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Insider Daily. The Truth. Before we only got 50% of durango. now it will be 80% with this

  1. @anexanhume 'll just say, there are rumors out there that are super close, but i haven't seen anyone actually nail durango down yet.

  2. @aegies@anexanhume ingo?http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/113960.html he gates has just been opened.

    1. @misterxmedia@anexanhume y understanding is that he's overshooting intended tdp by 60-100 percent.

  3. @misterxmedia@anexanhumenope. believe what you want.

Insider:Another person who has not seen final sdk.. Well ask him why didn't ms/amd/ put the esram on the soc... Or gpu.


Also.. We ask tech rnd and there is two sdk out there.

They would not tell us what the other is ... And we are not aloud to discuss it..

P=cv2f ... So from what we are told .. Soc mars has a 70 W but a - 30 w tdp

onder does this Arthur Gies have the surface control sdk ...

It is power 770 based sdk 8x8 core ...or 2x8 core 4gbs of ddr 3
With 64mb of esram ...
And 2x 8800 gpu..

We have not had this sdk.. But we have heard they changed to the one we have.. Just cant be sure as there is so much going on..
But we can expect ms to talk soon
to the public .. So the story goes..

and we are also told that the draw on mars - drops to 30 W when other gpus are in-effect
. They have 90 W with a tdp of 40 %.. This is what we are told..

Any thing could change when retail production starts... Our sdk could be the xbox light and xbox.  as the mars chip is the one emulating bc
But also ms ant using mars or venus as there soc names we are
.. Cos we know the gpus there based on.. But no body would have the guts to dear speck them..as you would be out of a job.. Ndas.. And the fact the industry is about to come alive again..

Insider:There is all way's going to be inaccurate information for a reason.  I can tell you  why we are not going to tell you every thing . Feb 5 that is when most of nds expire... You might think this unfair but Every thing iv told you is close to truth iv left bits out moved things around for a reason... But you and your friends.. yes the ones digging are very close... Most of what was said was to articulate your minds not with disinformation .. but to make sure you keep looking. 

If I could I would have told you every thing but then I would be in big trouble.   At this point media know what is inside the ps4/omni...  they will not know what kryptos has in till this dayhttp://www.microsoft.com/gulf/opendoor/bahrain.html.. And Ms may not show games, but will take about the technology

Also the people who are saying they know ps4 is more powerful are basing there facts from leaked documents pre 2012 and old sdk pre 2013 information. 

I will be fair tho and give you some heads up.
What is the "secret source" that has been getting  whispered about around the internet well it is Oban..
What is Oban... Oban is a 3d vertically stacked ic. The process they used  IS integration w2w 3D
I have included  some diagrams and pdf to help bring you up to speed on this information... you will know this is 100% correct... It contains the interposer / A memory controller very seemlier to a blitter in its design and approach
Oban contains 2x 64mb of esdram also stacked.  we have been assured that ddr3 and not ddr4 will be in the retail model.   You can find this to be true. but we can see them moving to ddr4 in a few years for cost reasons

Now soc gpu's are 800mhz and are based on 8000 series gpu.  The core cpu's are not x86  sorry ... they are power based they are also not typical cpu's they are reprogrammable ...  The diagrams and patents about the BTE cores are true..  there are 4 cores per chip.   each core has four logic threads.  It isa Heterogeneous System Architecture. 

I wont be going into the Vte or logic edram alu  or cu or Ray tracing  ...  As a lot of people are still living in a pc based methodology, and will just not believe you. Flops or teraflops wont win next gen alone ..  Also you were 50% there in your information now you are 80% make sure you all keep looking.

Also just before Ms open door a lot of Kryptos patents will be available on the internet to view ... There is an inside joke going around about this web page: 

http://developer.amd.com/resources/heterogeneous-computing/what-is-heterogeneous-system-architecture-hsa/ nbsp

Hint the pic ... of the soc  :)

/end of story

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