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Insider Daily. Some Xbox 720 (next) specs (CPU+GPU+MEMORY)
Misterx based on your info for around last 2 years mistercteam dig more and draw this. I fully agree with him because it is all inline with what you said. Is that correct diagram? Here is a link to his analisy
Insider: Ok....
Xbox next... Is like -three computers in one console...
The console has 8gig of ram. But 6 gig is ddr4 system ram.. The other 3gig is gddr5. This is not including cach or edram.
The system soc is a 8850 spec gpu with 4 core cpu. The cpu is clocked at
600mhz while the cpu cores are 1.8ghz. These cores are x86 with 4 logic threads.. This design is based around mars amd soc now the real power is the 2x 8900 venus soc gpu/cpu. These are only pc spec buy name and highly modifide parts..
The gpus are split with 4 x cpus with 4 logic threads. @ 2.5ghz or near enough.  the gpus are 800mhz
Each. Each venus soc has 1.2
mhz of gddr5 there is 2x venus based soc. The hole system is  around 4.2tf
power brick is 300watts max -but the sdk might be only drawing 230 max. There is a high level buss unlike any thing seen to date it has around 550gb- of memory bandwith --- also there is dsp for audio that is done via the mars soc.. The venus soc is full hsa and vte .. There is also special hardwear on the venus soc/s which can render something amazing this design was made by ibm ms and amd .. Its like the c1 of the xenos .. there is not much more to say at this time.. Iv left alot out but xbox next is deffenly 3x omni in raw performance . Like i said xbox next is 25x xbox 360. ANd the sdk tools are realy advanced and ease to us.... I will keep you posted ;) but like all ways you must keep diging  or wait till gdc. We have heard feb 5 for ps4
MIsterx: Well, it was allmost the same...there is gona be 3x SOCs...well, well, well. Will it be hard to port from PC to Xbox Next? Will it be the current situation with multiplatform on 360 and ps3 but only vise versa(180 degree oposite)?

crap specs by a fake insider


2013-01-16 10:36 am (UTC)

this is crap. The GPU only has 1.2TF guys. Why do you believe such garbage?

Re: crap specs by a fake insider


2013-01-16 12:08 pm (UTC)

Everythink is inline with all info we have. Especially with some official xbox next will be 2-3 time faster than Omni.

Neogaf will explode soon. They read only Sony positive rumours and sure will be very sad soon.

Who is the rigth insider?


2013-01-16 11:56 am (UTC)

A member of Beyond 3d chatted with SuperDaE, who is said to be a developer that has got final Durango HW specs. He said:

"It was passed along to me that Xbox 3's current main GPU has 12 CUs and is clocked at 800 Mhz. Take that as you will. "
This GPU seems to have 1.2TF

So, who is the right one, SueperDae or your insider?

Re: Who is the rigth insider?


2013-01-16 08:15 pm (UTC)

He is right. Insider said totay it will have 2 of them and with other tech overall xbox next is 4.2T

I really want to believe you


2013-01-16 04:49 pm (UTC)

I really do.

But what you say is just too good to be true.

I love microsoft but I just have no faith in them going for powerful hardware after how they have done a pretty bad job with gamers since 2009.

Re: I really want to believe you


2013-01-16 05:45 pm (UTC)

they were busy to conquer next gen since 2009. don't worry - they are not stupid. 3th party games are better on xbox and there is many better than PS3 exclusives. That exclusive bullshit is just sonyboys mantra which seems worked well.

Re: I really want to believe you


2013-01-22 08:02 am (UTC)

Lol, nice way to make excuses for MS, they way MS treated us core gamers for the past 4 years is downright disgusting ! Even though the specs isn't even impressive, I think it's still a load of crap, judging by The way MS treated us for the past few years, I think MS will end up giving us piss poor system, the next xbox is going to be as powerful as a rotten banana. Also, based on what should we trust your source ? How do you know this guy and for how long ? What kninda supporting details can you give us support his credibility ? How do you contact him ? 3 soc doesn't sound impossible since soc is a way to package parts together in a way more cost efficient way and is largely used in mobile devices. But does MS willing to pack this much power into next gen xbox ? I doubt it !

Re: I really want to believe you


2013-01-22 09:33 am (UTC)

Man, i don't see how MS threathen us bad. All majour games expect 3 or 4 great Sonys exclusives are on Xbox. Plus their own 3 or 4 great exclusives. You sound like a sonyboy. All xbox owners i know do not complain and just enjoy all media and gaming expirience.

How old are you and how often do you make real anaysis without fanboys opinions?

Re: I really want to believe you


2013-01-22 02:23 pm (UTC)

Sorry mate, But I'm xboxboy, Sony and playstation can go to hell for all I care.....don't worry about competition cos I'm seeing Valve getting huge next gen ! But Microsoft treats us like dirt alright ! it's very very obvious ! I don't expect MS to give us a powerful console doesn't mean the possibility of MS giving us a powerful console is 0. I'm old and mature enough all you need to know. And I don't really make analysis with fanboyism. I do think Sony isn't gonna last very long anymore, they are hanging by a thread. But you could at least give us some verification to give us an idea that the insider "can be trustworthy" since you're so sure ! For all we know he could just be another Xbox fanboy who happened to be a tech whiz and making up specs.

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