Insider Daily. To many BS specs around the net. Xbox next 2.5dp?
Misterxmedia: If PS4 has a real-time OS, with a libGCM style low level access to the GPU, then  PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply because it opens up what is possible on the GPU without all that middleware. I coded assembler GFX in the past I know what demo scene is about(btw, kudos to Remedy :)).
If it is for real I think that is a real danger for Durango. What do you think? Real time OS and coding to metal without openCL or DX what is a great CPU/GPU clock saving...but it is very expensive and I wonder if someone will do it. btw there is no reason not to do that this generation...But nobody gave us The Demo Scene type of art. So that is just another great on paper idea. 

Insider: H

It seems 10000 leaks have hit the net.. There is so much BS it is crazy. I have never given you 100% because I want your team... To keep digging ... Am i giving you 100% truth no. But 80% yes.

 90% of forum boys/girls are reading in to old pdfs . Dev kit specs.. And yes I saw the spec of orbis. - fake... Not 100% but 60%.

If a chip set can hit 100% with a better gpu/cpu and more ram . But another with less ram.. How does the less gpu and ram hit 50% more raw power with a lot of over heads.  ;)

A better gpu/cpu with no bottle necks how does that equal 50% less.

 read these lines learn these lines...

I need to tell you a console with 2.5tf dp is nothing if the memory is lacking(misterxmedia: so xbox will be 2.5dp and the memory will not lack?).
Just like ddr5 has a edge but at 3gig does not with out vram or sram(misterxmedia: so ps4 will be ddr5 but only 3gig of vram available?). To may lies..

Here is a hint kryptos has a really good hana 2 chip.. But it also has 2x something. But it ant the lies the last 25 hours..
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