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ID. Main GPU is R9 280x based 3.2TF RAW+ DXcore GPU as guest APU for apps+ ESRAM+other for 4TF total

MIsterx: Dat MS hate from every corner...I can't beleive..Stupid, stupid MS - they could not recover even with more powerfull box...

With 1.31 box they are dead allready.

Misterx: Some media were briefed...could not translate that :) some media had been told some infos to write about?
Insider: Every body on the blog. Your just going to have to be a little more patient. I understand you have waited for the information to be officially verified by an offical response.

The delay is in fact based around valve and there steambox
and Amd. The nda are in place till after lunch window. Every body at Ms and even 3rd party developers have had to sign a 3 month contract agreement. Microsoft have not agreed to licence there api or group hardware effort with valve. And is making sure valve can not use it for there official steambox. This is why valve reveal there os and even talked about steambox around the ms amd design conference. Unfortunately to say this three month window in my eyes is so ms can secure a form of steam os as an app download for xbox 1's app market place. Not sure if it will be streaming or hardware tho.

The final kits have only just stated arriving to developers with the updated specifications
And is the course of bugs in live demonstrations. But like Phil said we have redudence built in the hardware.

And I do apologise for jumping the gun to fast.  But when you know and have right in front of you the hardware its a shame that this was not announced. But I think the greed move from amd/nvidia/ and steam the last few days proves a valid point of the industry. They want you hooked on the 500$ upgrade every 6/12 months. And having x1 with top tier gpu specs means that in five years time pc gpu markets will stagnate due to this fact. But these pc guys dont understand factors like fan noise power cost and size. And simple of use.

Insider: And only 10% of the pc market can afford to have 3x sli or crossfire setups with 4k monitors. And even less for the average consumer can afford a 4k tv set. Most house holds are only moving to 1080p television now.

And the fact that pc piracy is so staggering high even steam is compromised on a daily basis in regards to software piracy. Its a sad industry when the pc hardware markets try to crush the developers  of console hardware. Its even worse when these same hardware designers cant figure out that phones and tablets are the real enemy's of the industry.

I have heard that there will be a bigger gpu article going up soon from eurogamer . But after the extension on our nda, id believe it to be even more confusing.   :(

Insider:   should not do this...

xbox one is the R9 280x

connect the dots

it is modified heavily.
And yes there is a dx core also but its for apps. It can also run the overlays in games up too 4k

this is what was going to happen. But Amd want to be in every thing. And valve want this tech in there official steambox. This is why media were briefed over the last 24hours.  And phil had to cut 30min out of his developer speech at euro expo.

also there will be some bf4 stuff hitting the net.
it is pre alpha and they only have 16x16 play match. A lot of effects are not implemented in this build. But I guarantee it will look and run better then ps4.

And dig .. patient will be hitting the places soon. :)

Misterx: Wow, what a drama...

Misterx: How did you know it is r9 280x? What about guest gpu? Did we read it wrong and powerfull GPU allready is on Maic Soc or Guest GPU is something other? How many flops in total system is? Also there is 1 report in comments from MS employee about MS were going to say it is 3tf next week. Also 1 that say there no more hardware besides breakdown.

What means "briefed the press"? Press got some info?
Insider:  The R9 280x is the design.. the cu's are the beefed up ones on the R9 290x tho.
ask mistercteam what this means gpu has a powergate of 130w alone. The cpu 30w kinect 20w system board southbridge 20w.
250w there or around. but 40w is padding. Like nvidia boss said how can and xbox with 200w
powerdraw match 3 x sli or crossfire.

The reason for the information delay is steambox will have an a8 amd cpu with separate gpu from nvidia x730 up to 760 modified card.
Xbox would have look lower spec to steambox. 16gig of ddr3 also.

But in fact x1 in final retail is a lot more powerful then steam box. But not the way steam os scales. The os can run on any hardware configuration.  Even x1.

Patent will hit the internet any day.

I do not have control over any direction any of these corporations go or what information they put out officially. Same goes for any insider. I ant bill gates or kaz or Gabriel. And I risk everything to help out. Your going to see x1 pull way in front of ps4 over the next few weeks. Thats is what all of you are here for. But x1 ant a 3000$ super computer with 1200w of power or liquid cooled. But a 3.4tf console ant weak by any means. But you can all do the maths on that number.  Keep digging you will get your answer... I have told you enough now do your digging and you will see if I lied to you. :)

Misterx: And what is guest then?
Insider: The dxcore = app gpu that is why it is labelled as apu / dgpu
Dxcore = app gpu. Which is actually accelerated processing unit. The gpu = R9 280x modified.

Misterx: So if Main GPU is here from the beginning why MS wrote it is only 1.31TF?
Insider: The 1.31 on hotchips was only there because ms did not want to talk about the gpu. Due to there nda with amd.

The truth is there is no upclock of cpu gpu. The had changed the whole gpu. And the cpu was all ways going to be 1.7ghz. Ms know sony leaked the vgleaks .. but in the end its back fired on sony.. did you notice that at tgs Sony never once brought up how much better there console is then xbox 1.. yeah because sony new about the update. So you wont be hearing officials talking that aspect any more :)
Insider: The initial plan was 7770 1.31tf + dxcore = apps gpu was all ways online with cloud rendering. 2tf
(misterx: later they changed to)
R9 280x heavily modified + same dxcore = app gpu. Cloud rendering at later date. = 3.2tf
Factor in diminishing returns with stereo drive close to 4tf and also audio dsp + hana 2 and esram extra. X1 can get graphics close to the performance of the R9 290x.

Misterx: What? They were really going to go with 7770 gpu? Are they nuts? All reports were true than?
Insider: Ms went with 7770 originally because they wanted the console online 24/7 and they were going to use the cloud to enhance gfx. But after the back lash and 180 on used games they sacked Don as his vision was to future.  The guest gpu = dxcore. Thats why I said can be used like for gfx but not like crossfire.

But Ms chargers will see the console stand up to any high end pc for years. Just not a 3x sli or crossfire machine.
 The R9 280x is not something to laugh about. Its a dam fast gpu. the modifications to the cu's had to be done as the TDP is only 130w when scaled to the power gating of the console. That is why the cu's were replaced with the ones from the R9 290x. They are newer design anx will be the cu's Amd use when they move to 22nm R10 next year.  :)

Misterx: Originaly it was going to be 7770? How is that possible if you said 1 or 2  years ago it will be a beast with 2 or  3 gpus....
Insider: When I told you about the 7770 Bonaire part. That was the orginal gpu. 7770 Bonaire = 1.31tf system. Ms were hoping to use cloud and have x1 online so you basically renting extra gpu / cpu from the cloud. That is intill the back lash. Then console design had to change when sony started talking up ps4 architecture.  That is why I said things change. The 3 gpu was alpha design. The dev kits even had 2x 7970 in them and an apu also. But they changed that as well. Originally sony was going to have a 6650 gpu with 4gig of gddr5. They also changed.

Ms changed the Bonaire part to a single gpu heavily modified R9 280x changed the cu's as the 280x cu's after being modified were slow. So they changed them with cu's from the A 290x as they are new cu's in design as misterc what I mean he can explain the difference in cu's.  There so much more but I have all ready told you way to much way way to much. You will just have to dig on your own.

Insider: Host and guest is gpu + dx core for app and overlay of gui. Host and guest can be the memory sub system esram + ddr3 also. 3.2tf is the main gfx performance of x1. But there is also dsp for audio and hana 2 for video. And aa/ and esram extra that is not a bottle neck for the gpu.

Insider: Ok they as in ms brought the wright to modify the R9 280x gpu. This all happen over the last 6 months. Originally it was going to be a 7770 .. but after the sony came out swinging with worlds most powerfull console and the gddr5. That is why I have been saying things change. You have to go back to the past to see the future. I gave clues about the changes. I even said 1.31tf to 5.13tf . Going back to the past 7970 hence the R9 280x is the future re brand. Also ms had the head room all ready in the console with the size. It ant that big for nothing come on ms pack an i5 In to surface pro. There not stupid. They even have the transistor budget to do this. And having the power supply external was also a big help. But 200w for whole system not 100w like song gaf believe. And its been a nightmare for developers to have to adjust there game code. The big give away to this is why we have seen downgrade and upgrades in graphic's. Dan told you all we only just
got the hardware and tools to enhance the hardware to make the game look better. 30min of specs talk was cut from the euro expo as well. But iv told you to keep digging. Now you know. I also told you bf4 would look better. And it is pre alpha. :) things change and for the best.

Misterx: What about extra die space mistercteam discovered?
Insider: That space is for esram extra + dxcore. It is like a second gpu but nothing like the main gpu. I gave more then enough hints to this anyway. All the information I gave to you will check out with mistercteam every single bit from power to cu's to transisters even the raw tf number.

Misterx: Why you did not tell there will be no guest beasty 20/22 nm GPU and it is allready on maic SOC?
Insider: Because I hinted at 28nm all alonging. And Nda ..
and the R9 280x is an extremely powerfull gpu. It destroys the gpu in the ps4.

Insider: I have given you the technology model and explained the  cu's are beefed up ones from the R9 290x
I have told you the power. And the tf count yes to raw.
you need to do the digging now.. There is a dirext x core for apps and overlays of the gui.  The mantle driver is mono. Stereo is the gcn + driver but as x1 is a hybrid of gcn it is not the same api driver as mono mantel. But dont expect to extract 6+tf its not going to happen. Keep the number crunching at a modest number. And remember R9 280x modified.  Not native. :)

Insider: Ms has modified the gpu. Buy doing so they had to cut back tdp and size.. ask misterc about packing transistor. And by doing so had to cut back the gflops by .450 not sure the excavations on the number 100%. But like I said based on .. not native. And hence why I said cu's have been changed. 7970 is sea island but its rebrad as a volcanic island. But with the modified cu's for gpgpu. It will all make sense when the officials do there p.r job right.

Remember there is other stuff for audio and video.

Insider: Only the cu's are beefed up. But its mainly for gpgpu. If you read about mantel it will make sense what mono is and stereo is for the gcn+ part. Host and guest can be memory subsystems also. But we were told that it was in relation to the smaller dx core for app and gui layers.

Insider: The reason we ant sitting here right now laughing at sonygaf. Is because of valve and there hardware they were going to show. Valve did this to steal the thunder of ms as xbox is the only real competition to steambox. With nintendo and sony have weaker hardware and most pc ports are on steam it sort of changes the dynamics of what xbox is all about.

Misterx: What is guest dxcore than? Is it a GPU or an APU? What it is for? How much it is powerfull?
Insider: Ok

the dxcore is the applications gpu. It does the over lays and when application are running they use the dxcore. It is small gpu. Its dx11.1 I can not give you the gflops number but I have heard its low.

The main gpu is a modified R9 280x. It does the graphics. It has been modified and is dx11.2 +

Ms does not refer to the dxcore as a gpu.

There is 50 micro process as well plus 15 specialized coprocessor which are audio. Data move engines. Video decoding. And the 32 mb of esram has logic processing ability's. There is esram extra which is for texture tire 2 + rpt textures and cone raytracing.

The only change is they changed the 7770 gpu to R9 280x modified = 7970 but ms modified the cu's also.

Its a win win for gamers.

Misterx: So if Main GPU is 3.2TF then as you said aa/raypath/and other 90% effects could be done even not touching this main GPU on ESRAM&other special chips?
Insider: Correct.  The system is 3.2tf but with all the coprocessor and stereo driver. The machine in theory can reach the same performance as 4tf machine.

Misterx: It is ok now with your detailed that was a reason why you end posting? Because MS were going to go with 7770 GPU and not 2xGPU beasty monster? And returned when they got back on track? Still seems like MS were going to stop core AAA with 7770 gpu 2TF system...what they had been thinking about...
Insider: A lot happen in ms. I stop posting because there was over three project going at onces. The was massive levels of change in hardware and management.

But all the code names I gave you were hints. And in the end the R9 280 was the best of all them. It is also faster then the mobile 2x gpu we were testing. But there was to much heat and other factors that came into play. So thing changed. But misterc will be happy. And a lot xbox fans. This is what is in side retail its heavily modified but that is why we call xbox custom silicon.

Insider: They were never going to stop aaa games.. they just did not have the first party studio they have now. And they also have third party as second party working with 1st party.
Kinect was just a bolt on. Some upper management thought they had the wii remote history repeat. But it did help move 20millon console. And dont be put of by kinect 2.0 its a lot better.  Were ms ready for xbox to get past 5 year the big answer no. And thats why aaa suffer some what. But 3rd party was enough to carry the console. That wont happen this gen tho. Ms have a bunch of new development houses. They are listening to fans. Rare have more games coming. The old ms are back and really ready to prove there point. And a lot of Japanese rpg are coming.

Misterx: ok, thanks for new info it is a little bit shocks as we were wrong from Jan 2013 till now based on old data on some aspects and MS were really to go with VGleacks specs and shitty 7700 gpu..Now they back on track and it is still 4TF and 2-3 times more powerfull than PS4 and it is good after all then...
Insider: Its not that much difference only the gpu has been beefed up a lot.

Misterx: It is ok now...i must be honest with everybody and go till the end no matter what will happen...anyway you was under NDA, we were shooting 6 months based on data from Jan 2013 and understand some new information based on that knowledge. THe result is the same -  Xbox One is still 2-3 times more powerfull than PS4 :)
Insider: I gave clues but now my nda is all most out the window after this amount of information.

If you go back and read over the last month you will see I said things about dpu which were wrong but I want people to pull that apart. I really hope some body would have brought up apu. But everybody wanted dgpu. But a dgpu would have been not on the main soc. I gave hints about the dxcore= app gpu. The memory subsystems. In the end we all had hoped ms would have officially announced the gpu spec. Also nvidia gave the power tdp the answer everybody wanted. 200w xbox cant compete with a 1000w 3x sli. But they never said xbox was underpowered. I told you about tier prt and vox cone raytracing. That is why I said keep digging. Other insider have not been back to justify there information. I think when people go over the information. I told them  to go back to see the future and things change. And its right in front of you. When they go over these specs there going to understand. :)

Insider: And the only person on the blog with true insider information is parasite .. so will see what he says about this .. I think he will have a smile. And will also know I have gone beyond the scope .. but now you guys must dig you can call me out but everything will add up. ;)
/end of chat/

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah it hide another sticker with xbox one's specs

holy-crap :-)... but it would now seem the XO has a new enemy that may be even more powerful... now it comes down to marketing and whether or not the SteamBox will be competitive in value.. if they can't subsidize their hardware then I doubt the vast majority will be swayed by brute power, even if it is the most powerful "console" out there.

we shall see... but someone is about to go software only, i don't think 4 major consoles can exists at once

nevermind, i just saw the Steam Controller... not gonna happen, Valve.. keep smoking the good kush

Sorry...not buying it


2013-09-27 05:04 pm (UTC)

Sorry but im not buying it anymore.

Im calling BS. There is no way Microsoft changed the GPU from 7xxx seires to 280 6 months ago. impossible.

Re: Sorry...not buying it


2013-09-27 06:40 pm (UTC)

Yea that's what I was thinking. It was somewhat plausible when it was that they had planned it from the beginning but now, I don't know.

Was happy reading all of that bar

"The nda are in place till after lunch window. Every body at Ms and even 3rd party developers have had to sign a 3 month contract agreement."

Its too late to reveal true specs after launch window :(

I'm not so sure it's too late. The game isn't won in the launch window. Only the "hardcores" are going to be in lines or calling every day to get a system during the launch window. The casuals will sway this, just like they did with the current Gen. You think the Wii destroyed MS and Sony for so long in sales because the hardcore gamers loved it?

So while i don't believe it's "Too late" in the grand scheme of things, I do think it down right sucks that we early adopters wont really know the official specs of the system we'll be playing on.



2013-09-27 05:16 pm (UTC)

This is a good day. I can not explain the smile I have on my face right now! Sony and all of their sheep will love this, it really all makes sense now. Even if the machine was doing 2.5 tf we would have bragging rights;) Thanx again you guys!

Insider is saying that MS fooled everybody in hotchips?

hotchips is a high credibility event that corporations shares yours experiences with silicon.

and MS fooled!

no way!

unless 1.3tf is DP

but insider said that 1.3tf is from 7700

Edited at 2013-09-27 05:19 pm (UTC)

yep, that is strange for me too...

I don't get it


2013-09-27 05:20 pm (UTC)

I want to believe all this, but it just doesn't make any sense to me

First of all, Valve didn't really steal anyone's thunder with it's announcement. It was pretty vague, and would have been easily overshadowed by MS saying the X1 is a power beast. Also, the console is in full production, it's going to be like IMPOSSIBLE to hide it if the X1 really has all this power.

For 3 more months?! Till the end of December?! How on earth is that supposed to work? The console will have been out for over a month. And what do they even have to hide at this point? Valve is using Nvidia for Steambox not AMD, so it's not like they can just copy X1 tech.

Also, just a couple days ago we were told that the bombs would be dropped by now and NDA would end. That Valve announcement was already well expected by then, so it caught no one by surprise for such a last minute change to be logical.

I mean I'm not super tech savvy like many of you, but none of this makes sense to me from a pure common sense perspective. 3 MONTHS?! This to me seems like somebody is having a laugh trying to see how long they can string us along

I think NDA is for developers.
MS PR could say at any moment.

Great info ( Main GPU is VI with R9 280x CU count) + Dxcore = GPU on APU (1.3TF one)


2013-09-27 05:21 pm (UTC)

ok as it is long read, i will do analyze later on
ok basically this ( and i am happy)

DXcore = GPU on apu the 1.3TF one
this is for GPGPU + overlay + app
this is not main gpu

the Main GPU

"The main gpu is a modified R9 280x. It does the graphics. It has been modified and is dx11.2 +
Ms does not refer to the dxcore as a gpu."

the main GPU = guest to the DXcore
but act as main GPU

The Main GPU is VI, but the CU count is the same as R9 280x
So this is 32CU or 8CUs

About Extra space, but it is on 28nm
Misterx: What about exta die space mistercteam discovered?
Insider: That space is for esram extra + dxcore. It is like a second gpu but nothing like the main gpu. I gave more then enough hints to this anyway. All the information I gave to you will check out with mistercteam every single bit from power to cu's to transisters even the raw tf number.

so basically
this is the base fact:

The DXcore = 1.3TF for (overlay + apps + additional GPGPU)
The Gfxcore = 32CU with VIcore = 3.2TF at 800 Mhz
The 3.2TF is from Gfxcore only

at 853 Mhz of both =
DXcore = 1.3TF
Gfxcore = 3.5TF

Hmmm now we know why Parasite said last one 4.8TF
great, and PS4 stuck at 14:4 balanced :D

Re: Great info ( Main GPU is VI with R9 280x CU count) + Dxcore = GPU on APU (1.3TF one)


2013-09-27 05:25 pm (UTC)

no, 3.2TF is for the only GPU - there is not second GPU for games to be adden..

guest APU is dxcore - a little APU for applications and have little flops. thouse flops could not be added for games..i clarified that moment several times(not posted everything)

Edited at 2013-09-27 05:26 pm (UTC)

I'm sorry but this is going too far.


I dont know about all this. This would be a huge switch. I would need some serious proof, and now NDA is after release?

forza 5


2013-09-27 05:31 pm (UTC)

there's a video on youtube lads of the forza 5 direct feed in 2x quality. Things look a lot better. Take in to consideration that during the forza keynote phil green stated that this level had only been completed this week and was buggy and unfinished witch may explain shadows, allaising ect. go to youtube and type in Forza Motorsport 5 - Bernese Alps | Direct Feed Gameplay 2k. it on ps360hd channel.

switching it to 1440p in the video... wow. THIS looks like what people have been seeing and we've been hearing about when they say "it looks stunning". Nice find.

Forget neogaf, MY head just exploded. To think that they could pull off a redesign like that so quickly is nothing short of astounding and really shows the efforts M$ is willing to put forth for the satisfaction of their customers. Very impressive.

Hmmm, I dont 100% buy it. Surely its too late in development stage to start changing things. Also to say NDA is end of Sep for ages, and then change that at the end of Sep to after launch....

I'll wait for something by end of this month... if nothing comes by then, I feel nothing will. Its just too convienient to extend the NDA. And I cant see if its true why MS would have agreed to this... "Oh sure, we'll stay quiet for longer. We dont mind. Its only billions we have invested"

I feel that the bigger picture that the insider said is that MS initially wanted to rely on cloud computing for graphics boost, which means they must have known it'll work enough for 100% of their customers to rely on it. Or else their games would only work on so many consoles.

So if the cloud computing is that reliable, there's no reason to believe that the same cloud-computing efficiency can be used with this 280x, pushing 4tflops to ???

While taking this all in with a little grain of salt, I am hopeful that this new info is accurate. That would be make things fun this console gen.

I have a hole bag of salt next to me right now. I loved reading it, but I always find it difficult to trust people of whom we don't know if they are telling the truth or just trolling (no offence meant to anyone). Especially when things are constantly postponed.

The news that we got right now just says things like: Forget everything MS have told you so far concerning specs. They were all lies, since it is all based on information pre-180. I think it pretty much impossible to change such an important factor of your hardware on such short notice and having a good balance between GPU and CPU?

If this actually turns out to be true, I am even more satisfied and impressed by MS as a company, since I already love all their products Windows 8 /Office/Windows Phone 8 etc.I am furthermore curious at how long development studios have actually known that all that power would be present? I am also somewhat happy, how crazy it sounds, that the Xbox One will be released here next year. This gives me time to actually know what I am getting myself and have more information regarding upcoming games. This news would not change my choice of purchase though, since the games MS have really speak to me.

Global Foundries Demonstrates 3D TSV Capabilities on 20 nm Processors , in April ??? Always have a open mind

Better quality Forza 5 Video


2013-09-27 05:44 pm (UTC)

Anonymous poster referenced this, here's a direct link:

Make sure to switch it to 1440p.

Edited at 2013-09-27 05:48 pm (UTC)

Re: Better quality Forza 5 Video


2013-09-27 05:49 pm (UTC)

WOW !!!!

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Sorry, but you should not believe gameblog. They took their informations from neogaf and are unable to think by themselves.

Their readers are like sonygafers. Ok, they should have an excuse, they're french, but they have to buy a brain at Carrouf !

Edited at 2013-09-27 08:27 pm (UTC)

This really makes sens, the way insiders explain it, Xbox one will have 3,2/3,5 tflops only for graphics and the rest is use for all the apps and it shows why you can do instant snapping in the menu while seeing the game in background, the esram covering up the bottlenecks issue between the Guest/Host when running at the same time.

Now we doesn't have a lot of games to compare between PS4/Xbox one, but we know most dev who aren't 1st party just received the new dev kit and working on optimizing their current ip for the launch. Since the NDA wont lift before some times, i thinks we will mostly see the difference in power with the second wave of game like it was mention in previous article.

Not to mention that most game already in development like AC4/Watchdog/DR3 etc etc were initially suppose to be on the current gen which is why they're mostly just an upscaled version of their current gen conterpart. I think that the best shot we have at seeing the first difference in power will be with BF4 running at 1080p/60fps on the xone while the ps4 won't be able to do it. Jeez, the aplha version is already running better on the xone.

You guys are skipping over a major piece. Why would they extend the NDA?

They do not want developers start to talk. Only MS when they need to before release.

idk, if all of this is true but this was a bold move of insider. Strange, insider just risked his job maybe his whole career in the industry.

But I can say insider says the truth that the NDA reaches into the launch window. If you read the Anandtech article about Mantle you can see it in there. I already posted it some hours ago.

Anyway. I have preordered the console some months ago, I will stick to it and will be happy with it!

A last word to Insider: I wish you the very best, you have risked very much to inform MrX and in the end us. I hope MS will not find out your real identity.

@MrX: Has Insider really confirmed that you can publish all of this? What happened?

Edited at 2013-09-27 06:37 pm (UTC)

agree ....
at least now we can focus to the game .....



2013-09-27 06:43 pm (UTC)

They are playing on extremely wide HD monitors. gameplay looks locked @ 60fps too :))

is the long fight over now?? :) sry if someone posted this already :))



2013-09-27 07:09 pm (UTC)

great find ...
it is superwide or the capture aspect ratio is wrong
(the result is wider)

++ Please add me

This is a Megaton! Everything Insider has been saying has been on the ball.

Thnx to Mrx, and insider, The confirmation of VI core from 290x but use CU number from 280x is great


2013-09-27 07:05 pm (UTC)

It is great
At least now we can more focused about the game .....

some confirmation
- it is a vi core
- it is more powerfull than upcoming steambox
- it will eventually use stereo

*) i will keep figured it out ..... :D

Is MS doing radical changes last minute to Xbox One?


2013-09-27 07:17 pm (UTC)

Part of me thinks that MS are because of SteamOS/SteamHW/SteamController .. MS may have greatly underestimated Steam.

This from MaryJo Foley a couple of days ago "Microsoft's Surface Mini: Not until spring 2014?" -

quote from the article "Two sources have told me that Microsoft is reassigning some of its Windows developers to Xbox One to help that team do the fit and finish on the Xbox One OS. Myerson's team's priorities for this calendar year are completing the Xbox One OS"

It's common to have bugs towards the end, BUT is sucpicious that reallocation of resources like this , normally contingency is already planned into sprints.. This seems out of the ordinary ..

It does look like some major last minute changes are going on, time will tell what these are!

Re: Is MS doing radical changes last minute to Xbox One?


2013-09-27 07:20 pm (UTC)


Xbox One will be Good Even if it isnt a 4tf beast


2013-09-27 07:18 pm (UTC)

Putting it this way, i won't be getting a PS4 any time soon, only because Sony got hacked... they cannot be trusted with my money, if they allow their systems to be breached and then taking the network offline for a while... Meanwhile back on my Xbox Live, i had no issues. There has been no reports on people hacking their servers to that extent.
Xbox Live debuted before steam, its what makes Xbox (OG, 360 and now One) great. Either way I'll be getting an Xbox One at some point. The games look fantastic and will be good. The system will be good. Microsoft are very clever people, they won't ship a product if it isn't underpowered.

Doubtful of all this from a couple weeks ago.

Drake Dorsey

2013-09-27 07:18 pm (UTC)

I am not buying this news sorry...nor am I a Sony Troll I've been an Xbox fan from the get go and I just don't see Microsoft pulling any rabbits out of a hat.

Right now all this news just seems like wishful predictions created around factual step forward equals 2 steps backwards.

Next thing you know the Insider will say he always has been talking about Mantle when he says "keep digging" feels like I'm in a long con artist trap and we're being fed along with all this crafted news and shortly after I'll be asked to send a check for actual spec factsheet like a true scam.

You're cool Mr.X you seem like a good guy and a true fan....but how can you not be a little angry at all this?

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