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"Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.

/This is dublicate post for ease of use. Original post and comments in post above/
Mistercteam: CBOAT is Neogaf.com moderator EKIM. Fraud disclosed. Here is CBOAT gate story in more detail:

Short story:
1. Many thread is started by this guy called EKIM. Then there is some huge news started on neogaf by CBOAT himself about leaked valve source2.0 engine
2. Someguy ask ekim why the CBOAT link is actually from his (ekim) dropbox.
3. Then mod removed all evidence from that guy asking ekim.
4. T
hen ekim deleted his reference to cboat dropbox
then the thread is also edited

Long version:
1. CBOAT made new thread on neogaf.com with Valve's source 2.0 pictures.

He also made this story to support CBOAT can be trusted:

2. Neogaf user xPaw posted this info in that thread:
(click to enlarge)

xPaw: "CBOAT's image is http://i.imgur.com/wHGvHxQ.jpg, if you go to http://imgur.com/wHGvHxQ
you will see "from: api.viglink.com", clicking on it leads to https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/...0/Untitled.png (which he deleted already), if you google that account id, you will find multiple posts from ekim(ukuuku account).

Also, this guy is from Germany, folks at valvetime confirmed that the ukuuku guy is also from Germany."

A link to this post here(from google cache as it is deleted now)

MIsterx: Note user ukuuku from where CBOAT posted his pictures in first thread post.

3. All information about CBOAT = EKIM had been deleted by neogaf.com moderators very quickly.

Link to this page now: http://neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=758999&page=17

4. EKIM also try to delete all info linked to ukuuku account.


Misterx: What does it mean?
1. That means that CBOAT (one of 3 main Microsoft haters on internet that sets the tone for all others MS haters) is neogaf.com moderator EKIM. The other 2 are @thuway and @mortimortier. Neogaf moderators created CBOAT to spread a lie about Xbox.
2. That means that EKIM have links with VALVE because leaked pictures of Source 2.0 are real(well people say they are 3 years old).

Could that mean part of  Microsoft hate on neogaf.com is managed by VALVE? Many neogaf users started to wonder if CBOAT is Gabe itself or not? :)

3. Also that means that CBOAT is used as provocator. When he get info about Microsoft's Xbox minor problems he spread them to maximum level as a big problems. That set the tone for many "journalists" and fans over the internet (their motto: attack Microsofts  minor weak points for massive damage).
4. That means that whole neogaf.com is used to spread hate on Microsoft. Well we here know why is it so. Microsoft outplayed all their competitors and they try to save their sales by lie and brainwash because they know they could not complete with Microsoft, People will choose Microsoft at the end because of games, value and features when all the Xbox One 2014 tech will be unvealed.

Ekim explained his version of what happend.
- He was CBOAT's source for this leak.
- He appologized to VALVE for leak.
- He edited links not to be tracked his edentity as CBOAT source.

What does it change?
- A little. CBOAT still neogaf's mods weapon to spread FUD about Xbox. They protect CBOAT as holy grail. There had been tons of similar cases about leaked identify and mods did nothing to protect other people. Why they protect CBOAT identity only? Why they do actions on Xbox fans they don't on Sony fans? Why almost every good opinion about Xbox One leads to ban? Why Sony fans bad opinions only allowed?

There is two versions for everyone to choose.. But no version denies the fact that CBOAT is fake insider And that is the main story of all of this. And that is a  great news for all Xbox fans as the truth got its way up.

I don't beleive Ekim. I hope EKIM got his lesson how to deal with CBOAT - a fraud neogaf moderators use to spread lie about Xbox.


MIstercteam: Anyway whoever use that cboat nickname it is cleary is multiple user. And now the CBOAT image is going down with this and it is clearly cboat is not industry insider in real sense and cboat is more about method to stir the perception of
X1 lately. And neogaf also will have bad rep about this.

Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/7NPe7FTn

  1. Sites like SonyGAF and N4G do what is called in the industry "stealth marketing."  You can read about it here.

  2. This is done all the time especially on forums and comment sections to control the conversation on a given product and sometimes to damage the competitions reputation.  Anyone who has worked at marketing can see this clearly happening on SonyGAF especially.  Notice how whenever a thread is made with potentially bad news about Xbox One there are immediately a bunch of junior member replies agreeing with it or posting jokes.  This is to keep the conversation flowing in the direction they want it.  If a thread derails and starts becoming too positive about Xbox they will make a CBOAT post in order to redirect the conversation back to where they want it.  There are many more examples but here is the big one.  If something that could be considered bad news on Sony is posted they change the thread title, usually to something funny or nonsensical.  Usually about bears.  That is the smoking gun.  Why would they intentionally hurt their own traffic ranking by preventing a thread from being properly indexed?  The only reason to do that is to prevent the thread headline from being picked up by search engine spidering.  They have to protect their master.  If you watch the site closely you will easily notice these basic stealth marketing principles being applied time and time again.  I cannot say for certain whether or not Sony has invested money in GAF but it is a strange coincidence that the owner of the site jetsets all over the world and doesn't have a real job.  Or maybe they just love Sony that much.  Some day maybe someone will be able to connect the dots on all this.

  3. In case people do not want to believe Sony would do this, there is a link in the references section on the Wikipedia entry covering a previous undercover marketing campaign Sony ran for PSP and how they got caught with their trousers around their ankles.

  4. The news of Machinima's Xbox One promotion should have opened eyes to how common this sort of thing is but most people find it easier to blindly follow what they've been told is the truth by marketing bots like CBOAT and rest of the SDF.  The internet is used for marketing purposes in this way but all sorts of companies not just for video games.  It is more common than anyone knows.

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