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Insider Daily: Sony desperately try to upgrade PS4 for dGPU now to make it like Xbox One

Misterx: Also..where is dx11.2 promissed support from Microsoft? only dx11.1 we saw..:)
Insider: Dx 11.1+ will be getting a downgrade to dx8.1- in the one :) ...well that is what sdf would like and many might think that...

But the truth is, it is only a place holder. Wait till 29th or so I hear tgs.. As the nda will lift.

Misterx: Can you confirm PS4 is 1.8TFs? Or it is 3.2TF stacked as you previosly said?
How much more powerfull Xbox One is? Seems like xbox one is 3.7TF-4.2TF territory and PS4 will upgrade to 3.2TF

That will not gave Microsoft a KO victory and than means Xbox brand could not recover fast enought from damage Sony created with their lie and FUD...

Also, how is that possible to w2w 28nm and 20nm? Mistercteam say that is only 2.5D possibility....
Insider: Ps4 1.8tf  x1 2.4tf without cloud with cloud  2.9tf(misterx comment: suddenly it is only 2.4TF now...below he hints why he lowered this from 4.2TF as in my understanding he tryes to be Level 3 or 4 developer. level 3/4/...developers do not have access to the advanced dev kits)with respectively these numbers may not carry over in real world figures. No pain no gain.

The ps4 1.8tf is a theoretical number.. this 40% is being based on white paper tests.. ps4 does not use the same custom silicon as x1..

the dpu are 80% faster then sonys gpgpu comput units. Were as the sony gpu is 14:4 and these process are gpu depended not specialized.  they are definitely alot slower and harder to develop for as cerny has stated it will take 2-4 years to see ps4 architecture benefits.

The biggest struggle sony face are there belief the gpu can do it all. .. It has to do a lot of extreme heavy lifting to reach there aspirations. 70% of pseye processing has to be done on the gpu comput units and takes up 2 whole cores of processing.  Yes onion and garlic + buss are extremely fast. But they also do have stalls.. the fact that the cpu is crippled to 10gbs. And fanboys have this vision that you just double the buss.  Which in theory is true. But it comes with extreme optimization problems. The fact is the cpu just cant keep up with the gpu and comput load.  This is where x1 hardware really shines.  Esram on chip has allowed ms to get a 68gbs from the ddr3 but when cpu uses hsa memory coherently esram/ddr  it  has a constant 30gbs buss with 6 ops per core.  The x1 design is a hsa+ design in theory. In  nature of  hsa it has been modified alot.   Also the main soc gpu does not have to do physic's based calculations as there specialized
 process for this. There is also two geometry engines. And there is also an extra gfx core and comput units. which has its own 10mb of esram it can access independently or shared. The sound and video do not have constraints on the gpu And kinect has all its own processing externally.  .  As for w2w mistercteam  may be right. There has been alot of changes in x1 design and it is looking more and more like 2.5D. But I can honestly say I am not sure if co process are on a different silicon to the main soc at this time. Or are combined As we dont have access to final retail sdk. Even gamescom was not final ether. There is no manufacture problems as they really do have fail safes in place for bad binning.  The wired hd shots showed where the co processors should have been on the motherboard but they were not in those shots.  More will be said at tgs.. From the story coming directly from upper suits. It seems Ms may take a swing at Sony on there own turf.  :)

Insider: I see a heap of people trying to add the x1 memory bandwidth and not getting the right figure. They all seem to see that some thing is missing or not adding up. They think ms are fools.. But the real truth is right in front of them.

If they factored in why there is a quad memory design 4x 256bit.  Because each gpu and cpu has two read and wright address lines rather then have one big 512bit address line. Ms designed two 256bit gfx cores. Which each can access cpus. That is also why the cpu's are not one big clusters the cpus are split into 4 core. It would have made the cpu recourse worse over a 512bit bus and it would have coursed stalling and fragmentation. This is also why there is two swizzle main accelators / data move engines with 30gbs r/w that are solely for cpu/gpu. Do the maths with a second gpu architecture. Then it will all add up.. the system will not see 5tf performance gains. But 2.4 -3.1 is what has been said at many discussion. Which is why I have said 680 level of performance :)

Misterx: Do you still expect dGPU is there?
Insider: It is more like 2.4 - 3.1 tf..(misterx wonders dGPU only or the whole system?) which for a console with high level machine code available to developer is a staggering amount of tf.. and that ant half of what is in there as there is special dpu graphics process that handles other graphic things that pc are going struggle with... I will tell you 2.5D is still a highly effective method for stacking.. we where told w2w but that could be for the extra stuff gpu cpu gpu esram. I would hold off as I can not give you a straight up 100% truthful answer. We dont have finally sdk. Only capcom crytek ea ubisoft do .. I have seen it but not open. Back in june we saw inside the sdk and there was two apu's in the box. It looked like the wired photos.  Very much like 360 design expect the second apu was close but on its own silicon.  We were told that it would merged with the main soc w2w.. that is why the clocks were dropped from 1 ghz to 853. There was to much power draw for the chip. And the fans were always
 kicking in. So they downclocked. But they had a winning design with massive capabilites ..  not sure if both gpus are running @ 850.. I heard that one is 900mhz but I do not know if the source was authentic.   Plus 4 quad 256bit buss are a lot more efficient then one big 512bit .. specially when crossfired and multi cpu gpgpu.

Misterx: So the second dGPU will be 0,9-1,5 TF only? how is that make sence?
Insider: I really want to tell you more.. believe me.. but right now there is a massive hardware battle going on.. sony know Ms have crushed them with the x1 specs.. sony is trying desperately to get a second dgpu into the ps4. That is why the truth is starting to leak out. Sony has had no final hardware running on real ps4 hardware its all phase 3 dev kits..  sony are trying to boost the consoles hardware.  I think the gaming media will come out a lot more about ths truth ps4 is not what sony promised .. Cerny know this to.. its a console war . Sony have been very ruthlessly and time has run out.. I cant say much more NDA and ms have the army out right now . X1 is extremely powerful you dont even know the half..

Misterx: That is sounds better :)
So, no problems for Xbox One to be on pair with PCs for next 5 years? So, if no PS4 upgrade then 2-3 more powerfull still in place? :)
We need somehow to be sure MS will fast regain its ground...if that will be 1.84 vs 2.4 that will not be fast...also why BF4 dev say PC version will be better...
Insider: Its going to be on par... but it will still take coding to metal... pc is an open platform. It never stagnates.   That is were cloud comes in to x1 architecture. Because the data centers are ever evolving and so is the internet. It will allow a grasping of the pc platform ever evolving expenditure.  Of course hypothetical In aspect now for gpu culls, it is however very efficient for physics and adaptive a.i .Branch predicted light and geometry. Five years from now it will be rendering full 2tf gpus performance with ease.

When it comes to x1 and bf4 . There is going to be some comprises. Your not going to see native 4k or supper high aa or af levels that a pc with 2 or 3 7890 or 780 are going to be doing.  Its just not possible. 64player @ 60fps and 1080p will happen.. but pc is lead platform so its going to be better with a 4k tv and a 4000$ computer.  It is logical

Insider: Mistercteam is correct In his Bнимание к деталям(misterx - attention to details in russian...shocked he wrote this in russian) .. keep digging... I expect ms to start looking at you guys in a different mind now. Expect a few discrediting comments. :)

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