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Insider Daily. More Xbox Next Specs. PS4 specs detailed. 3.2T with 8gb of RAM and full HSA

It is important to read this first http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/113533.html before reading this.

More easy to read version from nowgamer:
2 articles based on this and previous posts.

1. http://www.nowgamer.com/news/1769813/nextgen_xbox_720_will_be_more_powerful_than_ps4_report.html
2. http://www.nowgamer.com/news/1769561/nextgen_huge_xbox_720_ps4_specs_report_by_insider.html

Misterxmedia: That is a system!

Well, it was almost the same as we dag :)...there is gonna be 3x SOCs...Will it be hard to port from PC to Xbox Next? Will it be the current situation with multiplatform on 360 and ps3 but only vise versa(180 degree oposite)?
  But omni is still a big jump... It has an

Apu with a fast gpu.. 4 gig of ddr3 and very much the same gddr5  ram.. Cpu cores are x86 but the bus is 256bit/ not 384bit like xbox next.. And only the main gup is full hsa..   3.2tf console both console use stacking .. But xbox next has an extra venus soc and -alot of edram shared between chips.. We all feel -omni is more of a pc in it design .. Or more of the shelf then durango.. As durango has more modded design .better buss higher memory speeds and extra rendering tech .. Id look at durango as high level -pc and omni as a medium setting pc..
The thing about omni is it will upscale to 4k but the iq is very low in regards to durango. More res dont equal better I.Q. I can see games will scale across wii/xbox/omni with ease. But first party games and some 3rd party will look amazing on durango no doubt you will see a big difference. ;)

But sony has some good dev tools but ms is just more developed.

And knowing the industry campers on forms ... Lets clear this up!!
Microsoft has massive budget for there Kryptos Project..

And like  I have said these "SOC" are only based on Pc gpus buy name and basic specs.. These are not the type of hardware you can purchase at your store.

A lot of money has been invested into these chips.. Power tdp and cooling has been the main factors in there design  But also wafer density 28nm chip sizes.

The mars system  "SOC" is running @600mhz there is an audio dsp on this chip and a 4 core cpu.. It has 4 cores 1 thread per core. And runs @ 1.8 ghz.. This chip does not run hot its all most identical to the wii u.. But due to the nature of the 8850 gpu. Which is not the same as the pc counter part .. Its gflops is close to 650.  This chip has access to the edram and main system ram which is 4gbs of ddr4.

Now the application / real hardware .. Is based on a
venus  a dual gpu design.  But these are costume designed.. Also not your standard pc part.

Each venus  soc ..contains a 4 core cpu which  has 4 threads per core. These are clocked @ 2.4ghz.
The gpus are 800mhz with 1.5gbs of gddr5 ram clocked @ 1.2ghz. They are not clocked as high as there pc counter parts. Hense there not of the shelf parts. And do not need the tdp ether.

There gpu each have 1.2tf each. Now each chip has a hardware dsp for rendering future engines that are not possible on pc at this time..  and a hardware blitter
. Which has access to the edram and system memory.

The mars soc uses 40/70 watts
The venus are 80/110watts the external power is 300watts but we are using 230watts or that is what we believe system draw is. Or the hardware techs suggested when we spoke.

Now on paper the whole sdk is around 3.2tf.  but with the blitter and dsp the system can produce around 4.2ft  on paper.. Which is the second fastest chip even fast performance then starsha. As that is all most identical soc but except it has one higher clocked 8970 gpu.. No blitter no edram and the memory bus is 256bit. Starsha gddr is also 256bit. Starsha is a 3.2tf console. Hence ms design change in december 2012. They changed to
2x venus 9850 spec soc with gddr5 when it was found that sony had updated there design to have more  faster ram and gpu. Also the soc in starsha is an 8 core jaguar at 2.0ghz.. But it has two threads per-core.

Like i have said starsha
or thebes is still a massive jump...  now oban is not inside starsha .. Oban is the name of the blitter and buss chip that controls the 3x soc in kryptos. Its 384bit and has 550gb/s it was designed to enhance the sysyem for ray tracing and other memory heavy rendering engines "ray tracing" Starsha main design is 4k gaming.. But it will not have special hardware for ray tracing. The reason behind such different
Between the two console company's
Is sony as a whole company need the omni to drive there tv sector 4k tv's 8k but Starsha can not drive iq at 4k or 8k with the iq that 1080p or 2k will have. Yes there is up-scale. Oban is the game changer for ms. You all will see very soon with your own eyes and ears.  ;)

MIsterxmedia: so, I see difficulties to achieve 4.2T performance on 2xSOC on Xbox rather than 3.2T on 1 SOC of PS4 in multiplatform games. Is that true? Porting problems ahead for xbox? Xbox will use only 1SOC because 1SOC will be on PS4 and PC or it will scale automatically to 2xSOC on xbox
Insider: starsha = 3.2tf and kryptos 4.2
It would be hard to -archive if it was not for oban design ..

I have heard starsha kits have very bad heating problems due to the gpu + soc not being specialize enough.. I think that has come down to sony not having enough money to invest in rnd.
But fanboy only want to hear what they want to hear.. And pc master race also..
The xbox360 is 8 year old tech.
A lot has happen in the tech word.
With soc design ms.ibm.amd have worked on this design for over two years now.. Oban/venus. they have included bte cpu enabled gpus.. With hsa vte.
There is so much to say but id rather people wait and see it with there own eyes.
I would never say that the gpus are 100% there pc counterparts.
They are modified. And each console has its own power and heat level.. that is why iv said this is not off the shelf hardware well starsha is but only with the gpu.

And also a lot of people are comparing starsha and kryptos by saying that starsha is more powerful well its because you are comparing them to early sdk. Sony
Starsha has been in final sdk since december.. As ms only just got kryptos out to dev at the start of this month.. Omni is in fab right now as Sony are trying to lunch ahead of of ms xbox next, which is going to mass production on the 23th of this month.

Misterxmedia: So the answer is - PS4 will be more powerful in multiplatform...

Sonyboys will do that conclusion very quickly and i see that now too. but maybe i don't understand many things...:)

Also PS4 is 8 gb and Xbox is 7 gb of RAM?

Insider: Every multi platform or 3rd party game will look better on
xbox next.. And first party games will look better then other company's offerings.
Amd cards 10000hd series will use oban enabled parts .. Its a different acratech to any card to date.. And xbox next will stay -current because of this design.
8gig.. But 1 gig is for os.. And and multi apps running behind os  and also video skype chat in game feature..
This 1 gig can not be used for games.

Misterxmedia:But 1.2T GPU and 1.8T GPU is a big difference?

Is it easy to automatically use 2SOCs and make 1.2Tx2 = 2.4T GPU power?

PC offerings will continue use Nvidia 1SOC paradigm...or it wil be easy to port?
Insider: 1
.2tf is old so is sony 1.8

Xbox is 4.2 omni is 3.2
Its no difference to developing for 360... The tools are highly- developed to handle the system.
And the first time you see xbox iq you will know... The winner.
The hardest part will be for studios to work with ray traced graphics enabled engines.. And its going to come down to the story and game .. There are a lot
Of factors .. We have the graphics now...

misterxmedia: No, i mean 1.2T for 1 SOC GPU in xbox(1.2x2Socs total on GPU part) as you said today and i can guess 1.8T for GPU in PS4 if its total 3.2T.

Many PC engines will use only 1 GPU on software level if only it will scale automatically....so only 1SOC for majority engines to use on xbox next?
The 2xvenus and 1x mars are design with oban controllers. These soc can work together. But they do not need crossfire..

Porting is not a problem.. Porting pc games
would be a lot easer this time...

Any part of the engine code can be sent to any cpu core or gpu dsp its very open..
due to the blitter.

Misterxmedia: ok, but i still can not see 2x or 3x xbox next more powerful. it will be interesting :) have a good day and thank a lot

Insider: can because i have seen it..

Tflops is only half the picture there is stuff  in this console that will change the way we see gfx ;)

/end of story

My after notes:

This was just 50% of the truth. Some reaction forced insider to say more. Read the next post to get to 80%(http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/114179.html). The main difference is - there will be IBM Power PC cores too(or only?). it became complicated and need to be learned more for 100% correct understanding what insider say

Sony propoganda machine doing overtime again...


January 18 2013, 00:02:46 UTC 2 years ago

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Blimey... you sonyfanboys really do talk nonsense don't you.

It's the sum total of all components operating together that determines the net power production that a machine can deliver. All you've done is quote sony's bullshit propaganda about the cell processor making the ps3 a super computer. Just look at the games... time and time and time again the Xbox360 has outperformed the ps3. The architecture of the ps3 was a monumental failure for developers, it's taken them 7 years to try and get it to perform like the Xbox360... and they still can't get there.

Asa developer myself, I know full well how hard and time consuming it was to squeeze performance out of the ps3. It was such an uphill unnecessary struggle. Microsoft got it right with the Xbox360... they had excellent development tools for a machine that was open from the start. Sony failed badly with their arrogant attitude to the developers.

Please please please... to all those deluded sonyfanboys out there... it's not what individual elements of the console can do... it's what the net combined machine can do.

And in this respect, you can bet that sony have failed again to produce a machine that can outperform the Microsoft machine. And you can beat without hesitation, again, that Microsoft have the best development tools out of the box... which means that NextBox will definitely have the advantage for the 1st 2-3 years on multiplatform games... AGAIN.

sony have already on the backfoot... maybe sony will pull out of the console race early this time :)


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