Insider Daily. Illumiroom demo has arrived. I said WOW! Several times allready. And some more about

According to insider that will be a part of Xbox Next. It will be even better with 360 degree projection and Kinect 2.0 controls(gamepad still will be supported). I remember when back in 2010 insider said about projection tech inside Kinect 2.0 and we dig some coll videos for pica projectors. I've surprised MS will use this tech so soon. I realy wanted it and now i will have very relaxing eviroment in my room not just for gaming.

Golden thread here:

Buthurted Sonyfans are saing now they want Octupus Rift more. :) What an idiots and loosers. Better loose with passion than be  an idiot. Someone recently said neogaf(sony land japan site) will be sad soon. Did not know that will be that soon. But i can understand them and their culture and USA hating(i would hate them too for nucles and slaving). I just can not get their methods of loosing.

Also with more proff Xbox next will be 2x 3x times more powerfull and with yestardays Kaz Hirai Sonys CEO talks about more profitable and focused i see the situation now is: 

Next Gen

Microsoft 2:0 Sony

Will ask insider about more detailes of the tech. Stay tuned.

It is time to write something bad about Microsoft you MS haters all over the internet. :) Find every con in this tech please :) I repeat MS can not win, You are the last stand of humanity - you should write something bad about Microsoft asap. Dismiss.

BTW, if talking seriosly - we have a joker here. very big joker. Bravo MS clever guys. You outperform competition here and will cement your victory. That is real progress in the living room. Now i see why insider is so intrigued by next xbox.

MIsterxmedi Did xbox 720 make you WOW? :)
Insider:It has for every body in the industry..  but we wont see what this hardware can do for a long time... They had to beef up the specs for AR and stream..  the console is a very big jump..  But most the games are cross platform so there just 360 games with better texture .. animation.  frame rates.. And I can honestly say this is the generation where we wont see screen tearing and shimmer.. full vsync.  or low res upscale.. unless you own an 8k oled.  

The fact is Ms have hardware 2x more powerful then sony.. I see xbox next hitting 120mil in 5 years time. Even pc guys will see the jump.  And if you think the console wont look better then your high end games think again.. Res is not graphics iq is.  The machine is 4000+Gigaflops and that ant even with coding to metal or optimization as a focused thought yet. 

I know Ms about to start speaking specs soon.. as partners are pushing them.. so people have time to get ready to invest..

Misterxmedia:Great news. I said they need push MS to show goodies a long time ago :)
Great illumiroom demo. I say WOW several times allready and keep watching this video. Hats off to all of you for bringing this to our homes.

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