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You have reached a place where you can read what is going on behind closed doors and know the future of the game development industry, mostly from Microsoft’s side of things. It’s always good to be more informed on that topic. Plus it’s great fun to read official media outlets after we have discussed the information here sometimes months or weeks before.

Please take note all information discussed is not set in stone and insider information can change due to the nature of the industry and the pace it’s moving, strategies can certainly change.

We don’t claim to know all about everything, but have a fragment of the information and sometimes more; we leave people to make their own conclusions, the insider’s notes/information will often ask you the people to dig, research and connect the dots.

All Insider info is under the "Insider Daily" header. All other analysis and topics are from blog contributors keen to reveal and enjoy the Microsoft / Xbox future.

There will be some typo mistakes as my 1st language is Russian. So I apologies in advance for any confusion caused by my words, I hope that with the daily grind and fast pace of this blog / journal my English will and has improved. 
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We don't know real dates of when Microsoft will talk about the tech they are working on. So yes, the dates are not always precise as Microsoft’s plans can change or something new or unusual happens like an NDA extension for example.

We don't know Microsoft market strategy, The Insider is a tech guy and always believes Microsoft will show that side to public as soon as developers sample technology to other developers.

The insider will often state in his notes and messages, that the information he has supplied will not be 100% confirmed by him/herself or the source he gain the knowledge from, please read carefully through the notes provided.

From what we have discussed, we have come to the conclusion that the XBOX ONE console, was a console that was originally meant to be released at a much later date and time of 2014-15 and we also believe the system is 2-3x more powerful then Sony’s PS4 console from the research we have made from contributors to this blog / journal.

As stated before using the information we provided, we made the connections between the dots that Microsoft reveal (no it is not PR only) and what developers state in there interviews with media outlets or media sites, NDA’s will expire which will reveal more tech and information, this tends to bring our insider notes/messages in line with these new reports from developers within the gaming industry.

Please be aware of lies of Sony propaganda, they over promise and under deliver, A 1.8TF console (PS4) is still 1.8TF console while top GPUs are 5-6TFs. They often show CGI first and then downgrade later on in development.

Also their other tricks are specific game designed only for PlayStation exclusives which use:

- Narrow corridor games with low draw distance (Uncharted, God of War, and Last of Us), that all need less power for the system to render.
- Open-world games with low draw distance (Infamous).
- Games with static cameras (Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- Less objects and details on screen to render (GT5).

All those tricks need 30-40% less power to render. Compare to Xbox 360 games that look much better. Compare for example Uncharted which consists 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels with Night and Day.

Other tricks:

- Tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never filter to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- Cut scenes with better assets as real-time game play (Uncharted).

New trick used this generation:

- Make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p
- Say it is 60fps even if it is hit only 30% of time
- Make a deal with publisher your version will be better (Witcher 3 dev confirmed there is those types of agreements in the industry, insider informed us of this 3 years ago)

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use those tricks as there is no need to lie to gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even with the launch of Xbox One and PS4, when Microsoft’s DX12 API is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 and still Sony again invents new tricks to deceive and lie to its own gaming community and media outlets.

So if we see "actual game play" logo in trailer from Microsoft - it is.
If we don't see "actual game play" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cut scene.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome page, I hope you enjoy what we talk about here and remember.........

Play fair and Game hard.

Game On!

Major posts about Xbox One tech(read everything and make your own conclusion)

List of major Insider predictions (<--- click this link )

Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2014+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
1. Insider Daily. 50% more powerful SDK for 3th parties confirmed. More than 32MB of ESRAM on the way.
2. Insider Daily. Full HSA 2014 tech is next big thing. Old 3d engines need to be re-engineered.
3. Xbox Ones hardware Tiled Resources in more detail. A huge Xbox One advantage over PS4.
4. Inside Xbox One: Using HW Tiled Resources with ESRAM in more detail. Prepare to be amazed.
5. Insider Daily. Xbox One display planes in more detail. It is like 2-3 systems in one.
6. Insider Daily. Hana2 have G-Sync like tech and Xbox One is not 1.31TF GPU
7. Insider Daily. Everyone think Xbox One GPU is 1.31TF SP. In reallity it is 2.6 TF DP
8. Insider Daily. Xbox One is 2.6TF DP GPU@853Mhz+special hardware make it 4-5TF DP for whole system
9. Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 aka DX12 aka full HSA in more detail or why XB1s 5TF DP will last 10 years
10. Insider & Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 and Xbox One are based on Microsoft E2 research project
11. Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF

Sony’s lie and brainwash
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com owned by Sony and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise&underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Insider Daily. MS officialy calls Sony insiders as liers. GroupKarma finds liers are being paid.
6. Full list of Eurogamer biased face-offs. Undeniable proof they are in bed with Sony.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. True history of current generation of video games 2003-2011.

Insider Daily. Steam box - приложение для PS4/Next Box. MS еще не утвердила спеки следующего Xbox
MIsterx: A steam box? Do not want and will never buy any pc game related stuff anymore
  Hi ... steambox .. is an app that will be coming to xbox720 and ps4.. it will allow these consoles to.download pc games as an option. as all next gen consoles have x86 instruction sets .. they will run games @720/1080p with ease..  now that sony's sdk is using amd cpu/gpu.. They are both universal.
They problem with sony cidian.. its more or less a copy of ms . 3d kinect style Motion control is a ripp off with move add in. personally im disapointed in sony.. Vita on the other hand is the sony i want yo believe in. :) .. Vita is a good concept and its really powerfull but durango concepts much more 6x cpu with 8 core is about 80% more powerfull and packs a true full hd screen.. 1 gig of system ram + 512 of vram. 8 gig of internal storage with micro sd up to 64gig +

I v seen alot of test demo of main platform durango conept .. we had people in london.. its amazing how much better things are going to look in 2013..  final hardware will be way above sdk from last year.. in london  they were talking about 8gig of ram. 12 core cpu. 8 core gpu.  there trying to get a 22nm fabed cpu/gpu that uses 60watts each cut.  design could be 6x cpu cores 4x gpu cores x 2 in durango platform concept. m are really pushing out sdk designs. Iv seen the unreal 4 demo amazing but its only running on early jan sdk. which is 12x 360 . The final specs coulf be 22x 360.. Ms will make money straght out the door thanks to the forward compatability with apps games.. and every tv company wants there stuff on the box.. Samsung has designed the enhanced 3d engia with amd so 3d will huge next gen.  Pgr looks amazing no it looks photo real

Инсайдер: Now i cant give you 100% truth.. only 100% truth but you must sort through this to find the truth. nda's are getting put every wear.. so im telling you the truth just not 100% plain wrighting..

as for durango its not just one concept. but multi concepts designed around one concept... now there are two sdk's out right now but both are durango concepts.. but both are new ways to play but both are one in nature. :)

KI3, gdc
Misterx: Wait..there is steam box pictures around...that is just a PC spec? not exacly a console for TV?

Краткое изложение:
- Steam box - (также?) приложение для консолей следующего поколения. Запускает игры на x86, благо Sony теперь на нормальной архитектуре.
- Sony делает аля 3д кинект с мувом.
- Durango -название архитектуры, вокруг которой будет делаться несколько платформ - xbox next, xbox портативка(планшетник скорее всего), xbox tv).
- Durango портативка - Full HD  на 60% больше мощности Xbox 360, мощнее Vita, 1 gig of ram, 512 vram, micro sd.
- Durango обычная консоль - цель MS - 22nm тех. процесс,  мощность 22x xbox 360, январский прототип - 12x xbox 360, т.к. меньше ядер, из-за тех. процесса 32 mn.
- KI3 на GDC.

В ЖЖ очень удобно не отвечать за базар

Если тебе насрали в комментах и загнали в тупик, то можно просто проигнорировать или не заметить такой комментарий...:) А еще можно вообще его не  показывать, если у тебя вкючена предмодерация

Врен, Логвинов и Шляхтич думаю со мной согласятся...:)


Misterx: ok
the concept = another halo game :) i joke
tps? but they changed it :) so not tps...just another halo game..:)  
by my calculatiuons KInect sell 3 to 1 more users everyday then Move...:)
 i predict 1.3-1.6 millions xbox for November in NA...and 1.6-2.5 million in December
 and that will be 2 time more than PS3...worldwide lead will rise to 2-3 millions in 2 monhts
There are 6 games in dev there and some rnd. Don't forget 343 are the super studio. there the best of the best. = no joke :)
They arnt just halo developers. You will see the next 2 big franchise emerge from them. As well as some good sequels as well.

Ms will have shipped around 4/5 million kinect units too retail
But that is not sold mass. I can see 3.5 buy years end as sold may be more. The next 3 weeks are vital for ms if momentum keeps picking up then I think they may have done the right thing. The only thing that will hurt the 360 is blu ray. But it is a double edged sword for Sony also. When standed 3d players cost 100usd and can do 1080p full hd 3d.

But over all world sales of xbox will be massive this Christmas, I see them with 2 million sold consoles and 4 million kinect. But the momentum will keep going it could buy next Christmas be at. Wii level there is a hype there and it shows. Sony know there doomed. To out sell ms this gen but it don't make ps:3 a bad investment over all it's still a solid console. But it's sonys bad deciton making that is holding them back. I.e move is not as big a step forward people are still buying DVDs cos there cheap some people are just buying cheap 1080p LCD plasmas now. And uncharted is a clone off tomb radar that works. There has not been a clear showing off future design that Sony used to have. I will accept pap as a future item but they screwed over early adapters buy adding to manny versions of the hardware. Piracy ended that. I do like psp more then ps3. I think Sony lost there vision. I hope they get it back, people used to say ms were copying every body. But I think they have showed the most innervastion this gen buy far. :) ZzzzzzZzzzzZzz

Я: Only 3.5 mil? They produced 7 millions

and December is a higher mount...why only 3.5 mill in total? I see a 6...every Kinect users sell is to a minimum 1 new user via it's impression...it is like a virus...many non ever gaming casuals jump on board

 /* Переводчики добровальцы нужны очень */ Лежат 35 и 36 части, залеживаются...пишите в в личку.

Insider Daily
Misterx:MS exec said 2011 is all about Kinect...
No super GFX this year?
:No he also said core? Just wait till feb when ms show the core how it's done :)

Insider Daily.
Misterx: how did your contact belive the man who called himself illuminati?
спустя 3 дня...
Where are you my friend?
Earth .... Lol some times USA. XXX , XXX .. And XXX some times I'm sick of the job :( I would rather be out on tour

Misterx: Yeahh that is cool. I am going to Finland  on 3th January...Should i visit Remedy office for some inside screens :) When will you back home from a trip?
Not real shore. Iv got  xxxx job to be done for a core 360 game. And for a ps3 game. You should check out as manny studio's as possible. Have a safe trip, and rock out 2011 new year :)

Misterx: Maybe some GPGPU article drafts? :) They still wait :)

LOL at PS3 ME2 and Crysis 2 screens.. 

Crysis on 360 also will be not ok...that is all because of PS3 little video ram amount i guess. on 256 mb while 360 can have more.
Shit I forgot about the gpgpu white paper dam I am sorry... it is that time of the year. i will make it up to you soon.
 That pic is not real.. iv seen all three version's and there is no way that the ps3/360 look that bad. all tho ps3 is not as clear as 360 it is not that bad... :) yes 360 version looks about 90% pc @ 720p  on high setting's

Insider Daily. Мы все умрем в 2012, но Сони успеет ответить за свою ложь :)

Misterx: I have another theory about 2012. This time it is form a Russian man Sergey Apin.
 here is a link but it is in russian
This theoriy includes all you say and goes far deeper in part of live in our universe and what human race is. And for that is a better theory for me :) with it's own illiminati...not with Nibura one and biolive travel in space.
Here is a brief: (см. пред. пост)
Like iv told you there are a lot of theroys of 2012.. But when you have had contact with individual's who have had Contact with the illuminate and other life forms. You start to understand that the disinformation that is put out there is only there to cloud and dissolution ones soul. This is end times. Every man women and child chose to be here. Becouse our minds believe we can change it from happening. The Human race will achive it's grattest triumph when we are no longer controlled like the sheep that we are led to believe. Here is a meterphore for you. Look at Sony or should I say fanboys. They get lied to about blu ray. Rsx . 3d gaming. These charts Sony put out there show that to the end there lying to you. But no little Tom won't let go of the lies. He goes on to his favorite web sight n4g cough cough :) ... And every day Tom goes there it's just Sony this Sony that . Every news article is how good Sony is. Tom will never hear how they took this away or that. They lied about this game. It's disinformation it decencorse you from true fact. This is true illumanti behavior. In till Tom sees the truth he will follow what he is lead to believe. But if he asks his heart the truth he will shorly see. Life will all ways be like this that is a fact. Some times the answers are right infront of our eyes all we have to do is look. If every thing is made up off atoms and our brain could control atoms at will what world would you make.. Cos that is what will happen when it is our turn to shine.. That is why the illummati want us hating each other so there is no trust peace or love. Just hate and war .... Were all atoms in a charged universe. Fact

As for Sony there in for a hammering very very soon. Sooner then you think. But they still won't go the way off sega. Not till ms purchase them one day lol

Insider Daily. Wii 2 и свой Uncharted на боксе.
Misterx:What's new about wii2. When we will know more about it?
E3 I would say ... It all so depends on how well 3ds does they want wii owners to purcHase 3ds as there next console. As there going to even say it is 8x more powerful then wii in graphics. And no glasses 3d . Mario party 3ds is not to far away can't wait for that one :)

Misterx: I see Uncharted 2.5...all the same corridor like levels with good fire fx..wonder how upcoming 360 exclusives will be better..in what areas...
I must admit uncharted 3 won't be a massive push for graphics. It is 2.5. But its story should be good. I would be happy if they went back to uncharted 1 aspect number 2 was good. But it just lacked story. But yeah the liner nature of ps3's graphic weakness will shine through more then ever. Well over the next 12 months :). I still love uncharted even if it was on wii. But I think the xbox version will be like romance in the stone meats. Indiana jones. I still think the new tomb radier is amazing graphics..

Insider Daily.Модели машин в ролике 4za будут такими же и в игре? Это и есть мощь X-engine?

Misterx: that was as usual...they show no gfx wonders on 360...forza 4 = ok but not in-game footage
: Well they pulled 3 announcement. And left froze 4 to show gt5 how a car simulator should be done. The other three games were gears of war game but with the story taken from the locust story. And that kinect support would be added to this and 3. The two other gamers were killer instinct 3. The other game was brute force 2 no new ip.s. Were to be shown .... At this advent.

What I said was true mass effect 3 would go multi plat... And a ps3 game would go multi plat.. Prototype 2 was said to have been a ps3 exclusive or timed exclusive. Even tho the first was not. but it is now multi plat

These are the games that have been announced for 360 2011
Rage. Elders scroll 5 . Crysis 2. Bodycount .Forza 4 . Gears of war 3. The new tomb radier. Need for speed shift 2. Portal 2 . Mass effect 3. La noria. Batman arkham city. Beyond good and evil 2.prototype 2. Tom Clancy future solder. Bulletstorm. Dead space 2. Dues ex. Hunter. Fear 3. Xcom. Duke nukem forever. No more Hero's. Kingdoms. And manny more. You get my point... Are you going to play them all? It's called 3rd party support. Ms game studio's are in a better placement then Sony. What other cards can Sony put on the table . All there franchises are on the table now. When you think about Microsoft game studio there playing it smart. There not announcing games that are 1/2 years out from shipping. Sony have only 4 games I will sample next year. Killzone 3. Uncharted 3. Resistance 3. And last gardian. Every others 3rd party game is better on 360 and that trend won't stop any time soon. And I have not even said one word about kinect. Cos that's a whole new ball game :) I don't think ms have to worry to much about how manny games they have on there console.

And as for forza 4 not having good graphics your in for a fucking massive surprise. and you ant even seen the pgr5 graphics. Take another look at forza 4 trailer study the textures on the lights on the car bodys. If you ant seeing the jump in quality on the cars alone you need to get your eyes checked. These are in game models. And turn 10 are pushing hard for 16 cars on track with same model detail cars @ 1080p native res but only 720 with 3d mode. This is it the start of the best looking games this gen. You will see I said 12 months did I not :)

Misterx: Well, Forza 4 is awesome...i meant what we allreday saw showroom gfx at E3...in trailer they show showroom footage on TopGeart track...that was awesome and big step forward from forz3 showroom....i am glad with it and can't wait for real gameplay...i was wrong with my mind...i am very happy now with snake kills red bull...
i thought forza 4 is a the only one killer app...but you still wonder by pgr5...that will be 2 big guns with pgr5 having better gfx?
they both will have weather, night and so on?
The problem with the footage is this is in game real car model assets. That forza 4 has been showing. This is x-engine I told you over the next 12 months you will see the leap. Not even naughty dog can produce this level. But I love uncharted ms need to show there answer to uncharted but everybody has to wait till e3 for this .... It's a big secret :). There will be night, rain, snow, rally, drag. Top gear. Drift. V8 supercars. Nase car. And a he'll of a lot of cars:) it was in dev way back before forza 3 hit the market. Your going to be blown away. Pgr5 is still amazing but forza is race sim. But pgr is real city driving :) and there ant 2 killer apps. Why do you think gears 3 ant on show or should I say the new gears 3 :) forget the videos you have seen so far they were not even half the l.o.d you have seen. Ms ant showed there hand yet trust me :)

Misterx: Yeahh.. i love Uncharted too and think the same - they need to have this type of world adventure on 360 :)

WOW that is very cool if this is in-game nd not just a showroom...

now i start to see my gfx...What is just unbeleiable!!! with your help i have all this info a year before... and saved very many neirons :))) thank you very much for your info - you are the man! i see a mind shift in russian sonyboys heads...they start to understand they are doomed when they start to see x-engine is exists and 360 will have a boost...they started to reallize Sony lied to them. they are getting angry on Sony...there have but hurt and starting to refuse. now that should go for worldwide fans...if only all worldwide sony boys can read your info from the beggining...you deserve a medal from MS Russia and some bonuses..i think you info really help to rise 360 sales here in russia...:)
Yes that is show room as well but and it's a big but that is stream in texture pass. Directx 11 texture but that is also in game. Yes in game drive with controller or kinect that is the true in game model.. But you won't get the upclose textures in game unless you switch into photo mode. And zoom in but it looks 100% more better then any car game any were on the market or intill pg5. But yes that model they show on the forza 4 press release is all in game apart from the the design with logs that is a kinect feature which is processed in real time it's so close to ray tracing :) but you will not tell the difference in game... It all new !

Insider Daily. Xbox потеряет еще один эксклюзив

Я:what about status update of our super duper game? is it still super and the best? is it by 343?
And like I said Xbox360 super-game is coming soon or should I say one of Manny :) watch the vga, there is a cool game coming from MS...... or last time I spoke to a friend over that way yesterday he said they have some thing cooking up for it that was an A project

I know which one to :)  but I wont say, And sony may also get a really big  surprise when they announce they have  something that was on xbox but is now a multi plat. :(   but It still going to look better on xbox :) i know I worked on it :)

Gears 3? Left for Death 3?

Думаю L4D.

PS.. Теперь в посты про инсайдера буду добавлять метки insider. daily - для ежедневных постов, part - для частей интервью. Части скоро прекратятся - буду не копить, а постить по мере общения с ним. Кликаем справа на инсайдер и читаем только его, кому надо.

Insider Daily. Мы все умрем через год?
fake or not??
need more opinions ASAP o this topic

Or maybe it is just a reason illuminati want to make a disaster?
we found un Earth life! that was a beggining...
The real truth is the return of nibru the tenth planet. It has Been seen this past satday buy half the world. This is the real truth to why our weather and even people are getting effected buy this. It is the one thing the illuminate have been waiting for. A lot of people are saying it is the return of the anunnaki. The true rules
Of earth or man. While I know it's hard to believe these story but iv seen the videos my friend have filmed down in Australia and it is more terrifying then the UFO videos. For one it proves that NASA and all our governments have been lying to all of us. And it is from a history point of view. I think all these massive UFO out in our atmosphere are here for the final show. Or should I say to lead the sheep to there slaughter.

Just remember were all in this togeather !

Мы все умрем? Кто-нить понял..я чего-то не очень...возвращение 10-й планеты...и чего? прям в землю летит что ли? или встанет на какой-нибудь орбите далекой и пипец климат поменяется? и тогда все умрем? Начинаю изучать вопрос...

Тема с инопланетянами пока вообще не понятно...
 Версия 1
Пишут, что на Nibru есть жизнь...XXX тыщ лет назад они при очередном пролете высадились на Землю и дали нам жизнь... Старая древняя теория. В общем инопланетяне заполонили солнечную систему.

Версия 2.
1. 10-ая планета будет оказывать гравитационное влияние на землю.
2. Сейсмическая активность увеличится,
3. Климат на земле изменится.
4. Активируются супер-вулканы Которые будут работать долгое время и за этот период полмира покроется облаком пепла, которое не будет пропускать солнечный свет. Станет холоднее.
5. Экономике придет пиздец. Самолеты не буду летать. Деньги обесценятся.

Вариант 2.1
Все будет быстро. Гигантсике цунами из-за гравитационных сил небуры сделают свое дело. Никто не выживет.

Версия 3.
1. Иллюминати все это придумали
2. викилиеак придумали они
3. викилекас объявит об инопланетянах.
4. скажут, что вирус запустился, который будет убивать по типу птичьего гриппа
5. кто не привился тот умрет - 90% населения земли
6. новый мировой порядок установится - все как по духу времени
7. Нафига столько гробов - миллионы..на всех хватит, в каждый помещаются по 3-4 человека...Литовец пишет в комментах, что у него такой же склад неподалеку... 

Версия 4. Ничего не будет, все интернет сплетни.

Ждем подтверэжения нибуры, 10-й планеты от наших ученых.
Шутка. На ютубе инопланетяне уже начали оставлять комментарии.."Привет, мы прилетели, че тут у вас"

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