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We don't know Microsoft market strategy, The Insider is a tech guy and always believes Microsoft will show that side to public as soon as developers sample technology to other developers. His info could be up to 3 years in the future.

The insider will sometimes state in his notes and messages, that the information he has supplied will not be 100% confirmed by him or the source he gain the knowledge from. We still post unconfirmed developers rumours as there no smoke without fire in most cases.

Main idea
XBOX ONE console, was a console that was originally meant to be released at a much later date and time of 2014-15 and is 2-3x more powerful then Sony’s PS4 at mknimum.

Its full DX12+ system and it's power is not 1.31TF as Eurogamer caclulated based on wrong interpretation of docs they got and all other media repeated. Microsoft itself never told its 1.31TF console.

- Xbox One GPU is 2.6TF. Its full DX12 and is not AMD 7770 series. Its accelerated DX12. Xbox One GPU is WDDM 3.0 while first PC DX12 GPUs are WDDM 2.0.
- Other special hardware and accelerators makes it around 5TF of total power.
- Xbox One have HBM v1 ultra fast memory stacked on main SOC chip. PC GPUs will start to have it at the end of 2015.
- Xbox One have FPGA reprogrammable chips inside. You can program algoritms directly in hardware and the speed of execution will be 100-1000 compared to software execution on standart universal CPU.
- Xbox One DDR3 is not typical. It has 4x capabilities of standart DDR3 for every 2GB. A DDR4 prototype. This one is less talked about by Insider and along with HBM is under very strict NDA at Microsoft until DDR4 and HBM will make its debut on PC GPUs in 2016.

Hunt the truth
Please be aware of lies of Sony propaganda, they over promise and under deliver. They often show CGI or in-engine first and then downgrade later. In-game looks not as good as hyped.

Here are tricks Sony use in their games to make you think PS3/PS4 is more powerful then it is
- Narrow corridor games with low draw distance (Uncharted, God of War, and Last of Us), that all need less power for the system to render).
- Open-world games with low draw distance, lots of fog (Infamous).
- Games with static cameras (Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- Less objects and details on screen to render, empty locations, small NPC count(GT5, The Order)

All those tricks need 30-40% less power to render.  Compare for example Uncharted which consists 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels with Night and Day.

Other tricks:
- Tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never filter to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- In-engine prerenderend cut scenes with better assets they claim as real-time game play (Uncharted).
- Make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p.
- Say it is 60fps even if it is hit only 30% of time

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use those tricks as there is no need to lie to gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even with the launch of Xbox One when Microsoft’s DX12 API is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 and still Sony again invents new tricks to deceive and lie to its own gaming community and media outlets.

So if we see "actual game play" logo in game trailer from Microsoft - it is. If we don't see "actual game play" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cut scene. Sony started to use term in-engine in their videos. Still thats not in-game and could be not running in real time on PS4 hardware.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome page, I hope you enjoy your stay.
Game On!

Major posts about Xbox One accelerated DX12 tech

List of major Insider predictions (<--- click this link )

Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2015+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
1. Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF
2. Insider Daily. Full HSA 2015+ tech is next big thing. Old 3d engines need to be re-engineered.
3. Xbox Ones hardware Tiled Resources in more detail. A huge Xbox One advantage over PS4.
4. Inside Xbox One: Using HW Tiled Resources with ESRAM in more detail. Prepare to be amazed.
5. Insider Daily. Xbox One display planes in more detail. It is like 2-3 systems in one.
6. Insider Daily. Hana2 have G-Sync like tech and Xbox One is not 1.31TF GPU
7. Insider Daily. Everyone think Xbox One GPU is 1.31TF SP. In reallity it is 2.6 TF
8. Insider Daily. Xbox One is 2.6TF DP GPU@853Mhz+special hardware make it 4-5TF for whole system
9. Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 aka DX12 aka full HSA in more detail or why XB1s 5TF will last 10 years
10. Insider & Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 and Xbox One are based on Microsoft E2 research project

Sony’s lie and brainwash
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com fludded by Sony's employees and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise & underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Full list of Eurogamer biased face-offs. Undeniable proof they are in bed with Sony.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. [Humour] True history of last generation of video games 2003-2011.

Обсуждение версий 2012
В комментах к пред. посту читатели накидали пару интересных ссылок на тему 2012.
Я их бегло посмотрел и решил, что на досуге скачаю и ознакомлюсь.

1. http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2581089 о пирамидах, древних цивилизациях и о необъяснимых фактах истории, о которых официальная наука сознательно отмалчивается.
2. http://rutracker.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3493753
3. tp://lah.ru/mast/zth.htm

В комментах давайте обсудим что же все таки будет, если будет.
Предлагаю отписыватся, особеноо тем, кто для себя сформировал четкую неопровержимую никакой теорией картину.

Исходя из того, что я знаю, могу сформулировать следующие версии.

1. Ничего не будет. Фактов нет. пока все больше сводится к тому, что будет.
2. Будет. Природный катаклизм вызванный - а) гравитацией космического объекта б) прохождением нашей галактики через определенное поле, которое вызовет гравитационные изменения.
3. Будет инопланетное вторжение. к нам летят злобные инопланетяне.
4. Будет. инопланетное воздейтсвие + катаклизм. Какой катаклизм?
5. Будет. к нам летят злобные инопланетяне на планете нибура, нибура вызовет природный катаклизм из-за гравитации. Но также летят и хорошие инопланетяне, которые не дадут превратить землю в кучу камней. Хорошие уберут Лушу, которая создавая магнитное поле земли блокиррует развитие наших 10 из 12 ДНК. Наши физические тела разовьются и смогут видеть в несветовом диапозоне.

Так же хочу ответить для себя на вопрос зачем 200 пирамид по всему миру?
1. Наши предки были умные. Просто так строили, чисто еду прятать.
2. Наши предки были умные и это защита от катаклизма.
3. Наши предки были умны - пирамиды средство защиты от инопланетян, которые хотят превратить землю в кучку камушкев по средством наведения на Луну энергитического потока, который создаст на полюсах земли большую разность потенциалов и произойдет электрический разряд..
5. Наши предки были глупы - пирамиды построили инопланетяне.

Зачем америке столько гробов? В штате джорджии заготовили 500 000 штук. автора видео мочканули, на ютубе это видео потерли

Штат Джорджия - рядом с побережьем. Ждут Цунами? А что его вызывет это цунами? Землятресения. А что вызывет такие землятресения в Атлантике? Смещение оси земли...а что вызывет смещение оси земли? гравитационные силы...нибура или проход через центр энергетического потока и одновременное затмение луны, солнца и т.д(привет Майя и Леонардо Да Винчи - они знали :) ). или инопланетяне запустят ускоритель частиц в церне или "отключат Луну" или прилетят на нибуре. Кстати, такие заготовки найдены не только в этом штате. В литве пишут тоже нашли.

Зачем им одноместный шатл? В прошлом году закончили испытания. ДО 90 суток в космосе автономно. Прилетят а тут никого, рабов не останется для них..:)

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