08:00 pm: Insider Daily.They allready got xbox 720 and World War III is coming(as is still Nibiru)  9 comments
01:10 am: Insider Daily. Illumiroom demo has arrived. I said WOW! Several times allready. And some more about   1 comment
04:49 pm: Insider Daily. Is that Xbox 720 architecture diagram? Looks like a monster with parts ahead of time  7 comments
09:16 am: Insider Daily. Some Xbox 720 (next) specs (CPU+GPU+MEMORY)  9 comments
11:20 pm: Insider Daily. More Xbox Next Specs. PS4 specs detailed. 3.2T with 8gb of RAM and full HSA  34 comments
10:10 pm: Insider Daily. The Truth. Before we only got 50% of durango. now it will be 80% with this  3 comments
01:25 pm: Insider Daily: Oban, 3d stacking w2w and 3D IC in more detail  27 comments
10:49 pm: Insider Daily.Does MS try to hide Oban from the public?Most of media have specs based on old PC SDKs  14 comments
09:47 pm: Insider Daily. VGleaks diagram is xbox lite or System SoC  10 comments
11:50 am: Insider Daily. Single or Double precision in Xbox Next and PS4 terraflops in more detail.   42 comments
11:11 pm: Question of The Day. Will xbox next will be the last xbox we will ever buy?  34 comments
06:10 pm: Will Sony lie and brainwash again about playstation 4 power?  21 comments
12:34 am: Insider Daily. To many BS specs around the net. Xbox next 2.5dp?  33 comments

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