and messages, that the information he has supplied will not be 100% confirmed by him or the source he gain the knowledge from. We still post unconfirmed developers rumours as there no smoke without fire in most cases.

Main idea
XBOX ONE console, was a console that was originally meant to be released at a much later date and time of 2014-15 and is 2-3x more powerful then Sony’s PS4 at mknimum.

Its full DX12+ system and it's power is not 1.31TF as Eurogamer caclulated based on wrong interpretation of docs they got and all other media repeated. Microsoft itself never told its 1.31TF console.

- Xbox One GPU is 2.6TF. Its full DX12 and is not AMD 7770 series. Its accelerated DX12. Xbox One GPU is WDDM 3.0 while first PC DX12 GPUs are WDDM 2.0.
- Other special hardware and accelerators makes it around 5TF of total power.
- Xbox One have HBM v1 ultra fast memory stacked on main SOC chip. PC GPUs will start to have it at the end of 2015.
- Xbox One have FPGA reprogrammable chips inside. You can program algoritms directly in hardware and the speed of execution will be 100-1000 compared to software execution on standart universal CPU.
- Xbox One DDR3 is not typical. It has 4x capabilities of standart DDR3 for every 2GB. A DDR4 prototype. This one is less talked about by Insider and along with HBM is under very strict NDA at Microsoft until DDR4 and HBM will make its debut on PC GPUs in 2016.

Hunt the truth
Please be aware of lies of Sony propaganda, they over promise and under deliver. They often show CGI or in-engine first and then downgrade later. In-game looks not as good as hyped.

Here are tricks Sony use in their games to make you think PS3/PS4 is more powerful then it is
- Narrow corridor games with low draw distance (Uncharted, God of War, and Last of Us), that all need less power for the system to render).
- Open-world games with low draw distance, lots of fog (Infamous).
- Games with static cameras (Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- Less objects and details on screen to render, empty locations, small NPC count(GT5, The Order)

All those tricks need 30-40% less power to render.  Compare for example Uncharted which consists 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels with Night and Day.

Other tricks:
- Tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never filter to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- In-engine prerenderend cut scenes with better assets they claim as real-time game play (Uncharted).
- Make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p.
- Say it is 60fps even if it is hit only 30% of time

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use those tricks as there is no need to lie to gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even with the launch of Xbox One when Microsoft’s DX12 API is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 and still Sony again invents new tricks to deceive and lie to its own gaming community and media outlets.

So if we see "actual game play" logo in game trailer from Microsoft - it is. If we don't see "actual game play" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cut scene. Sony started to use term in-engine in their videos. Still thats not in-game and could be not running in real time on PS4 hardware.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome page, I hope you enjoy your stay.
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Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
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2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
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5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2015+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
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Sony’s lie and brainwash
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com fludded by Sony's employees and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise & underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Full list of Eurogamer biased face-offs. Undeniable proof they are in bed with Sony.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. [Humour] True history of last generation of video games 2003-2011.

Часть 35. В игры для Кинект специально вносят задержки. Для Kinect FPS нужен будет кнопочный add-on

Публикую последную часть интервью. Дальше только Insider Daily.

Часть 35.
Misterx: WOW! I love Enslaved!! Chapter 9 now.very colourfull and pleasure for an eye...what a graphics!! but texnically... textures not so sharp imo :)

WOW - The End of Chapter 9 and brgining of 10..very funny and well acted..love Pig and how he looks..like CGI render form Uncharted :) pleasure for eyes!
Well that ant no cgi, that is in game engine.....
You have not seen the more texture polygon part yet enjoy. And remember uncharted is only a coradoor with tricks and on rails. :) enslaved is nothing compared to what is to come :)

Misterx: good day...lets talk if Microsoft lies to us..what do you think of it...do they? :)
for example: Kinect E3 2009 start adv...you can track fingers and use any kind of objects, scan them...
is it still possible with KInect? :)
Ok when you first got your xbox360, did it have hdd drive installs, did it have Facebook, quick flicks, net flicks, syne market place, sky, fox, sports. Did games have c1, did you have a different gui, did it have voice activated controls. No control ... :) and stereoscopic 3d , ok would you like me to go on..

Let's see What Sony did ok buggy web browser, other os linuxs, blue Ray -r support, edge tools, yeah and then they took away other os, 3rd party USB support, no blue Ray -r, and still no cross game chat, and now they charge. For p s n +. Won't be long and they will be charging for on line game play just wait and see....:)

So who lies hey...
Kinect can do every thing ms said it could back @e3 and even more it is a software driven interface and software evolves and gets better. If you think ms are going to put kinect out the door with out it being future proof you  are kin ding your self 500million dollars is a lot kinect will distroy move sales in the first week... Stop reading the Sony blog it is  all full of propaganda.. :) does your gut tell you this might be fun.. But ol have to wait for that amazing game. Well it is coming. Go and get move and kinect and try them out side buy side.. Yeah move might be a little faster. It is based of a wii remote how original :) kinect is better and it will get better and better and better. 1 on 1 motion tracking is possible and 90% of game early next year will show this. :)

Misterx: don't say what they lie...i just interested in your opinion...
Is that MS who said about finger tracking? I really don't remember from where we know that first  Today i read a stry what finger traking isn't possible...

Observing neogaf' topic names for OT...
Japan&PS3 games "briliant", "surprisingly", "beautifull"
Western&360 games....mostly still or negative..
Neogaf also proSony site...Hate Sony
But what do you want? If i was a jap and were atacked by atomic bomb i would hate americans even harder. they will never forgive.

On the other side we russian don't hate germany which killed 36 milions of us...
 don't know..why japs can't play fair play.
Kinect can do finger tracking 1 on 1. It can tel every hand wrist elbow shoulder joint nea joint, ankle. It even adds points for the back, spine points, it has bottom of the feet points. There can be over 200 points that kinect can track in 1on1 on real time. The reson kinect has a few mill seconds of delay is for people, people are stupid to how there bodys work.. Every body walk and move different. Size shape and height also.
The humen brain needs this delay so they can judge and antiserpaint the optects and world and character can have time to reacked. Could you dodge a. Bullet in real time ..... :)  some DEvs will go the full 1 on 1, but a control of some sort will be enabled to give the extra fast pass. Full emersion with body , movement , time, and real world physics. But I think some dev's choose a little bit more delay then others as some kinect games  are focused on gamers who have only ever known wii and little children as well. How manny times have I heard people say it will be good when there is no control, go pick a tennis racket up for tennis. Go grab a golf club for golf this is what kinect can do. It can map any thing ......:) you see it is the future don't think of kinect as an end of the control think of it as an added world  that has been missing from games... :)

Think off this world as a game of cheest. With other forces playing the game. That is what I think of war. When people final wake up and see the true rules of the world it won't matter what skin color size you are it will matter about survivel,  americar and japan are just parts of a big pleant spinning in space. There is no differs between you and me or japan south affrica Asia Australia London. Were all breathing the same air and living under the same sun. The illuminate are the rules and dividers of the world, it is there die sign to dived the world they run the media these also effects colter and world governments, if americar didn't drop the nuke japan would have killed and tortured millions why were they fighting in the first place, does every body think that one person said let's go to war no it is shadow. Government the illuminate. Even if you don't beleve me think of this point would you kill your mother or father, would you rape a women child.
 The public don't do this, I can take 50 of my japanies friends 50 of my American. And ask them to fight kill each other they would look at me like I was crazy. They wouldn't do it. The problem is multi billion dollar corporation like Sony are to viel with hate. You can't blam the japanies people or amercan people of a government. Desion, ms are not the illuminate they are different people should see that how offen do you see Sony giving away million to africar to fight aids, cancer. No you won't because the illuminate don't have control off ms. And neat her do the us government. Do you see my point. Every body is getting played. Racism in a digital age is descusting ...

Misterx: Well...Kinect is possible to do finger tracking..so why MS dev said no it can't recently...i do wonder...and it is shock for me about adding a delay...really shoked...looks very fantastic...all your previos word about no lag smashed...very sad...:( again i feel like i been fooled :(
 What about Sony and illuminati..i thought the same way...but that point don't stay in my mind for a long time..yeah i was wrong about japans people.

now i wonder how MS not controlled by illuminati..illuminati needs to contol such a company like MS.
also i wonder how illuminati do communicate. do they reaaly communicate? :)
Kinect can do 1 on 1 which = zero delay. I told you dev's choose to ad a little delay so the human brain and body can get the feel right.  A little bit of delay is good trust me. If they didn't people would complain that the games were to fast for them to keep up people would get way to fucking tied :)

Even move has delay. And your not really controlling the game like kinect. Moves delay is the delay the human brain has when it tells you to hold an object and to push a button there is a reflex delay. Pic a pen up and grab some paper right your name is there delay. Yeah there is even if you do it as fast as you can. Kinect can do that in real time with 200 points on your body mapped it's that smart well the software that it can tell what you are going to do, it learns your move ment. Have fath my friend I never fool any body.

As for how they communicate it is the g4sumit that is how the government does it. You want to know why they don't control ms. Becouse ms is that big of a company that it would be to open to the public he'll even there rnd projects are well known....:) But sony they have hard were that is un humen tech.. Blue gean.... Well adlest the gpu is man made thanks amd :) depends what you believe, there are a lot of dev story out there...  Just all ways watch what the right hand does , cos the left hand  is all ways doing some thing else :)

Misterx: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NaM1kwJ73A&feature=related
so beatifull...and you saw better picture on xbox? but how can it be better...can't imagine...perfect ligthing makes picture so real on distance...
by how many percent will be the super games better and in what areas...can you make a try to discribrybe tt in words :)

devs add a delay...that is a world sensantion...i don't get that. that is a stupudiest thing eva(дурак был я, т.к. позже на амазоне я прочитал полно отзывов о муве, о том, что играть с такой чувствительностью в некоторых играх неудобно). i refuse to believe. i am not share your explanation. it is much better to get used to when there is no delay...i can't beleve you told that...i am very doubtfool about your stories now..only time will tell..but you said kinect has no lag and now you say devs add lag...very strange and doubtfool...that is what i feel now
you said:"t sony they have hard were that is un humen tech.. Blue gean.... Well adlest the gpu is man made thanks amd :) depends what you believe, there are a lot of dev story out there...  "

dont get this...that is a joke? nvidia made a gpu not amd...and don\t understand what you mean about when say human/unhuman....
Still has low textures :) but they have done a good job with it.
And to answer your question yes and yes. The hold up is kinect iv told you this. Does kill zone have voice control, sqcode control, and head tracking   Micro feature. No and no. Ms are doing it right buy my book. If you think about how tacked on some options are with kill zone 3 they should have fixed the laggy controls, I mean being a hand control why is there such a delay..:) I thought only kinect had delay in the Sony fanboy eyes. Double standeds.  Like i said you will see stuff next year that will test your. Idea of graphics. Just wait a little longer. :(

Did you see the psp2 prototype phone..... I spoke with our dev and he said there is two models one is a phone and one is an iPod type device.... I guess Sony is hard up for device designs..... While I like the idea of dual touch analog controls.. After seeing a few games in dev no portable hard ware I think 3ds is the future hard ware for handheld gaming, but ol be getting a psp2 none the less............................:)

Misterx:No i didn't see...i don't care about handfields...they are for people with much time to play in life. i hardly find for "in front TV gaming" :)
i am happy now for kinect...new footages are great...i see i reduced lag. you was right man :)
 totally agree with this article...what smartest and hi payroll minds in MS only think about...
good comments :)
now i tittaly dissagree with an article. Ms can't be a leader on all markets.
 find the argument a bit low with this article, The fact that kinect will demolish the wii and ps3 in no time, once the hard core audience get there golden stallion's... :)  its over for move.

Windows 7 is the best os period, and any company can fuck things up, i.e sony ps3 , apple cost of there products. and they all make it back to the top.

The biggest problem with MS is steve. He turns back so manny aspects that creative teams come to him with, Rnd is amazing at MS.

While I have seen the x-pad prototype and it destroy my ipad 100% over iv seen psp2 dev it kills that 100x over, The problem is the cpu, arms cpus, And GPU They have all been held back buy the bad recession.  It is only now that MS can move forward with there vision for the future, and with Amd bulldozer coming on fast, And Ms working this in to there products range I think Ms consumer products will be high quality then any thing apple can a chive, The biggest problem Ms have had is there transition from software to hardware+ software it has been a bumpy road to say the lease.  

I think with in the next 12 months these articles will be back dust on the internet, Cos iv seen what Ms have coming and even sony cant match it, nor can apple and google, And android os is trash buggy hackable crap. Ios has to evolve more.

As for kinect you have seen nothing yet, The sony fanboy's on n4g are going to eat all there words, The best thing of all is sony will have to announce there ps4, ps3 will not last ten years when you see the 720 lol :) game over for sony... Cos the best they can hope for is
a cheap blue ray player and a two cell two gpu nvidia card cos that is what they have in mind, it will never match the 720,  MS will be known for there surpior hardware next gen

Misterx:Hello man...i was on roll yesterday on n4g..in results - i got banned :) there was a momentum to shut sonypaid mans up..they were pissed for a while i gueess. now i see more and more xbox supporters will come to n4g and sony paid comments will be demolished by dissagrees..
I think the biggest problem is there attitude towards other gamers, when the new casual kinect gamers start getting online buy the millions, they will see the workings of Sonys paid mouth peaces... It will show the negative company tactics.. And hurt the images of Sony.. A lot of parents do there home work these days also and when they go to n4sony fan boys.. :) and see it for them salves any one can see how that web sight opperates. I guess ms had to manny games put for xbox gamers to get online and rag against the Sony payed blogger

Misterx:so...kinect can do 1:1 positioning and that is not about delay as often fanboys mean on the net..1:1 is a 3d movement tracking...i move my arm back and 3d infrard sensor see that while rgb camera not..because moving arm back from a position like you drive in joy ride is visialy the same on  screen ...am i right? that is depend how kinect track ulnar bone..via RBG or Infrared...
the 3d camira is for space reading of objects it can all so do point to point tracking. The rgb camira is for point tracking 1 on 1. I have. Not sampled final build quality but like I said the final kinect hard ware is really good better then wii and move. But some devs like. Little delay it helps people adapt to the new input your " your body " no one can fucking dodge a bullet :) take cair friend, the battle begins Now :)


I got my personal final hard ware kinect  for home use, it had shit loads of lag and glitch's :( The games were running shocking, The dev kit units do not have this .....

So I re-calibrated the device again and I was right with my observations, the problem with
the first calibration is you should do it two time when you get it in your environment. The problem is the xbox calibration learns the environment and 3d map space, see the dev kits are set up different to final build... they have auto calibration mapping which is predefined environment scaling pre fabs... there design to emulate all the different rooms and space that kinect can function to its fullest. I think the problem with people having lag and other having none/ or normal input lag.. is the calibration of the room. 6ft is the ideal space but 10ft is the magic spot.  with 10ft space and about  7ft standing from the kinect. the final kinect hard ware can map very accurate,  A few of the mini tech demos we designed run amazing on final kinect there is no lag it is smooth a lot smoother then what was our goal. The next update firmware update Ms has coming for Kinect is designed to speed it up even more,  This should arrive in the next few days. :)

But you should have stripped it down some what, not to sound rude.. But the ms update stuff should be left out of our conversations.. Its not for the general public.. I.e new copy protection,

My only argument with ms is they could have sold kinect at 100 usd.
It is the perfect price for this divide to get it in to homes and maybe only included a demo disk....

Buy early next year hybrid games and updates for some older lover exclusives will be hitting live and shelves. So the hard core will get there first glimpse of what kinect has for them, I think there going to love this new elements. Even tho the big hitter won't land for a few more months.

I heard today that pgr has change developers. It turns out that turn10 will be developing froze x4 only now, even tho they had drivable code.
But I think ms really want froze 4 to be a bigger contender next gen ....
Even tho it has Been over 12 months since it's release Ive played gt5 now I was very very impress is it perfect no,,,,! But it is good, it ant uncharted 2 good of a step it still feels like gt5 prologue, which is a shame but it does have better in car and car textures. I also notice a lot of frame lag.... So it ant perfect there was also draw in and the damage model needs work. It just feels to arcade now and cars don't feel like they are going that fast. In car view does tho. I think the ps scene needs this game but I was disappointed after you play it it's just like halo play one you have played the basic style. Polyphonic I give you 9.5 but I will deduct .5 for making every body wait this long shame shame.  Got a ps3 get gt5 if you don't then you suck :) sorry about that mini review but I need to get that of my chest. But yeah I know that the next pgr will use the physics 360 engine and it has been enhanced, but ms really want this to be the eye candy
 game this gen and I think the move will benefit the pgr franchise. It could be out buy year end if the right team gets there hands on it :) they might show the world just how good they can be.. As pgr is a pretty loved series and ms don't want pgr to fail.

Misterx:We have kinects here in russia for about 270$, bundeled with 4 gb about 530$...
iphone4 here is about 800Euros or over 1000 dollars...that is a shame..for all over the world...america gets all cheap...and have a higher salary...that is because they print a paper called world money which is a dollar i guess..illuminati.
yeah...i will buy gt5....but i hated gt5:p gameplay compared to forza's...feels so unnatures...tyres got whistled every coner...unnatural...

oh..the main thing...
read the reviews...super pleasure to read...hate all proff reviws after that...they all clueless and far from the customer...ms should not give them a dollar more...
and there is allready 113 reviws in 2 days...while move has 58 in 2 month.

Well..after reading all of thouse reviews..i feel like they doctored...they have a patern...
what do you know about amazon user eviews? can we trust them? can MS pay people to pay from amazon and write a trusted review?
Any review can be payed, but I think kinect has proven it is only getting better and when it comes to kinect that is 100% a reality. The problem Sony has is they didn't incorporate the fun factor in with move... It is a wii copy but is it really that much better.

Kinect will see the xbox360 sell a lot more then Sony this gen when kinect go's global this month buy christmas, the 3 million + gap that ms has over Sony is going to widen very very fast, sone analyst have ruff figures and I think the 500m ms has to spend will cover the next 4 months , it is for tv , radio, and having major lunches in capital citys, the main problem is 99% of fanboys think that it is for payed review, there would be millions of revews if they payed people. And the reviews would be all tens.. But that is not the case ... the reviews in my book are fairly realistic the kinect lunch line up is for a casual market. And the casual market don't hang out online they don't post on forums, they listen to friends come over my house see this kinect thing. The main thing is there fun to play, ms has done something right they have that nintendo fun factor that is what people want most a good laugh and a good time it is really unfair to call kinect
 just a motion control, when it does so many different things, the future for ms is getting better now this will bring so manny people in to gaming now for body motion control type gaming.

Misterx:well...my readers will remember me i said them...forza 3 will be superior over gt5 based on your words...
 i will be put in shame and will be called a lier :)
:You ant no lier that was a comparison remember to the gt5 that was meant to ship 16 months ago....... :)

How much time do you think that manny months makes let's see,
Optimzed textures, night driving and weather, more cars damage mapping
3d..... But under all that it still feels like gt4 on ps2 that ant a bad thing it just don't have the froze engine. :)

And no fanboy can argue with what I said. I gave it a 9 dam it... 9.5 :) that don't make it a shit game I just think turn10 could make a better game if they had more then 2 years development time.

But if gt5 had of come out at the same time froze would have been the better game period. And I think polyphonic digital did the right thing buy delaying it, cos they really were not ready to ship it, but the Sony mouth peace you know how they work...! :)

Misterx:Kinect sell well....
if compare  amazon user review quantity of reach and kinect we have 350 to 200 to reach...that means what kinect sold allready about 2 millions :) minus buzz factor wich say tha many people don't usually write a review..but kinec is so awesome so they decide to write...i guess it will be about 1.5 mill. still not bad..
move sold about 3 times less i guess..
review quantity math is amazing :)) strongly believe in it..or i do know nothing about economy and statistics :)
think at the end of the day the kinect hardware works... And the general. Public know this so they wright reviews.... When the core games arrive it's all over :) fps  can be done with kinect but there has to be a button.. :) or a gun and a vibration feedback bands... Could halo 4 be that ace... Or is it the true perfect dark sequel I guess ol leave that to  your imagination. For now all I can say is there is some mind boggling cool shit heading this way for the core gamers way :)

Misterx:Yeahh cool...but how much will it cost this new add-on? :)
Who knows maybe it my be a pack in device ...... With a really good fps :)

Any way looks like Ms are trying to get an internal cloud service going...   So you know what this means....... but it is all test these days... Maybe they might try to hold back the urge to lunch there next box. I know they don't want to be first this time, The ALU's are shaping up nice but still 2 more years would be good for 360 to be lead platform, were only just making money now.  And it will mean no blue ray 1 tech... next gen :)

Misterx:Hello :)
Cloud = no blue ray or and other physical format next gen? :) i do not want this...
i guess what they will annouce next box E3 2012 shiping cristmas 2012. Wii2 will be allready available that time...
what what will PC dev do? they can't make PC games only because they sell bad. but they can make a very super GFX game on modern hardware...consoles hold back PC...2 more years that will be more...yes?

Man i have been told that Xenos have no GPGPU

ну а далее, далее я уже публиковал начиная с 11/11/2010.
все, частей больше не будет. 35-ая последняя.

Часть 31
Контора пишет

9 июня – 11 августа 2010

Инсайдер: Make shore you watch MS e3 this year??? You might see a bulldozer or 64 of them :)

Misterx: Too many games announced via last mouth...my brain is exploding fro the amount of info. i am tired of this gen :) i don't interested in all those games :)
Инсайдер: Every thing we have spoke about will come true in the next 34 hours. You should buy a 3D tv my friend it is time ???

And If you think there has been too Manny games announced, You are about too have more then your head explode. :)

Инсайдер: Well that cats out the bag now so it don't matter I guess, 




:) But there is a bigger surprise or wait that has leaked to the new slim xbox looks dam close to my pic on n4g, :)

Misterx: Nut only without front hole :)

Misterx: Kinect presentations is full of shit i guess :) can't see nothing impressive. only pre-recorded videos...BBS said it's LAG more then MOVE :( 6 hours to go till win or false :)

Инсайдер: Yeah tell me about it we had devs dragged into a room with every body for a fucking commercial, I was not impressed?

But after we found out what they had done, We understand but I was for one not impressed with pre recorded footage. But this was all for an advertising. So I forgive but I wont forget. And for the record Kinect is way way better then this.

And no it does not lag more then Move, it had lag because there was 800 people in a room jumping around, it is not designed for 20 people ether 4 max. so Kinect that is getting shown maybe final hardware but its software is still beta, No finished software till late august. Stay tune   

Misterx: Well...still nothing after 1:20...
Инсайдер: http://kotaku.com/5563154/new-xbox-360-shipping-today-costs-299

See the console

Инсайдер: Well kinect is a family machine these far, but they ant show as much as what we have our studio chart, But thats Ms for ya, but he show ant over yet

Инсайдер: I think nintendo will have there best e3 this year ,lets hope the list of what we have gets shown because so far MS have been lacking dam, steve he needs to get the sake :)

Misterx: Xbox slim = ok

but where is super GFX games? where is 50+ exclusives...
: there all getting patched for kinect? Were all scratching our heads too, were the fuck is the 3D update some thing ant right. blame steve he has gone on a kinect? this is poor

Инсайдер: Dam I just saw the footage for the new car game that is old, that is the video we saw last year, ? hell that is the stock footage we saw for the new pgr , ol let you know what our studio boss has to say tomorrow, but I bet it is all about KinectKinectKinectKinectKinectKinectKinectKinect :(


Misterx: well i dunno what to tell...ps3 will match this gfx level i guess...
Инсайдер: "XXXXXXXXXX Wait….XXXXX a couple of days" :)

That is his qoute not mine, but it has me intrigued, and that my be old news but it was not 3 weeks ago or 6 months ago now ? And remember alot of the multi platforms is what Sony is showing, so don't count them for the win just yet,

Like I said Nintendo has this one in the bag 

Инсайдер: http://www.gametrailers.com/e3/livefeed/natal

This might make some sense it did after i saw it

Misterx: So, no victory for MS over Sony...politics and marketing don't let ideas run very fast...MS will earn on every ace they have as much as possible...you feeling what MS will show all their aces were wrong...as developer you thought they should let us see...but they showed not all...
Инсайдер: It has been the discussion for the last 48hours with every xbox360 studio dev, Kinect is going to be integrated into the core market, A new control is coming for the fps and hardcore games which will integrate with head tracking and voice control, Ms feel very strongly of kinect but at this time was required to be a family adaption. FUN for the family market that is what the package is designed to do. While Ms could have shown there massive exclusives, they choose to focus on Kinect as this is the weakest area of there strategy. And allow 3rd party games to highlight the massive support that is coming from 3rd party dev in the hardcore market. Why show all your games 3rd party has bullet storm, Call of duty, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Rage, Fallout: New Vegas, Brink, Spec Ops: The Line, Mafia II, Bodycount, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Portal 2, Vanquish, Should I go on and there only Fps really and here is the exclusive list XCOM, Dead Rising: Case Zero, Sniper: Ghost Warrior, The Heavy, Adrenalin Misfits, N3: Ninety-Nine Nights II, Dance Central, Fable III, Forza Motorsport 4, Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, Monday Night Combat,Divinity II: Ego Draconis, Divinity II: Flames of Vengeance, And that is not including Kinect games or the rest which there are over 40 games, And the only games sony showed that were on my which list were killzone 3 and twisted metal, So how much money do you have to buy these games over the next 12 months I know for one my budget wont let me play all of these and nether will my job or spare time :)

So I do see Ms strategy it is very straight forward, They have a good 12 months to integrate the hard core aspect into there kinect, and remember one big thing when ms bring this hardcore controller aspect out later this year for kinect it will show that Sony's eye toy for ps3 is very dated compared to Kinect 3d cam engine, and 1.1 motion can be achived with kinect also via addon control with a fucking button also.

Also have you heard about the reviewers response to move, it suck's, it is coming out sooner then kinect which has 4 months left of dev, and the games on kinect are fun to play. And while were on the subject of Sony did you get the feeling that sony want's you to buy more of there products, i.e there 3D tv = big prices $4000usd for 55inch, $120usd for glasses, eye toy costs, $39.99, PlayStation movie controller $49.99 navigation controller is $29.99 the charge station is $19.99 a ps3 "3D" console $399 now you do the maths 4658.96 and that is only for one person if you want your family and friend's to play also that will cost you

1X Ps3 slim 120gig/ 250 = $399

4X PlayStation movie controller $49.99 = 199.96

4X navigation controller is $29.99 = 119.96

1X eye toy costs, = $39.99

2X charge station = 39.98

4X Sony's 3D glasses = At this time there is no Sony glasses so will use Samsung's = 329.98 for 2 glass so we need 2 of these which will cost you 659.96, but I will round it off to $450 for 4x glasses :) link at the bottom for price

Then a 3D tv $4000usd 55inch led lcd sony brand my be more,

Now for the true ps3 Move 3D killzone 3 or crysis 2 or fight light out. Is going to cost you = 5248.89 !! now are you

ready for the sony 3D experience! :)

And one last thing did you see that the demonstration for crysis 2 it was in 3D and get this it was on 360 not ps3, and the verdict was the crysis 2 video was clear and had way more pop then killzone 3. Makes you laugh, at the sony fanboy's and the best thing of all for me is the fact that every multi plat game looked better then on ps3 and even the 360 3d was surpassed the ps3 :)

The thing that makes me laugh most of all is I tried to play a move game and I had to calibrate the motion control buy holding it up to my face 3 fucking times I tried and it was still out. but get this when we sampled kinect we could jump in and out and it picked us up with out a calibration, and the software is still beta :)

But still I think Nintendo took it for me the 3ds is amazing in final spec its really good to see Nintendo get the dev board in to the micro size that is a basic nds shell, and with good battery times to boot, well done Nintendo, and with 200+ million polygon performances with effects this is amazing and in "3D" no body else has this tech in the hand held market not even psp2 which had required uses to were 3D glass yes sony 3D glass why did you think we didn't see psp2 at e3, cos Sony pulled it because it has inferior screen tech :0 And almost the same performance :)

e3 top 4 pick for me Nintendo , Ea, MS, Sony,


22 июня..

Misterx: Hello :)

Do Deus Ex have cyborgs? :) Is it THAT game your PS3 dev said NO WAY? :)
: That is for you to decide :) . We got final kinect hardware to day and tools, why why better tool chain, our game wll be 1 : 1 motion and yes it is a CORE game?

Misterx: OMG at Kane&lynch2 demo GFX...

wonder if PS3 can catch it..

reminds me of recent Deus Ex..

both were 360 versions showen...feels likes there is more than 256 mb of objecs on screen..and PS3 will not match it..or maybe this preety because of city setting and there is enougt 256 of ram to render this beauty on ps3 too?
: Cell can do a lot but textures will all ways suffer in the end. But we just have to wait till MS are ready.

Инсайдер: Kevin butler, Sony most not have much money :)



Инсайдер: Just thought I would let you know we got our final final kinect hardware 3 days ago and no lag no lag, Told you so now we just need to get our core game ready :)

Misterx: that's is also in the news...

 can you prove you are a developer somehow?
: yes you can don't include a dev's e3 list we all got feed lies, And you know I am a dev? work it out

19 июля..

Misterx: Kinetc & sitting = EPIC fail?

 i know it is difficult to do but never thought that this is a muct have feature...

a storm in press will be soon

poor MS

Misterx: i want wake up when games will be like in this demo :)

 next gen in 2 years?
: You can sit down while playing kinect but not with the fist wave of games, But the first batch of games are all about getting up and moving jumping and stuff that is a different approach to control type games. I think your going to be shocked buy how much the kinect can do and with the new control. Nextgen hardware will be shown at e3 next year, the green light has been sent out. Our studio is deving a game that will be cross platform in design, And the disk ant limited to 25gig. but will have a double sided design. But I cant see real hardware shipping till late 2012 to retail. The new wii will be out next Christmas in japan. And sega is looking for studio to support some new hardware got a meeting next week, but it will probably be arcade based hardware all tho a dreamcast 2 would be nice. I would have hoped they would make a 3rd platform some thing totally new not based on a console design we have to day but some thing more sega in nature. some thing that does not need a tv but some sort of light manipulation tech like the MS glass less 3d tech. But lets just wait and see. game gear 2 ??        

Misterx: yeah, i played gears2...

well, the waiting of cool things in gfx department kills me :)

finished first uncharted last week. very high production values, but

256 of ram make the game very corridor like..no open sky, no

horizons...very claustrophobic but very colorful and pleasure for eyes.

liked it more than unch2.

dying to see 360's 386 megs games. i understand that it is all about

video ram in gfx. but will ps3 difference not so big having 1/3 less

ram by using cell as SFX monster like particle effects, ligthing,

destruction, mlsa and other stuff. if 360 could repeat 70% of those

things via GPGPU.then it is cool. if not then difference for not so

tech people will not that big...they wiil say ps3 have better gfx -

"just look at smoke, destruction and so on". when we will see

something really better on 360 then in ps3. when the crowd will admit

360 on pair and not lag behinf ps3 exclusives...

how much ram next gen will have?
: What you forget is that sony has had over 15 years + on console development cycles, They build and know there hardware, Like apple. Ms on the other hand has always had 3rd party build there architect, ad lest the future vision and some development help from the community that had Ms put extra tech into there console. If 360 had of shipped with 256mb the 360 and a none unified design. The 360 would be in its final year now and there would be no slim just a new console. All I can say is check the Gear of war 3 graphics design and enhancements, the texture lighting, smoke, particle effect's are above any thing ps3 has shipped. Killzone 3 is a good looking game but the textures are terrible no really they are a step back, but the way Sony is going to get around this is make the new games 3D. Now even 360 can do better 3D with good textures but you will have to see it for your self.

In regards to your uncharted 1 behing a better game then 2 is true, the tricks sony's dev used in 2 left the game to controlled. the game was corridor in nature for a reason, and that was only to get the best texture quality out of the ps3. early next year is my answer to your question. Like peter said the best looking games are yet to come from 360 and that is the only truthful comment peter has said in a long time :)

8 августа..

Misterx: Hello man. who is your summer going..we have got +33 and higher for already

about 40 days..that’s a record...40 days of 33 or higher degree Celsius...the last two weeks it is about 40...it like in Egypt in Sahara...they have now +40..and all the water drying from us is raining on Europe now..:)) ok..back to gaming..

did you see something amazing for the last month? :) the game your PS3 dev said it is firkin great on 360...when will it come? another byte is Alan Wake DLC - no better animation or something...

another worries for me is a bad press for Kinect. What does MS smoke? Are they have no dev time and they are in a hury so they show us so so demos? they think end result will silent haters or they really only have what they show? lag demos....
: Busy busy on holiday's for the last 4 weeks, Sound like it is hot over your way might need a beer and an air con.

As for what Ms is doing is plan and simple they are adjusting the vision of their company. You have seen the allan wake dlc and it is no better hey? Well, More back tracking. This industry is getting divided now into two console. As for Kinect having lag, only on some games, It is really early for people to jump all over Ms for demo's yes DEMO's. I don't see move showing anything to over the top all move really has is killzone 3 that is wow, Heavy Rain and move was a good idea in till I played it and now all I can say is bla bla, they could have done it better with a guitar hero control. :) I don't give away my identity or the dev/company I work for. That is the way it is. Or yeah DOA on 360 looks dam good but mortal kombat looks good toooooo:). As for new games keep your eye on sega, bayonet 2??. Ms have some big announcement at tgs this year but don't get your hopes to high, not after the bloody poncho wearing fiasco but I got to keep mine :) they look all right in the studio. 1 last big surprise which company is going make a cross platform shooter which will run on ps3/xbox/pc/mac, and all the large companies are going to front the money for this cross game shooter ??? :) And every fanboy's worst nightmare ??

Misterx: What? Halo going multiplatform?? :))) Well..they will release Halo 3 of PC/mac/PS3 and then BAM Halo 4 is xbox 720 720....yeah? that is a plan? to kill their not so high goodwill entirely? :) Will MS loose one exclusive for 360 title by this announcement?

Industry=2 consoles:

wii2 and 360? Or

or Ps3 and 360?
: Halo3 multi platform lol :) no way it is a new totally new IP, And it is made buy 2 dev studios. sort of what Capcom and Namco have done with there fighting games . But it will be an online fps, with a single campaign for of line as well. Two consoles from Ms on the market 360/720, like sony and ps2/ps3, Ms want to over lap the console cycle buy linking the kinect experience between the two.  

Halo 3 lol :) 


Часть 30. На английском.

Инсайдер: J is going no were Like iv been saying .

"Ballmer also confirmed rumors that J. Allard, the company's chief experience officer and chief technology officer of the entertainment and devices division, is leaving the company after 15 years. Allard will continue to work as an advisor to Ballmer, "helping incubation efforts, looking at design and UI, and providing a cross-company perspective on these and similar topics."

What has come from the horses mouth is Bill has demanded that J stay, and they will invest in his 3rd big project, And the fact they can not lunch the next Xbox console with out J, he is the father of Xbox, it was Bach who was going all along, But J is not ready to lead MS J is a bit to risky :)

"I want to close by thanking Robbie for the incalculable contributions he has made to Microsoft over the years. He will be greatly missed when he retires this fall, and I am glad that I'll have the opportunity to continue working closely with him between now and then," Ballmer writes. "And as J makes a similar transition, I look forward to working with him in a new way."

See J is here to stay but he is doing some thing in his spare time which is cool buy 99% of all devs, We wouldn't want to have to start mastering New hardware when we only just got a grip on some future DEV :)

Инсайдер: I just got to see one of the most amazing new fps/3rd/3d game I have seen today it has been in dev for 4 years and it is so new in terms. Of visual and story that ms e3 will leave your brain on the floor. While I was impressed with killzone 3 I was never thought or had any idea that this game would be so amazing it is the newest style in town and ms have keept this under the radar for 4 years. And it's 100% natal compatible also and it is hard core x10 you won't undrstand I don't understand how this game could not be spoken about buy now I still can't beleive what has I have seen even the ps3 dev can't believe what he has seen . His face was like fuck that I did not expect in 1000 years what a surprice no way that was his repliy. It was kinda sci fi but horror but also cyborg but the effects were so real nothing will be like it for adlest 2 years + a true step up if this is the true power of xengine wow

Misterx: Will we see it at E3? Will we see it at E3? And what about Killzone 3? is it better tah gears 3?
: It wouldn't be fair of me to compare killzone 3 to gears of war 3, But they do have a dark art style, but gears has a more natural art direction from my artistic tastes, ol elaborate on that for a minuet, Gears has this whole world aspect this whole there coming after us in hordes every direction is filled with monsters that just want to kill you, but it is this whole you have to escape but there is no were left to go it is for a better word serial. Were killzone 3 has this story were you have adjective and that is kills the bad boss, waves and waves of soldiers while being forced in one direction it just feels rushed. When it comes to graphics. I Think gears of war 3 has a new graphics style compared to gears 1/2 this time around every thing is bigger older rusty looking with real color not not just gray, The textures are really advanced but it is deformable in that you can blow a wall down to get through a level its not so liner this time, it is a little sandbox but with out it being to open ,gta, rdr. Were killzone 3 has this ultra liner feel its even worse then the first games but I do think it really earl in the dev cycle of these games, But killzone 3 is just the fist game with better textures and control's like look shiny rails and sparkly water, And 3D which is the worst impermanent of 3D in a fps that I have seen \, there is just to much cross talk, it could kill the whole 3D for fps, if they don't fix this it not going to go down well, But I think we should compare killzone 3 to crysis 2. But I still think both gear and killzone should not be compared there just different games, And both have there negatives and positives that I would rather not get into a debate its just to complicated :) But from story I would choose Gears of war story its more appealing to me.

I ant making a comment on

MechWarrior ??????????? 

Misterx: well, sad news..PS3 will match xbox gfx by using cell's effects? shity 256mb textures but effects will make picture much better. Gears 3 now is not the king... ?
Инсайдер: LOL cell effects, you need to understand cell can only draw 256mb of ram it can not and well not have access to the full 512, it ant unified, and the cell only has 16kb of branch instructions, There is no way on earth ps3 can match the 358mb of texture memory loads "LOD" that xbox360 is putting out. And lets factor in 3D hey ps3 must down scale all 3D effect in order to math, or match the frame buffer that cell has to draw to 256mb/128mb/64mb. There is not enough and the frame buffer must be drawn from the cell. were xbox360 has the Hana upscale chip which has a 10mb buffer just for 3D, 360 can out put Side by Side 720p 4xaa images with out ghosting, or cross talk. No fucking down scale there is no security code that sony can put into the ps3 to make it faster or better it is bottoming out with the 3D aspect and every sony dev knows this, The 360 has the ball because it has the gpgpu design when e3 finishes you will see, do not believe the bullshit, we have had to spend months and years learning gpgpu and cell is powerful but it is at its bottle neck, the 360 dev has moved from the cpu to fully blown gpgpu now, ps3 can not be changed it must use cell as the main draw factor , I can not wait till you see what is coming this is it my friend Ms will show you that sony is fucked hell even there 3D design can not match Samsung, they have to ask for help because sharp wont pay to get them out of the ash that ps3 has put them in, Ps3 will never match the game sales 360 has, All ps3 are blue ray players, Hey _____ is coming to 360, sony has a timed exclusive yes "timed" if you leak that you wont get another word from me :), Stop buying the sony hype, This whole 3d age is going to byte sony in the arse, The ps3 is not a bad machine it was designed around cell that can never be changed. I love the brain drain that sony puts on you guys, have a look at the 3rd party games yeah that's right they all look good on 360 and when you see verse final fantasy 13 on 360 full 3d 720p 4xaa not 560p like the ps3. "Wave" is going to blow your mind or is it "fluid-x" , or "x-motion" or "natalX" THE PS3 CAN NEVER DO HI HI RES TEXTURES C1 DIRECT X 11 TEXTURE STREAMS EVER NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, NEVER, NEVER, EVER

:) I wont lie to you every thing I have ever said to you has come true or is coming true, Just wait and see what is going to happen.    Do Not buy into SONY BULLSHIT, They had a lead in dev as there on there 3rd console while Ms are on there second and only now have they taken the push over any pc code, wait YOU WILL SEE VERY SOON :)

Misterx: New Gears 3 scans..well...i only see beter ligthing and nothing more...little improvement...

how can you explain that? you were shown much better levels?
: Yeah I did, it was in motion in my hand with control, is that better then a picture,

Told you so, http://n4g.com/news/535821/natal-is-the-real-deal-no-lag

Misterx: Yeah..but 1 good articles vs 100 bad...noone care now..all think it will flop. damn anti-MS people. Why MS don't act like Sony and have no "bad PR department" J
: No only ng4 people are stuck up sonys arse, E3 will turn this table, when 90% of movie, is wii based rip off, Natal has some new Rpgs, fighting games , driving games adventure games, you will see .

Misterx: Hello...what's news prior E3? When will be slim lanched? :) and what your studio PS3 developer say? he is ready to loose? :)
: I ant spoiling the surprises :), our ps3 dev is happy that Ms have some truly big first party exclusives that can surpassed that of what ps3 can do and has done so far, But they are not console war whores? :)

But maybe it ant a new xbox that you are going to see maybe it, is a next gen xbox, or a hand held   or maybe there ant no new xbox that is going to be shown but a new medium or cloud service. :)

you have a few more days to wait

But I am looking forward to the 3d ds 2? its a really good hand held, psp2 is just more sony pspgo with an iphone rip, Sony need to stop copying Nintendo and apple no really it will make you lough some what ????? :) ?????

Misterx: Valve EA T2 :) Duke!

I remember you said Valve fihished DUke 6 mounht ago :)
: Valve has its hands on some thing not to shore ???? :) But the I cant say much about Duke ??

There is something strange going on????????????????????????? :)

Make shore you watch MS e3 this year??? You might see a bulldozer or 64 of them :)


Часть 29. (ENG) (10.05.2010-25.05.2010)


Misterx: HDready samsung 32' and 26' over hdmi
how do you calc that number? a 50? how many names of this list do you know? how many games of that list did we see? how many games of this list were announced but not showen..can you name several big hitters? :)
: The 50 games are from a lot of different dev studio, I can not talk titles :( but you already know a few :) Does your lcd have 100hz motion plus?

Misterx: no it was the first one...i run buy it after i started playgfirst gears and can't read nothing.

 it only has DNIe stuff.

 the other one is the same. so what is the case?
: The problem with the samsung lcd prior to 100hz mode, or Motion plus, is the textures on these games cant be drawn at a fast enough rate, the lcd you have is 8ms, with out 100hz or motion plus all new games will look very soft or smooth were it looks like motion blur is enhanced, I.e Alan Wake looking more blurry, It is because the video out put is not enhanced with Motion plus or 100hz/200hz mode is note enabled. The screen we dev our games on are 2ms with full motion plus or 600hz sub drive, Crt is the lowest we go, that is analog. But in order for you to see the benefit of the new games your tv has to meat the certification of full HD1080p or have motion plus or 100hz/200hz. or 3d which will come later in a side by side format for games like Avatar all ready have this all tho it is early tech demo stuff.

 It might be time to upgrade your tv :( in order for you to see the real leaps the games have, But I do understand what a pain this can be. And not every body has spear cash :( just for tvs but sooner or later we all have to byte the bullet and spend money, Technology waits for no man but add lest full HD1080p 3d will last for a good 10 years this time :)

Also does your 360 connect buy hdmi to your lcd, and what res are you running in 720/ 1080i  

Misterx: I would go and spend some cash no problem when i'll see the difference. I guess the same game will differ no much dependi on a various LCD screens .

i use 720p and hdmi.
: You will see a huge difference with the latest model samsung led tv or plasma, some thing from the 3d range but the prices are to high on the led, I have one but I am sending it back soon, I will go plasma c8000 the prices are cheap $2000 for 50inc $3500 for 63inc, I plan to keep this tv for some time 5/6 years but the c7000 led is $4700 and not worth that high of a price when the plasma has a better picture and smoother 3d.

I can only some up the quality on these new sets as like the first time I saw ps2 and then 360 in 720p the leap is that big, games that friends run on high end pc monitors see the tv and can not believe the picture quality it is that far advanced.

Every thing is beyond belief. That is all I can say I think you should check them out when they come in stock.

But your set up is what I was using last year, but other devs showed me the light :) so I am only paying it forward,

But you do not need the best to enjoy gaming as long as you are happy in your own environment then that is all that matters :)    

Misterx: WOW, thanks, i'll check

i should compare LCD, LED LCD Plasma, 100/200 hrz, some tech like motion plus at to see the difference or read some magazines or find comparison shoots..if the diff is so big then samsung and other tv makers should show the diff at adv. :)
: Plasma still hold the smoothest motion and now come with motion plus, which gives it that extra high res effect, and plasma has 0.00.1 refresh as well so smooth for gaming, you must run the plasma for 100 hours before doing mass gaming tho because the I.r Image retention or "Burn in" can happen after the brake in period you will have no worries.

The led models are god but they are only 2ms response but they have motion plus 200hz whic gives it the plasma smoothness, but one place led fails is in screen uniformity, the back light can look patchy in the dark, and the worst is "clouding and flash lighting" it is the main resin I am returning the c7000 led 3d tv. plasma wont look as bright or clear as Led in the store but he plasma will blow the led away in you house, The trick is do not get sucked into led in less it is true back lite led. I would go plasma for the next 5 years intill OLED is ready that is when lcd and plasma become one technology and well over due :) 

Misterx: well well well very interesting...but i can't imagine the difference...will it became sharper? for me i have a good image on screen :) what improvements will i get?
: Color, sharpness, motion, picture res shading will be a lot lot better, the new screens have this quality which the calibrators call it the "pop" you will not believe your eyes, every thing you love now about the graphic will be 10x better in every area. just remember any thing from 50inc up is best for Hidef gaming. And then when you factor in the 3D you will never go back to anything again cos even 360 in normal 2d feels like retro gaming, Playing gears of war 1/2 and alan wake it feels like your there like it is real, you cant get this with older tvs, I believe you should go check them out as soon as possible you will not be disappointed :)    

Misterx: http://img40.imageshack.us/img40/3711/gearspg66751644.jpg

 This is it? In-engine cut scene screen?


here is good lighting on that screen
: I told you 65% more performance because of the x-engine dev kit, but ad lest epic incorporated that into there unreal 3.5 tool set. What do you think now :)

Misterx: If i were sony i would spread   cash thought media to gain positive image of my compamy and make it bad for competitions. i think that would be my last chance to stay alive before E3. :)

when i read intenet i think sony think the same way as i and just do it :)
: Sony have stumbled so bad this gen, it is over come E3, you have not seen the half of it :) how can the ps3 match the texture quality that is to come with faster frame rates, and better lighting shaders and story driven games? , this is what you have been waiting for, I think sony need to start pushing the ps3 as a 3d blue ray player, because they have nothing on what is going to happen, MS have a weapon of a surprise that you have not seen coming and it is hardware based, and nothing and I do mean nothing is as powerful or will be for some time and it is ready right now for the world :)

12 мая

Misterx: PLaying ME2 right now...did not play ME1. Interesting and beautiful. but no my time of game…well, can't wait to see E3...

 tell me about your work load times in percentage? In other words what do you do at work? :)

For example:

 1. Main work: doing art - 50%
2. Main work: do sound - 30%
3. Study - 20%
4. Play games - 10%:)

As for Sony...i think the GFX difference should be significant. only in that case people will stop buy ps3. in other cases the difference will not be so big. GFX is not the ansewer i guess as it was last gen when xbox was more powerfull but did't catch ps2. i mean in other cases the difference is sales will not be so big...maybe 1/3.
: 1. Main work: doing art - 25%
2. Main work: do sound - 40%
3. Study - 35%
(Personal time)
 games = 50%
 Audio/video = 20%
 Talking to you 2% :)
 Party's 15%
 Sleep 13%

Hope this helps, I study more now, only because of the strain, That the new hardware " :) " dev kits. They are very complicated, I am lucky I do not have to engineer the raw machine code or the constructor, we just code within the tools we have set buy our company's, all consoles devs now, Hope this sheds some light on a life style of the poor developer :) lol .

As for ME2 you should have finished the first game??? GGGGrrrrrrrr your going to ruin the best game story scifi rpg this gen, really disappointed in your motives LOL :)     Give ME2 a fair go Alexey you get what you put in, it takes about 20 hours before you get that this is some thing truly amazing, story graphics action and quality 10/10 good contender for GOTY :)

Misterx: 20 hours in. feels good, but...hate planet GFX and design...too bad looking...nice shooting actions…nice characters feel

 know what...just checked NDP and feel sorry for not so big sales for #1...where is millions? where is older days sales...gamer tired of gaming?? that can happen..people will just refuse to buy the same think again and will go off gaming for the next big step up what could wonder again.

 what do you think? for me when i play ME2 i feel..ahh..the same think again...go, talk. shoot, walk..Alan Wake was a fresh breath for me. wanna gears 3 - they never gets boring..:)
: Or well I guess your not hardcore enough, As for next gen I think every body will be sticking around to see what is going to happen, :)

18 мая

Movie is Not perfect lol it as lag , even more so then Natal :)


http://n4g.com/news/525584/xbox-360-final-fantasy-versus-xiii-under-consideration     Wait , this is an e3 announcment and, now squire have the new features in there new game engine, you will see which console is lacking :)

Misterx: yeah...i've read this
RDR  sux for me...as GTA4..don't like sandbox...boring...go there do what...go, shoot, collect, go, shoot, collect....

RDR has multiplat engine and it is sux. i play it now and the first hour is boring...BTW i am 20 hours in ME2..will finish it
Инсайдер: I have not played RDR yet but I heard that the story does not start till 5-6 hours in. :(

I am glade you are playing ME2 but you have missed the first game which helps set up the second game, you are kind jumping into the story to late, You have not built the connection with the games story or it characters, I could not imagin playing ME2 like you have, you should stop now and go play the first game :) \\

I can tell you I got to see crysis 2 on 360 and ps3 now that the cats out the bag:) lets say 360 has amazing graphics even yes better then the ps3 version and it is smooth also :) :). But E3 will show you the way

Misterx: as for Crysis i guess they should use GPGPU and C1 textures. if so then 360 version shouild be about 30% better. but thats unlikly. Sony don't let that to happen. if yes..then sony is just foolzzz :)) no that ok for me..no time for me1...i don't like that type of games :)

Well, i feel ok for ME2 - where is some good actions i've ever played...allready 29 hours...mission on a collectors ship..well...good mirror textures on that ship..that was awesome...still can't imagine what C1 textures is...
: J (прим. Создатель бокса о котором инсайдер говорил еще прошлым августом)has left the building so some dev are passing around the coffee machine :(

But the good news is he is still working on the 720, which is a separate contact, looks like MS want him back in the xbox seat, but J has a plan, and that is to get the hand healed device of the ground which he has been working on for years now.

E3 has a big surprise now, New xbox hard ware is a given 100% we will see a slim 360 or a 720, 100%

24 мая

Misterx: J left Microsoft? why devs pass around coffee machine? that is such a bad news? why?
: you were not around when J went a wall last time, J has already designed most if not all of the xbox720 hardware,

There is just more going down then what I can say :) , E3 could hold a massive surprise J has not left yet but he is a big part of MS he is a visionary and he has bargaining power its just that Steve B is a bit of a head honcho. And stuff he don't like does not get made , Steve thinks xbox was a bad idea, But J is bill gates boy, do not be surprised if J gets the head job at Ms soon, Bill is very peeved with Steve over this whole mess, But it is more of a steve im the man thing at the moment but that will change soon keep your eyes to the news :)

Misterx: So Steve (прим. Balmer)wants axe xbox&zune division because it has low profits? but bill gates will stop him soon?
: No steve likes to be the guy who comes up with the good ideas, but what has he done, Yeah, J 's vision has been the soul reason Xbox has been kicking ass. Bill gates wont let J go even if he leaves he will be involved in future zune/ xbox projects.

Misterx: http://kotaku.com/5545064/the-father-of-the-xbox-leaving-microsoft

still don't understand..maybe they are clever and this situation is not bad?

J stay as analyst..well...what do you think? that is a begin of the end? or maybe the have another smart guy around?
: No j won t be leaving ms just yet he maybe out of special rnd but Robby is gone Steve has to chop and it will be Robby who gos. J has contact till 2015, it is all smoke and mirror

Misterx: Oh kewl! I guess coffee machine has no queue  now :)

Robbe instead of Steve?? WOW!! that is a big move you talked about? J and all we is in safe? :)

Часть 28. (ENG) (01.04.2010-10.05.2010)


1 апреля

Misterx: Yes, i didn’t believe on that Natal sonyboys comments. your explanation brilliant as usual. :)

Инсайдер: http://au.movies.ign.com/dor/objects/40236/halo/videos/halomovie_trl_040110.html


7 апреля

LOL I hope you got a slim ps3, cos if you got a fat the new update will kill it after a few games :(

Misterx: hehehe... http://n4g.com/industrynews/NewsCom-505000.aspx?CT=2&Page=1&Page2=1#C3523329
"Oh no..That is sony who will pay for this refund...but how they calculated the refund sum? 70 pounds..that is about 30% of the price... sony is in big trouble...lets calc: in europe there is about 7 million fats...i guess only 30% of owner will go back to shop. an average price of PS3 is 350 euros. so 7million sold * 350 euros each * 30% of the sum back from *30 % of owners = 220 mill euros..it is cheap for sony :) "

Инсайдер: LOL they have nothing but bad rap coming now :) , Sony will lose more then 220 million tri 600million there is around 17 million fat ps3 ever body is going to want cash now ? :) maybe its time to add ps2 emulation or free 3d upgrade

Misterx: It's sad what AW cinematic is as in Uncharted 2. Fuck you sony - why there was no article about uncharted 2 cinematic also pre-rendered.  I wonder where they got all the space for cinematic.  is this all pre-rendered? http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff144/derFeef/gifs/Alanwake/awake_calmdown.gif http://i43.tinypic.com/2w2j8mw.gif

Инсайдер: Do not worry, there no all pre renders, or cgi, there do buy post game engine in real time some are playable trust I spoke to the dev last month :) all will be well, but the 360 in 3d is amazing 120fps :) some game are going to be 3d some not but all the big games will be

Misterx: so what do you need to play 360 3D? a special TV a glasses and a patch for a game? or it will be a patch for a 360? so what do you need to play 360 3D? a special TV a glasses and a patch for a game? or it will be a patch for a 360?
Инсайдер: Do not kid yourself remember the whole you need a hdmi to have 1080i/p a few years back, more sony bull shit, sony just want every body to buy there stupid shit tvs, Because there going broke :),

you do not need hdmi 1.3 / or the mystic 1.4, you only need 8 gig of bandwidth. You will only ever need 1.4 and that is for full hd 1080p 12o fps per eye, with full 7.1 audio stream, which 360 does not need and does not have support for it.

Here is some thing that you my not know but the 360 usb on the back of the 360 is a hyper bus usb, it can out put 11 gig of bandwidth it is in right a 1.4 port by bandwidth but not official spec , or sony's magic 1.4 standed.

How 360 does 3d, it only does 720p native 3d, but the hana chip up scales it from 60 to 120 fps 60 split signal, it is the same thing sony is doing with some of there games, but our own sony dev have said they are having a hard time getting it to run at stable 120fps as they do not have a Hana chip and cell is not stable enough so they might have to go down to 45fps per eye 95fps both which is enough to have an enjoyable 3d stereoscopic 3d experience but there will be slight flicker, as were 360 is smooth and perfect, Geow 3 will have 3d support, And how will this be achieved on 360, there is two 3d players going around at the moment, the MS official 3d stereoscopic is available for 360 developers to patch there games and a small update program will be download for the devs who support it, and the other is very much the same as how the Tv 2d to 3d convert, which is still a good alternative to ms as some dev wont support native so convert will be the way to go. But the MS official program is the way to go after having a toy with it, it is safe to say that it really kicks ass on a demo for natal, brick breaker, the ball fly right out towards you, it is a cool feature which will complement natal, all most all natal lunch games will have full 3d support.


Hope this helps:) 
Misterx: wow that helps very much. thanks a lot, very interesting

Respawn Entertainment :)

No Milo this autumn? :)
: Milo could come out this year or next it will depend on Peter, He want people to see and feel his vision, or do you want just wii/move 2.0, wii shovel wear Not Me:) The SDF will be on fire soon, when you see the game play tailor for Geow 3 the real game play your going to be blowen away, and still 12 months to go :)

13 апреля

Misterx: you...just have wanted to play gears 2 so much once again...the best game for me...and i close to an end at Uncharted 2 now - beautiful art design but not so fun to play...going to find 360 now with gears 2.

I agree with this :)) "MS seems to be pulling out all the stops before 2011 E3......Gears 3 in April 2011, Slim/Natal holiday 2010. Expect an xbox 720 announcement In June 2011 for release fall 2011. Calling it now. "

Инсайдер: http://www.latenightwithjimmyfallon.com/blogs/2010/04/gears-of-war-3-video-game-world-premiere-trailer-ashes-to-ashes/ That is all in game footage no cgi :) ps3 has meet its doom?

And ps3 is a good console but the controls feel tacked on to the visual like it dont fit th graphics :) Xbox as won but only just? can you send me a printed or ebook I will pay for it of 2033 metro / 2034 please wow a good game


Misterx: http://www.amazon.com/Metro-2033-Dmitry-Glukhovsky/dp/0575086246 that’s ok? we don't have English version in stores. i listened about 1/3 of the book..what a shit for me. but i am not this type of books.

 "Xbox as won but only just?" = xbox has won but only for now? wii2?
: Thanks for the link to metro 2033 it was a good game but the game was really hard to play. Wii2 next year there going to do a bit at e3 there going to push 3D as the next big thing every bodys doing the 3d stuff. But wii2 ant going to have the raw performance that xbox720 has. Xvid has won this gen natal is the final nail it is awasome what some dev are doing. Rare have perfect dark 2 ready for natal and it is 3d will be out this year or early next :)


22 апреля

Misterx: WOW at Halo reach special effects! i see a potential here..still don't like level design in halo :)
: Wait till you see it in 3D, the WOW factor is 100x better and no downgrade to graphics :)


Misterx: Surfer Girls is back...LOL :)

"...how Metal Gear Touch would work with no touch screen?

Insomniac Games will surprise everyone at E3 - probably even Sony. who's new PSN service is set to add yet another disjointed menu to the XMB (along with a web app section on the PS Store). If you thought the XMB was starting to look like a gallery for free glossy web 2.0 icons, you ain't seen nothing yet. "

You could also be popular source of info for the web :)
: Surfer Girl is telling lies :) will the real surfer girl please stand up :)\ Sony ant got no idea what is heading there way :)

26 апреля

MIsterx: How Sony can know nothing? I think all Sony and MS plans leaked from one to other daily...
Инсайдер: Some 3rd party's yeah, But Sony are just putting on a poker face now, I mean how can they match a 360slim new redesign and natal or 150$ with 50 games, :)

But more info soon

Misterx: LOL@http://forums.gametrailers.com/thread/sony-s-e3-2010-lineup-leaked--/1057596?page=1


Fatal is an xboxer from madfanboy.com (a Russian humor gaming site) made this list for a joke :) LOL :))) I know a man who knows fatal :))

Misterx: What developers feel when they know their game not so good as industry leaders games and that they will no earn big money on that game....?
: Every studio trys to just cover costs then we wait. No studio should ever think about cash. :) they should work on making better games.   I had a meeting today . Ms have brought 4 big studios wait till e3 more information soon. And for the record ms get first pick of exclusive rights to anything bungie makes . But I still feel activison is a bad move but ea would have better

Misterx: Yeah...Who are the lucky one who is in depended and have money & great IPs for future?
who else?

And when Naughty Dogs exclusivity deal ends with Sony? I guess they want go multiplatform to make cash as Bungie did.
: Multi platform is how all 3rd partys will go from these days all tho these 3rd party will be out sourced to do first party games this is a smart move . I think e3 will blow the minds of all gamers and media . But the wait is almost over.

Misterx: lets summarise what will surprise us?

1. Natal?
2. Gears 3 GFX,
3 new driving game gfx
4. xbox slim?
5. ,,,?
6. ...?

Alan Wake...sonyboys are very glad now with lower than expected scores. Sad day like this...a minor defeat for Microsoft and hope for better future goes to zero for the majourity of xbox gamers...Hope E3 will be real bang.  BTW you never talked Alan Wake will be superb and will prove something to sonycrowd :)
: Hi , Alan Wake is better then heavy rain, is that not enough said, and most reviewers only have episode 1 not 2. The story is really really good, I bet If you play Allan Wake you would score it higher then 8.5 for me 9.3 but episode 2 has not been given out for review, And I can tell you it has even better Animation, better graphics, and sound. And it will be out this year. the game is truly massive each episode is 30/40 hours of game play. When E3 comes around I think the tune will change because, all those Sony payed bullshit artist are going to eat there words, And the people who read there reviews will know that they we in bed with sony the whole time. And can not be trusted, Even Activision is pissed with Ms I know what it is over, its over the tony hawk game they showed back at e3, Ms showed natal and it was 10x better then Tony Hawks ride. But Activision has stood on Ms toes with the biggest pay off for a dev ever, The money Activision made form Mw2 was not even enough to cover there contract deal with Bungie, But I would hate to be Activision when they see what Ms have done. I was at a Dev meting last Thursday, Infinity word are no more, lets just say the guys moved south and have a new home :) "E3" Is going to massive 50 new games first party games new hard ware new Natal Hardware, And people wonder why Ms do not want people leaking stuff because "This is how the war ENDS" :)

I cant spoil all the surprises. But lets say your going to be siting back laughing your ass off, And remember this is it ? 

Misterx: Do You mean a second season of Alan wake is alan wake 2? alan wake 1 consists of 6 episodes..all reviewers got full game..remedy talks up to 20 episodes via DLC and they also talk about Alan Wake 2. AW is the best game i've ever played.
: We think of Alan wake retail as episode one, and DLC episode two. Alan wake 2 is not even on the table yet. I have personally seen and sampled time with DLC/newer episode that did not ship on retail disk, And it has better lighting animation and texture quality. And reviewers never got DLC only retail story, The twist in the download content is ? wait till e3 :) you will be blown away, I am glade you like AW there is more to come

Misterx: don't understand their logic to ship a bad game and then make it technically better via DLC...if so then DLC will need no retail DVD required because DVD will have old GFX engine.
Инсайдер:The dlc needs the disk but it is in away stand alone, see remedy had episodes on the disk completed along time ago, but they kept working on the game making more and more episodes, sort of like how a session of lost would be filmed, the new episodes are way more polished, they even have better animation. I can not go into detail about this technology they are using as it is under top security. It will blow you away, And Ms could put standalone episodes on live if they want just like they did with fable2, I will give you some links, but I cant go into detail other then the DLC looks a lot better plus its a good way for people to want to purchase DLC not just new story elements but better graphics also.


It is not only the animation, its also the graphics, remeber the x-engine update they have this incorporated into there newer build that was the real delay, but the game does look good all ready you for one should not be so unsporting of this new step in DLC if it looks even better then the best game you have seen :) can look even better :)

Misterx: yeah a i've read remedy said last week they found about 30% more processing power  well tell me something new and interesting from the gaming world you knew for the last month..what is in your head you are thinking about on that topic? :)
Инсайдер: 30% :) they lied? try 65% with even optimization ops, You really need to get Mass effect 2, and a 3d series 8 plasma, to really understand the depth of Emerson that is happening right now in the gaming world. I and many other devs can never go back? :) Gaming news is tight lipped this month due to E3 but I will tell you,  That natal has a weapon of a game coming for the hardcore gamers and it wont be matched by move?  But this game has been in dev for a very very long time which makes it a perfect key to natal and a large audience for all types of gamers. Apart from that you need to play ME2,  :)

Misterx:  But the future you are now with other devs will come to mass market when 3d tvs will cost about $1000 3-4 years to come...
: 3d plasma and led tv are cheaper then the 2d last years model plasma/led lcd. and the price will come down even more so with the competition growing with every manufacturer. Every industry wants 3d in the home. It will have to cut the price on hardware to do this so this year 50inc 3d tvs are $2000 next year $1000. 3D is here to stay :) And the 360 is more suited to 3d then ps3 :)

Misterx: 50 exclusives...can't believe...that is very big amount of information to spread on gamers...don't they afraid there is will be very little attention to every each of those 50 because 50 is a hack of a deal much? :)
: Well some of these games are pc/xbox and about 10 will end up going multiplat within 6/12 months after release so timed exclusive, but around 30 will be exclusive, it is just information is very patchy at the moment MS really want a lid on this information, but there is 50 games. And the average gamer will buy 6/12 games a year so the more verity the better choose for the gaming audience, and every one of these games are forward compatible pure phoenix compatibility.

And don't forget the natal games also. :)      

Misterx: holly shit to how amazing alan wake is...i am at the beginning of 3 episode...the 1&2 took me about 5 hours...the 3td one is lengthy as i know :)

wow 50 games...and the game for all audience in a long time in development...a rare game? any new info about ''better than GT5 gfx racer?" :)
: Well some of these games are pc/xbox and about 10 will end up going multiplat within 6/12 months after release so timed exclusive, but around 30 will be exclusive, it is just information is very patchy at the moment MS really want a lid on this information, but there is 50 games. And the average gamer will buy 6/12 games a year so the more verity the better choose for the gaming audience, and every one of these games are forward compatible pure phoenix compatibility.

And don't forget the natal games also. :)      

Do you like Alan wake more then uncharted 2 ? :)

Misterx: yes! Uncharted 2 was boring for me.Here is in AW i sucked in and don't want to put a controller off.
: Do you think Alan wake is the best graphics this gen so far/ on all console. minus pc :)

Misterx: Techwise no. not so sharp textures

Artwise & designwise yes. I fell like i play a movie. The level of detail makes a pictire so smooth and beleavable.

wow 50 games...and the game for all audience in a long time in development...a rare game? any new info about ''better than GT5 gfx racer?" :)
: What tv make model are you using with your xbox,

Cant say much on pgr? :)

Часть 27. (ENG) (31.03.2010-01.04.2010)


31 марта

Misterx: Well i have no clue why Chilies 8.5 earthquake is the beginning of a great shit. I think those earthquakes just happen on a regular basis. also there is low and high seismic activity. now we are in high activity. so, i don't believe the earth has a reason to change more then usual fluctuations. human activity is a 1% influence in climate change. earth moving activity has near zero influence from human race. it is just can be that earth continents and platforms stuck to their limits and they need to chill. but i don't believe we are so lucky and that should happen in our age.

from n4g:

"Yeah Natal is going to surprise you all right when it has 200ms+ lag, can't recognize anything in the dark, or anyone wearing dark clothing, honestly this is going to be the biggest letdown in history, hopefully they will make natal 2 at least 60fps because they need it to be, natal 1 is going to flop right out of the box"

 is he right about black clothes in the dark?

Инсайдер: Please iv told you, its all bullshit, and I also told you the chip was going to stay in natal design and that the 360 cpu would handle extra bandwidth "3D" and I can tell you right now our natal games are ruing at 1/22 ms and there unoptimized as they wont ship till late November,   Can you post a link. and I also have an African American friend who tests our natal software and it picks him up no worries, and my favorite color is black I wear it almost every day shirts pants shoes, and I have no worry's, It is all Sony fanboy shit, jealous cos there getting 3 year old tech this time round :)

There has been some old pre e3 last year natal dev tech given to lower 3rd party devs who know the dev kits are slow lack the beta or alpha chips, and they were slow like 100ms slow but it was only for getting up and running, Natal dev is not for every studio right now, And the resin why he could not be picked up in a dark room points to the main fact that infer red dual camera chip was not installed in early dev kits, I can a shore you that natal will be able to work in night and dark rooms with the lights out. The fact e3 is coming. link his id and make fun of him after e3 , you will have a lot off people asking you how you new so much information just keep quite on who told you :)

And as for the theory on earth rotational, pull it does effect the way the earth magnetic structure works, have you heard about the pacific ring of fire, and the sea current that runs through that part of the ocean, well it has stopped running the directing it should in some areas, it has to do with the fact The magnitude 8.8 earthquake in chill has put the earth of its axis. You say this does not have any effect then why is there massive increasing in earth tremors all over the world, and the weather is off the chart and this has nothing to do with global warming, The 2012 perdition's are real and will come true, I have 3 friend's who have phd's in global science. And there view is over the next 12 months, is when the big shift will begin, Weather you like this all not. Weather does affect our global and human race as a civilization, if temperatures were you live dipped -25 in 3 hours and then rose 35+ in 3 hours then how would you feel , It would effect the growth of food and the transporting industry, all industry will be affected. There views do not all way reflect my views but when they speck I tend to listen, I have seen scales maps and schematics, there is differently a big change happening around the world. But it will only last 3 years in till the earth settle's into the new rotation it has happen many times but not in our present day? I will post some links for you :) And science is not my strong side :( But they also belive there is going to be more massive earth quacks coming this year, :(



as on Natal:


Well it works in night and day :) and the chip they have here cost 20$ to make it does not do all the processing only the calibrator usb dater streaming over usb, and it handles light and inferred, the main cpu in side natal is very powerfull but it still needs the 360 cpu to drive performance when switching to stereoscopic 3d display :) as you will see at e3:)

Misterx: 1. OH shit! :)) Would you like to buy a peace of Siberia? I am booking some ground for my house now..:) Also our politicians said that we have a weaporn wich can shift the axe :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExfLOwmSD88 it's here listen til the end. the axe part is about at 4:20. this guy is a clown in Russia but sometimes he speaks clever things.

 2. i believe that Russia is a great place to stay if it is all will happen. We have no mountains here in western Europe or Siberia We have -50 Celsius degrees in the winter and + 40 at autumn all over our territory..and we want it became hotter. if it will not happen and it will be colder it will not be an end for us..we have the right clothes /sarcasm off

 3. I agree that all this earthquakes could be because of mass effect :) humans transfer mass from south to north and that could change a balance.

The shock part  if 2012 perditions will come true..well i personally don't believe in that. i don't believe because:

1. The Earth age is about many many millions years. Why we so lucky it should happen in our time frame? our frame is about 0.0000000000000001 of Earth age. it is statically not exist. How the hell Maya know that? I think it is all astrological religions and myth. In zaitgest it is described very well.

2. well i can guess it only can happen because of human activity on the earth. but our activity is nothing relative to earth masses. we change earth mass very very little i guess. it is also 0.00000000000000000001 of earth mass.

3. i don't believe mass media and science that controlled by Americans and other power jesus families. blomberg who? they fooled us with frion, they fooled us with global warning and so on.. $$ make science they need.

I believe that those earthquakes is just a reaction to platform and continent moving. They move constantly. Some continents have no room to move. They stuck like springs. they need to chill a little . And they do with earthquakes and vulcanos.  but where the hell thee is numerous potential energy came from to make a global disaster.

 ok, axes has shifted - climate will change a little. but no earthquakes like in 2012 movie I believe. That's my thought as a person who knows nothing on that topic. :)

Инсайдер: But you forget two things HARP, and The Large Hadron Collider, It is just not earths natural evolution, but an unnatural evolution but mans design or unknown forces?

There is many theory's to debate and some conspiracy theory's as well which are so unbelievable. they have to be true.

I do not think the world is going to end as in 2012 the movie, but it will change, Some continent will split and forum new continent's, There is going to be more tsunami's and wild storms floods, earth quacks, And lots of fatality's. And I do believe the unknown will show them salves to the messes, But the way we live now will change, the human race will combined and help each other with recourse and this is were your Zeitgeist will come true, one money, one government, one control, one religion, I would and many call it the Illuminati, it has taken hundreds of years for them to gain control of the world, through power, and there is two powers that control the world religion and money, both are tools are used to brainwash the messes, that is what I call the Mass effect, While I am a spiritual person I find I do not believe in the religion focus and the suppression that religion has over man, I believe in a higher power that created all , not for war, money, greed, or power, but evenness, But Every body has there own beliefs and there own views, but I do not support religion because its main focus is of late is "WAR" Would you blow your self up and kill people for your view point, Because you were told to, buy idealist "NO" you might wonder why I have changed the tone towards religion well that is were all your Zeitgeist is delivered from. RELIGION, POWER, CONTROL, = SPIRITUALITY, MONEY, GOVERNMENT= NWO = ZEITGEIST,

While I have never been to Russia, I believe from what I have read in books and some film's, that it is a very strong powerful country, The population is not torn ether way but you stick to gather, And you very really ask for other country 's help. Russia is a very proud country and it is cold, This is what film and books have shown me, Weather it is right or roughing, that is just information you might be able to shed some light on it for me, as I enjoy learning other counters aspects it helps build a common bond without stepping on toes pardon the pun :), And off course American portray them salves as the strong war machine over all, But I am not American as in I was not born here and I do not share there view points on war or power, Most of the Usa population do not like the war driven view that is portrayed of them, I do agree on war should only be used when poor people or people with out a right need help, not for oil, money, or power, if some one is threatening, the freedom of life then that is a must, but when there is no need for war it should never  be used,                   

I hope you have been enjoying you natal news, I told you the sony fanboys are just cut, well I could call you a sony fanboy now :) but I have a ps3 i do not like sony but there is dev's out there who do make some good games and they deserve to have there games played, I even have a wii but as a dev I must have these so I can see the market as a whole :) And I like to game. but the sony fanboys do kill it for me :)

Часть 26. (ENG) (17.03.2010-31.03.2010)


Misterx: 1. well, it was on internet from January...fan made with UDC ON PC...very sad...we still know nothing…if only you can sort it out. Did you see something on that topic?


2. What do you think of God of War III as a developer? :)
: The Geow 3 tech demo we saw back in feb was very much in the same vain as the flv video, I am amazed at how close it is really, the darkness and the jungle scenario is very much the same, but I do see that much stuff it is hard to keep up with it all with work and recording on my daily plate.

I think Gow3 will be a good game, I can and wont knock the developer they have done a grate job! it is differently a good looking game. But it does have some very low texture quality and it kind of looks a bit to plastic rubber like, but that is the graphics design the studio has gone for, I think there using a lot more then 50% but ol sit on the fence, and I cant tell you were I work, But ubi have a new demo for e3 which I get to see next Monday a behind door showing only no media looking forward to it , Keep your eyes out for xbox360 slim there is going to be information coming soon direct from Ms after said beta board are out in the test stage : ) But like I said I get see a lot of new toys :-0 

Misterx: i bought PS3 on Saturday with Unch2 Killzone2 and Heavy Rain. PSN ID: misterxmedia. love that i see and wonder what as you say xbox will have better GFX. i noticed very high quality and production values on those exclusives. in my opinion major XBOX exclusives have less quality and production values so far. i can only remember Geow2 and mass effect 2 with were top-notch from menu to credits. even forza 3 menu was not so pleasurable and glamorous as it could be. what do you think on that topic? do you agree what sony dev bring more quality on table? and why it is if so.
: i bought PS3 on saterday with Unch2 Killzone2 and Heavy Rain. PSN ID: misterxmedia. love that i see and wonder what xbox will have better GFX. i noticed very hight quality and production values on thouse exclusives. in my opinion major XBOX exclusives have less quality and production values so far. i can only remember Geow2 and mass effect 2 with were top-noth from menu to credits. even forza 3 menu was not so pleasurable and glomorous as it could be. what do you think on that topic? do you agree what sony dev bring more quaity on table? and why it is if so.

Misterx: Don't worry. I will sell PS3 soon. Just play all major exclusives and make my opinion :) I shall buy 360 for Alan Wake.

Инсайдер: ITs cool, keep the ps3 I have one, but only for the exclusive, but I do prefer 360 any day but as a dev I cant just ignore the ps3 all together there is only 5 really good games on it tho there should be more:)

28 марта 2010

Misterx: Do you know what Japan is controlled by Americans? And here is why:
- after Hirosima and Hagasaki Japan capitulated
- Japans sign a constitution writen by Americans back in 1945
- By signing it Japans agreed to not have an army
- Japan capital and government became "controlled" by Americans
- American capital invested to Japans manufactories to make a competition for American economy
- conclusion is that Americans manage Japan trough capital

the winner takes it all and americans did that.  what do you think?

 and what MS hardware do you busy on? next gen?
: IF I told you I would have to kill you :) no !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only joking, All ways new hardware, I think the world will be a very different place buy 2012 /2013, I have heard of many different point of view on the USA/JAPAN , it was only in war, but if a race becomes to powerful it becomes un stable, And then the view of the world and other change or challenge that is the nature of all. There is a belief in science and religion that share a common ground or view, And that is to much is not a good thing there must all ways be balance.

It is in nature and it is purpose!!

I think of the console war as the real war that lay wast to 1945, it is and has been going for some time, even in war there is disinformation, and propaganda, but it all ways finds a balance, the console war has no balance yet , Sony became to greedy and it cost them a lot, MS rushed there console out and all most ruined there name for good, Nintendo put a console out with less power then its last console in some respects and neglected it's hardcore audience. there is no balance with these console, but there going in the right direction , And Ms is making the biggest step in that direction, E3 will see a change in this industry, its a time were a company will split into two sectors one for hardcore one for family entertainment but both side will ind-ever to feed both hard and soft values of the next years to come. It is a war strategy which will set your troops up for an all out assault, on your rival from all directions, if you have more software sales then rivals more hardware sales more new fresh interfaces coming, 3d gaming a new generational leap in console graphics is around the corner , closer then you might think, when you see what is next you will not believe, I would save my money for a 3d tv as you will need this to see the vision, A suit you will see some time later this year is a true vision un seen on any platform to date and it is so close to holographic 3d.   forget 1080p hd def was this gen, next gen is 2k, 4k up full ultra hd 3d, :)    

Misterx: Well what world do you mean when say "the world will be diff by 2012/2013". the whole world or just gaming world? i agree with you in both cases. i believe in zeitgeist movie and some other theories. they lead us to dollar default and many primary currency world by 2012/2013 while Obama rules. The only problem is that this world will be made by the same people who made dollar so strong today. There is a group of 50+ families in this world which control many nations via dollar. They just print it as you print your papers on a printer. Money leads to power. They manage ups and downs in world economy, they made Great American Depression, then WW2, then Vietnam, and then many other thing and so on as it is described in  Zeitgeist movie. Did you see that movie? .

 Will we see next leap forward sooner? well i don't know. I’ve already saw unreal engine 3.0 tech demo from udk :))) joke

Do you know what i expect from 3d GFX tech and why i interested in it. I want to be able to make a photorealistic race/walk/battle in any real world location in the world. First of all at my own city, at my distinct. i guess we are 25 years away from it. There is should be common 3d FX standards so textured 3d objects can be reused in various apps. For example we Russian will model a whole Moscow city with every little detail we can and you can use this model in your games...kewl? :)
: zeitgest is the lest of the world worry's, The grate shift is due within the next 24 months. But a lot of science people high up believe it has began after the chilly 8.5 earth quack, The earth is changing with in its self, while this might not be the end of the human race, it begs the big question will life go on or will it sub-lime to old days? OR after the change will that be the big start of the true NWO strong hold, one government, one money currency. one world religion?

My throught may differ from yours As every body has a right to there own opinion and I will not force what I believe on any one, But my thoughts would be to open your eyes and look in all directions, And one factor is the unknown is real?

Like I said the next big graphics leap will be sooner then later, But your talking science fiction tech, holographic generational computer theory's, I cant see full body as we see through our own eyes for ad lest 35/50 years, what we will have tho is ultra Hd 2/4k video rooms with full head tracking and body motion all in 3D and with out glasses with in the next 5/8 years , the next console will use infinite screen tech, which will allow a console to out put 360 degree game worlds on projectors or tv's mounted around a stand or a head set screen sort of v.r in design, The suit that is used for testing was design by bungie and MS it is a full Master chief V.R suit with full head gear and gun, this is the test bed for future products. Real ol leave that up to you to decide? But a stripped down version could be out at lunch for halo 4 on 720? and with wifi bands to strap on your wrist and legs there for true 1:1 motion and they vibrate, they might even shock :( . True Human interaction is the next level when it comes to gaming, and 3d and Natal are the first big step wait come E3 you will see :)

Часть 24. Интервью с разработчиком 360-ого

Часть 24. (разговор состоялся в середине февраля)

Misterx: Бен, они врут, не правда ли? :)

“НоуГеймер запостил свои впечатления относительно различий между PS3 и 360 версий 13-ой финалки:

- Детали лица в основном одинаковы, но одежде на 360-м не хватает некоторых деталей и заметно, что разрешение текстур ниже.

- Случайные объекты окружения и враги похоже имеют хуже текстуры и геометрию. “

Инсайдер: Я не могу быть на 100 процентов уверен, но когда мы играли в бету за закрытыми дверями, то разработчик из Squire с оптимизЪмом смотрел на 360 версию и говорил, что она будет лучше. Это было три месяца назад, поэтому все возможно. Но ролики как я и говорил будут лучше на PS3. Хотя видео-кодек для 360 нормальный используется, хотя опять же всякое возможно. Я думаю, что разрабы в Шкваре довольно хорошо подогнали все под 360 версию, но они начали портировать только несколько месяцев назад, как только получили X-tools. У них были дебаты насчет того, каким путем пойти при портировании. Я не могу приказать им разбираться в X-tools если они этого не хотят. Шквары окажутся довольно ленивыми, если просрут порт, но посмотрим, что получится в итоге. В любом случае, западные разрабы теперь всегда будут впереди азиатов. И т.к. PS3 версия на метакритике набирает в районе 70%, то ждать римейков FF7/FF8 не приходится.


Misterx: Medal of Honor выглядит неплохо. Но как PS3 может поддерживать X-engine фишки? У RSX есть GPGPU?
Я давно ничего не видел на тему MoH, дай ссылку. Что касается PS3, то у RSX есть свой GPGPU который называется cuda. Но сейчас использовать его для PS3 будет больше вреда, чем пользы, т.к. Cell делает многое из того, что мог бы делать GPGPU. Неунифицированная архитектура памяти делает трудным  витвить код. Да, теоретически можно делать GPGPU на PS3, но это не даст такого же эффекта как на Xenon, т.к. будет намного труднее оптимизировать код между Cell и RSX под Cuda. Одного целла хватает! Но текстуры никогда не будут также хороши на PS3 как на 360 в играх второй волны – это факт. Они всегда будут выглядеть хуже, т.к. просто недостаточно памяти.

Misterx: Но можно же позаимствовать другие 256 мегов памяти. Я думаю, что внутренние студии могут попотеть но сделать это..или они могут сделать компилятор, который автоматически бы управлял выделением памяти то из RSX, то из основной. Незаметно для программиста. Но согласен, что сделать это будет очень не просто и врядли кто-то кроме внутренних студий Sony за это возьмется. Так что в теории PS3 может иметь такой же объем памяти для текстур как на боксе и дополнительную мощь GPGPU. Или даже больше, если приплюсовать сюда доп. мощь Cell. Уровень X-engine игр и даже лучше возможен и на PS3 получается в теории.
Вот тебе мое большое НЕТ, фантазер ты мой. PS3 разрабы нашли свой инь и янь и сейчас находятся в полной гармонии с PS3. PS3 сбалансирована сейчас и заточена на использование Cell и его процессоров (SPEs). Любые изменения нарушат баланс. Это просто нежизнеспособно как ты можешь подумать. Не только, потому что процессоры Cell более производительные чем шэйдерные конвейеры RSX, но еще и потому что это будет ухудшении в качестве, т.к. память должна будет выделяться программистом в конструкторе (прим. – термин языка программирования C++), а не автоматически. На PS3 ты не можешь получить доступ сразу к 512 мегам оперативки. Ты должен будешь хорошо подумать, где что размешать, в отличие от 360, где просто берешь новый кусочек памяти и не паришься какой, т.к память унифицирована. Если у тебя 256 мегов для RSX и 256 для Cell, то когда ты начнешь использовать текстуры высокой четкости, о которых я говорил (для бокса они называются C1 DX11 текстуры), то  это так опустит производительность и RSX и Cell, из-за того, что постоянно придется гонять туда сюда текстуры из одной памяти в другую, что делать этого не захочется. Можно выделить 256+60 мегов для RSX и оставить целлу 100 мегов(Прим. – оставщиеся 90 мегов идет операционке PS3). В этом случае Cell будет работать на постоянный стримминг этих 60 мегов в RSX и обратно. На A.i или что-то другое не останется ресурсов Cell. Текстуры будут зашибись, но играться все это будет как игра с первой плэйстейшн. Разработчики PS3 сейчас чувствуют себя хорошо с тем, что есть. Это 360 должен уничтожить Фони и он сделает это в этом году.

Misterx: Вот, лови ссылку на первые скрины MoH http://www.gamemag.ru/news/49693/.

О, черт! Ты только посмотри на Алана!! Хочу! Чувак игры на боксе выглядят все лучше и лучше! Какое чудо J Даже и не думал, что такое возможно J /сарказм выкл. J)

Тебе повезло, однако, для геймера быть еще и разрабом и видеть куда мы катимся…J
Нет, мне не повезло. Мне больше по душе записывать песенки для игр и фильмов – это та область, где мне комфортно. Я чувствую себя втянутым в разработку игр, т.к. я все еще учусь и это не становится ни на грамм легче. Ты теряешь свою жизнь в какой то степени. Люди работающие в игропроме такие необычные – здесь полный зверинец гиков.

Misterx: Я думаю я понимаю о чем ты. С 14 до 19 лет я много программировал и в какой-то момент сказал себе нет – я не хочу кодить все жизнь. Для меня это было слишком сложно и чтобы оставаться лучшим тебе надо было тратить все свое время на это. Разработка игр и компьютерные гуру..я думаю это для людей с социальными отклонениями. Если у тебя проблемы с девчонками, то ты можешь тратить все свое свободное время на компьютеры, стать очень умным и знающим и найти призвание в этом. В хайтеке всегда найдется кто-то кто читает больше чем ты и сможет сделать твою работу лучше. Все потому что хайтек – это вся его жизнь. J
Эй, у меня полно девчонок, поэтому это не про меня. Я не тот нерд, который сидит постоянно и шпилит в ВоВку, вместо девочек.

Misterx: Ну, я не имел в виду тебя, когда говорил о компьютерных гиках. Я просто попытался понять тебя, когда ты сказал, что надо много учиться, чтобы оставаться на плаву. Ты никогда не будешь этого делать, если с девочками все нормуль. Так что даже не пытайся – займись только музыкой.
Мне нравится то место, которое я занимаю сейчас в разработке. Это делает мою жизнь счастливой, это испытывает меня и заставляет меня не лениться.

Что касается скринов MoH. Да, они используют X-engine tools. Я вижу на скринах этот новый уровень качества присущий  11-ому директу с его C1 текстурами. Но я все же думаю, что 360-ому еще много что есть показать тебе.

Но война может закончится раньше чем мы думаем. Финальные спецификации Wii2 или DS2 появятся в этот понедельник. Поэтому 720-ый тоже будет скоро. Я хочу, чтобы MS пришла на рынок портативок. Zune прикольный но нужна игровая портативка. Но 360-ый будет продолжать жечь напалмом по крайней мере до 2013, так что будь спок и бери бокс даже сейчас. Я должен сказать, 55дюймовый led8000…3D на нем в гирях вторых отпадное. Выглядит также хорошо, как и PS3 со своей 3D прошивкой. Буду шпилить Mass Effect 2 в 3D на выходных! Самсунг убьет меня J

Копи деньги и купи Samsung led 8000, 55 дюймов или led 9000. Я тестил все телеки на свете и Самсунг поразил меня до глубины души. Я клянусь, стандартные 2D версии фильмов выглядят 3D. Они почти выпрыгивают из LCD экрана. Но 3D режим еще лучше. Нет мерцания, нет головной боли – идеально. Копи, копи копи. Они будут по цене в 3000 баксов и стоят каждый цент. С таким телеквизором играть в игры лучше, гораздо лучше!!!!! J

Misterx: Ух ты ах ты – все мы космонавты… ME2 в 3D на выходных для тебя?? Заютубь видео!! J Да, да я знаю, что ты не можешь заютубить 3D J
J Да, ты не можешь заютубить 3D пока, если только у тебя нет 3D телеквизора J

Misterx: Так, так так…Wii2 грядет…Это должно быть очередная головная боль для разработчиков? Они должны собирать новые команды для wii2 Совместимы ли средства разработки для wii2 со средствами разработки для 360-ого?

Wii2 более мощная и они могу состричь много денег с людей которые хотят графику покруче чем влезает в 512 мегабайт оперативки…Люди хотят графику уровня Кризис уже на своих больших телеках. И Wii2 хорошо будет продаваться, если у них получится на старте дать людям такую графику. Но откуда Нинтенда возьмет ее, эту графику уровня Кризис или даже лучше?

MS должна подсуетится здесь, чтобы не отдавать слишком большой кусок пирога Нин и анонсировать следующий бокс и показать пару картинок до старта продаж wii2. Тогда хардкорный народ станет ждать бокс и не будет покупать wii2. О, слишком трудно думать о MS о Нинтенде в таких условиях. Не понимаю, как они все смогут быть успешными со своим новых железом. Есть же еще Сони. В общем будет интересно.
: Нинтенда будет иметь 1 гиговую графическую карту от АТИ. Но графика это не все, чем сможет похвастаться Wii2. И даже не спрашивай, не скажу что это. Скажу лишь, что у Наталя впереди наступят великие времена. Еще скажу, что Wii2 будет эмулировать все предыдущие консоли, даже те что раньше wii. Смотри никому не говори. Что касается MS то они работают над 720-м уже больше 6 лет. Так что не надо их недооценивать. И да, у wii2 будет GPGPU как и у всех консолей следующего поколения. J

Misterx: Это очень естественно для Нинтендо двигаться в том направлении, что ты описал, т.к. железо постоянно дешевеет.

Итак Wii2 сможет эмулировать PC/360 игры…и будет тогда на равнее с 720 до 2014-2015 я полагаю. Это не есть хорошо. MS надо будет быстрее выжимать соки из 720-ого, чтобы показать, что он круче Wii2. Это хорошо – застоя в графике не будет как сейчас.

И в этих условиях, я не вижу как Сони сможет оставаться с PS3. Они должны будут выпустить PS4 как можно раньше. Вопрос есть ли у них на это деньги, чтобы выпустить конкурентную консоль в следующем поколении или нет? Они будут по мощности между боксом и wii2. Но будет ли достаточно денег для всех трех компаний на хардкорном рынке? Я думаю будет еще большая жесть с продажами софта, чем сейчас, когда супер пупер экслюзивы Сони приносят копеечную прибыль – только затраты отбивают еле-еле.
Не совсем. Место всем хватит если делать все с умом и с хорошими средствами разработки. Еще нужны будут новые жанры. Уровень затрат на разработку вырастит, но не дотянет до уровня разработки для PS3. 2 года назад это было неподъемно для большинства студий. Нинтенда не получит графическую пальму первенства с Wii2 т.к. у MS кое-что приготовлено в закромах. PS4 будет не такой как Wii2 и 720-ый. Будет более глубокая интеграция с онлайном. Wii2 не эмулирует 360, но может, если кто-то из разрабов захочет и MS продаст права. J Я вижу, что MS с легкостью выиграет в следующем поколении. Но нинтенда будет близка. У Фони уже не будет преимущества в виде БлюРей над MS и Нинтендой в следующем поколении.

Misterx: 1. Еще большая интеграция с онлайн для Сони?

2. Натал для Wii2?? J) Я правильно тебя понял, да? J) Не могу поверить J)
1. Да, будет еще лучше, если мы сможем исследовать мир группами как в RPG.

2. Между строк.

Misterx: Итак онлайн для PS3 будет лучше чем у других тогда? Нет, этого не может быть J
Ты не понял, онлайн не Сони, а Майкрософта. Сонивский онлайн не будет таким – MS опять приготовила, что-то интересное. Сони хочет, чтобы в PSN были свои собственные TV шоу и т.д. Идея провалится, т.к. люди не позволят себе выглядеть глупо в глазах других.

Misterx: Да уж..итак. У меня только один большой вопрос остался. Скажи есть ли тучки на горизонте Microsoft, которые тебе видны с твоей колокольни?
Нет, с 720-ым железом нет. Также с виндоусом все в порядке. Небольшие затруднения с офисом, но и они скоро решатся. Что касается текущего бокса..Wii2 реально может украсть победу. Большая нинтенда составит серьезную конкуренцию Наталю. Но Наталь будет серьезной победой над Сони и Wii. Это точняк. J

Майкросоту надо продолжать то, что они делают, т.е. инвестировать в экслюзивы и Live. PS3 Slim продается хорошо только из-за БлюРея и БлюРея 3D. Кстати 3D могут поддерживать 60% текущей плазмы и 40% текущих LCD телеков, т.к. нужны либо 600герц частота для плазмы или 200/240 для LCD или HDMI выход версии 1.3 и выше. И качество будет не хуже чем у специальных 3D телеков. Это все похоже на ту же историю, когда Сони сказала, что 1080p не возможен без HDMI, хотя он существовал и в VGA за долго до HDMI. Так и здесь, не надо будет самого последнего 3Д телека от Сони, чтобы смотреть 3D. Смотри, что Самсунг сделает со своими самыми популярными LCD телеками серии 7 и 8. Они готовят обновления прошивки, которое позволит LCD или плазме показывать 3D без всяких HDMI 1.4. 1.4 поможет со звуком, но это уже другая история. В общем все это Сони старается, чтобы мы поверили в ее сказки и купили скорее новый телек, хотя большинство TV могут поддерживать 3D. ПРОПАГАНДИСКАЯ МАШИНА СОНИ В ЕЕ ЛУЧШЕМ ПРОЯВЛЕНИИ. НО ЛЮДИ НЕ ПОЙДУТ ПОКУПАТЬ НОВЫЙ ТЕЛЕК ДЛЯ 3Д, Т.К. ОНИ ЕГО ТОЛЬКО ЧТО КУПИЛИ. С Сони все кончено. Их видение и инноваторство умерло, так же как их бизнес-модель. Смотри как MS сокрушит их на консольном рынке и потом Samsung уничтожит их 3D-сказку.

Misterx: А чего Нинтенда не анонсирует Wii2 на E3? Не слышал ни о каких проблемах с офисом для MS. Думаю он продается хорошо. Итак, Нинтенда делает свою версию Наталя или запатентуют у MS? J
Большая N делает собственную версию Наталя. Другой подход, тоже самое на выходе. Погугли насчет проблем с офисом. Нинтенда подождет до E3, но я думаю, что они там анонсируют Ds2, а не Wii2, т.к. продажи Wii идут не так хорошо как хотелось бы?


Часть 25. Интервью с инсайдером XBOX 360

Инсайдер: Сегодня я видел две игры в разработке на ds2. Вау! Графика уровня ps3/xbox360, ну почти. Через два года, наверное, будет такой точно. Показывали ФПС и РПГ в фантастическом стиле. Круто видеть, как портативная консоль вступает в эпоху высокополигональных моделей. Производительность по треугольникам около 350 миллионов, плюс эффекты. Игры будут идти с карт ssd емкостью до 5 - 10 гигов, так мне сказал руководитель проекта. Меня впечатлило и то, что игры от wii2 могут быть портированы либо использованы на ds2 без всякой модификации. Похоже, Большая Н хочет, чтобы игры, которые люди покупают для wii2 или ds2 были кросс-платформенными, так что, если ты играешь на ds2, можно запустить игру и на большом экране. Я не увидел никаких стилистических новшеств, однако, мне показали картинку и схему, на которой как будто маленький wii remote. Нет, правда! :)

Misterx: Думаю, что у Нин с их деньгами все может пойти очень-очень хорошо. А что насчет их девкитов? Легко ли разрабатывать / портировать под wii2 и 360 одновременно?

Misterx: Сейчас смотрю Heavy Rain на ютубе... Мой тип игры! Хочу ПС3… Но одолжу скорее всего.

Инсайдер: Хеви рейн – хорошая игра, но Алан Вейк намного лучше, сам увидишь.

Misterx: LOL ПС3 пробует переключиться на 29 февраля 2010 года. Ошибка в БИОСе. Можно ли починить без участия сервис-центра? :)
Мне жаль Сони. Это очень нехорошо. Наши руководители по ПС3 в пролете. В то время как мы, в основном, не работаем по выходным, их вызывают. Полетел какой-то ключевой материал – они «попали», последний бэкап был сделан 4 дня назад. Расходы составили около 100000 долларов. Кроме того, пришлось вызывать консультанта от Сони на три дня, чтобы освободить 70 Мб в нашем девките для использования с RSX, что сделало xmb в три раза медленнее. Это плохо, Сони просто плывет по течению.

У меня такое подозрение, что это был хак с внутреннего сервера Сони. Да, хак не работает на «слимках», только на «толстушках», но это лишь моя теория :) На днях в Сони произошел взлом, который заставлял ПС3 отправлять назад информацию. Кто-то пытался использовать ПС3 для запуска вируса / руткита. Кто знает, I do not buy the leap year bullshit tho :)

Может, Майкл Джексон ведет войну из могилы – он всегда говорил, что в Сони могут и убить из-за жажды власти :)

Misterx: От этого поможет ресет батареи. Нужно только открыть ПС3 отверткой. Или надо подождать до завтра – может помочь...
Но открытие ПС3 снимает гарантию. Так что, если этого в Сони не исправят, ты крупно пролетаешь, тебе придется платить за то, чтобы играть :)

Misterx: Ха-ха, Сони говорит, это проблема ПСН, а не системного времени. Они пытаются получить выгоду даже из этого того – чтобы ПСН стал более безопасным, придется платить :)
Ага, ПСН взломали при помощи их же консоли. Теперь это выглядит реально :)

Я только что узнал, что для атаки на сервер ПСН использовались тысячи ПС3. Это хак Геохота или кого-то другого под этим именем, или же что-то в таком же роде. Да, Целл – это мощь! Однако, сервер Сони перешел в безопасный режим. Последствия испытали только те ПС3, которые подвержены влиянию хака. Уже было известно, что определенные группы пробуют взломать сервер, поэтому сервер ушел в безопасный режим. Но хакер получил личную информацию о миллионах пользователей. Теперь Сони испытает настоящий кошмар – если эта информация появится в новостях и газетах. Пожалуйста, не свети эту информацию. Если ты знаешь тех, у кого «пострадала» ПС3, скажи им заменить банковские карты, сразу же позвонить в банк. Посмотрим, станет ли Сони это прятать. По сути, это в 10 раз страшнее, чем RROD :)

Misterx: Это интересно...
Инсайдер: Кроме того, оказалось, что есть ошибка в прошивке. Вряд ли на это повлиял хак. Хак – это другая проблема, однако, он включился, когда ПС3 стали переводить системное время. Кто-то прознал об этом раньше Сони, раньше, чем они смогли выпустить обновление для прошивки. Удар по Сони пришелся в самое горячее время. Почитай форумы в сети. Это круто. Может, завтра мне на надо будет выходить на работу )

Misterx: Да, ветка на neogaf просто win! Мне даже нечего добавить там. IT only does YESUS!

Гитлер о поломках PS3 и т.п. :)

Misterx: Дружище, дай рейтинг графики всех игр, о которых тебе известно. Как я вижу это:

 1. Halo Reach – лучший open-world, но не лучше номера 5

2. Mass Effect 2 – хорошо, но не использует X-engine use. Номер 5 на 50% лучше.

3. BFBC2 – лучше, чем ME2,

4. SC:C – немного лучше номера 3

5. Необъявленный король. Полное использование X-engine, не такой открытый мир, Killzone 2 обречена. Думаю, это gears3

6. PGR5 – 30% лучше GT5.

7. Alan Wake – 30% хуже номера 5.

Инсайдер: А вот мое непредвзятое мнение :)

1. Pgr 5, использование x-engine на 100%, как мне сказали. Не спрашивай больше ничего – я все раньше расскажал же J

2. Allan wake – только инструменты x-engine tools. Порт, использующий дополнительную память и потоки gpgpu

3. Halo reach, как говорят, только инструменты, но у кого-то другое мнение. Самый лучший open world sandbox.

4. SC.C, только инструменты x-engine, но уже выглядит лучше uncharted 2, и потрясающий экшен

5. Mass effect 2, движок Анрил только использовал инструменты x-engine, но поддержка была добавлена только 7 месяцев назад – спасибо Эпикам

6. BFBC2, хочу поиграть… Выглядит хорошо, но использует только инструменты и сделана на другом движке. BFBC3 будет полностью на x-engine

7. :) Игры… придется подождать. Любая игра, которая находится в разработке сейчас, должна использовать x-engine или инструменты полностью. Если нет – не покупай такие игры. В Анрил было добавлено так много, что движок теперь можно называть «unrealX-engine 3.5». Geow3 снесет тебе башку на e3, а сама игра должна быть совместима с 720-ым :) Надеюсь, это поможет.

Activision может идти куда подальше. В октябре этого года можно ожидать значительных изменений. Я рад, что не работаю там. Но в этот раз перемены будут большими. Жду – не дождусь, когда IW перейдет на нашу сторону. Это оправдает каждый вложенный доллар, и даже больше :)

Если бы верхушка Activision не была такой строгой с работниками и соответственно платила бы, такой ситуации бы не было :) Но, сейчас все зашло слишком далеко, все выйдет наружу. В октябре тебя ждет большой сюрприз :)

 Misterx:  Да уж, позор... У нас в России часто захватывают офисы. Это называется «маски-шоу»: вооруженные люди в масках врываются в офисы и удерживают их...

Так и не понял, чего ожидать в октябре от IW... Следующий Call of Duty полностью на X-engine и только для Xbox?

И в чем проблема между Activision и IW?

Инсайдер: Activision не дает развернуться творчеству своих хороших разработчиков с целью заработать больше денег. В октябре 2010 у IW заканчивается контракт, и они могут уйти к любой другой компании. Activision не хочет этого, поэтому они уволили главного разработчика и исполнительного директора IW. Но команда IW очень преданна своему начальству из Iw, а не activision, как видишь. MS купит IW в качестве разработчика первой стороны позже в этом году, вот увидишь. Либо уволенный сотрудник начнет новую студию первой стороны для МС.

Activison хочет, чтобы call of duty стала следующим tony hawk :) "call of duty Hero of guitar modern world at war 3"

Misterx: Мне не нравится то, что видел в трейлере мультиплеера «Рич». Не такая уж крутая графика, по мне...

Нет! Я не прав! Графика хороша, просто мне не нравится арт-дизайн в виде серых коридоров. Момент, где взрывается генератор – просто фантастика! Зеленая травка и черный дым… Красота!

OMG!! OMG!! И это только альфа... И это только мультиплеер. Не дождусь отрывков из одиночного режима!

Инсайдер: Помни только, что в Mp графика урезанная по сравнению с одиночным режимом. Одиночный режим потрясный, а игра только на альфа-стадии.

Misterx: http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=7339 - разработка материнской платы в версии «слим» началась только сейчас? Времени-то хватит до релиза на Рождество?

По информации от Самсунг для C9000 нужны очки... В каком случае? А когда можно смотреть 3d без очков?

Как поживает DVD 2.0? Утонул?
Инсайдер: Dvd 2.0 мертв, хотя еще живет в Японии и Китае. МС может добавить такую дисковую опцию, но я бы на это не рассчитывал. Samsung c9000 основан на поочередном показе 3d, не авто-стереоскопическом, как указывалось Самсунгом в 2008 году. У Panasonic, похоже, лучшее Full hd 3d на их плазмах V20. У Toshiba телевизор с процессором cell сможет показывать авто-стереоскопическую картинку, но только в разрешении 720p. Так что, думаю, лучший выбор для 3d – Panasonic, за ним рядом стоит Самсунг, и потом – Сони.

Что касается МС, у них есть аппаратный прототип на основе 360-го, которому уже более двух лет. Список его режимов основан на прототипе 720-го. Но я уверен, что они займутся финальным переутверждением компонентов и представят «слим» на Е3. Ходят реалистичные слухи, что в опцию «слим-элит» может входить блюрей-привод. Но точную информацию о будущих устройствах представят на Е3.

Misterx: Я правильно понимаю, что  «авто-стереоскопический» это и есть «без очков»? А с c9000 нужны очки?
Инсайдер: c9000 нужны очки. У Самсунга есть прототип, с которым очки не нужны, но он недоступен публике. Это тестовый образец для будущих LED-телевизоров. Авто-стереоскопия на самом деле в 3-4 годах впереди от full hd 3d 1080p поочередного 120hz. Новая технология нацелена на людей и с одним глазом и с поврежденным зрением. Она будет доступна примерно в 2013 году по приемлемой цене. Но мне действительно понравился Panasonic full hd 3d, он близок к 3dimax, и будет в продаже через некоторое время.

А, да, почти стало официально, Insomniac Games работают над играми для 360 :)(прим. IGN распространил слух


Инсайдер: Черт, не знал, что это уже просочилось в сеть. Будет еще больше интересного. Да, Эпики завалят Сони своей технологией: full unreal engine 3.5 "x-engine/ tools" – здорово звучит? Он выдает 15 fps на девките для ps3, в то время как на 360-м выдает стабильные 60fps.

В этом году Е3 должна быть огромной. Будут показывать новый дизайн бокса, Натал, хардкорные игры.

Misterx: В интернете лежит с января... Сделано фанатом с использованием UDC на ПК... Грустно… Неизвестно ничего! На тебя вся надежда. Видел что-нибудь по этой теме?




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