Insider Daily. VGleaks diagram is xbox lite or System SoC
System chip.. only .. and there old details  this design has been around for over 12 months.. but not this diagram not official.   Had this sent to me from another developer .. to see if any thing has change .. but its all standard..
Application block soon. :)

Also that diagram is based on  Mars ...  the system  not the application ... but we have all thought it was a 600mhz gpu..  Ether mistakes in leak.. Or Ms have decide to rise the gpu clocks.. or there not getting the whole picture yet.


Misterxmedia: I fully support this explanation from mistercteam


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MisterXMedia has long been saying the bus is 384bit with 550gb/s

He is clueless and only seeking attention, trust me on this one.


Misterxmedia: LOL :) this man has banned me and now defend his decision starting personal attacks on me. or semiaccurate, I thought you are being created by a great persons.

Misterxmedia: Should me stop post leaks Microsoft? Sony seems read them :) and decided to talk with AMD and IBM to get your tech or wait for 20nm tech process. Because if they will not out spec Durango or be close to them that will be a fatality for their game business imo.

Hirai told The Times: “Why go first, when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?"

Or will take off and Sony will not release their PS4 at all?

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