Insider Daily. Single or Double precision in Xbox Next and PS4 terraflops in more detail.
Misterxmedia: Can you say 1.2T is sp or dp? 3.2T and 4.2T are sp or dp? :)
Dp= y. But 3.2/4.2tf is only the theoretical performance not the actual figures... Oban and the design of the cpu/s gpu/s .. are the equivalent Theoretical bandwidth. Oban is designed as the enhancement "change". As where sony has sp which is all most preferred over Dp. Because of read wright error's due to memory problems, but all this can really come down to a pc environment, as pc have to go via old style of bus and memory interconnection. Also the memory is not going to be utilized 100% due to no specialized memory controls. As kryptos has a way more advanced memory controller and accelerator, so double precision will not see the same problems. also gpu shader core threads are not 768.. as these cores can do two threads each which is equal to 2,304threads and at 100% utilization. Pc gpus and cpu use about 50/60% of there max capability, due to OS requirements and without a closed design it is unable to have a level of optimization like a closed set of hardware.
<Make sure you keep digging... and double check every thing I just sent you.. I am 100% sure it checks out. :)

Question of The Day. Will xbox next will be the last xbox we will ever buy?
All other and next Xbox's we will get for free under subscription plan to xbox live every 2 years.
1 gen xbox will die in time where new games can not be supported on them and in time of 3th or 4th gen. Like apple do right now. That means what every rumor is almost correct about next xbox. first it will be 1st gen version - vg24 spec, then when it will be needed they will release 2th gen and so on. game will support several generations at once with low, medium and hi quality settings from one disc(forward compability). And all this called xbox infinity.

Valve is afraid of this and is creating similar scheme with PC box steam or what ever they name it.

Stay tuned, i'll ask insider if that is true.

Grand kudos to mistercteam for connecting all parts together. Sometimes I think mistercteam is the insider because mistercteam  always digs in right direction. :)

Got this from comments to previous post. I bet this is from insider anonymously and that is what they hide under NDA.

"I truly believe that Microsoft will adopt a similar stance with the market for tablets and smartphones, renewing your hardware every 1 or 2 years.

Each new model would be "expensive" and targeting enthusiasts, while the "old" model would suffer price cuts and would be positioned as a cheaper alternative.

For example:

2013 XBOX NEXT = $ 400 ~ 500

2014 XBOX NEXT = $ 250 ~ $ 350
2014 XBOX NEXT "SLIM" = $ 400 ~ 500

2015. .....

With scalability in mind, the games would be possible in many devices "XBOX", featuring graphic improvements and better performances in the newer models. When the newer model distance himself enough from the first "XBOX NEXT", will have passed a period of generation we know, around 6 to 7 years.

If Microsoft resolve fully integrate Windows with XBOX, this may destroy the current business model and can reflect up on PCs. Maybe that's why the Valve is so concerned about Windows 8 and desperately trying to push the Steam to the living room.

The center of this strategy may be ally with TV cable companies, the hardware would be subsidized in accordance with the contract, the same as occurs with mobile devices. Imagine the scenario where you return your model "old" for the company and takes a new model for a cheaper price.

The company makes a refurbished in your old model and passes to other people, more and more cheaper."

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