Next Gen War Scores Dashboard
Scores (in reds are latest updates)

- 1:0 Microsoft. March 2010. Microsoft started their next gen already back in 2007 with IBM and AMD and other partners. Full HSA and DX12 tech inside.
- 2:0 Microsoft. March 2012. Durango summit. Durango will be a beast. Developers pleased. Sony is far behind.
- 2:1 Sony. Feb 2013. Sony strikes first. Announces middle range PS4. PR it like it will a beast. All Sonyfans believe and brainwashed again by pro-sony journo.
-2:2 Sony. Spring 2013. Sony brainwash machine gains another point. All Core gamers are pro Sony now as Microsoft kept silence before May 21st to announce its super secret technology.
- 2:3 Sony. June 2013. Microsoft refused to show any GPU or CPU Xbox One specifications at E3. All people think PS4 is more powerfull based on leaked outdated documents from SuperDae hacker.
- 2:4 Sony. June 2013 Microsoft got in trap with DRM policies. Sony was first who was going to adapt them but refused in last minute desision.
- 2:5 Sony. July 2013. Microsoft still could not find the right words to it customers. Pre-order numbers are 80:20 to PS4 favour. Sony push hard their brainwash machine and lie. People think it is game over for Xbox One.
- 3:5 Microsoft. August 2013. Microsoft cleared some anti-customer policies. PS4 shows it strugles to maitain 1080p@60fps in games. Xbox One games do look better.

Sony next gen lie list
- PS4 is the most powerfull console ever made
- It is bad to announce first. It is not bad to announce first.
- CGI render again presented as real time on PS4 announcement. PS4 hardware could not handle that with 1.85Tflops GPU. Japanese developers try to stay relevant in graphics department and game engines development and use smoke and mirrors tactics way too often.

Microsoft next gen lie list
- list is empty.

First party studios count
Microsoft 14 - 17 Sony

Pro Sony major gaming sites
- (insider said they have proof about admins are paid by Sony and flood comments with multiple accounts).
- America controlled site with Rising Sun over Fuji mountan at the logo. All anti Sony topics and people are being banned very quickly).
- (Sonyfan editor who does not hide his bias).

Pro Microsoft major gaming sites
- none

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