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Welcome! You've reached a place where you can read what is going on behind closed doors and know the future of the game development industry mostly from Microsoft side of things. Be informed on that topic. It is fun to read official news after. Here we discuss things that will happen in 1-3 year scope in the future. Be careful you need some time before you will realize that is all not a fake. All Insider info is under ""Insider Daily"" header. All other analysis and topics are from blog contributors.

There will be some typo mistakes as i don't have native english. Sorry me, i want to improve. that is also one of the reasons i run this blog :) Insider posts are encrypted and have no ideal English too for a reason.

How to use this site.
We don't know real dates of when Microsoft will talk about things they are working on. So yes, we often off for dates as Microsoft change plans or something new unusual happens as NDA extension for example. We don't know Microsoft market strategy from the heads of their top-3 Xbox managers.  Insider is a tech guy and always think Microsoft will show that to public as soon as developers sample stuff to other developers.

We have our lives and try to spend as little time to this blog as possible. Just to let real Xbox One fans know real truth. There is no reason for us to made info up as many think. We can understand why it is so. And we accept that because at the end everything major will be unveiled as truth. We can be wrong at some terms and sometimes at digging Insider info as he often gives tips and directions to dig only. You can trust "Insider:" only and read careful every word he says. He often says "not 100 sure", "talks i've heard" to show that is not verified peace of information but still interesting to know story circulatin inside developer community.

But the main idea will be still right. For now main idea is - Xbox One is 2014-2015 tech and is 2-3 more powerful than PS4 at minimum. Connect the dots of what Microsoft say(no it is not PR only) and what developers started to say as some NDA expires.

Be aware of lie and brainwash of Sony propaganda since 2005. They will fight till the end. Over promise and under deliver. 1.8Tf console(PS4) is still 1.8Tf console while top GPUa are 5-6TFs. They often show CGI first and downgrade later. Don't believe Sony trailers as real until actual gameplay to be seen. Sony constantly use this trick.

Also their other tricks are specific game design only PlayStation exclusives use:
- narrow corridor games with low draw distance(Uncharted, God Of War, Last of Us), That all need less power for the system to render.
- open-world games with low draw distance(InFamous).
- games with static cameras(Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- less objects and details on screen to render (GT5).

All thous tricks need 30-40% less power to render. Comparable Xbox 360 games look much better. Compare for example Uncharted which consist 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels. Night and Day.

Other tricks:
- tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never end to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- cutscenes with better assets as real-time gameplay(Uncharted).

New trick invented this generation:
- make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p
- say it is 60fps even if it is hitted only 30% of time
- make a deal with publisher your version will be better (Witcher 3 dev confirmed there is thous type of agreements in the industry, insider told that 3 years ago)

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use thouse tricks as there is no need to brainwash gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even on the start of Xbox One and PS4 when Microsoft DX12 is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 Microsoft don't lie and brainwash. While Sony agains invented new tricks.

So if we see "actual gameplay" logo in trailer from Microsoft - it is.
If we don't see "actual gameplay" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cutscene.

This E3 will be interesting to count "real" gameplay trailers from Sony.


Major posts about Xbox One tech(read everything and make your own conclusion)

List of major Insider predictions (<--- click this link )

Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2014+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
1. Insider Daily. 50% more powerful SDK for 3th parties confirmed. More than 32MB of ESRAM on the way.
2. Insider Daily. Full HSA 2014 tech is next big thing. Old 3d engines need to be re-engineered.
3. Xbox Ones hardware Tiled Resources in more detail. A huge Xbox One advantage over PS4.
4. Inside Xbox One: Using HW Tiled Resources with ESRAM in more detail. Prepare to be amazed.
5. Insider Daily. Xbox One display planes in more detail. It is like 2-3 systems in one.
6. Insider Daily. Hana2 have G-Sync like tech and Xbox One is not 1.31TF GPU
7. Insider Daily. Everyone think Xbox One GPU is 1.31TF SP. In reallity it is 2.6 TF DP
8. Insider Daily. Xbox One is 2.6TF DP GPU@853Mhz+special hardware make it 4-5TF DP for whole system
9. Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 aka DX12 aka full HSA in more detail or why XB1s 5TF DP will last 10 years
10 Insider & Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 and Xbox One are based on Microsoft E2 research project

Sony’s lie and brainwash (Eurogamer, Neogaf, n4g.com)
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com owned by Sony and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise&underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Insider Daily. MS officialy calls Sony insiders as liers. GroupKarma finds liers are being paid.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. True history of current generation of video games 2003-2011.

Insider Daily. Microsoft is about to start real next generation
Insider: I think every body who is playing the demo of fh2 know what this really means. Scale vs corridor "lane way club" not one game can match this game. Open worked @ 1080p with dynamics wait intill you see what forza 6 looks like

Misterx: MrC have confirmed W2W and 2.5D at the same time...i personaly was confused when you first said w2w and later 2.5D...2 years ago

We are with MrC a bit lost with memory configuration, AXI and 550gb/s

What 550gb/s is related to?

a) AXI speed?

b) inside memory speed?

if b what amount of it? 4GB?

Main SOC - 32 MB ESRAM?

Stacked SOC - EDRAM of 110 MB?
4GB of HMC 550 gb/s ram?

3 years ago you said - 1gb of edram - that only could be HMC - a edram 2.0 with 550gb/s

later you said 110 MB of EDRAM on each SOC...

later you said 550 gb/s related to bitter - later we started to name it as axi bridge...

so that confuses on ram amounts and speeds and AXIs...also there is some catch on internal and external BW speeds.
Insider:Protype hardware has revisions. There is 32mb of gpu esram. And ? A cash of edram. There is also many many 8mb cached also. 32mb of gpu is different to cpu memory. The 32mb has bandwidth double under dx12 sdk. I can't aswear all your questions. On dx12 sdk . The 2.5 and w2w are all on the chip but there not gpu related. Other then what I have been told there is 32mb of cach stacked with the other coprocessors using the esram as super fast cach pools the coprocessors have a max bandwidth of 550gb. They can also render directly to the frambuffer with out rops. Its is extremely complex to under stand the coprocessors and cpu/gpu. Because they are broken down into host and guest.
And the guest is axi with fpga. This is not a standard architecture. The soc has multiple architectures but there all connected using axi mmu high speed buss architecture. Axi mmu and buss are future versions of oban ring buss architecture. Some patients are linked. Extra is for gating off and offload it is a reservation of hatdware and memory not accessible at this point. Dx12 sdk bring man question and developers will need time to really show x1. You guys haven't seen any thing yet. E3 2015 will have ray tracing your going to be tied of :)

Mrc needs to look under the soc. See the trace routes and fuses .. see the configuration they are in. Ap was not correct in his wafer analogue but correct inregards to two stacked gpus.like I said like two gpus but split in two. Think about this. There is 7 systems that make up main soc .. gpu / cpu / audio / axi / fpga / memory PIM / arm core. Look at diagrams relating to new technology there is a patient reference to multi system fabric on die. How does this work. Are you right or wrong . Look at the main mother board. Match the patient.

Insider:Can't deny it now .. it is going to get better and better. And we all know why.
Gameover :)

Insider:You will not be able to get an xray of the coprocessor layer under esram. Because this is a different silicon dark silicon will make the xray to dark. And its compound will also effect layer cuts or cross cuts. I have been told that uv light can reveal blocks on the lower layers. But As I am not a silcon computer engineer I can not validate this information. You will most probably have to crosscut at the edges.. try uv light and microscope. There is also other layers which are designed to be heat spreaders.

Good luck ... :)

Some asked for photos. In Turkey now for loop-non-stop('eat-drink-swim-...') rest. Turkey all inclusive rocks lol. Paradox here - the more we eat with wife the more weight we loose on the next morning every night...:/ Don't know how is it possible.

Insider Daily. Microsoft want the DX12 games to speak first and then hardware talks will commence
Misterx: Great info.
What is your personal opinion about if MS will ever talk about stacked hardware? about new additional stacked super fast memory?

Insider: Ms really have an agenda with dx12. Full dx12 is not the same as dx12 optimisation for cpu "mantel"

Full dx12 needs new supported hardware.
There is three hardware stages of support
1. Older systems = cpu level optimisation gpu 5-10%
2. Last 8 months hardware = cpu level optimisation utilize esram on cpu for gaming specific tasks. Gpu 25 - 50% increased by api and optimisation.
3. Xbox one and future cpu /gpu next get pc/x1.
Cpu esram and axi fpga. " Pim" data move engines 100% increase in cpu and gfx of load. Gpu 50- 100% increase. New gfx effects with out bottlenecks in performance hence why Ms have said they have done stuff to keep frame rates higher. You will see @ e3 dx12 games in full swing. 4 x gfx jump.

Ms will talk about dx12 and xbox one hard when they have the games and backend in developing studios hands. The devs that have the dx12 kits know the truth they are told not to talk. Ms want the games to speak first and then hardware talks will commence.

You are all ready seeing parity and better effects now the next phase us bam gameon

Insider: Also a few surprise coming at tgs ...

Insider: The streaming xbox 360 and one games to your browser isn't exactly what is going on here.

The xbox one is streaming the games like a media server. Just how they stream xbox tv. Very soon you will be able to do that with smart glass too :)

Insider: 1 down 2 to go.. but I think people ask why.. why minecraft. Its not minecraft but minecraft 2. The business model and distribution is patiented that patient is worth 100x what ms payed.

You can expect announcement soon . But this announcement is more centered around china Korea the game is huge there but now its going to put the console forward. Sony will not have distribution in these countries.

Insider:  What did ricardo. Say .. I thought he was a cool cat. Can we ad lest here his opinion. I think its getting time for a major leak to restore the belief.

Misterx: Ahh...

Ric was close to anothertech and took his side after his ban.
That reflected on his behavior. Ric insulted me for last 2 weeks and showed undirect disrespect. I felt bad from almost every his comment. Also anothertech welcomed by Ric at Rick\s LJ this week.

Insider: I can't believe he would change like this.. I respected him and thought he brought a star quality to the blog. I do blame myself for this outcome. I never wanted to segregate people we all agree to disagree at times. Mrx your doing a good job. I think I may have to get andytech attention seeing as how there has been wolves in sheeps clothing. The sdf is resilient I give em that. But there rain of bs and aggressive behaviour are over.

Development studios ant putting up with it any more.. I sure hope ricardo apologises and returns as the better man. Use your eyes and ears friends of the blog. Everybody wants the same things and thats fact. The information struggling shouldn't come at the cost of friendship. You can agree to disagree but do it civil..


Misterx: Well, it is what it is.

He knew what he was doing and started saying "if i will not be banned" days before i feel bad reading his messages. And that was not about he said he got his new site. I was ok and glad at first. But later i saw he shows dissrespect and people started to PM me about it too.
He acted like a person who would get punched in real life very quickly for stealth hidden actions thinking nobody will notice.
I thought he was honest in his PMs when i asked why he write what he wrote. But his actions and words tells otherwise. Now he still refuses to accept he was doing something unfair.
Doing 2 faces in my book and try to safe face. But how can he support anothertech and say he respect me too and day after punch from behind in anothertech style? I thought i get it wrong at first but it continued for 3 or 4 times.

Eurogamer Lie Of The Day. Digital Foundry continues to lie and downplay Xbox One by all means
basic_sock: I dont know what to say anymore. This is so fucking pathetic. Why this kind of sites exists? Why Microsoft or some of those game developers doesn't step up and say "That Eurogamer site is bullshit" ?

From that article:

"Three exclusive ship designs are also added to Sony's platforms, while each class receives its own unique armour, carrying advantages based on enemy type. Two extra weapons are also added; the hip-firing Monte Carlo assault rifle and a Hawkmoon handgun with an option for a damage boost upgrade. To cut a long story short, it's safe to say that PS4 has a marginal technological advantage over its Xbox One counterpart, but for most people, it'll be the extra content that counts."

Now when X1 version is better or at least 1:1, they are saying that those TIMED EXCLUSIVE shits makes it better for PS4 platform? WHAT THE FUCK? This is technical comparsion!

Bullshit continues:

"Xbox One's frame-pacing issue is a minor annoyance, but far from a deal-breaker. Each platform holds at 30fps comfortably - the only drawback on Xbox One being its uneven spread of frames at certain points, causing a stutter sensation. Those who played the PS4 beta will recall the issue, prior to Bungie nipping it in the bud with a patch midway through. What we're left with on Sony's platform is a nigh-on perfect 30fps playthrough, with each frame consistently being rendered in the correct order."

After that screenshot Xbox One version drops to 29fps for a second, but not 28fps.

What about this one?


its in Spanish but proves the actual irrefutable facts, as discussed above, step by step.

I think its been linked before

the real issue that nobody has picked up on is that MS has always used the term SC, (Shader Core), the Media and tech folks have all assumed that SC = CU (compute unit)
that assumption is incorrect as Shader Core(SC) is new term for GCN 2.0 Compute unit (CU) is GCN 1.0

Shader Core SC= CU+CU+ESRAM+ + fill in the blanks Mister C

X box is 1536 alu Gpu, PS4= 1152 alu GPU, Xbox wins 33% oddly enough, (exactly the same percentage that PSH is supposedly better than x box 18 cu v 12SC = 33%)

can any of you imagine a scenario whereby the seemingly weaker console is actually Stronger.

x one has PS4 beat in cooling, GPU, CPU, and audio + 50 other processors, of which PS4 has zero.

to be fair PS4 does have that GDDR5

luvofthagame: And this cannot be refuted.

rwilmarth: They can try, but deep down they feel the salty sting.

So far the majority of tech people either don't seem to understand the shift, or the don't want to understand the shift from GCN 1.0 to GCN 2.0. it starting to be revealed with tonga. (Huge performance difference with very similar GCN 1.0 Spec)

on thing is for sure the first full DX12 APU Soc is inside the Xone

and industry has yet to reveal the first full DX12 stand alone GPU

when they doo the epic back peddling will begin.

quazl: I hope AMD releases something that is akin to the design of the X1 SOC. It would be awesome for people to realize that for the past year MS has let people bash them in the forum threads and on the news sites, just to be exonerated by the truth that the X1 SOC is 2 years ahead of its time.

josefajardo: Its all about compression too, Xbox One does it well and is ready to handle cloud data... looking at crackdown and possibly halo5 to be the poster child of this ..

2 games with totally different cloud delivered strategies

Misterx: That mean Xbox One GPU is 2.6TF. The whole systems is lot higher because GPU tasks can be offloaded to special hardware MS did not ever talked about in details. That adds 2TF at minimum - making it 4-5 TF whole system at minimum...Plus console close system 2x multiplicator...BOOM...10 years cycle...+1TF per year by SDK update..+ CLOUD offloading....."AVATAR quality on Xbox One" (c) AMD sure could be possible with 5TF closed system with CLOUD..

There is more details and Xbox One power could not be meaasured to TFs anymore. TFs could be calced only if we compare to old gen PC. But old gen PC will never run thouse tasks so comparsion could not be made.

Mistercteam: T
his game is insane, look @ the draw distance, when on PS4 DC,
in DC most of the mountain is faked object just like usually they do on Racing games

but on FH2 , they do it as real object, impressive !!!

yes the video could be faked or from some fancy tech demo
but after seing my post above about FH2 open world (the jumping car)
we see that so impressive that X1 can showed this capability in very early stage !! even if the quality (subjective) is not the same.

Dennis Taylor: The information keeps building, and this is starting to crest to what I think will be a truly wild ride.

I can hardly wait to see the official 'flick' of the blinders off the public eye, and the subsequent BOOM that will be seen and heard and definitely FELT throughout the industry once the NDAs are lifted.

Most people will be stunned with disbelief when the full scope of this is realized.

All those who criticized and condemned those who actually went digging for information and reported about it, will be the the stars of the most comprehensive Olympic back-peddling ever.

Most will claim ignorance of the facts, when with all due respect, it's more a willful and albeit BLIND following of marketing hype and paid reporting, being mean-spirited and downright childish, than that of ignorance of the facts. There will be so much spin, that it in comparison, will make politicians look completely honest and forthcoming in pure facts.

The taint on the industry, their fellow gamers and most importantly themselves, I am sure will be felt with shame, embarrassment, displaced anger, and the blame game will be epic and very much unavoidable.

I'm not anti-PS4, I am however, very much against the belligerence that many users exhibit about 'supremacy', the blind following and acceptance of marketing hype as fact, and the massive 'trolling' attack that the army of lemmings have taken to online, and in some cases, in person with other gamers.

It's a sordid affair, most certainly. Those who have been the most vocal, the most abusive, they will have the biggest role in the back-peddling and spin Olympics, it cannot and will not end well for them.

I can hardly wait to see how they try and spin the what I consider what's quite possibly the most over-hyped, most ignorant, mass trolling since the 2008 U.S. Presidential election turns out - the truth will be had....

MIsterx: Could not agree more. Everytime i think about the outcome i smile. That will really help MS to fight haters and show how they know nothing.

Also RIP Destiny

repost from 2013


"Seems like nextgen will bring more troubles for majority of the devs. 3-4 good AAA games in a year with 95% of boring repeative shit. #IndustryNeedsMoreMoneyToAweUs #NoDrmMeansLessGoodAAAGames.

Well i don't want run&shoot without inspiring idea anymore. I don't know what could awe me in video games now. I will give a chance to look at run&shoot game again only if it will have great next-gen visuals and enjoyable gunplay. If developers want me to play the same gameplay again - they should rovide interesting blockbuster experience - not that "run 500 meters from point A to point B and kill all stupid AI enemies. Repeat 100 times with shity locations wth copy&paste level design.".All potential future hits showed nothing to wonder about(QB is more promising but very little info). There is no reasons to buy new consoles now if you want play next-gen expirience. Well there is only 2.5 games that bring next-gen experience to the table now: Ryse, Forza 5 and BF4. All others - the same old boring sheet with slightly better GFX. Also every truly next-gen game from those 2.5 games has its own flaws.

What future truly next-gen games to look forward to so far:
- Destiny - well, looks lile 7s game, boring, no story, kill-em-all gameplay, shit GFX. Bungie leaders got their millions and just don;t care for the future anymore. Their pension is save now.

- The Divison - kill-em all in the city without story - just another shooting game. With MMO-elements and good for corridor game GFX. The GTA4.5 vibe without story. Boring for SP.
- Watch Dogs - seems boring after 30 minutes. Before kill-em all - do lengthy steals tasks. No epic. Gun play seems not enjoyable. Downgraded GFX looks like shit now. Thanks to PS4.
- Uncharted 4/The Order - for the 4th time - the same corridor shooter with another typical adventure story - run&jump&shoot. Boring. PS4 low power APU will limit games open world and it would again make it corridor like with pre-rendered CGIs and a lot of fog.
- Halo 5 - well the power ox Xbox One and HW tiled resources should allow create new type of immerse gameplay when yes you will still be run&shoot but it will be very interesting to be in this world.
- QB - interesting concept. Need immerse gameplay & story you wait to follow. Seems on target.
- Forza Horizon 2- that would be epic to drive - open world Forza 5 gfx. They need many nice vistas to sell it big. I want experience famous roads with beautiful vistas. No circuits please.
- Infamouse SS - old same shit. Nothing new for older gamers. this time featuring a lot of fog because 1.8tf can't render open world well.
- DriveClub - Low PS4 power will limit their vision very hard. No open world - only circuits. Circuits are bad for those beatiful vistas. Forza Horizon copy that will never top it.

GTV 5 was the best game for me after Gears 2. It have great story to follow and great and interesting gunplay with vivid and nice vistas. Really new experience all because of attention to detail. To make another game like this we need another 300 millions.

So in conclusion - many AAA developers will flop their projects and will be closed because 80% of gamers tired of the same old shit. Those gamers are grown up and tired. New gamers are still enjoy thouse type of games because they are new gamers(from ages 6 to 15). Old gamers should quit gaming because of lack of new ideas but they can't. That is in their veins. To make big AAA new game for them is possible only for big studios. Only 30% of them will hit the target and will not flop.

Every AAA flop will lead industry to a collapse. Lower prices for 7-8 mark games and #DRM could save the situation. But still to make a really great AAA game you will need 200 millions. And there is still high chance that game will flop on story or gameplay.

NextGen has arrived. You are lucky one if you have the game you could play 3-6 months without loosing interest.

Because interesting 95+ games will be rare on next-gen. Well there will be tons of good indies. But that is not why you buy consoles for.

Seems like the problem is - you could not constantly make great games because interesting games are ART and could not be managed and copied again and again every time.

New great ideas do not born only because MBAs managers or great in the past studios need them to born for their next new game. Seems like industry milked the idea of run&shoot games.

There will only 3-4 big budget AAA run&shoot games per year. Only 1 or 2 of them will not flop. But there is 5 times more AAA games in production with lower budget compared to those 3-4 games. All other teams should find another formula to survive if you don't have 200 millions for another GTA 5 to make.

Misterx: Destiny flopped with Activision lie on sales(shiped/sold) Who is next?

Mistercteam Daily. More details on why Xbox One is 2014+ tech
Insider: Here is three new studios not one. But one of these is a part ownership due to investors

Insider: Eurogamer. Your lies are over.. dx12 sdk is the real deal.. over 80% cpu optimization utilization.
Destiny's did even use any features of this sdk.. they only had 30% memory increase due to kinect system reserve and a 10% of main gpu.

There's is over 70% reserved for dx12 sdk and future updates. Amp ++ allows pim to pair cpu cores with axi read wrights. This will allow cpu to offload to axi bridge which can also handle gfx code optimisation. This will also allowed 6 op/s per cpu cycle with the axi will increase cpu cycles to 48. Co processors are full gate array fgpa in nature. And can be code optimised on the fly.

Out of order and in order cycles this is a huge benefit to developing on x1 it is more complex but it is the future. X1 is cpu+fpdg+datamove pim axi bridge coprocessor. Even before we talk gpu and esram and audio offload. More and more devs and games will speck for them selves. :)


Part 44. Register File (SRAM multi ported)
from PS4 slide and more detail from other sources
include MS own interview.


Part 45. X1 & Tonga GPU similarity
The presence of LZ compression/decompression

The other similarity in design of X1 vs Tonga


Part 46. X1 Engadget Tour Show identical TSV test signals
as many tech Journal use same BW to test TSV serdes system
another solid proof that they tested a serdes system
with showed a center of the eye is shifted a bit because
high speed interconnection using TSV

Part 47. GPU fundamental, and why X1 is Next Gen GPU
After above slide we have more info to properly
see that X1 is nextgen GPU, infact the BW from AP
and insider that said 272 GB/sec, is BW of gfx block to
mmu system, plus a bonus about ops/cycle from X360 era

Insider Daily. Interview to www.elotroforo.net

Insider: It is hard to understand the direction or the importance of comments which are geared towards the native country i derived from. Weather it is English/japanese/Russian :) it is starting to feels like, it all comes down to grammar for some individuals. But the sdf believe in cboat and his grammar was utterly dirigible of contemporary Grammer principles.

Here is an important clue if I am devoting countless hours to source and then having to sifting through rumours and facts. Why should my grammar be the juggernaut that hangs the jurisdiction of the jury. Or maybe I just use the academics of disfigurement grammatical errors to mask my true identity. Seeing as how Mrx is a payed actor can I be the Batman... It is a good thing I ferociously believe in free speech. And some humor. Do something creative for the blog..

Here is the clue find out what is missing from Tonga specs. Is it cache or is it axi or is it fpga. Sometimes things get solved when there is less negatives... :)


Interview to Spanish gaming community www.elotroforo.net

Miguel Mellado (Content DirectorA at http://www.elotroforo.net): MisterX Lord, will you let me talk to you, can I call you by name?
Misterx: Hello, Mike. Sure Alex is fine. Just not a Lord anymore :) That name is reserved for my wife only :)

MMDC: Thanks Alex, started!. What was your first videogame, and what I remember is that first feeling?
MIsterx: My first video game was Pong clone from Soviet Arcade machine back in 1986.

MMDC: What consoles guards or have?
Misterx: I had Atari, NES, Sega Megadrive, SNES, PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, PS3. Now it is Xbox One only.

MMDC: Is there a game that you keep special affection?
Misterx: I would name a Forza series and every blockbuster game with interesting story and amazing graphics.

MMDC: What has it meant for you gaming throughout your life?
MIsterx: I think it is one my hobbies. With age interest gets lower and lower.  There is really not much games to play if you over 30 years old. I hope progress in graphics could up my interest to a new level.

MMDC: Is it true the legend that you are Stig Forza Motorsport 5, the TopGear program? Hehehe!.
Misterx: Not that much. Top Forza guys give me 10 second lead. But yes, I like to drive fast cars and toys in real life from my early days. J

MMDC: Remember when I ejected from your forum?, ¿Keep thinking I am a member of the SDF?
Misterx: Well, people need time to realize there is real truth out of official media circle. I think you come back means you take your time and changed you opinion. But usually I am not in contact with people once I had some troubles with them.

MMDC: I have said that there have been positive changes in your life. We like to know that studies have and that workplace you develop as a person, can you tell us something about it? : D
Misterx: I have a master degree in Computer Science, been a researcher in CPU designs for some time. Now mostly economics and management.

MMDC: Let's talk about who is MisterX. Where did the idea is born and what is the ideology behind your blog?
Misterx: I got in contact with insider back in 2008 and decided i to need to share this info with others. There is still no ideology behind. Just copy/paste info I get for anyone who need it.

MMDC: Be lucky to receive information from an insider is a privilege that few can claim. How start that relationship? And who made ​​the first move, how such a thing is accomplished?.
Misterx: I made a first move. Then we started to chat. Since than its only getting more and more interesting every year.

MMDC: As you know, Spain is the land of Sony, where they judge you as a circus clown. Does it bother you that you have put this undeserved label, for those who lack their own judgment?
Misterx: I don’t bother any critics. I have my life to live and try to spend as less time to this as possible. While I understand there is a lot of critics and there is a reason for it I can’t do nothing other than continue to copy/paste info I get for those hundreds of thousands of people who visit us.

You need about a year to read insider to understand how it all works behind the scenes and why insider don’t care ether if info he gets could be changed too(mostly on dates of announcements). I would call it a fuzzy logic. Some details change over time – you see possible scenarios what would happen on software front.

Hardware info is accurate from insider and will be proved during 2015 – a DX12 year. Don’t forget Xbox One is the only DX12 console and by Nvidia DX12 is a 4 gen leap forward. It has a stacked hardware part that could not be officially named as GPU but still take part in rendering on screen in comparable if not greater amounts as main GPU.

MMDC: If you could tell everything he knows about the Xbox One architecture (data, names etc). Do you think you would still crossing stupid?. Or conversely, would open the eyes of many people.
Misterx: I have no plans to open everybody eyes. We have a large group of same minded people and we are happy. We sure we are right. We constantly question info we get and double check everything.

If it is too complex for somebody we could do nothing to that. Only time passed will help them. Next 14 months will be crazy for core gaming fans. Many will realize they been lie and brainwashed.

Many gamers already start ask question and wonder what is the real power inside Xbox One if many multiplatform 2015+ games shifted to Xbox One as lead platform. The Division is one such big example. People at closed doors Gamescon presentation could not believe it runs on Xbox One in real time. But it does.

Everybody forgot but now started question what DX12 console really means.

MMDC: Is compensated his idea to devote as much effort to give insider altruistically other media do not want to receive or not to receive in exchange insults and taunts especially around the world?
Misterx: You can’t break official media and PR system just by claiming something. Only 20% will stick to you. Others will believe official PR and media.

That’s only adds more fun for future outcome when many will call Sony, Neogaf, Eurogamer and Digital Foundry for their lies.

MMDC: Sometimes you've read a little cautious, would you come doubts about the veracity of the information he receives from his insider? Do you really believe the data published by the public or just to make them known to their supporters and detractors?
Misterx: I got fully to trust Insider. I learned his mental behavior and I know how to read him right. If I could not get through his words I ask additional questions.

All started between us 2 only. We thought we understand how to take this info and read it. But many people came with questions and asked to remove that fuzzy logic.

I think it is difficult to do because that means insider could not post many “things he had heard”. That will limit the amount info we get. That is not the case what I want. I want get all info and decide by myself if it is possible outcome/scenario or not.

Again that is mostly in software part of info. Of hardware part insider is consistent. He gives give much more details when some bits of info hit the net from official sources. Sometimes he gives it much earlier if it will not break his own NDAs.

Insider now tells if it is 100 verified or it is what he heard from his contacts and colleges. There are about 100 contacts he linked to. And as Insider thing now started to be mass phenomenon many developers start false rumors for their own purposes to spread through various insiders. I think our insiders contacs network could have some false too.

MMDC: What grounds believes that a person can have (insider) to give information on which to some extent can endanger your job?
Misterx: Fight with a lie. Show the truth.

MMDC: On a scale of 1 to 10 on the appropriateness of the data it receives within a hierarchical company. What his insider position would be in terms of relevant post within "maybe Microsoft"?
Misterx: I don’t know. Insider have about 100 sources and friends. Information flow is gigantic inside big developers inner circle. As insider said there is no console war inside dev community. Only small developers and Indies are out of that inner circle because they have different NDAs and info access.

They should plan their personal future for 3-5 years ahead and they should know where industry is heading to, whom to stick, what tech to learn.

Recent Sony devs migration shows Sony is not a good place to be in 3-5 years. Low game sales because people prefer graphics first and gameplay second will lead to low salaries, layoffs and so on. People are hungry for the most exiting tech and want be part of successful team to safe their own and their families future.

MMDC: Alex, since you know, in our country the informative manipulation on the part of local means as 3djuegos, meristation or Vandal, it is very big. In order that an idea is done. In the interview to Oles Shishkovstov relating , to the compilation of the "METRO" games, in Spain, only one speaks about Oles's complaint, for having quantity small of e/SRAM in the XBox One. But they do omission of the rest of the interview, which to my to seem, favorable things say with regard to DX12.  And, all the news about XBox One are manipulated. What do you think about this Alex?

Misterx: I think they will change their minds during next 12 months about Xbox One. But in Europe Microsoft could blame only their self for low brad loyalty. Sony really did more in Europe in recent years by investing in quality game localization and aggressive marketing. Media see that and help Sony a bit with favor. But if those sites denies all the bits about how powerful Xbox One/DX12 really is then their visitors will call them out.

MMDC: My contacts in Europe, say to me that: There are 4 persons who have been sent (4 Community Managers) to a university in England, where... they learned and Mastered Studys about manipulation of people. I think to develop the topic in order that it goes out to the light. Do you know something?, Can you Speak about Underground Marketing?
Misterx: For Sony it will be hard times ahead to lead they console market. There is many unknown for all players on all markets for next 3 years. Will Sony will be quick with PS5? Will they have funds to buy Xbox One DX12/PC 2.0 architecture? What Microsoft as joint IP owner of this tech will ask back?

Sony is preparing ammo to defend. It is fair to use such methods? Of cause not. Does many gamers will bother? Sony thinks they will not. But I think as most gamers are graphics whores they will realize PS4 is not the most powerful console and will start to hate Sony for the lie.

MMDC: As we read on your blog, you are try to opening a new web. Can you tell us something about it?
Misterx: We need another platform to talk with each other. Livejournal is really limited for us now. Misterxmedia.com will open its doors soon. I welcome everybody to join us.

MMDC: From ElOtroForo, we believe it is important that we offer a special section for members of the Spanish-speaking. Would it be possible?
Misterx: Yes. Great idea.

MMDC: Moving on. How about our ElOtroForo initiative?, Why you choose to work with us?
Misterx: Well, if we could help to fight a lie and brainwash why not.

MMDC: Could you have a word for all the Spanish-speaking community who is reading right now?
Spanish-speaking community is a top-5 community for misterxmedia. There are 6thousand visitors from you

Misterx: I welcome everybody to join communities at misterxmedia  and ElOtroForo. Communities of free minded people who enjoy gaming and want get real information without any bias and lie. Knowing what will happen in 1-3 year ahead of everybody is really fun experience.

link to Spanish version


"The freedom of speech". Some websites start the fight
This message goes to all those who believe in freedom of expression

Freedom of expression is a fundamental right or a human right, as stated in the 19th Article of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as democratic systems’ constitutions. We can also say that there are forms of freedom of expression, like freedom of the press, as well as intellectual freedom.

Intellectual freedom is also specifically recognized as fundamental in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a general sense, everyone has the right to freely participate in cultural activities of the community, enjoy the arts and take part in scientific development and its benefits resulting from it. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes not being harassed as a result from expressing one’s opinion, gather and share information and ideas, regardless of frontiers and by any means of expression.

However, complications are met when freedom of expression, through intellectual property and towards freedom of the press, clash with what sustains the system in which we live in: money.

Regardless of the sector where we look forward to do business, conflict of interests is clearly defined. How far can freedom of speech reach in a system where a fundamental right like feeding yourself and your family depends on money? Inevitably, money has an influence on all aspects in life, just as on the purest form of personal opinion, and influence can only undermine this genuineness.

Not surprisingly, and as final words, the main publishers hidden behind the video game press industry receive grants and aids from multinational corporations, who in return expect the corresponding impact with a profit in accordance with their "fair" investments. We will explore this later on.

Miguel Mellado
Content Chief

“In spite of everything, at the end of the day, people’s common sense is surviving in its battle against money’s power to destroy it. It's good to find that behind imposed masks, one’s own judgment persists."

As you already know, ElOtroForo, emerged from the need for freedom of expression in an increasingly corrupt world and through beautiful people who truly love videogames, with no money interests. Without gaining any money, or it being our natural support, we are completely free to express reality the way we really see it, however its form; without mincing words, neutrally, and firmly.

The Staff of ElOtroForo includes lawyers, IT engineers, teachers, network experts, and marketing directors offering years of experience in the publishing industry and even dubbing actors. You can find an excellent cast, altogether united by the love for video games, and who is tired of having to express themselves through unhealthy forums, with rude, violent people who lack of any real interest towards what unites us here.

As a result, ElOtroForo offers a healthy community thanks to Manuel, with a degree in Humanities and Community Manager, giving us a pleasant environment, free of astroturfers and intoxicating purposes, in which we can share our feeling towards all those stories we have lived through technological infographics, regardless of the platform.

Our connections within a "privileged line of information," coming from the BSC-MSRC staff, has led us by the hand to achieve our first agreement with a pioneer, who dared to raise his voice and tell the truth about the industry, despite high risks of meeting criticism and pressure. The pioneer we referred to is MisterXmedia, an common person just like any of us, who is also within a "privileged line of information," trying to bring reality through the words of an important person who is "within the industry": the insider.

Needless to say, truth is barely within reach but of a few, and is evidently threatened by the intoxicating astroturfers around the world, who want to ensure the distortion of any unwanted news. For MisterXmedia, being himself a means of undesired noise for certain interests, it is inevitable having to fight against daily harassment and being disproportionately looked down on, in spite of his right to freedom of speech and press specified and guaranteed by constitution.

Through this first partnership agreement, we will bring the benefits of his community, for the first time to a Spanish-speeking means of communication, reinforcing the ElOtroForo’s main purpose, "offering real and raw information," the truth of the video game industry.

Miguel Mellado
Content Chief
4 all Spanish Readers

Misterx: I welcome Mike and his great Spanish community at http://www.elotroforo.net and will support that movement by all means. Also i welcome all other nations to join the movement.

Insider Daily. What if Albert Pennello was wrong? Wouldn't that be a shock....
Insider: I never like to see people get band.. but we need an understanding among ourselves. A little bit of respect. Yes I did post stuff that is still collecting momentum behind the Vail. I reported info that was 18 months out.. I blame myself for inconvenience of not being able to give 100% clear direction and discretion. I don't get nothing for this ... Nothing.. at the end of the day I ant in this for money or hidden agendas . I do this for the community and the fact that this place allows comprehensive discussions with out discrimination. I suppose you could say I am one side or calling the kettle black. But its not like this at all.. I just don't agree with media payed bios lies.

You can't magically make a game console more powerful with software alone inless the hardware is supported in advance. I told the truth iv listen to horrendously outrageous lies even from xbox fans even devs talk things up boss points. And I need people to understand I can't be in ever studio or rnd or conference. Its physically impossible. So when people say hit or miss with insider information. Its these people who need to understand you can switch your device off go back to your lives.. me this is my life I cant just turn it off.. 20+ years in the industry doesn't just switch off. I only wish people could see that some information is like 007 film.

Its not easy to understand intill you are on this side. And I believe that this blog does more good then harm to Microsoft and xbox. As it gives people that enjoy there product a place to discuss without negative bullying. Cyber bullying. And it hasn't cost them any thing none of us are payed for this. Its a labour of love its in our dna. You think the tech minds on this blog like wasting there lifes there free time.

The digging and information is second to none. We are not right on everything because information is so strictly prohibited without the right level. And devs are telling people this.. how is it devs struggling but then simple code update are given and bam 1080p. I will say we are near the end of major nda and licensing agreement now. Things will change very fast. All the people here who have contributed in this hole mission you guys need a big thanks the community will grow because facts are stronger then fiction. And mrx if you were an actor id gladly pay to see you because I know it would be an honest performance :)

I dont like posting links to other sight that are hit happy. But studdy this conversation .... e3 2015 no... "NO" game will not be 1080p standard. CHANGE IS COMING NOW ITS OUR TURN... what if Ap was wrong wouldn't that be a shock. ..... respect :)


Insider Daily. Doom is better on Xbox One. GTA 5 has more objects on screen then PS4
Insider: Blizzard servers yes :) elders scroll online = zenimax ... read between the lines..

Fc = nothing to do with 360 platform.
If games on xbox one were streamed to 360 from the cloud then it would be a cloud serves .. like psn now rentals.

Bc = 360 games native with upscale out put.
Fc = enhanced definite versons remasters.

Insider: Dq for pa4 is timed exclusive. But I did not know it was a spin off.. never been a dq fan sorry.. only seen short video of character and title guess it ant that major a deal now :) did you like tgs sony... :)

Misterx: Getting messages like this from banned doubters. How hard they being brainwashed? Could we excusse them? I can't find reasons anymore to excuse them.

"Seems quite easy to catch a lie by yourself pretending to be an insider because it appears to be evident in every embarrassing thing you type.

You are a disgrace to gaming and the Xbox brand and massively insecure and defensive when your lies and deceit are questioned.

I hope one day you can respect yourself and followers by being honest instead of living an empty worthless existence on fake personas.

Why do you pretend to be someone you are not? Are you that unhappy and lacking in confidence in yourself?

Free yourself from this damaging behaviour and find peace in the real truth.

It's a wonderful world beyond the prison cell you place your mind in. "

Insider: Permanent band... there low lifes who cant see past there own ego sdf attitude. If they want to discrimination or disregard the information on the blog then tell them to back it with the facts not just negative comments. They have nothing to add..

Sorry mrx that you are putting up with these negative comments we both know who we are so its just ass holes with no significant loses to our community.
Don't let it get to you.. the shift is happening right now I told you sony would botch there pre tgs ..

Sony drm is all ready being used .. license code lock for disk is all ready in every digital game you purchase from psn live included and retail is also the same... but behind the scenes its more dynamic at sony. Psn share psn rentals ... they only have to officially announce a new term and agreements of use policy. The small arm processor is an advanced version of the hypervizor security protocols. Except this time there is not one master key its pre defined by mix and match. Every ps4 is within its self a pure drm security system and it is all based of your psn gamername code that is generated when you sign onto play station account. Very complex.. rfid chip are also apparently hard coded on to the blue ray disk. From console/ to user key/ to psn server security/ Drm security ... so stop thinking sony is not going to advance down this path because its all ready started. Microsoft also have this methodology in the works also all tje big companies have it in play they just are relaxed at this point ...

Xbox oban is different to OBAN ... oban is now going to be a smaller design but ms are apperceive at this point ... as fpga is better at emulation and can be reprogrammed to do other tasks. Os for emulation os for games ... xbox oban was not need in x1 architecture

OBAN = axi bridge arm acceleration a version that ibm ms arm samsung all played a role in .. patterns are around but not 100% factual.

Xbox ruby :) now thats something id keep as a crown center peace. Some devs say why would ms tell people its in there.. we discuss this ...

Doom is better on x1 true . Gta5 has more objects on screen then ps4.. :)

Misterx: Yes, i remember when you said Microsoft helped Rockstar with optimization for Xbox. Maybe some GPGPU type optimization and now it pays off.

Insider: Id tech has been retooled .. it uses a beta version of dx12 but its not full dx12.. it uses tier 2 texture streaming technology that is hardware based. Ps4 is using software based ... textures megamesh 3.0 technology has extra effects at minimum costs to gpu. These are texture based subsurface scattering and dof.. but it allows 5 gig of textures to stream into esram.. but there limited to 12mb esram cach at these point .. the only features that id tech are using from dx12 are cpu optimizations multi core and tier 2 which is also in very early stages.. now ps4 version is opengl tool chained there is a visual different quality but they do have an extra core and mantel cpu api level hardware access. Ps4 may be the first multi platform game that will most likely see 900p..

Still id tech is not full dx12 it is using early benefits of this technology. Id have not been 100% opengl.. the old ceo didn't like dx api due to no true metal level access. I bet its different now :)

Good to see some people realise now that x1 wasn't meant to launch in till late 2014.. location and language had nothing to do with this . It is license agreements.. hardware agreements now it id really going to start ... ap was never right somethings he said were miss guided.. but what happens when a breach of hardware agreement happens you send in the fall guy..

Misterx: Yes, you told the was some license agreement as delay reason - not localisation reasons as everyobe thought.

The earlier comments were not all correct as like I said it is impossible for me to at every studio on earth.. so rumours are discussed and trick with sdks and who is doing what. If I put up 100% what is truth and facts and far right information things would be over in a flash ... read between the lines everybody here can understand or relate.

Ea had 1080p test of bf4 and act with cod ghosts. So did capcom. I can't be responsible if the internal test don't materialized into your houses.. one game that was 100% promised to have an update to resolution is not even pushing that intill all there dlc is done..

I have shared my personal view on this scenario I call it a missed opportunity. And new tool chains sdk updates and cost ... I wont ever bring up about internal sdk tests if people don't really want to know.. but I think there is a few who want to because of transitions. Cod ghosts to cod aw is a huge difference.

Just like bf4 -to bf5 x1 was a soft launched in 2013 due to license agreements.. and if I told people that forza was going to launch @ 800p would anybody had believed me 2 months of internal tests sdk update 1080p 60fps.. things change that is why I have stopped giving information on games so far out because things change. 60% of devs haven't even received the beta dx12 sdk tools yet.

Some are just to hard to adapt.. but e3 2015 every game will be 1080p and feature native dx12 tool sdks.... just the facts.. trolls will feel the change.. there going to have it the hardest but at the end of the day no point having arguments with people with one mind set sdf adapt or die approach is garbage. I own every console but I don't like sonys hive mind rhetorical behaviour. Iv told you tho x1 is more powerful then the ps4. A gpu is not how the generation is won.. good time ahead GAMEON

MIsterx: Some members fed up with our blog and started to troll and be provocative. Everyone who think we are liers - are not welcomed guests in this house.

As for this post http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/121801.html?thread=2116041
It was a troling from me to SDF

Banned users create many false and bad rumours about us. Don't beleive without a proof if they quote me. Many bad things they tell i said that is never said by me. What a liers.

Insider Daily. DRM is going to happen on all other platforms. Sony will(was going) be the first
25.08.2014 - 31.08.2014

Sony are using the serial license agreement from this point on.. there going to use the take your games ever where approach and hardcopy can be installed and used with the game disk.. but the fact is the serial license is only a partial agreement with sony as they own the game and can termination of this agreement will kill the use of the fisical copy. Check the terms and agreements. Its online as they have to submit a digital version for place holding due to there legal obligations. .. the ddos was a payed test on there psn servers which shows sony was quick to address the test attack by twitter. The reason why blizzard and Microsoft and sony all seemed to have a major test is because they are testing the security on the servers as blizzard are runnnjng there own elders scroll online server and for console cross platform play there must be a cross platform test... but while this test "ddos" it was not sony updated there terms of use.. check it out yourself parliament do this stuff to get things past without people noticing anything.. very well played sony... but its Drm none the less there will be back lash over this...

As for Phils reasons over tgs I can not say he is the boss and I do have faith in his choices... and the Japanese culture has changed towards there approach towards how they receive there information. They dont want to wait its a streaming culture blame the mobile device moment for this.. you need have to bend to peoples needs and wants.. don't worry some big stuff is going down it ant going to be a walk in the park for sony.. its just going to be a huge losse in money.. :) there is another western conference coming.. this is what I was told. But digg u will find.. :)

Misterx: Had not license agreement been changed months ago by Sony? Not now. What is the proof about self test ddos? That is very bold claim and people will not believe it.
Insider: Find out who was effected by the ddos attacks "tests"

Licence agreement has changed dig.. you dont have to post this mrx but dig for your self. I can only say what is known

Last update was months ago. Users have not accepted new agreement last week. They could not change it without accept.  That Neogaf discussion is about old changes(about Playstation users don't own games just been granted rights to play them).

Its coming at tgs. Psn expansion. . There using a steam model.. you will see... there going to fall on there own arguments witn drm.

Mrx you can choose what you put up its your blog. If people dont like the facts that are presented then thats there choose also.. but I stand by what happen when the ddos attacks happen. Both sony and Microsoft had maintenance list on that date. And the ddos was to test the integrity of xbox live and psn on blizzards servers. Payed tests.. weather or not out side fractions we're involved I am not sure. Sony pulled a look at the left had while the right hand is doing things behind the seen. In order for psn to work there has to be changes same said for family share via xbox live. But to call one company out for drm in public domain to look good when in fact they had other plans is wrong and sets a bad business model to the consumers.. just lile ms we're called out for drm all ways online box... I sure hope the option to convet disk in to digital download is true.. so many gamers would convert by ease of use and the storage solutions on xbox are alot better at this point.

Again if I didn't say what is getting said internally and in reality it is in fact true then why say anything at all.. nobody is getting rewards or earning dollars for contributing to the blog and I am included in that too. Changes happen Phil has his strategies its his show I trust him and so should you..

Insider: Just to add to this and I know people will not understand or like what am about to say. but I hope they can take a few seconds to think about what the future holds and what needs to happen with consoles and pc or mobile platforms

Drm is going to happen to every system no matter what platform it will be on all .. There is more positives then negatives with drm... cloud based games will need digital license agreements . Which will allow the transfer of data over private network data centers or servers that are modified to act as data center distribution terminal's. Hackers and criminal activitys are a huge pain for devs and most of all for online gaming.. Unfortunately drm has more benefits then I can share or sell my pre played game.. or I am restricted from drm... yes I do like a disk and I support the use of friends sharing software not piracy tho.. Microsoft are working towards family share and resales of games via new store front within live.. But they also know that people collect and like the later approach to gaming.. but times are changing I can see in three or five years gaming retail will merging into clothing and toys based on games more then just games on shelves.. how many times in the past did people wind about how they had to change disk.. but now we're down to one disk and people now want no disk.. people will never be happy its a lazy thing... DRM is the answer to that.. but what I don't support is company's who lie about there design and what they have implemented. If sony can call out Microsoft for this then so should they be heald for there's.

Insider: People on the blog ask your self what is DRM ?

What forms can DRM be before it is NOT classed as drm.

If sony lock a game via playstation share function to the console and allow said software to be installed on 4 other ps4 then they implement an 8 hour time that implys that the user must pay for the glorified demo to keep functionality or render the software locked... sounds like DRM

If sony allow psn/ps4 to stream to vita tv but the games that stream must be digital based games only. Which force the purchase of a digital only copy of there game for streaming purposes. Sound like drm.

Sony share function will allow games to convert there disks to digital copy for use with share via serial license agreement which is unique per disk. You can not sell the game but share a full dl demo of the software that also will generate a unique serial license for said console. Which will only allow that demo function on that ps4 and then can only be shared with another 4 ps4 by a unique serial license.
This serial license has a terms of use agreement that must be applied when sharing the vua ps share function. This agreement will straight that the holder of said licensed agreement does not own right to this game they are only leasing the software. Sorry dRM comes in man forms one thing if it sound like DRM then you can bet your dollars its DRM.. SDF guts who want to comment on the blog I hope you enjoy your playstation share function it comes with grave cost to your philosophy's. If it connects to a data sever you can bet in the next 12 months your going to have new terms ... its across the board but sony will sell it to the masses I just hope people see it for what it is..

Also up date patchs you can blame dx12 and fpga for the delay why we ant seeing this implement right now most development studio in the big companies have been work very hard to port tools and backends resolution ant every thing but diablo is a res patch up date same as bungie same as Activision. Here is your code Bam ... :)

And ms have been pulling trump cards over at gaf .. remember no dx12 for xbox one bam dx12 no 1080p for xbox one bam there it is ... also no ray tracing bam there it is :) . like I said people can come to the blog in sony pajamas for all I care but take not watch them sales drop by the way side its the only thing left be a real shame when the directs and the discovery marketing starts and they sale more in the land of the sun... I think people who are xbox fans should pull up a chair and watch the fallout this year.. this time its going to be real good..

Also quick update on the hack attacks the group that we're involved in testing net works were payed for test .. there was definitely a rog operation that took place. These tests are very common but I expect more bad to come then good.. there trying very hard to hit live now.. I hear sony is going to get another round or is in the process... hacking is not good for the consumer no matter what we are told.. payed net work intrusion tests are needed hence they go under maintenance times tho.. I guess the rouges know this.. psn 3.0 coming :)

Insider: A2 PRE JUNE SDK PRE DX12 FPGA ..gaf will see should get them to bet there accounts.

Misterx: No, I trust you. Just more questions before post for blog readers to low negative reaction.

That is sounds a bit fantastic and controversy vendors to have their own ddos. Imagine what will happen if some agreements to make this inside job will appear.

Insider: Its not a true ddos.. but a intrusion based method. Can be packted directly to cpu... but there definitely was a major ddos during the maintenance tests.. some body new information they shouldn't have. And security or hacking is not my expertise and nore do I find it amusing. There linked this time so I have heard. I guess fanboys take it seriously when they know there is changes to the terms of service :) ,but bomb threats is not cool I hope they find the people responsible for this .. with all the terrorist attacks and lies in the media. Its just a shame it has gone this far.. threatened to kill people is not on... console wars shouldn't be a real thing as war in general terms. Crazy times we live in.. but still this very serious.

This industry is changing no doubt .. some information is being encrypted even with serial codes that give level authority. So some else stuff is that out there it is getting to be like the james bond level of security. .. ms are going to win this generation but there giging sony ample time to succeed I hope the community is ready. Things are really going to change.. :) game on

Insider: Dx11 old sdk with small update to code in a very poor heavily pc based development environment. Ms offered to help the devs but they we're to far and to heavily focused on ps4 .. as ps4 was the lead platform and xbox one a cross port.. the would have to had to retool there back end engine. They could have got redux to 1080p with out sdk update but there wasn't enough recourse to do the esram optimisation level.. ps4 had the advantage of metal level coding .. xbox one only basic dx11 api. They are running a windows 7 environment on there x1 sdk and that also doesn't help when ps4 is running good sdk modified mantel drivers .. but games take time to dev and development updates can push projects back months.. these devs are on big nda's now so the best you are going to hear is they have dx12 tools starting to hit. Ps4 with mantel = 2x performance x1 dx12 fpga = 4 x performance.. no doubt we stuffed up shipping a better hardware then our sdk environment and console wars ant won with in the first 2 years.

Insider: The news just keeps coming in mrx ... I just can not verify 100%

There was two sdk updates released internally over the last month and updates have been getting updated via a special ethernet connection sever. Diablo team and bungie have been receiving updates. These updates have massive changes to esram read right. The esram can read two passes and right two passes simultaneously. And not including cach or scratch 64kb. But ms internal development teams are very hush about this. But it makes sense when you look at dual thread gpu and dual issue cpu 4 data move egines. Every thing is in 2 parallels by design. And this is why the numbers of 32mb was not right with internal performance. Mrc

Its a strange time in this industry.. in middle ware perspective. I would call this stage the lighting and shader. Most companies work with the strengths of the platforms. In x1 case at this point its the esram 32 block.. they try to run there effects directly in esram but there must be balance. Same as with ps4 ddr5 cycles dont play well with cpu there is stalls. When you look at the ace's In the ps4 they have to work within the cycles of ddr5 . So having 45+ cues is not going to help there is no caching or second memory cycles.. x1 doesn't have the issue with there ddr3 cycles granted there not as massive in bandwidth. But they can read quad data rates. So in effective they can do things quicker. X1 ace cues are are less but they do more due to being able to issue two cues per pass. There is no point pushing more cues into the memory if it is data cycal depended. Sony has a better cpu multi thread software in thre sdk as they have full access to all cores but one core is for system tasks.. with dx12 optimization sdk hitting soon there will be a 50% boost in cpu multi thread performance and the x1 will use 7 cores for gaming and one core reserved for snap and os. This is what middle ware are waiting for they engines will be able to substitute 2 core 4 threads for middle ware and use ace cues as well and then cach stream into esram cycles. This will free up esram cycles also. Plus data move engines can also pim also. X1 has many benefits over ps4 but every dev will go for easy roots when consoles are in first wave. Its allways been this way.

Something interesting that phil keeps say about he cares more about fps then one set resolution, and it is tied to this very discussion. And I ant putting words in peoples mouths. Notice that you will need 120fps for the best possible vr/aa experience he is dropping megatons with these comments. Look at how dx12 effective give double the frame rate boost with out changing overheads . Mrc ... vr/aa no point having 30fps per eye @ 1080p. But normal games wont benefit from 120fps due to shader fill rates. The best way to put it. When new sdk comes out fps will be a big wow factor due to dx12 specific features. So to answer the question middle ware is only just starting on x1 architecture thing will get very very interesting at e3 next year.. there is no point showing all your cards at the table.. but now you seen fh2 ha2 qb all look better and better.. tgs will destroy the notion and prospective of gamers 100% impossible to deny what xbox studios will show and it will be in real time .. not trailer after trailer with extra filters frame enhancements 4k 8k rendered video down sampled or photos that are retouched.... Game On !!!!

They opened them another 32mb of esram? 😊
Insider: November the license agreements are open.. the industry will change dramatically.. whats is the most important thing right now is dig the cycles and op/s the mathematical numbers will tell you this answer and the fact that all games next e3 will have no worries with 1080p msaa 4x with new effects. :)

Sony fans will be happy.. our time will come in November. There in for changes. Live it up sdf.. its not long now :)


There is one more number of the list for truth facts :)
Plus sod definitely edition. Still can't wait for you to see the engine after that :)

Still I ant 100% on this method gor tgs .. but of late the Japanese video gaming community love to search things out.. nintendo direct style on mrx daily :) on my videos it would just be a black screen with a smile face. Hopefully with the final fantasy ac sethoroth theam :)

24 hours of gaming and media news hhmmm couldn't fit that into a 134min stage show.. there will be cheers and then smiles.. that big exclusive sony got is shortly timed e3 2015 it will see an even more dynamic shift to x1.. online markets think avatars and gambling house ... still ant as big as a blow as tomb rader if the sdf felt ill over that they better book in to the hospital of gaf ... cos this ant the only big name exclusive that was housed at Sony... the nice ms is shifting its race is starting ..

Misterx: Great. I think that is big TGS push you heard about after E3.

Insider: Parasite is right ... forward compatibility is not a free option "scraped as a free option". When xbox /360 games are made they had a set standard around 2008 .. but when the c1 tessellation hardware was introduced "unlocked " into 360 games 2008 - 2014 they had to modify aspects of the engine.. the standard had to be changed .. backwards compatibility is a different function even tho games will upscale to 1080p they will not be native... games that are remade / remastered are based on forward compatibility concept. Xbox one will have bc unlocked but I am not sure if every single game will work. It will be like a 360 no added fiction's other then a better upscale 1080p ... halo mcc is a true forward compatibility and it is easy for xbox one architecture to do this that is why we are getting the same level as the last of us but with 3 games halo 1 halo 3 and halo 4 . But halo 2 a is a true remake...

In my personal veiw. An update pack could be released that adds forward compatibility higher upscale with down sampling and high shader due to dx12 as dx12 has a function that allows cu to enhance shader model 3/4 games.. and a form of adaptive aa.. some games on xbox 360 around 2012 all ready had there textures in higher rise .. rage halo 4 battle feald 3 so its no secret that total retooling is not needed.. but ms know that eary back catalogue will not be able to all take use of forward compatabilitys just backwards only..

Insider: Yeah the scraping of fc for free is the bad news .. bc is still coming it will still have a bit of enhancing effects due to the upscale.. they can implement a fxaa which is a 50/50 on some games ... but forward compatibility really is a spring board for developing true next gen games... the cost is 50% but with half covered with forward compatibility and ms offering a financial hand its down to 20/5 % which is a huge benefit for developing cycles.. ms will most probably steep up to the plate with forward compatibility to help with 1080p old engine rendering methods you know that code via email bam.. GAME ON :)

Misterx: This is nextgen i expect in games and from 4 gen leap DX12 hardware. I don't remember only Xbox One is fully supports DX12. PS4 is last gen and 1.8TF only.well realmath is  1.8 - 0.4(4 supporting ACEs for compute) = 1.4 x 2 console multiplicand = 2.8TF comparable PC hardware. For Xbox One that will be 2-3 times more at minimum.

Insider Daily. Will Sony use DDoS attacks on PSN as a reason to get more money and implement DRM?
23 August 2014 - 25 August 2014

Insider: Sonys drm.. is stuffing up :)
See how it will became the best thing for Sony gamers :) Will be fun. More details? Silent implementation or announce? :) dates?

Rental nightmare drm.. the error code for ps4 is fail to load ... new update has been hiding in the dashboard. Big troubles coming.

No tgs phil has officially announced via his twitter account .. but Monday there is an xbox internal brief on what is happening. . We are all in shock on this end... This is leading to a x14 event in November .. but we were all briefed that tgs would be a key event. There was going to be significant announcements.
Will let people know more when I do.. but something major has happen.. evem major nelson would haven't know ether

http://www.gamespot.com/articles/sony-ps4-glitch-that-made-some-games-unplayable-sh/1100-6421877/ seems  DRM errors have been fixed. Why you sure it will appear again?

Insider: You will see that they have to patch all games going forward.. the patch is unique for every game .. they are and will lock the games to the console.. with playstation any where option.. there test the design now . User id

Insider: The funny thing about this big ddos attack it is fake its a fear campaign for the industry to implement there drm or serial license locking of the game console.. told u mrx... I don't support this blanket approach from sony ... there going fail at tgs when they announce this.. expect your psn account has been compromised... its a shame that the ponys will be spoon feed any lies ..

Insider: The whole tgs fiasco is the most bizarre turn of Avents ever that I have experienced via ms ... I can not comment on the facts that are on the table... I can honestly say the plans are sealed .. there will be something along the lines of Nintendo direct from what has been said but I am not sure on the substantial parts..

but there have been two open session's for developers the last six months. And ms like the bign directs and there very favored over in japan.. at this point and leading up too tgs more information will be coming our way.. official and none official. . I personally think this move is very much a terrible decision but as I have no say in the direction that xbox is going all I can say is Phil's decision is not what I would have done even tho ms are talking x14/15 events I think its a huge mistake not to show the gaming momentum approach. License agreements will be green lit in November which would give ms the ability to talk about backwards compatibility reprogrammed logic and why only kinect voice functions have only been able to be used with first party on axi bridge .. all I can say is hang in there bloggers because something is coming I just can't say what that is and you know the reasons :) but ms will have a presents at tgs. But my lips are sealed. I hope phils right.

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