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Insider Daily. 80% of developers do not have access to dGPU part yet. Mistercteam explains it all.
Insider: Ok heads up this is a big clue. the sort of thing we are looking for is. four very specialized gfx cores that can only be accessed via the metal xdriver. Full stereo only available after 25/30 to majority. 80% of developers only have low access.

These cores have access to all the 8 core cpu threads if need be. But two of each cpu threads do have a specialist purpose. They also have a boost ability for a special type of graphics code. Not yet seen on pc.

Mistercteam is correct in his findings but is still wrong in Others. The reason things look strange when you measure the silicon. Your looking for a massive dgpu that is just sitting there w2w or 2.5D.. the design is strange.  But I will say nobody has seen the final design aspect. Like i said when I seen the last design a few months back before calibration.  The gfx cores and cpus were siting next to the main soc silicon. I say keep digging. Just dont expect any thing less then 1.31tf or 5.31tf

the last thing do not think of this dgpu as one big gfx core it doesn't have to be with 8/10mb of specialized esram attached.. with the guest mmc it should help.. host/guest :)

Also ms have green light now. They could come early. But it will all make seens 29/30 no matter. And tier4 enabled.

Insider: Like I said the sony 3$ attack dogs are on to this blog.. stay strong. And the sony kind have to all ways attack personal aspects of people don't player there games
This magical 30% of power there   console "had" .its a real shame cant be transferred to logic and reason in there brains.
Sony had to sell there head office to fund ps4 development and marketing.
Parasite is correct in the change in gpu. But its not just a 9000 seires its a combination. And its not physically a single chip. :)

Mistercteam breakdown:

Insider: Ok heads up this is a big clue. the sort of thing we are looking for is. four very specialized gfx cores that can only be accessed via the metal xdriver. Full stereo only available after 25/30 to majority. 80% of developers only have low access.

Mono is only access Main SOC
Stereo is when they can access Both gpuSOC  + MainSOC
Stereo will be enabled after 25/30
80% still using mono driver

It is why (highly possibility) that why BF4 & Ghost & Wdogs still have to presented on PC specced X1 devkit
as they waiting stereo driver to be enabled,  by the time it is enabled, BF4 ad other demanding games
can use full power of X1. and infact better on some part than the PC version as it was tier4 (later on i will explain)
also inline with parasite, about BF4 info

Insider : These cores have access to all the 8 core cpu threads if need be. But two of each cpu threads do have a specialist purpose. They also have a boost ability for a special type of graphics code. Not yet seen on pc.
Ok so this is a confirm that per CPU on dGPU can have more than 2 thread per core, it is like i said SMT4 + SMT2 (for GFx) totalling 48 operation (my explanation is to simplyfy things, basically he explain cpu on dgpu SOC not cpu on mainSOC)

insider: The gfx cores and cpus were siting next to the main soc silicon
insider:Parasite is correct in the change in gpu. But its not just a 9000 seires its a combination. And its not physically a single chip. :)
so with this info  probably 2.5D , the smaller dies will be 22/20nm remember 22/20nm is 2 times denser than 28nm
even if you see it small it is certainly 2 times the size of it at 28nm , so 175mm^2 on 22nm is about 350mm^2 on 28nm

the dGPU is cosist of 2x smaller wafer (see diagram below)
each smaller wafer in 22nm hold: 4CPU core power ISA + 1152 ALU
so dGPU = 2x4CPU + 2x1152 ALU
the TF = 2304 x 2 x 0.8 = 3.6 TF , plus MainSOC will be 4.8 TF (inline with parasite)

The dGPU will have 9xxx tech and customized, the MainSOC will be 7xxx or 8xxxx
(not a single GPU, dGPU is splitted)
on reality the GPU series wont be from same PC/mobile verision as it will be highly customized
the reality is dGPU is supposed to be Tier4 (GCN 2.0+)

*) remember latest GCN 1.1 are tier 2, with VI is supposed to be tier2 or tier3, tier 3 will have new function probably will be disclosed for DX 11.5, probably Tier4 are new advanced tech that wont be available on PC or tier3 yet, basically dGPU will be new architecture.

insider: the last thing do not think of this dgpu as one big gfx core it doesn't have to be with 8/10mb of specialized esram attached
i agree so dGPU will use eSRAM through guest/host MMU the other 8/10MB is certainly for use on dGPU but from 47MB
(side note :7970 use 12MB SRAM/eSRAM)

*) 22nm SOI is about 2 times denser than 28nm
now for the diagram if we believe it will be 2.5D and remember this is speculation .

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MrC if dGPU is 22nm wouldn't IBM have to build it?


2013-09-06 06:27 pm (UTC)

Are we over looking this detail? I understand the technology is there to make it happen. but would the companies agree to make it happen? Wouldn't IBM be in the strange position of fabbing an AMD GPU if it was to take advantage of 22nm? Why would IBM agree to this? Why would AMD want IBM fabbing one of its most advanced chips ever made? These are issue I have not seen the community deal with yet. Thanks

Re: MrC if dGPU is 22nm wouldn't IBM have to build it?


2013-09-06 07:35 pm (UTC)

they doing all the time
AMD and IBM are have joint aggrement in RD
infact AMD jaguar have lots of common from IBM A2 core

Global Foundry ex AMD Fabbed
use all tech from IBM

it is called CPA
Common Platform Alliance (just google it)
GloFo (ex AMD) + Samsung + IBM = CPA
when IBM is doing all the research

AMD is not making IBM chips

you mis understand it
it is all fabbed under Microsoft order
look at the logo Xbox microsoft

MS own the IP
not like Sony

remember Xbox 360
it is all MS IP, combining AMD IP (GPU) + IBM IP (CPU)

also TSMC can combine all wafer from other foundry
into its COWOS 2.5D, it is standard practice

what makes it different is this is the 1st time
if this info is correct and from die size comparison it seem inline
this is the 1st time foundry doing 2.5D or 3D in mass quantity
people predicted it is need at least 1 more year for 2.5d or 3d

Edited at 2013-09-06 07:38 pm (UTC)

Keeps getting more interesting!


2013-09-06 06:40 pm (UTC)

On my drive to work today, I was thinking about what Parasite had said on why BF4 wasn't shown. The fact that they don't have final spec dev kits makes a lot of sense, so of course they would have to run it on PC's that are spec'd to Xbox One specifications. It's not a smoke and mirrors ploy, if it was I'm certain the law at least in the States would have something to say as you can not falsely advertise a product. Hooking up controllers to a PC and not being forth coming could bite them in the behind if the version of BF4 is not on par with what people and media have seen (hence why it was only 16 players at the Sony booth with down graded graphics). EA knows this.

Keep it coming :)


2013-09-06 06:46 pm (UTC)

It would be amazing if some of these theories would turn out to be true! xD ...and even if not it's still a highly entertaining read haha ...

Anyway have my day one edition preordered ....

anyone have a link to their last issue where it discusse XBOX 720?

this is the breadown, from the 14 pages of it, 3D sound, 4 core 4 logical, event mention 22nm


2013-09-06 07:02 pm (UTC)

they describe some aspect from dgpu
remember 22 and 28nm
28nm is mainSOC
22nm is dGPU or 2ndSOC

Mono driver, then after 25/30 it will be full stereo


2013-09-06 06:55 pm (UTC)

MS code name for kernel/driver for gpu is a hint

they already said since beginning the driver code name is "mono"
so after they activating the 2nd SOC the code name will be "stereo"
as now it is 2 SOC working together in tandem

I like the way MS use the code name
we just not seeing yet when they use that code name "mono"
now seems inline


BF for example:
seems inline why BF4 have to use PC specced as X1
as the updated or thd dGPU wont be activated till 25/30 Sept

Re: Mono driver, then after 25/30 it will be full stereo


2013-09-06 07:18 pm (UTC)

Does you have the specs for the Dev kits that Dice is using. Just curious.

can someone copy/paste very last post of prev. journal entry??


2013-09-06 07:02 pm (UTC)

I made a theory that is in-line with many things(even this journal entry) and could help the team out. At very least it will be food for thought.

it would be very much appreciated if someone did that for me. cant copy and paste at the moment :(

Re: can someone copy/paste very last post of prev. journal entry??


2013-09-06 07:05 pm (UTC)

send it to me?

4 specialized cores

insider said 1 for physics, 2 for geometry,

last one is the DX XX Graphics core specifically for hardware tiling of prt, so it doesnt have to be done in software?

no wonder you have 4x the polycount in RYSE, with hardware level PRT you could 10 x the texture and still not blink

MS have 2 cluster of quad cores...why??

remember each cluster cpu has about 24 threads if we follow MS claims of 48 op/s for cpu.

maybe 1 cluster is with main soc and 2nd cluster is with the 2nd gpu?? would explain the need for the oban 4 256bit busses and 2 quad clusters. wouldnt it be easier just to put all core on 1 cluster?? i couldnt imagine MS making 2 seperate cpu clusters just for the sole purpose it could create less heat. why MS go through all the trouble of making 2 clusters?? just so they upclock the cpu 150mhz over ps4?? that was their whole purpose??

I think the 2 clusters is needed for

1. to create less heat as 48threads in one cluster would create too much heat.

2. to be create balance between the system

my belief is the second GPU is about 1.7-1.8 tflops and main SoC gpu is 1.3tflops = 3.1tflops total in GCN 1.0 terms. extremely balanced and virtually no bottlenecks where the cpus and gpus are concerned.

But with GCN 2.0 it puts the system around 9.6-10tflops(real world performance not raw tflops on paper)

this theory is in-line with many things.

-----> all launch titles will not use the 2nd GPU. putting main soc at around 5tflops(real world performance not raw tflops) raw tflops is GCN 1.0 context. look at ryse and forza, those games couldnt have be created so quickly and look so good on 1.3tflop.

------> almost 10x the power of 360.-MS

-------> insiders recent claims about 3.1tflop

-------> parasites insider confirming 5tflop for main soc after the gpu got upclocked from 1.2 to 1.3tflops

--------> explains the oban quad memory busses

--------> explains why theres 2 clusters of quadcores and not just 1 cluster.

Thanks, much appreciated!!

New Pic confrontation with Tahiti chip and XOne Main SoC

Marco Gatto

2013-09-06 07:19 pm (UTC)

Hi all, i'm Marco and i write from Italy. I find this site great (many thanks mister x and mistercteam). Just a question: i have found on reddit ( this pretty image, a confrontation with Tahiti Chip and main SoC of XBox One:

What do you think about it?

Then, always on reddit, i found a new comment o mr Major Nelson, that i think must very very interesting: "As I said above, Albert is one of the most amazing people I work with - that's why I invited him on my podcast a few weeks ago. I jab him a bit about posting on 'GAF (fact: they would not approve my account of there) but he's smart and driven. He's also right: We have some of smartest programmers in the world working on Xbox One. I am very much looking forward to the next few months (and beyond) as the truth comes out."

Sorry for my awful english.
Best regards


tahiti packaging is 40x40 same as x1, not 45x45 they trying to dumbed down,they not even overlay it


2013-09-06 07:45 pm (UTC)

they just imagining it will be the same
are they infact try to overlay it!!

look at the clue the xbox are more wider in one side
the tahiti is more same x vs y dimension

we already discussed infact we provide the source
people with BG in photo and can use photoshop
can try it by themselves
this is the image

from vr zone
like i said the packaging is same as xbox
it is 40x40, not 45x45 they try to dumbed down every truth

want to check it by yourself this is the proerly adjusted
xbox one in 40x40 pacakging :
Tahiti in 40x40 pacakaging :

rotate it then overlay it using 50%opacity on X1 before overlay & reposition you will notice the difference in size

the result

infact using other photo the result is the same
you can not just use 2 different image without doing some overlay and rotate it but also remember to check the size of resistor pack & cap

it is why MS said MainSOC , there is another SOC

Edited at 2013-09-06 07:57 pm (UTC)

Sony One week before TGS has a meet and greet


2013-09-06 07:23 pm (UTC)

I see that Sony might be having a conference one week before TGS. If all this stuff about the second dGPU is true, then Sony might be adjusting their hardware as well, or have been hiding its power. Corporate Espionage is a tricky game.

There is no way that Sony is going to stand back and let MS come out and say that the total TFLOPS of the Xbox One is now closer to 4 or 5.

I find it funny that Sony had so, so many more Gigaflops last gen and it just didn't pan out.

People keep saying that the proof is in the games and we all saw the games and there was very few games that looked better on PS3. Maybe I am deluded as well, but I hope that I wouldn't ignore the facts if they were presented to me.

Edited at 2013-09-06 07:24 pm (UTC)

Re: Sony One week before TGS has a meet and greet


2013-09-06 07:32 pm (UTC)

The only question about Sony trying to match Microsoft is cash flow. Do you think they could afford to sell the PS4 at a loss or barely break even? Remember, Sony lost $4.5 billion in revenue this last gen. Let's also not forget that Microsoft paid AMD over $3 billion for the deal that we are starting to see here.

some interesting fact, i wont touch complicated thing, so easy to discuss


2013-09-06 07:24 pm (UTC)

-dGPU is tier4
(remeber tier2 is the latest make up for PRT & Tile & basically DX 11.2)
(dave bauman explaining only up to tier2, so tier4 is more more advanced in features wise, tier means hardware natively)

-22nm on dgPU

-Big clue of why they name the code to the metal DrX as mono, as it will be 2 mono driver , after 25/30 both will be enabled it is why insider said stereo

-gfx core + cpu next to mainSOC, like i said dgpu will have it (small cpu core), as already pointed out by Xbox surface rumor, by Insider since 2012, by People claimed as superdae at TXB.

-it is why on May reveal they said X1 dont have BC, as mono driver only enables MainSOC, after 25/30 the other SOC , dGPU SOC will be enabled, dGPU SOC will have power ISA, the power ISA is the one related to 48ops arch panel , it is why then parasite said there will be FC, because the power isa enables the forward compatible, but later on.

-the one that highly modified is dgpu SOC, it is tier4, and the CPU have new thread dedicated for gfx and probably new instruction set for gfx (like MS done on Xenon adding VMX128)

so some easy to follow

but rest assured both insider and parasite agree it will be 4TF+ (raw)
if want to make assumption of how much ALU of dgpu
check the probable spec of 9870
if difficult just remember 8870 is 1792 ALU

remember it is tier4, even the VI rumored only tier2 or tier3

Re: some interesting fact, i wont touch complicated thing, so easy to discuss


2013-09-06 10:25 pm (UTC)

Remember insider said expect no less than 1.3 or 5.3


insider is only refering to main soc RWP.

1.3 in gcn 1.0 context

5.3 in RWP thanks to gcn 2.0

in CBE(closed box environment)= 10.6tflop.

BF4 still only using Main soc as it is a launch title and they are using 2 7970s to simulate CBE for main soc power. If MS gives the BF4 devs the stereo driver early oct. they would not have enough time to really take advantage of it. Maybe BF4 in 2k?? Maybe MS will reveal f-series glasses to combat sonys VR glasses??

PS4 is shared memory arch. and can handle 3D positional processing thanks to partial HSA. But with kinect and full HSA+ and the sheer power of X1, MS is on another level.

ex. PS4 will have a big clunky headmounteddisplay to help with headtracking. Their basically gonna have to shove a 4-6inch1080p screen in ur face and their pseye toy will help the HMD capture all the players movement but will take resources from the system. Sony could possibly upscale/stretch to 4k for movies and stretch out native 1080p games to take up more display space but Image quality will take a hit.

on the MS side kinect can handle all player movement on its own hardware. no resources are needed from the X1 box itself. Then MS will give us some nice slim glasses capable of displaying 4k and a co-processor on them to sync X1, kinect and glasses together.

especially with X1 supporting 8 players at once. a LAN party with a single X1 would be a piece-o-cake with fortzella glasses. say u have 1 game capable of running at 4k. 2 players could play at 2k or 4 players play at 1080p each and 720p for 8 players. :))

Ps4 upgrade???


2013-09-06 07:47 pm (UTC)

Sony surly can't hav enough resorces to fling money at their console this late in development they hav to be at production stage by now!
Granted the NDA (which dose exist) may reveal something interesting about sony's machine but will it be enough to compete with the x1's custome silicone?

Doubtful that they could do it. It's been reported numerous times (as well as coming from the CFO's mouth in an investment meeting) that Sony has gone for off the shelf tech to throw in the PS4. This translate into Sony wanted to produce the machine cheaply while still having something to compete with (They are more than likely being pressured really hard by investors to make a profit on the PS4). You don't sell both your buildings in New York and Japan then decide to take a loss on each machine sold which could put you further in the hole.

this whole thing is a big viral marketing campaign

remeber what they did with halo 2 and the "i love bees"

i think the insider is a microsoft employee who is dropping breadcrumbs for us, so that we can show the reasearch of our diggings, and spread the hype. we're not getting a leak, were being fed.

Misterxmedia=i love bees

think about it, there have been lots of ups and downs, its like the plot to a movie. because its scripted.

this is just like that, scattering breadcrumbs, everyweek a new crumb of infomation is released to add into the puzzle. to build the hype slowly building from may until october, 1 small peice at a time, always building. this whole thing has come from "F*(k you Microsoft" and is going to "let me give you my first born kid for an xbox"

the hype is getting unreal. once this bomb drops at the end of the month, MS will start to have commercials, tons of commercialls, more so during football season, which starts this weekend here in the states. starting mid october they will put the accsessories and kiosks out in the bestbuys etc... and people will litterally be drooling.

by the time this is over MS will have pulled off an amazing show.
they are playing for us like the pied piper, and by nov 22 the whole world will be launching with the xbox one.

even without insider i find on my own to proof

remember 6 coiltronics that's a proof, you only need 2or 3 for 120W

remember size is bigger die than tahiti

remember Ryse polycount is 150k vs KZSF 40K
with all caustics all GI, grass movement etc

remmebr ryse use upcoming not yet used on PC
on 1.3TF no way impossible

remember the bigger case external PSU

that is hard fact evidence
it is on front of us

Re: it is real, (Anonymous) Expand
Re: it is real, (Anonymous) Expand
I heard the X1 uses a type of virtual machine to do more things at once. I'm not as knowledgeable about technology as many of you are, so I was wondering if you could tell me in what way a virtual machine along with this hardware might be used? Is it only good for quickly switching games and apps?

Does the PS4 have a feature similar to the virtual machine the X1 has?

Some of the videos that I have seen look good to me. It didn't seem as snappy, but it was still pretty good. I am sure they must be doing some sort of VM use or some type of app hibernation.

Sony fanboys are nuts


2013-09-06 08:08 pm (UTC)

Its a joke every were you go on every sight people aka sony fanboys are saying ms is lieing about ps3 not haveing 30+ power advantage . Come on ms is lieing for fuck sake they are ms I think they know what there talking about and dumb shit ps4 fanboys are talking like they know better than ms . So some cock sitting in his bed room says ms is lieing and its fact I hope to god xbox one is alot more powerful sony fans will feel like the biggest dicks in history and the shit they will get over it will be legendary . Oh and they can't us the Lazay devs shit because ps4 is just like a pc they said ps4 is easyer to make games on than xbox one they said so if a game looks better on xbox one I wonder what kind of bullshit they come up with other than the fact xbox one is more powerful .

Re: Sony fanboys are nuts


2013-09-06 09:51 pm (UTC)

I don't know which would bring me more enjoyment: A more powerful system, or watching the drones cry. It would be so satisfying to then cry about this. They've put so much stock into sony, they have talked so much trash, it would be so great to see them have egg on their face.

Over the last couple of months, I've grown to detest most of the sony fans on the net. Of course they are not all scum, but it's rare to see a decent one comment on anything xbox.

They are so full of hate it's disgusting. Most haven't even looked into what MS wanted to do, they just read someone's opinion and took it as their own.

I was pissed at MS at first, but then I looked into what they were doing and saw how I was overreacting.

Re: Sony fanboys are nuts (Anonymous) Expand

This rumor really gets interesting by the day


2013-09-06 09:35 pm (UTC)

I just can't wait for MS to show off their dgpu just so they can destroy sony and their lies. It has always been the games for me. I go for the console where the games run and play to their best that's why I chose Sega in the 16-bit era for sports games. I always wanted to have a Dreamcast but somehow before I could get one it just dropped dead. Later, came the Xbox 360 with all HALO and Gears of War yet I couldn't imagine buying a console I hardly knew. I wanted a PS3 so bad but Sony took ages to release it. Somehow during the first months of the 360 launch my inner gamer once again took over so I decided to buy the console because I just can't miss any games. As soon as I got my 360 I hooked it up online for some Modern Warfare after that the rest is history. I loved the 360 so much I recommended it to my friends who in my country knows only a Playstation or a Nintendo Family Computer but all I get is Xbox who? 360 what? Why are you buying a console that is not PS? I said because this is the most advanced and revolutionary console that time. But because the 360 was the real deal with amazing online gaming it became accepted with the PS and Nintendo brand even after the former launched a year later. Today it is a well known brand and I felt vindicated. I just got tired of Sony spreading their lies, the Sony Defense Faggots sprouting everywhere, on the internet or in real life. For them you can't discuss any console other than the Playstation. WTF?
I like a forum, a blog like this one, or any gamer who is truly open-minded, where we can freely speculate and discuss things without getting the usual dumb-ass trolling posts of the SDF when all I want is a nice conversation about video games and knowing the technical side of the console. The last week of September just cant wait.

It will be a thing to beholed if and when we see a multi plat game look or run better on xbox one the shear shock on the ps4 fanboys faces would be priceless I can't wait . But but sony said . But but gddr5 . But but mark carney said . But but fucking but . Wake up call sony fanboys sony is broke fucking broke they did not hve the money to do what ms has done HELLO .

3 posts back the insider gave a us a clue that went like this

"I have also heard from a very good friend, that some dude that likes trains. Was extremely correct about the big trick that ms have up there sleeves. The one that will see million of x1 pre order boosts(misterx - lets digg it? who is it and what he said?)"

What if it was about Atulus and Microsoft bought them. And then Microsoft announced Persona 5 for Xbox One... Not only that MS would get all these great Japanese games hopefully ready for launch in Japan in 2014 !!!

Atlus parent to sell off holdings – report -

Atlus to Sega? Why Microsoft might be a better fit -

Common I really hope Microsoft did this and bought Atulus ... GAF would go mental!! Totally off there rocker! :)

Edited at 2013-09-06 10:53 pm (UTC)

Re: What If Atlus ?!! :)


2013-09-06 11:47 pm (UTC)

windwaker coming to MS ;)

dont know where i heard that.

28nm + 22nm ?


2013-09-06 11:01 pm (UTC)

Can someone explain me how it's possible to mix 22nm with 28nm in this situation ? Isn't it two different technologies ?

Thanks in advance.

yes its general name is 2.5D process if it was side by side
it is a 2.5D
Just googling COWOS 2.5D
it shows TSMC have a good foundry process combines several node process into one packaging using TSV

Re: 28nm + 22nm ? (Anonymous) Expand

mistercteam do you remember my find in July about 22nm process ready since 2012 ?


2013-09-07 12:49 am (UTC)

You remember when i found this interesting pics from MS Faculty Summit 2013 i've done a screenshot at that time. :)

So 22nm for high volume manufacturing is ready since 2012 for Microsoft, we got here an important fact i think.

Edited at 2013-09-07 12:51 am (UTC)

Yes, great find, people mixed up 22nm and 20nm, 22nm is ready since 2012 one of it is Glofo/CPA


2013-09-07 02:34 am (UTC)

Also remember 22nm is SOI has same density like 20nm TSMC
so whether MS choose High risk 20nm TSMC
22nm Glo fo, it is the same

Also 32nm Oban rumor early 2012, is SOI process for dGPU for devkit probably, so it is logical the final console will use 22nm

Re: Spectacular RYSE gifs *MUST SEE*


2013-09-07 02:07 am (UTC)

Scary thing is it's not even finished yet!

Reddit: My review of Battlefield 4 at PAX Prime.


2013-09-07 03:49 am (UTC)
Question: Interesting that the resolution was set to 1920x1080. Since this is in the xbox booth it confirms that the xbox one version is full 1080p. Could you confirm this from the EA rep? Would appreciate confirmation, thanks blindspider11.

Answer: Well I saw the screen set to 1920X1080 when the signal for the monitors changed. Do not take this as confirmation on the Xbox One Battlefield 4 resolution.

Edited at 2013-09-07 03:50 am (UTC)

Remember especially this late and at Xbox booth

remember when Forza still demoed at May reveal on PC specced devkit

MS wont lie , it is not like sony

What People see at Xbox booth is supposed to be XB1 version will be
and probably better lighting engine as suggested by parasite and insider

Probably PC will still be the king they can use 2-3 HawaiiXT later on
on performance, but technology wise XB1 pack new GPU arch

The Phil Harrison 26 Sep Eurogamer Keynote & Third Parties Showing Games


2013-09-07 03:51 am (UTC)

"Visitors to the show will be able to check out a bunch of games from the launch line-up, going hands-on with Forza Motorsport 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, Killer Instinct, Kinect Sports Rivals and Project Spark. A theatre demo of Dead Rising 3 will also be available for attendees.

Not only that, but Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison will present an exclusive Xbox One presentation, kicking off the Eurogamer Expo developer session schedule at 12pm BST on Thursday 26th September. The session will also be streamed online on the Eurogamer YouTube channel.""

"n addition to the games Microsoft will have available to sample, many third-party publishers and developers are visiting the show with their next-gen titles, and they will also be a big focus for the rest of the developer sessions schedule, which should be announced shortly."

Re: The Phil Harrison 26 Sep Eurogamer Keynote & Third Parties Showing Games


2013-09-07 04:01 am (UTC)

can't wait for this.

Forgot to post up these videos. I got to play Ryse about a week ago. The quality isn't that great because of the poor tv/screen choice.

Anyway here ya go:

And here's the Xbox One controller up close:

I did a whole write-up about my experience at the Hands On event in Seattle on August 29th.


thank you for the review and the video
is that you > guy with the hat , :)

also from the video somehow seem more fluid
and the MP or CO-OP animation seems not as bad as IGN video ?

Is Sony in full production of the PS4 already?


2013-09-07 05:48 am (UTC)

Does anybody know if Sony has already announced the production of the PS4 is already being done? It seems like I haven't heard from them except the launch date.

also if you see all supposed to be launch games for PS4
it is infact not yet confirmed at launch day date

they only confirmed the games will be available from launch date - Dec 2013

are they actually unprepared?
the one that actually have problem ?

who knows

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