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Insider Daily. DX12 Xbox One vs DX11 PS4. 2014 tech vs 2012 designed GPU. Sony forces Ubisoft to lie

Misterx: Does MS feel competition from Mantle? If yes that means AMD started their own HSA game? Seems like MS try to PR DX away from Mantle..

Any mega info to confirm?
- ff7  xbox one exclusive
-subscription model(well you talked about it singe 2012)
-MS bought Nin?

Also any update on illumiroom? Maybe still to happen?

Insider: The ceo has left.. I wonder why.. the uncharted guru has left. One off there first party studios got closed... hhhmmmm I hear they definitely couldn't pay to fund that remake. And a test demo of s3 is getting shopped around now and with sega's blessing and publication licence agreements.. 30 / 100million needed to fund this baby ;)

No downgrade on watchdogs gfx on x1 @ 960p... but the textures lighting are a lot better then the other one... but come e3 I dont think this will mater well :) I seen wd direct sdk and something is not right???? May be the fix will come down on e3 night...

on last thing hf2 is good.. defiantly above the others.. could be exclusive from story going around.. but still something better would be a cranky witch and sher sisters :)

Parasite: Guys you aren't going to like this but my source's have told me there is a huge push to make watchdogs inferior on Xbox one to take the momentum building going into e3 away. Look for resolution gate to be a big part. Ubisoft from the pressure of Sony will not convert the ddevelopment over to take advantage of new ask. My source also told me the game is a rehash AC anyway.

Misterx; That is not gonna end well.No Watch Dogs for me if it will be as bad as looking on PS4.  

Misterx: Well, DirectX 12 confirmed for Xbox One. Stacked GPU and local CLOUD on the way.


DX12 Xbox One vs DX11 PS4. 2014 tech vs 2012 designed GPU. A generational leap difference. This time there is a huge difference between generations because of full HSA(see first HSA benchmarks - there is 3 to 5 times speed bump compared to current PCs).

All previous GPU iterations usually gave us 10% to 30% speed bump compared to previous years GPUs. Now it could be 300-500% bump for the same silicon size.

The problem is - AMD and Nvidia will choose to shrink die size and get the power up only by 30-50% every year. Not the whole 300-500% at once.

On Xbox ONe there is a little bit different story. All the hardware already in Xbox One. They also cut die size and power comparing to full HSA PC GPUs chips by 45% according to insider to make stacking possible but it is enough to be on pair with PCs for 5-6 next years with slow decline from year 5.

I think OpenGL could not copy DX12 features this time because those features hardware based. Software emulation is always 50 to 100 times slower or in some cases is simply impossible.

Neogaf is in denial. More and more people realized how Sony brainwashed them over n4g.com, neogaf,com and other corrupted sites. Things could change very fast and those lairs will be executed by the community.

Now Microsoft should show us DirectX12 tech in motion. Hope for a great presentation. Last several years Microsoft did not invest their employers time to make great inspiring tech demos everybody will talk about.

Mistercteam: Here on MrX, we repeatedly said DX12 will be for X1 too
it is same as X360, even this time insider said as X1 GPU is fully programmable there is no DX restriction anymore(misterx- remember a statement "every game on xbox one have its own game os").

Xbox 1
1st of its kind
1st to do Fully hardware Coherent
1st to do 3d stacked
1st to do Big-little-GPU processing (3 lane processing concept)

Also above all
MS played us a little bit,

look at DX 12 announcement
at first only AMD,Intel, Nvidia & Qualcomm

People speculated, X1 is not capable
if you see most forum other MrX blog
people (mostly) still thinking X1 is not powerfull
as they still thiking top layer, still thinkig cloud is internet
cloud, yes it is true, but X1 have 2nd layer (or any other jargon you like), local cloud, dGPU, 2nd layer whatever.

Then Today MS updated its MS blog page
plus official twitter hinted it
Officially Xbox also DX12+ (i give a plus sign, for any upcoming further DX enchancement)

Just Like X1 lauch
when they already stated on Arch panel
people keep downplaying it
when people or neogaf already know PS4 is 192 ops/cycle
when poeple already know Jaguar only has 2 Execution unit or 2 FPU unit
it can only do 3 ops/cycle
Operation is not Instruction, Operation is Floating point operation.

MS is attacked, with bad image
DRM fiasco
People Laugh with the top layer spec as the spec for the whole X1

On top of that people forgot 3 Billion R/D VS <200 Million Sony RD for PS4 (read the last year financial report, when they said less than Cell RD is result of using off the self part)

Good Job,
Well played MS, well played !!!!!

Ubisoft insider: DX12 is almost ready. In april MS send beta SDK (DX12) to most X1 developers. Full version DX12 is expected in June. E3 2014 will be great ;)

Misterx: Buy buy Sony. Some brainwashed gamers will still love you because of your games. Some will try to forgive but will refuse.. Honest and respect is very important. Massive lie and brainwash could never be forgiven.

Migration from Somy 1st party studios had already started. Sony could not allow pay much as others anymore. Some could not cover the lie anymore.

There has been a brake down between respawn and Ea... respawn are open to an exclusive licence agreement with tf I.p with ms... ea say's no ... the 24 hours is vital for exclusive rights to future versions.
Also major issues with severs client side.. ms had to change sever loads management due to major difference in beta/ alpha to final retail. Early severs have offload bandwidth management issues. The resolution will be alpha locked but the game is dynamic resolution. There is going to be alot of patch rework. 960p there still patching for but 60fps lag free servers are priority. I think this is the real critical test for xbox one cloud server side. Dont expect bf4 issues tho.. all of this will not matter come e3.. you all know whats there nothing now will matter.

Misterx: Alpha or beta? If Alpha than it is 720p and CBOAT was right with this(wrong with textures quality) If beta it is 792p and CBOAT was wrong both on textures and resolution. While 960p patch still on the way.
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