Insider Daily.Does MS try to hide Oban from the public?Most of media have specs based on old PC SDKs
Misterxmedia: Very interesting! I wish i could be a game developer and move progress forward like you. Is there will be hardware anti-aliasing chip in xbox next?
Misterxmedia: Don't you know is there any plans to remove gold membership from allowing to play online?
Not sure what ms is doing with live... -but live evolved from xbox to xbox 360.. I would be only repeating what has been said from others. Ms are big on two way tv.. But they really want more interactive content.. Games films And live sports and music. As.. Skype in game chat concept.
Free to play will be big.. Iv heard they have designed a multi players halo mmo. With free to play aspects.. The biggest thing is they will be adding more value to live, some games will be able to play for free or purchase cheaper with a gold account.. Well they all ready do this now so people will just have to wait.

Ether way I cant see sony keeping a non subscription price model much longer.. Games are going to be moving more data then ever next gen.. With games larger then
60gig.. There going to need investment for up keep. New server upgrades.. Well sony has been up dating psn/ ps store so id say that alone wouldn't be just software.

 People think all the cost just goes into rnd for hardware. But
the software is more important. Ms for one are deeply involved with that software and hardware.

Not saying sony is not.. But nintendo had to develop there online service from the ground up.That was a large investment too.. While I think sony are in a much better place then nintendo in regards to this.. But I cant see psn being free next year.. I would say psn + will be the standard. No pay no play.

Misterxmedia: Banned from semi accurate for nothing :)
Local analytics invested many hours in their theories and now say Sony and MS will cooperate and choose not to wait 3d ic, stacking and full has and so on :)

They now say Xbox WAS a beast (not IS a beast) :)
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If he was referring to the alpha kits that were housed in the server towers he would have been very impressed. Didn't they have 780 watt PSU?
Could be this as well. Though GPU is still supposed to be the same across kits.
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Yeah, I have seen and read all of that and you have yet to show me where he changed his tune. That is what I am asking you because as far as I know he is saying that both will be close, with somethings favoring one or the other as the case may be. He even said back then that the durango gpu was weaker but I cannot recall him singing a different tune. And he is a developer mind you so they know the final specs, even if they had been working with alpha or beta kits.

He said right there that Durango was more powerful and he's not saying that anymore. I don't know how much clearer it can be.

Insider: I have not seen the server based dev kits .. Nor do I believe that
780watt power over heads will ever be include with in final
 retail releases.  300watt max and even then 230watt would be the overhead..

Iv heard from other devs there is a lot of leaks coming out but most are early kit specs.. Pc based hardware. Most intel i7 and nvidia and 12gig of ram come standard with 800watt power surplies. These are very very old now.. They have gone through 2 changes.

I have read a few post via google but most of the stuff i have seen is just our emails but
turned around and changed. It seems that the web journalism really does not want to sift through the stuff and follow up. I did see on sight now gamer had ad lest taken the time to check things out and put thing into prospective. Also being band from forums  really does not surprise me.. As these places have paid people who will discredit any source that is on the money.. As publishers get paid for the front cover.. Or web page space..

Sony will not be doing any thing with linux this time around.. That is all valves rnd now ;)

Misterxmedia: It is strange how all media who people believe have inside sources(proellite, aegis, eurogamer, vg24) now say xbox WAS a beast(not IS a beast).
Could be they right and MS decided do cheap next xbox for some reasons for example they run out of time with 3d stacking, bte/vte ans so on..?
All those people know nothing. Other then a few old inside leaks .. I would not  base  dev kits on final retail specs consoles. Retail is all ways 15 to 40% more
Developed. Even our kits could change but we have the newest design .. It is not of the shelf parts and oban is present. Our last sdk had 12gig of ddr3 ram standard pc stuff. .. This one has 8gig plus 2 gig side card. With 4gig for debug.

Well i shouldnt say they know nothing as i am sure the would have a few worthy bits..

I also know that ms are about to have a few of these forms locked in regards to durango leaks.. Its going to happen very much stealth style...

We could see 361 released sooner.
And the 'pro' model later in 2014

... No developers know the lead in... Other then a few surprises and e3.. Gdc could be closed doors road map for e3.. Ms open day will be more hardware talk but no 100% detail .. Its a warm up.. ;)

Insider: If sony make a critical error this time.. Like the idea, that every gamer will go out and buy a
4k uhd tv just to play ps4 games bluray movies. they are in for a big surprise. Most family's have only just got to terms with 1080p full hd.

Sony does not have the money to invest in hardware rnd like the psone and ps2. There credit rating borrowing power is listed as junk. To lunch a new console in a financial stricken environment with a massive lose from ps3 rnd and tv market not performing against there competitors.. Not only that but vita has underperformed drastically. Which is a big shame
perfect software and hardware balance nice screen tech.. But software pricing is to high. And the digital downloads are priced more then retail. Sony would not be able to borrow on top of these  problem  billion dollar rnd and marketing.. Microsoft has the money to do this.. Look at the rnd budget for kinect and its marketing budget.. And Microsoft know Sonys weakness.. This is not a fanboy rant .. It is common logic.. Business strategy. Sony may have investment bonds and other secured funding. but the share holders ant going to put the company on the line..

The biggest threat to this industry is the 99cent app/game And stagnant obsolete hardware cycal..

If Nintendo really did spend 1 billion dollars on wii u hardware development rnd.. What did ms and sony spend last time then. And what will they spend this time..
I know ms need this console in people live rooms.. As it is there direct line of defence against apple/sony/nintendo.. A box that does every thing but buy name and brand recognition is a video game console. And any body who thinks that there going to be lacking in the most vital area graphics is dreaming. Sony will put as much power as they can in to there final hardware. And so has ms. One has the budget the other does not. I  will let you make the educated guess which one. ;) fanboy stuff aside .. Only logic

Insider: For the record.. I never said ms were taking of the shelf pc gpu's and putting them in the xbox next
  .. I have said they are based on these.. not the same!!.. When will people learn this..

It is specialised hardware.. Sony are the ones doing the shelf parts.

And like i have said 3xsoc are not apu- oban could be a
 close call to an apu.. But it is design for effective memory control. With more processing that i cant talk about yet.

300watt max..

On paper the console will be close to a 680 but with coding to metal could reach beyond a 3.2tf and and be in the theoretical performance of a 4.2f The factors to the 4.2tf is optimization. It is the closed nature of the console environment the fact that we have a different cpu/gpu to the main system architecture. Hsa. Bte. Vte and esdram and 3d w2w stacking is not apart of the pc architecture yet.

This is not aimed at you misterxmedia.. ;)

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