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You have reached a place where you can read what is going on behind closed doors and know the future of the game development industry, mostly from Microsoft’s side of things. It’s always good to be more informed on that topic. Plus it’s great fun to read official media outlets after we have discussed the information here sometimes months or weeks before.

Please take note all information discussed is not set in stone and insider information can change due to the nature of the industry and the pace it’s moving, strategies can certainly change.

We don’t claim to know all about everything, but have a fragment of the information and sometimes more; we leave people to make their own conclusions, the insider’s notes/information will often ask you the people to dig, research and connect the dots.

All Insider info is under the "Insider Daily" header. All other analysis and topics are from blog contributors keen to reveal and enjoy the Microsoft / Xbox future.

There will be some typo mistakes as my 1st language is Russian. So I apologies in advance for any confusion caused by my words, I hope that with the daily grind and fast pace of this blog / journal my English will and has improved. 
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We don't know real dates of when Microsoft will talk about the tech they are working on. So yes, the dates are not always precise as Microsoft’s plans can change or something new or unusual happens like an NDA extension for example.

We don't know Microsoft market strategy, The Insider is a tech guy and always believes Microsoft will show that side to public as soon as developers sample technology to other developers.

The insider will often state in his notes and messages, that the information he has supplied will not be 100% confirmed by him/herself or the source he gain the knowledge from, please read carefully through the notes provided.

From what we have discussed, we have come to the conclusion that the XBOX ONE console, was a console that was originally meant to be released at a much later date and time of 2014-15 and we also believe the system is 2-3x more powerful then Sony’s PS4 console from the research we have made from contributors to this blog / journal.

As stated before using the information we provided, we made the connections between the dots that Microsoft reveal (no it is not PR only) and what developers state in there interviews with media outlets or media sites, NDA’s will expire which will reveal more tech and information, this tends to bring our insider notes/messages in line with these new reports from developers within the gaming industry.

Please be aware of lies of Sony propaganda, they over promise and under deliver, A 1.8TF console (PS4) is still 1.8TF console while top GPUs are 5-6TFs. They often show CGI first and then downgrade later on in development.

Also their other tricks are specific game designed only for PlayStation exclusives which use:

- Narrow corridor games with low draw distance (Uncharted, God of War, and Last of Us), that all need less power for the system to render.
- Open-world games with low draw distance (Infamous).
- Games with static cameras (Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- Less objects and details on screen to render (GT5).

All those tricks need 30-40% less power to render. Compare to Xbox 360 games that look much better. Compare for example Uncharted which consists 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels with Night and Day.

Other tricks:

- Tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never filter to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- Cut scenes with better assets as real-time game play (Uncharted).

New trick used this generation:

- Make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p
- Say it is 60fps even if it is hit only 30% of time
- Make a deal with publisher your version will be better (Witcher 3 dev confirmed there is those types of agreements in the industry, insider informed us of this 3 years ago)

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use those tricks as there is no need to lie to gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even with the launch of Xbox One and PS4, when Microsoft’s DX12 API is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 and still Sony again invents new tricks to deceive and lie to its own gaming community and media outlets.

So if we see "actual game play" logo in trailer from Microsoft - it is.
If we don't see "actual game play" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cut scene.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome page, I hope you enjoy what we talk about here and remember.........

Play fair and Game hard.

Game On!

Major posts about Xbox One tech(read everything and make your own conclusion)

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Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2014+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
1. Insider Daily. 50% more powerful SDK for 3th parties confirmed. More than 32MB of ESRAM on the way.
2. Insider Daily. Full HSA 2014 tech is next big thing. Old 3d engines need to be re-engineered.
3. Xbox Ones hardware Tiled Resources in more detail. A huge Xbox One advantage over PS4.
4. Inside Xbox One: Using HW Tiled Resources with ESRAM in more detail. Prepare to be amazed.
5. Insider Daily. Xbox One display planes in more detail. It is like 2-3 systems in one.
6. Insider Daily. Hana2 have G-Sync like tech and Xbox One is not 1.31TF GPU
7. Insider Daily. Everyone think Xbox One GPU is 1.31TF SP. In reallity it is 2.6 TF DP
8. Insider Daily. Xbox One is 2.6TF DP GPU@853Mhz+special hardware make it 4-5TF DP for whole system
9. Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 aka DX12 aka full HSA in more detail or why XB1s 5TF DP will last 10 years
10. Insider & Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 and Xbox One are based on Microsoft E2 research project
11. Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF

Sony’s lie and brainwash
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com owned by Sony and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise&underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Insider Daily. MS officialy calls Sony insiders as liers. GroupKarma finds liers are being paid.
6. Full list of Eurogamer biased face-offs. Undeniable proof they are in bed with Sony.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. True history of current generation of video games 2003-2011.

Ради защиты других цивилизаций инопланетяне могут уничтожить человечество

Гады, уже в открытую пишут.

"Сокращение выбросов парниковых газов может спасти человечество от превентивного нападения пришельцев, пересказывает The Guardian свежий доклад американских ученых. Есть риск, что инопланетяне расценят изменения в земной атмосфере как признак того, что местная цивилизация утратила контроль над ситуацией, и уничтожат нас, пока мы не навредили еще сильнее, поясняет журналист Иэн Сэмпл.

В исследовании "Что принесет человечеству контакт с инопланетянами - пользу или вред?" Шоун Домегел-Голдмен из отдела планетологии NASA и его коллеги по NASA и Пенсильванскому университету излагают еще несколько гипотетических сценариев. Цель ученых -  помочь человечеству "подготовиться к реальному контакту". Авторы делят потенциальные контакты на три категории: благотворные, нейтральные и вредоносные.

Благотворные - это, например, просто обнаружение других разумных существ во Вселенной или сотрудничество, которое поможет победить  голод, нищету и болезни. Благотворный эффект окажет и победа над превосходящими силами инопланетного агрессора.

Нейтральные контакты возможны в случаях, если конструктивное общение невозможно - слишком уж пришельцы не похожи на нас, или если вступление в "Галактический клуб" сопряжено с чрезмерными бюрократическими препонами.

Самые негативные варианты - случаи, когда пришельцы нарочно или невольно причинят человечеству вред: съедят, поработят, нападут, или просто раздавят нас своими телами, или занесут неизлечимую заразную болезнь. Особенно досадно, если чужая цивилизация случайно напустит на нас недружелюбный искусственный интеллект или проведет физический эксперимент, который сделает нашу часть галактики необитаемой.

Но многих бед можно избежать. Ученые советуют проявлять осмотрительность при трансляции сигналов в космос: "нельзя распространять информацию о строении наших организмов - ею можно воспользоваться для разработки оружия против землян". "Все контакты с инопланетянами следует сводить к разговорам о математике, пока мы не узнаем побольше о том, с какой цивилизацией имеем дело", - рекомендуют они.

Ученые предупреждают: возможно, пришельцы опасаются цивилизаций, которые растут слишком быстро и склонны при этом уничтожать другие биологические виды. Именно так развивается человечество. "Превентивный удар наиболее вероятен на ранних стадиях нашей экспансии, так как на более поздних цивилизацию труднее уничтожить", - считают авторы. Возможно, инопланетные "зеленые" вообще истребят нас ради спасения Земли как экосистемы.

Источник: The Guardian "

Проблему перенаселенности будут решать химическим оружием

Ой, ёёёё. Уже в открытую говорят, что будут делать.  Все за противогазами.

СМИ: "Аль-Каида" готовит для американцев бомбы с рицином, для чего массово скупает клещевину

Американская администрация "выражает опасения по поводу возможности создания террористической сетью "Аль-Каида" смертельно опасного химического оружия на основе рицина". Об этом сообщили местные СМИ. "Аль-Каида" пытается создать смертоносное оружие, которое будет использовано против США", - подчеркивает газета New York Times.

Согласно разведывательным данным, полученным Белым домом, в настоящее время "Аль-Каида" проводит массовые закупки клещевины - растения из семейства Молочайных, которое используется для получения рицина. Рицин - белковый токсин, смертельная доза которого для человека составляет 0,3 мг/кг.

По имеющейся у США информации, "Аль-Каида" планирует создавать компактные взрывные устройства с начинкой из рицина - при взрыве, облака опаснейшего токсина смогут покрывать значительную площадь. Наибольшую опасность подобные взрывные устройства будут представлять в местах массового скопления людей - вокзалах и аэропортах.

Сообщается, что американские правоохранительные органы активно сотрудничают с коллегами из Йемена и Саудовской Аравии, где "Аль-Каида" производит массовые закупки клещевины, с целью предотвращения попадания этого изначально лекарственного растения в руки террористов.


Niburu найдена? Комета ELENIN.
Встречайте! Комета ELENIN летит пердит к земле по вытянутой орбите. Оборот вокруг солнца - 12000 лет.

Наделала много шуму - многие говорят, что это и есть Нибуру.

Говорят, что размер ее велик, и что пролетая между Солнцем и Землей она и вызовет силные землятресения и смену полюсов.

Другие версии:
1. Размер ее мал, и что все будет ок - воздействие будет минимальным.
2. Это правляемый NASA спутник запущеннй 10 лет назад, специально, чтобы пролетая в сентябре-октябре 2011 дать сигнал людям о более масштабной кататрофе 2012.

На этом видео Еленин, открывшый комету. После просмотра видео возникает только один вопрос - покажи гад паспорт и мы его пробъем по базам. Показал только студенческий.

Американцы не верят в существование Леонида Еленина, пишут, что это закодированное послание от NASA предупредить о более глобальной катастрофе.

На  банкноте швейцарского франка до 1998 года было изображение солнечной системы с лишней элиптической орбитой пересекающей солнечную систему. 

Именно из-за нее и происходит все катаклизмы раз в 12000 лет?? Узнаем уже в ноябре этого года или следующего.

Так же в новостях:
1. Полно видео второго солнца на небосклоне - реальное Нибуру? Надо будет встать пораньге и самому заснять.
2. Луна странно вращается воокруг своей оси нарущаю астрономические теории и прогнозы...

3. Американцы постоянно включают HAARP на территорией Америки. Так же премичательно, что американцы имеют ретранслировать сигналы HAARP на расстояние. Например из Аляски в ионосферу, далее отскок на землю в районе сиэтла, на принимающую антенну. Далее обратно в атмосферу, приземение в районе техаса и так далее по всей американской родине. Вызывают облачность и дожди там где надо. Опять же нетепично дождливая у них погода сейчас там. Круги HAARP видные на интелелкасте. Чувак на ютубе каждый день их находит и анализирует.

Про ELENIN поведал инсайдер. Передаю ему и его околонаучным друзьям слово:
Misterx: what about nibura? what did you see a year ago from your astro science telescope man/friend?
This is what people are saying ..

I believe that in September the world will change.....
More on the “Comet” Elenin thing. The whole thing is either a gov psyop or a viral marketing plan for a movie or a game. Some interesting thoughts from someone who doesn’t seem to buy it either…from a GLP post…link at end.
I have to sound off on this. I suggest a pin (GLP speak), regardless of whether this has been discussed or not, because this whole Elenin situation has been misunderstood and it’s time we put this thing to bed and see the whole thing for what it truly is.
I’ve been reading all the comments and theories on this board about Elenin…from the dwarf star theory, to the red mini-sun theory, to the Richard Hoagland hostile hyperbolic alien spacecraft theory, to the ordinary comet theory, to the theory that it’s some sort of “super-comet” that is storing up a freakish amount of electrical charge as its postively charged nucleus gathers up a ridiculous amount of electrons which it will discharge when it reaches perihelion, thereby triggering an apocalypse.
You’re all missing the point. You’ve all been waiting with baited breath since December for Nasa’s pictures of the comet so you can confirm that it’s just a comet, so that somehow you can dismiss everything that’s going on and declare that nothing is going on with the Earth. Half of you are looking for a reason to prove that everything is OK so that you don’t have to face reality, and the other half of you have gotten caught up in this ridiculous “dwarf star vs. red mini-sun vs. hostile alien craft vs. comet” debate.
Elenin represents one thing and one thing only. It’s a warning of some kind, nothing more. That’s it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a comet or a giant turd.
The discovery of this object by Leonid Elenin and the JPL data being made available to the public represents a moral compromise by NASA and the U.S. Government to give the general public a clue that something is coming, and it’s also a way for them to clearly establish amongst themselves coming events that they are concerned about…The alignments and the close calls shown in the JPL data represent dates of concern. They want you to know, and they’re also using the alignments and the close calls to synchronize their efforts without having to talk about it openly amongst themselves.
** The bizarre coincidences:
1) What are the odds of guy named Leonid Elenin growing up to be an amateur astronomer who just happens to discover a comet that is coming between the Earth and the sun in September of 2011 (9/11…his name “Elenin” is 9/11 backwards)
2) What are the odds of guy named Leonid Elenin growing up to be an amateur astronomer who just happens to discover a comet that is reaching its point closest to the sun on 9/11/11 (again, his name is 9/11 backwards)
3) If you want to throw the whole 9/11 thing out, that’s fine, but what are the odds of a guy whose first name is Leo and whose last name is an acronym for “Extinction Level Event” growing up to be an amateur astronomer who discovers a comet while at the same time a movie that was released 13 years earlier (“DEEP IMPACT”) just happens to have a character named Leo who discovers a comet that the Government decides to name “E.L.E.” in the movie
4) What are the odds of guy named Leonid Elenin growing up to be an amateur astronomer who just happens to discover a comet whose tail the Earth will pass through in November, when the definition for the term “LEONID” just happens to be “a meteor shower associated with a comet that occurs in the month of November
“LEONIDS” definition Wikipedia Link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonids
The odds of something like this happening by accident are ZERO. The odds of any of this being a coincidence are ZERO. And the potential for a tiny comet to cause the Earth’s axis to shift whenever the Earth is caught between this object and the sun is ZERO.
And there’s your answer. This is deliberate. The comet isn’t a real comet. It can be only one thing. It’s either a natural object or an artificial object of some sort that’s designed to look like a comet, and it’s being intelligently controlled by a government agency. The government is using “Elenin” as an informative vehicle to give those in the general public, both in the U.S. and abroad, that are awake and that are paying attention to this kind of stuff a chance to prepare and protect their family, if they choose to, and the government is also using “Elenin” for their own purposes in order to synchronize their efforts and disclose information to other government agencies without having to go into too much detail amongst themselves…they can always refer to “Elenin” without having to refer to what’s actually causing these changes or any classified information.
So heed the warnings, or don’t. Clearly they want you to know that the end of September through the end of November represents a time when they feel we might cross the threshold and that the disasters will start to become bigger at that point, it doesn’t matter when the actual pole shift will occur, they’re telling you that we cross the threshold sometime during that late September through late November timeframe…the crap should start to hit the fan at that point. That’s why this whole Elenin situation is so in-your-face, so over-the-top and obvious. They want you to pay attention to it. They had to provide us with a timeline, in a surreptitious but unambiguous way, because that’s their moral code (I’m not talking about the Illuminati, I’m talking about NASA and the U.S. Government). It’s the only warning you’ll ever get, because there’s not going to be a press conference about this, aside from a possible emergency broadcast message right before the disaster.
I hope this clarifies things for everyone, and that we stop debating whether it’s a comet, or a dwarf star, or a giant turd. It’s none of those things. It’s a warning, nothing more. They might even decide to detonate the object when it reaches perihelion…by then, it would have already served its purpose, which was to synchronize their efforts and provide specific dates of concern to all agencies of government without discussing it openly, and to let the people know, those that want to know and are willing to seek out the information and react to it, otherwise there would have been absolutely no point to running commercials like those Ready.gov commercials and letting that NASA Preparedness video go viral unless they were also going to give you some sort of a clue as to when you needed to get prepared. They want you to get prepared now, not in 2012. That’s the Elenin message.
Source: www.godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message1582268/pg1

Гуглим и ищем все на эту тему. Кто что думает? Землетрясения рельно увеличились в кол-ве? или их просто стали в интернете показывать?

Кстати, я тут в Барслоне попал под действие HAARP. Видели облака специфичные и погода стояла нетепична прохладная и пасмурная в июле над Европой. Бабушки пожилые никогда не видели такого за 50 лет.

Порадовал коммент к видео: Блин, мужик пугай америкосов они на эту хуйню ведутся. Мне лично похер, если будет конец света встретим его по русски, нажрёмся в хлам, зажгём бенгальские огни и будем трахать баб, ведь на работу уже не нужно будет с утра ехать. :)

Microsoft тролит Sony? Регестрирует Microsoft-Sony.com и Sony-Microsoft.com
Что-то будет или просто троллинг?

1. Xbox Station?
2. MS покупает Sony?
3. Sony покупает MS?
4. Playstation X?
5. Playbox?
6. Microsoft VS Sony файтинг..
7. Windows Phones 7 телефоны.



уже исторический ролик. разработчики Xbox 360 представляют его публике. на 2:22 чувак отвественный за RRoD. J Allard - ОТЕЦ. Через инсайдера мы с ним общаемся на расстоянии раз, два, для вас "три рукопожатия".

Еще одна обобщающая версия о 2012

Радует что во всех версиях Россия, так что за Уралом - останется :)

Фильм до конца пока не посмотрел. Позже.

Меня сейчас волнует один вопрос, куда делись древние цивилизации, которые были ранее чем 10 тыс. лет до нашей эры. То, что они существовали и современная история их игнорирует - факт.

Климатическое оружие или почему землятресение в Японии дело рук Американцев. HAARP.
Ну что, Нибуру-шминуру-солнце-пятна-активность-растет-НАСА-предостериает-контакт с иннопланетянами в тайланде-министр готов. Брехня.

Оказывается землятресения американцы могут устраивать там где захотят и когда захотят. называется это оружие HAARP. Срочно на ютуб вбейте это название.

HAARP - климатическое оружине - идеи Теслы. У России тоже такое есть.  Еще много у кого есть.


Вот документальный фильм на русском на 3 часа:

1. Часть 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBXq_2B7uVY
2. Часть 2. там же.

Как HAARP работает? В ионосферу посылаются электромагнитные импульсы в большом кол-ве. Работа HAARP видна погодным станциям и спуникам и видна на обычных погодных сайтах. Так за два дня до землятресения в Японии один товарищь на ютубе, который регистрирует землятресения на eqrthquackes.com также уидел, что HAARP включили и спрогнозировал землятресения в Японии. 

В общем, как тут не поверить в иллюминати и в их цель - сокращение популяции земли


кол-во гробов в америке все увеличивается...информация о грядущем землятресении в америке есть...

изменение полюсов, нибура? нибура точно нет, измененинй полюсов - возможно.

Канадский журналист  живущий в Японии, Бенжамин Фуллфорд(Benjami Fulford) говорил с Таканакой - бывшим министром финансов Японии. Таканава рассказал журналисту, что Япония управлятся Ротшильдами, Рокфеллерами. Журналист начал вещать эти вещи в инете и прессе. Таканава сказал ему, что иллюминати собираются нанести удар по японии. Журналис не поверил...

За 30 минут до землятресений в небе наблюдается плазменные облака...если увидите где - знайте - будет землятресение.
Определенной формы облака - тоже свидетельство работы ХААРП.

Поговаривют, что засуха в России тоже дело рук человеческих

Примеры работы HAARP


Концы света
Ну как пережили - круто было? У меня лампочка в холодильнике перегорела - не выдержала бедная..

Надо надыбать календарь концов света на ближайщие годы.

Американцы наверно обосрались там все. Рассказали историю, как одна пара из Лос-Анжелеса съебалась в Израиль на эти дни.

Да и наши тоже многие повелись.
Боже сколько людей верят всему и вся.

В наш век интернета никого слушать нильзя - надо прислушиваться.  "Ясно, говоришь складно, но с мнением определюсь позже.". А потом проверять все самому в гугле или яндексе. Почитать что пишут и только потом делать выводы. Считаю, что на уроках информатики в школах этому должны учить детей - уметь пользоваться информацией и считать Яндекс самым главным своим учителем.

Те, кто постарше - должны делать удобные социально-полезные сервисы. Чтобы вся информация, доступ к которой сейчас необходм и затруднем была на кончиках пальцев(особенно хочется чтобы наше правительство и законодатели были "прозрачны" для народа). Сейчас все это в таком начальном состоянии, что у тех у кого есть идеи - нет знания технологий, чтобы это реализовать достаточно дешево. И наоборот - у тех к кого есть технологии заняты созданием говносайтов. Нужно время.

Кто владеет информацией, тот правит миром. "Информацию народу! Даешь прозрачнось!" Все плохое должно всплывать в интернете. Твоя компания сжульничала? Заходим на сайт о плохих компаниях и читаем мнение о себе анонимуса. В следующий раз будешь думать. Ты мудак и плохой начальник? Ок, тех кого ты обидел напишут мнение о тебе - новый сотрудник прежде чем устраиваться к тебе в подчинение почитает и подумает. И таких сервисов общественно-полезных можно полно придумать. Лет через 20 все так и будет. Все будут верить проверенным ресурсам с незапятннонной репутацией. Шансов дать себя обмануть будет меньше. Власть умных потеснит власть сильных. Бездарей и бестолочей станет меньше. 



Insider Daily. Все что накопилось с марта.

Misterx: No, i don't want to have BR in next box..it is too unrealable!!!
The 3rd gen bluray is alot more reliable..... light on and samsung panasonic and sony are working hard to get of the ground tho...

Not for ng4 .... soon :)

The specs are samples and white papers yes we do have an official dev kit "hardware" but its still beta.  it is no longer alpha tech so we no what we can expect and its a massive leap forward.. but weather they really do pull the curtain back to reveal it i cant honestly give 100% but every thing is point to it as we do have a trailer ready to go... yes its real time yes and it will look better then this we have been working on alpha kits for around 2 years the problem at ms is the console design iv seen close to 30 designs and only 2 of them were really really good. Sony will not be matching the 720 for performance there going a different root this time so i here so it looks like 720 is the beast next gen.

And I love the videos and art you sent very very good... feel free to send more of that :)

MIsterx: http://vimeo.com/21294655
Ok I am going to tel you some thing but you must not tel anybody I o it to you.. No blog

They have been building the game alone side both 360/720

Of course the 720 will have more features but die hard core fans are going to be blown away. I v only seen a few min of game Footage but they have the biggest ace up there sleeve this year I ant joking when I say that. 720 is that advanced .. It's  adlest 3/4 years infrount of pc tech. Hi end pc tech :)

MIsterx: How can that be possible? XXX X XXXX XX  is a launch title...Xbox next launch this year?
No it's a crossplatform engine :) 360/720

XXXXXXXX will have an enhanced version for 720. Alot of games are going to be like these for the next 2 years.  I don't know if you remember when 360 lunched most of the games were xbox 1 ports. But this time ms ant going to drop the 360 there is still alot of performance left in the system.
But pc has put a lot  of pressure on the console market. Devs want more power. Even tho they the games on 360 within 12 months will look like  fodder :)

major is the guy who gets all the good stuff to hand out. :) but he never shares it all the time. I bet his house is full of gold cards.. And points. And old consoles. His house was built with rrod. While sonys house was built via hack job.
Bow down before mighty kaz. His welcome back pan scam is a laugh. All those things were free for a month 2 weeks ago there real desparet for the coin. Maybe they invented the whole psn hack via help from geohotz so they could make some money from all the scabs who play on psn for free " nothing is for free when it being driven buy Sony.

Another theory is when ps4 gets unvalied Sony will have it molden to the exact shap of the costumers arse. It will also  Have a new control. Witch will look the same as move, it  will have a bigger ball with less colours, and only be abule to thrust back and forward in motion. Not just that it will come with fake  mastercards. Which will have argumented realty features. And the boss will be kaz. And when you defeat him he will yell Rimmmmmm Racer.

Yeah yeah it stupid but you had to be there when the new guys said it . It was funny in a hobo with a shot gun kinda way :)

MIsterx: LOL @ 3rd attack on Sony...i sure that is inside job...they just on vacantion this week and they need a reason not to turn PSN on.

/переписка имевшая место в марте, но которую руки не доходили опубликовать/

Инсайдер: Buy the way there not 8.5 gig disks or like the fake email going around.. Which was leaked via a hacker ! Said there 1 gig extra space.. It is fake...

There going to have a new DVD formate DVD 2.5, it's bassed on hddvd formate. The disk is 3 miller meters thicker.. And can add up to 18gig of space to a DVD 2.5 disk, not just buy adding extra layers all tho 5 layers is the prototypes .. Which is halo reach.. The new disk will also read at 12x speed but can surport hi res textures @ 1080p .. Yes the 360 will have 1080p ready games now and 3d as well. The tech will work on all DVD players via a firmware update and put no extra stress on the DVD laser or drive componets. But the disk can also insure extra cost 50cents per disk to manufacture. But not all games will use said disk or layers so they can choose what size they need allocated. It's nothing to do with piracy mesures as the disk will also be coming to windows os as well and other os will support it as a cheap alternative to expensive blu ray.. As blu ray dio's are hard to manufature and cost alot to make. It makes sence. But this is not ment to compete with blu ray ether as the disk will be comparable with blu ray drives also.. So don't be surprised if in the next 12 months the DVD+ digital copy are on these disks as it will aid blu ray sales and the blu ray table of manufactures believe also it's a good Idea. As blu ray disk will be @ 80gig before years out but only for movie content not data stream.. Sorry ps3 boys no extra space for your games.. But better dual stream 3d move content. Which is why 3d has not the pop effect that you though you would see o it's coming.

And will this stop x720 not a chance as it will read the disk also.. It just means that 360 has more space to stick around even wii could read the disk but it's not going to gain from having low hardware.

Now this is for you not ng4 .. It let's you know what's going on now ..

/* всплыл новый ролик Форза 4 */
Misterx: WOW just WOW  i can't waitthank god there is only 70 days left.
Or yeah did I tell you.. That that fotage was from January 3 build.. It's going to look better and better and better.. Iv seen the build from 4 days ago and it's full 1080p @ 60fps ... And it looks astonishing
Next gen 3.5 starts @ e3 ... And this leak is old wait till e3 ... :)

Misterx: Well..i suppose that was a clever leak...that is not a leak acually.

no weather...even to mentioned.omg!!! Switherland track - the most beautifull track in the world!...point A to point B racing?? do want!
All thoes effects are in the game day/ night racing... Weather. Fog . Ice you do realize that the in game cars are millions of polygons each... You will see with your own eyes

Misterx: WOW
just WOW!
can't stop watching this video again and again
Thank you very much for your info. all xbox fans in russia has had hoped much earlie then all other world. you are the man  :)

wonder how xbox sales will rise

wonder how sonyfans comments will start to dissappear
It's so much as what will Sony fanboys say.. It's more like wake the he'll up dude your delusional look with your own two eyes at what you are seeing.. It's not a joke. And instead of gt5 is better blah blah. It took 6 years for the full version of gt5 to arrive we have had 3 forzas in that time. And while I loved gt5 it's one of the good racing Sim's, but forza 4 is easily better buy a lot. And it was developed in 2. Year cycle .. I have no dubt that gt6 in 2013 will be a good game also. But forza 4 will prove that it's is the pinical of racing sims. And yeah it will have a separate disk. Just for kinect casual players . While the core get full head tracking show room control. Engine and key starts. But this stuff is only added to the all ready mind boggling forza 4 core engine this is the start of xbox power houese. We have said time and time again. The 360 is more powerful then the ps3 but it has taken time for msg to develop a true first party engine for the xbox360 arbitrate at full hard ware on. Tesallation engine.. Super meshing. Full real time lighting. The cars are so round and smooth there is no jagged edges any were to be seen. That effect is so over the top it's like next gen right there alone. The textures are direct x 11 stream in based memxport gpgpu direct compute. The xbox is about to show people that it can do more. The cell can only be coded so much for new effects but it ads more overheads let's face it not having a detercated tesalation c1 is going to hurt sonys. As they can't do super meshing. They have to use cell to produce the same effect but it's so hard and the balancing in the constructor is to hard. It comes at the cost of performance.

Wait to you see the next big fps. It's amazing. Imagine what arcade pgr is going to look like considering it's been worked on for 3 years well the main engine and concept is finished now. All we need know is a really slick 3d fighting game like that would be rare :)

Misterx: p://rutube.ru/tracks/4266538.html?v=0bdf8953ddbaf7f58d9dbf270125bbde

just look at the pictures 

jail jail jail...jail on rail..

all in america...

they prepare for their own people agrression...
before 2012 theories  i beleived in theory by which america clans will make atomic strike on their self in order to make chaos and all america debt will go. new world currency and so on..

 but then 2012...illuminati, nibura, gravitation and so on..often eartquakes...

i don't know what to think now..america prepare as it will be 2013 and every thing will be fine with a weacher..they just prepare new word war and global crysis.

Misterx: As for the forza...if pgr5 will be even better than it will ship in 2012 i guess...am i right?

in other worlds when we will see full x-engine potential? what do you guess? i guess it will be 2012..and no video or picture before 2012 from any game what is trully push xbox to limit.

2011 games will be mind blowing but x-engine is capabale for more..and we reaally need this full force now...

oh wait..we will have BF3 this year..:)
The x-engine " development " unreal 3.5 are engines which will cross the development cycle of xbox360 to 720 . You are right in saying the engine will amaze in 2012.

Just a note on shift 2 it's a good game both visual and control wise. But ol tel you this forza 4 looks about 5x better then that in motion. The thing about forza 4 new build is the cars look photo realistic uncanny valley . The tracks feel alive no other games has done this so far .. It's a mind blowing experience. The weather is good as well but it's sort of like pgr only it gets heavy and the lighting effect is out of this world realistic. See in the lecked trailer it does not have any shaded maps over the car in game play. But see that black farary that is in game now the cars look twice as good as the premium cars in gt5 no jokes it's that good. It's the best looking car game this year on any system. Even pc :) e3 will blow your mind

Misterx:No weather for Forza?
Iv seen it on the top gear test track :)
Weather there keeping it under raps till e3 :)

Misterx:Rage on new disc format - single disc?

That is what id waiting for? :)

LOL at annonimouse

i guess it is sony paid group in order to close PS3 project and save some money :)
Инсайдер: .
Am not shore about rage ...

As for anon I think it was only a matter of time before some thing like this would happen. But it still goes to show how underground the hacking of ps3 was. While being a dev we like to get paid for our work . I can't help but feel Sony over reacted.
They went all prime time. ' Go get em boys' and now they brought the war to there fort.

While I feel Sony is over reacting some what. If you look at past console history hacked consoles or sold to public 15% of them were circumvented. And Sony used this in there pitch. He'll I remember Sony sent us 4 ps2 tools that were just normal ps2 that had been modified. And I think I still have the development kit for ps1 some where our test console was also modified buy Sony using the same chip that was sold at the swap meats.

So my argument is this give the guys home brew enabled directory on the next gen console.  People only want to stuff around with mame and such after a few hours of nastalga people will get board and move on. Yes it is classed as stealing but I surport abandonware, if we didn't think of all the software that would go missing when said company fades out.

Adlest nintendo is some what manage the tride and true of old school gaming. Same to xbl and psn but it's very very slow and some what selective

I still think Anon should hack and distroy nfg but that is my take on the subject. Anon is all for the people and such. I wonder if they will post about how sony pay people to post there articles on n4g and control the flow of information to twist the truth for gain.  You know the Sony fanboys are blind when they belive that ps3 has out sold xbox .. Ps3 46.5 million vs xbox 55.8 million last time I heard ms was way infrount and that's global sales ..  Only on n4g were Sony could sell a brick and Sony fanboys would buy it to build there first house. He'll even name there first born play station . And the second ps2 and that bad step child ps3. :)

Инсайдер: Told you the first new wave of disks would hold 10gig :).  I saw a new console to day one that is not prototype :) boy o boy the pc guys are going to be pissed .... There whole dx11 and hi res just went out the window looks like the only three things are different now. Which are  keyboard and mouse, and piracy. But 1080p+ res and all the effects dam it looks good about time.

Misterx:Yeah..that is cool

is that new console is a WII2? :)

wonder what it is..MS is trouble with this new console? :)


from a 1:30 :)

Инсайдер:And not all the disk that ms sent out are 10gig disks they are doing a swipe test original disk with modified boot sector verses new layer tech. As not every game will need to ship on the larger formate and they need to make shore all 3 formats are compatible with all the 360 on the market.  Smart idea but it's all beta testing for something massive :)

Ms is  not in trouble :) I told you 72o is a monster in terms of specs it's about double this newer console. But the new console has a new new feature which will make people go how... And a lot of people will say we don't need it, but every body deep down will love it in a tron type of way :)
Misterx:Well..i guess.. it is wii2 and a mobile projectors...i have bee told about this tech recently from another source.
Optional ... Expect. 720 @ e3 :) this is going to be the best e3 ever.  unreal 4 enhanced console...  :)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-8bVEIVUh8 photoshop?


 Touchless fight from super elite russian swat techniks...we can do more if know how.

Are yes seen it ... :) the net is 7 years behind my friend
Chakra energy is unstoppable.. And put a particle accelerater on that and there is your weapon of peace and mind :)

Misterx: 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TMm2ROjoonU just watch. you will understand without translation. at the end.

Poluses will shift...100% sure.

 higher grounds can make a survive...

But CERN and atomic energy is their secure plan B to destory all humanity in biological form..but why? if our sols can't die and we wil still live as holograms in unseens light range.

What about CERN?

I have a link where some man affraid CERN could anihiolate whole solar system.


if neutrino stream from  earth will increase. what about 2012??? tell me you info. what wil you do in November 2012?
 Fight ... Fight with every higher being for the survival of life. Peace is the only way forward. If we don't except it then we will all perish. Or the lucky ones get a ticket on the 2 ?

There is things that are in place. To stop CERN even the others won't let that happen  so they say ?

Misterx:I listned new teorhy witch i believe the most.

There is no aliens in it..it is about magnectic fields will change...they allready changed to about 30% degrees but will change very fast in 2012 like in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVet5fus-F4&feature=player_embedded

 from 18:00. this video is the most logical thing abou 2012,  and it will be exact the same as in 2012 movie...but in movie there is no atomic power plants catastrophe :)

Lol fuck I hope your beliefs are true trust me this one thing I hope there wrong about... But ol tell you it happen millions of years ago.. The shift is so the the earth solar radiation belt from the sun can heal .. The outer layer that protects us from the solarflars and cosmic radiation will flip that is the magnetic shift 2012 it will happen before the massive sun ejectory or the natural heating up of the sun. If it didn't happen we would all be dead within hours ... And the suns core would nolonger be able to burn. It's all ways been this way.. But if we keep killing the earth it may not work in our favor hense this is why the earthquacks are starting all over the earth she's going to shift and the weather. Is from the sun... But this puts us in our weakest hour let me tell you others exist don't be so blind my friend :) it is better to fight with open eyes or would you rather die blind. It will be the one time all will be revealed mark my words ...

Misterx: I have a reader wth physics science degree..he does not believe how DVD can be up to 18 gig without laser change. Can you explain him somehow? :)
: Compresstion and extra layers the disk is 3 mil thinker. It's logic.. And the laser does not need to be change. As there is companies in china who have disk on the market.. 18gig  is possible but it's test phase. And like I said if wii2 is shown at e3 all bets are off as 6 months from now ms will release next xbox. The most you will see for xbox360 is 14gig disk if wii2 is shown which I know it going to be buy next week the truth will be out there with pics of motherboard gpu CPU details. That is what is getting put out there buy higher ups
Инсайдер: Ok note for blog ... The theory I believe is every ...

Инсайдер: Sony just fucked up so bad .. They will never come back from the damage.. Psn is toast.

Our ps3 dev team guys got emails from higher personal at Sony. Some people have had thousands of dollars stollen from there accounts already. The hack interruption that allowed for all this information to get stollen could have also come from an insider posing as an official Sony sucrity personal. I guess they have really have taken it in the back door this time. But I bet Sony blames anon for this even tho every body knows it was not them.  And iv always thought it odd that user information was stored on dev networks. Xbl is so locked down . It's just very poor management at Sony there hopeless. :)


2012, пирамиды, коллайдер и где спастись?
Изучил еще пачку материалов. Стало опять стремно...

Но обо все по порядку....
1. Еще раз пересмотрел Сергея Апина, кто не видел.
1.1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vurLSd4ogu0&feature=related
1.2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wyou7WJmtg&feature=related
Сделаем главный вывод - оси сместяться.

2. Понравилось вот это.
В подверждении этого. Пирамиды строили строго на север. В разные временя он был разный.  этом ролике показано как он изменится.

Ной, потом, все становится на свои места. Все эти сказания и легенды не просто так откуда то возникли в воспаленном мозгу...
3.. Гигантские люди

4. Теслу мочканули, т.к. он докопался до супер знаний. мог видеть вне световом диапазоне и смог спроецировать энергитический луч на большие расстояние. тунгусский метеорит я считаю его рук дело.

5. Бесконтактный бой...развиттие сверхспособнойстей человека

6. Остановите Церн. Инсайдер говорил, что Церн нужен для того, чтобы изменить гравитацию. У инсайдера версия с чуземцами.
Здесь немного не так. Но все же.

Внимание! ЦЕРН может уничтожить Землю.

Запись от 15 марта 2011 г.
Несмотря на предупреждение, посланное 11-го марта, в виде землетрясения и последующих цунами и взрывов на атомных электростанциях Японии, 13-го марта преступные физики ЦЕРНа возобновили высокоэнергичные столкновения частиц на коллайдере LHC. Если при этом будут созданы микроскопические конденсаты, похожие на атомные ядра, но составленные не из протонов и нейтронов, а из других субъядерных частиц, то это приведет к коллапсу нашей материи на эти капли и последующему взрыву Земли. Обращение к человеческой толпе нашей планеты: «Быдло, будьте готовы к нестерпимой боли, страданиям и полному уничтожению. Вы заслужили грядущей мучительной смерти, ибо вы совершили грех, - позволили мерзавцам от науки рисковать вашей жизнью и жизнью планеты Земля. И да покарает вас Бог!»

29.11.2010. Коллайдерные НЛО (Неопознанные Летательные Летальные Объекты).

Если созданы капли опасного конденсата, то мы обречены.
Если создана одна капля и коллайдер остановлен навсегда, то Земля разлетится вдребезги примерно через 100 лет.
Если создано десять капель (как сказано в цитате выше) и коллайдер остановлен навсегда, то Земля разлетится вдребезги примерно через 35 лет.

С учетом того, что коллайдер и не думают останавливать, и, что его светимость будет наращиваться, капель опасного конденсата будет наштамповано многие тысячи, заключаем, что Земля разлетится вдребезги где-то в конце 2012-го года или в 2013-ом.

Странно, что Церн в щвейцарии, одним из оплотом иллюминати, если верить в эту теорию...
7. Где безопаснее всего быть в случае смены полюсов в 2012?


8. Вывод 1 - в черноземной полосе России, будет все ок. Накопленный черноземный слой говорит о том, что 250000 лет здесь не было ни наводнений ни землятресений. Т.е. полюса меняются каждые 20-30 тыся лет, но это тарритория остается нетронутой.

Осталось разобраться с церном и атомными электростанциями,
Версий много короче, но все примерно об одном и том же...
смещение полюсов земли, угроза ядерного взрыва и т.д...пришельцы, спасение человечеса и т.д....ясно одно...в ноябре 2012 я беру отпуск.
Из ролика о пирамидах можно сделать вывод, что пр изменении полюса, потом будет не сильный раз сами пирамиды сохранились...остается вопрос о том. кто и как их построил...

Американцы еше лагеря строят зачем-то..кто-нибудь может опровергнуть хоть что-нибудь? где супер пупер ученые блин? почему все мочат?

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