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You have reached a place where you can read what is going on behind closed doors and know the future of the game development industry, mostly from Microsoft’s side of things. It’s always good to be more informed on that topic. Plus it’s great fun to read official media outlets after we have discussed the information here sometimes months or weeks before.

Please take note all information discussed is not set in stone and insider information can change due to the nature of the industry and the pace it’s moving, strategies can certainly change.

We don’t claim to know all about everything, but have a fragment of the information and sometimes more; we leave people to make their own conclusions, the insider’s notes/information will often ask you the people to dig, research and connect the dots.

All Insider info is under the "Insider Daily" header. All other analysis and topics are from blog contributors keen to reveal and enjoy the Microsoft / Xbox future.

There will be some typo mistakes as my 1st language is Russian. So I apologies in advance for any confusion caused by my words, I hope that with the daily grind and fast pace of this blog / journal my English will and has improved. 
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We don't know real dates of when Microsoft will talk about the tech they are working on. So yes, the dates are not always precise as Microsoft’s plans can change or something new or unusual happens like an NDA extension for example.

We don't know Microsoft market strategy, The Insider is a tech guy and always believes Microsoft will show that side to public as soon as developers sample technology to other developers.

The insider will often state in his notes and messages, that the information he has supplied will not be 100% confirmed by him/herself or the source he gain the knowledge from, please read carefully through the notes provided.

From what we have discussed, we have come to the conclusion that the XBOX ONE console, was a console that was originally meant to be released at a much later date and time of 2014-15 and we also believe the system is 2-3x more powerful then Sony’s PS4 console from the research we have made from contributors to this blog / journal.

As stated before using the information we provided, we made the connections between the dots that Microsoft reveal (no it is not PR only) and what developers state in there interviews with media outlets or media sites, NDA’s will expire which will reveal more tech and information, this tends to bring our insider notes/messages in line with these new reports from developers within the gaming industry.

Please be aware of lies of Sony propaganda, they over promise and under deliver, A 1.8TF console (PS4) is still 1.8TF console while top GPUs are 5-6TFs. They often show CGI first and then downgrade later on in development.

Also their other tricks are specific game designed only for PlayStation exclusives which use:

- Narrow corridor games with low draw distance (Uncharted, God of War, and Last of Us), that all need less power for the system to render.
- Open-world games with low draw distance (Infamous).
- Games with static cameras (Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- Less objects and details on screen to render (GT5).

All those tricks need 30-40% less power to render. Compare to Xbox 360 games that look much better. Compare for example Uncharted which consists 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels with Night and Day.

Other tricks:

- Tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never filter to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- Cut scenes with better assets as real-time game play (Uncharted).

New trick used this generation:

- Make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p
- Say it is 60fps even if it is hit only 30% of time
- Make a deal with publisher your version will be better (Witcher 3 dev confirmed there is those types of agreements in the industry, insider informed us of this 3 years ago)

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use those tricks as there is no need to lie to gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even with the launch of Xbox One and PS4, when Microsoft’s DX12 API is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 and still Sony again invents new tricks to deceive and lie to its own gaming community and media outlets.

So if we see "actual game play" logo in trailer from Microsoft - it is.
If we don't see "actual game play" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cut scene.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome page, I hope you enjoy what we talk about here and remember.........

Play fair and Game hard.

Game On!

Major posts about Xbox One tech(read everything and make your own conclusion)

List of major Insider predictions (<--- click this link )

Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2014+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
1. Insider Daily. 50% more powerful SDK for 3th parties confirmed. More than 32MB of ESRAM on the way.
2. Insider Daily. Full HSA 2014 tech is next big thing. Old 3d engines need to be re-engineered.
3. Xbox Ones hardware Tiled Resources in more detail. A huge Xbox One advantage over PS4.
4. Inside Xbox One: Using HW Tiled Resources with ESRAM in more detail. Prepare to be amazed.
5. Insider Daily. Xbox One display planes in more detail. It is like 2-3 systems in one.
6. Insider Daily. Hana2 have G-Sync like tech and Xbox One is not 1.31TF GPU
7. Insider Daily. Everyone think Xbox One GPU is 1.31TF SP. In reallity it is 2.6 TF DP
8. Insider Daily. Xbox One is 2.6TF DP GPU@853Mhz+special hardware make it 4-5TF DP for whole system
9. Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 aka DX12 aka full HSA in more detail or why XB1s 5TF DP will last 10 years
10. Insider & Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 and Xbox One are based on Microsoft E2 research project
11. Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF

Sony’s lie and brainwash
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com owned by Sony and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise&underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Insider Daily. MS officialy calls Sony insiders as liers. GroupKarma finds liers are being paid.
6. Full list of Eurogamer biased face-offs. Undeniable proof they are in bed with Sony.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. True history of current generation of video games 2003-2011.

Insider Daily. Microsoft's upcoming VR/AR tech in mode details. A reason why Kinect was bundled
Misterx: Wow. Is it several UIs user to choose from or it is only during internal tests?
Mrx there is some crazy news coming next year. Amd is toying with people the nda will be up for some technical aspects.  
Yes 5 was test phases. There could be user designed interfaces.  Things are moving forward faster then first thought.

Misterx: This new APU is already inside Xbox One? Do they affraid their phrase about "ps4 apu is the most powerfull one we have created to date" could get them to a court because Xbox One apu was the 2015 APU they could not talked about and is better? So they will not disclose what's inside xbox one apu for ages for people to think 2015 apus is tottaly new...that a law suit scenario too then...

I can't give you 100% you know why. But your on the money this time.

Insider: Win 10 and dx12 are x1 ... Ms had to ship hardware quick. Imagine what the numbers would be like now if sony had the market to them salves..   Yes use common sense.. X1 use 2 core under dx11.3 under 12 all 6 cores but another core can and will be accessible when snapped apps are in use.

Insider: The vr head mount will be full  ar.. and be an all in one system.  
Kinect can produce ar codes with I.r algorithms not seen by the user. It can do this in stereo mode with 120hz. It allows 3d plassment in a 4d environment.  Room alive is missing the hardware so the early demos are versions  that will support the final hardware..   The hardware vr/ar can read these code via special purposes ar camera places on each side of the vr hmd.
Kinect can bouns the ar code via i.r light bending
Which will allow  a full 360 and a floor and sky box to be produced weather  of  surfaces as it can use any room with 8x8 meters and in a dark or light  environment.
This is  more then project morphs. But it will support oculas and its development tools.

The a.r lense and a chip will be produced by samsung.

The hmd will also have external processing and will use a cloud feature to offload with a 0.2 millions of a second of delay with full processing.

Processing will incorporate gpu cpu in order to leave  the x1 architect free for more in-depth graphics functions.

The cpu/gpu  will handel basic drawing stencil and tragle  mapping. Low shader and polygon models. And real time phsyic of light fealds.  The x1 hardware will enhance this. 200%.. this extra hp will only be accessible and is only design for vr/ar games.  Vr/ar need special purposes processing elerments that will use too many processing cycles. Creating to much delay in processing and movement input will be to high to be injoyed if the x1 architecture has to processes all elerments

Plus Kinect / hmd / x1 architecture. There is an ecosystem that can not be unbalanced.  Thus design will allow ms to give the console market a much better vr/ar experience then the other console. It will be even be superior to first retail oculas.  There is going to be more before e3 but main hardware will launch 2015/16.
Game on :)


Insider Daily. Windows 10 on Xbox One in more detail: virtualization, host/guest os, Steam os
Insider: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2014-08-12-rise-of-the-tomb-raider-exclusive-to-xbox-one
Like I said.   And I stand by sfv will becoming to x1 after the-exclusive license expires.
Co developed should specify we are giving capcom  first hand sdk and first hand tool chain updates. No doubt. The x1 version will be a port of the PC version which will getting developed after the ps4 is released.   Then there will be the vr version which will  have the tittle super street fighter v.r.  And the r will have two terms remix and reality. And they are also bring unique charters in from other capcom games.

Insider: Nothing is set in stone for feb. Most probably my only be January win10 links.  End of year wind down period jan 22

Insider: Win10 games =app. Apps are universal.   Each app is constructed with its own os.  Game/media/os will be unified.

One os unified with virtual machines .  So virtual machines are apps that install or open directly into the host/guest os.  Every virtual machine is independent of main os.....  Main os scales host/guest virtual machines are scaled within host/guest  os.
Win10 os = main os / apps= games    Main os can be updated scaled enhanced. Virtual machines are preset within host os. And do not effect main os. Balance of recourse on the fly.
"Future design"
Steam os is host/based ..games/apps are .virtual machines  are pre set to host.    Independent of main os. Host will not control hardware recourses.

X1 now 8.1 are two virtual machines then host plus hyper visor os security protocol kinect recourses. Bad for recourses bad for devs allocations are a nightmare what goes we're or how.

X1 win 10 update is one main os/host-guest  os/. hyper visor will be imbedded in to main os ... And virtual machines directly to host guest.   No media os or separate security os.
Much better performance more memory allocated. Much much quicker tables. Suspend and resume is instantaneous like halo2 original to halo 2a  and smarter engines. Esram gfx CPU compute cloud fpga dsp control. No need for special middle 3rd party fixes which use up more time to incorporate.

So x1 main os.. Steam guest os.. Virtual machines =games=apps=universal.
X1 win 10 based main os is super efficient. Allocates 98% of machine recourse to the guest os so virtual machines can run with in guest with out limiting recourse from os overheads.

Main os is super-accelerated. But because not all os or virtual machines will be coded to metal dx12 or c++amp or have resources conclusive of there host os or guest.  X1 main os host can accelerate the way the guest os is using machine recourses code or hardware levels. Most os  x1win8 or ps4 are heavily embedded in the systems recourse tables at there stages now.  There basically beta level.
Due to these changes it is easy for devs to release PC games or x1 games to ether platforms with in a day.  Providing your hardware is sound. Or good enough.   So under win10 all games are apps under x1 win10 all games are apps .. Apps are virtual machines.
The goal is to have virtual machines that scale mobile /x1 / PC

The second goal is for devs to make there engines host os by nature. That run within a main os which handles security and machine level recourses. There games are just scalable virtual machines. Which are asset depended on hardware specifics.

The problem and reason we have had to put up with absolute garbage  and resolution problems is hardware issues and os.

Win 10 based x1 will not have these problems because the main os can optimise and accelerate the host or guest engines. So if the engine is not balanced the main os can help the host/guest os with recourses optimisation I.e this will also allow the virtual machine/app to run in real time with coherent system hardware os / engine os /  virtual machine app.   No longer will devs have to wait for updates to system hardware os tools they will be updated 24/7. And then the engine os can use these table recourses to enhance there app..  Simple.  Cloud compute can also be allocated to the host/guest engine os because the main os Handles hardware recourses directly.   I like to think the main os is dynamically allocating machine recourses.  Amazing times are coming.

Misterx: Thanks for the info. Very interesting as usual.

/post update/

Insider: Win10 os is not a true 1:1 on x1. Because PC are supporting hundreds if not thousands of configurations.
X1 is dynamic.. X1 is one main os / with host/guest.   ... Host and guest are not one in the same. They are different you can only run one host or guest. Virtual machines  10.  But the the main os is a win10 kernel. But modified to support x1 hardware.
The 3os design we have now will be gone it will be one main os. And a host/guest os ... Virtaul machines are not os based. They are future digital vaults.  Retail disk are basically clones of the virtual machines.   This new design will give the x1 over all user interface a huge jump in performance. It will be smooth as any mobile interface. .  But most off all it is quicker and better for devs. Every body will be a lot happier.   There was test done were the user could choose from 5 os designs. One I saw was very much the original blade design from 360 early days.  And the other was a my library design were it was just covers of your games.
Host os will also be the os that 360 emulation will run within. As a guest os will be like a vault.
Any 3rd party company even set top boxs can run there software natively in guest os. As we're the host is more pacific to engines unreal crytek.. Unity I.e..  It's more for next gen game design.   Ps4 can never have this design. It will not be multi app design. Or multi os. It's is more old school. Open a link via stream connect to server.  
Game on :)

previos "in more detail" series post
Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF

Insider Daily. Uncharted 4 fails to confirm its E3 visuals as Sony still don't afraid to lie
Insider: sfv is timed exclusively for 6 months.  And I have heard its Japan only.
So no need to stress .. im a sf fan too. But lets not be pony about this. Trust me the exclusive games coming next year will be on a level that not even 360 had.  Lets just say you all really want this. Its come up 100+ times on the blog and requested by the gamers. There something I'll say if ff7 remasted is listed as exclusive for ps4 a game that will blow the ultra megaton away. But lets see first.  Spoiling stuff I cant believe what is coming.
Also I have no power over free games sorry that is phils say. And so far im impressed and its improving.
Also the vr technology coming next year the chip is the most important part. Why Seattle for second best.  Ar/vr will be one in the same.

It's fun to hear people booing the ready at dawn game for being an interactive movie :)

Insider: Tomb raider is superior to uncharted 4. Graphically I find ryse to look a bit better in certain places. Uncharted 4 textures look flat. When you see tomb raiders lighting system your going to be shocked it's a generation above.

Insider: Dragon dogma 2 got pull and so did rage 2 ... Because word is there not exclusive. And neither is sf5 after 2016 :). All for the show people.  I guess ms got exclusive rights too the final fantasy remakes not the remaster.
And to people who don't believe ms will talk big about xbox dx12 and gfx hardware just wait till epic bring there next big game exclusive to x1 with a tech demo.   I'll have to keep the other exclusive game under.Oath. Early next year ms will run a show might be February. But Phil will decide. Still a few licence exclusives not 100% locked down but I think sega took the check because it wasn't on show today.   There is 8 exclusive aaa games locked down. And there is 5 more that are exclusive to PC too.
Cd project next game could go exclusive x1 PC but it comes down to sales with tw3.  But then again greatness is coming :)
E3 will answer all your questions  it's on game on.

/Post update/
Insider: Yes sony and capcom are co developing sfv but the game only has a 6 month exclusive licence agreement. The ps4 version will ship first then 6 months later PC and x1. Even Apple and android will have a version of sfv. Mark these words and come back here in 2016 I'll be waiting. Any game with PC in the list will get an incarnation on x1. Sony only got a 6 month exclusive license. But let sony Adam spin it any way he wants. Because clearly uc4 is not going to stand up to even the next tombraider or Qb as will see. So any sort of timed exclusive is a win but it won't matter after e3.

/update end/

Misterx: So Sony lied again. Corrine Yu blatantly lied on twitter. I fedup Sony lies to sell consoles.

basic_sock: This Corrine Yu talked bullshit so much, when he went to NaughtyCocks studio:

What an opinion! She seems never touched DX12 slides or Xbox API and I think MS kept her so away DX12 as it was possible.

Those (deleted) tweet after Uncharted 4 CGI show at E3, Mark Cerny <3:


"No More Pre-Rendered Cutscenes From Naughty Dog Starting With Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 was revealed to the world at E3 earlier this week. The teaser showed a slightly older looking Nathan Drake and showed visuals that were mistaken to be CGI by many people, including popular gaming magazine Edge Online.

The teaser was later confirmed to be in in-engine, and running in real-time on the PS4. This was first confirmed by Corrinne Yu on her twitter account, and later by GamingBolt, who asked this question from Naughty Dog and got a confirmation regarding it."




Insider Daily. Sony aimed to counter attack Xbox One momentum with more promises and CGI
Insider: Sales will be only on xbox this Xmas :). .... Sony event will be the same same. There will be some amazing gfx on display but expect ridicules downgrades around e3.   Microsoft are being-competitive statistic show that most of the 360 and ps3 demographic are looking to update to next generation platform. Value and gaming plus full media capability with file formate. And solid on line infrastructure "developing" :) and solid gaming  bundles.

The 3 billion investment . Is to help move ms core platform into custom silicon manufacturing. And designing chips and software dx12 win kernel around supportive hardware specialised command processors.  Hardware and software 1st party design.   Xbox one is the first time that ms have shipped a true windows box with windows-capabilities. Os hardware specialised hardware.  I will say tho that 3 billion is a majority of budget tho. The soc cost around 1.8 billion to design. But will have to wait till e3 to understand.
Win 10 = x.    10 is the kernel number for windows 10.    X is related to which console.    So dig the clues what did the big guy say about his latest build. Clues.  virtualised os.

Insider: If the news is true on dec 6. This blog has become the Bain of sony corp. and the influx of  sdf will be large. Looks like our members may become the focus of a smear campaign from paid media groups.

But it also has the double edged sword for them as we'll.  because it will force a few issues to arise. Will we get supported and will other devs people in the-circles  of information stand by the only safe haven for xbox fans.
Time will tell. Because it really looks like we have totally pissed of sony with truth facts.  Keep dig and let the truth spread.
I wonder if the next game will have my signature smile face :)

Misterx: The more they lie the better at the end. Latest MrC proofs about 1.31TFx2 GPU spread fast for last 3 days. That is info that could not be spinned.

Insider: But there is a tone of stuff going on with in the industry.
But I've heard rumours what sony are going to show. But sony are trying to push there way through a dry spell with out as many aaa games even tho ps4 had all the mp there is still the lack of real presents.

This is the list of rumours that are getting whispered around in office rooms not seen.
Ea / battlefront will be shown. Exclusive dlc
Kojima / MGs new fox engine update.
Squire / final fantasy 7 remaster - which has been seen in prototype phase. All rearly ... 7/8/9 will get remasted. Not exclusive
Sony jp... The last guardian.
Sony jp ... Gt5 remasted
Naughty dog .. The last of us dlc and possibly sequel. Uncharted 4
Capcom .. Dragon dogma 2. Or street fighter 5
Edboon :). Mk9999
Respawn tf

These are being talked about at lengths but I can't verify. I do know there is huge talks of RAGE 2.
But what I do know is project Morpheus is going to make a solid impression. Weather on stage or not game on is marked as Project Morpheus game. Same as no Mans sky will also use Morpheus.  Crash is also been talked about but it's far of in dev.
Same as a twisted metal remaster. But as I ant the sdf guy I'll tell you this we will only be disappointed till end of jan 2015 then
The next announcment in regards to xbox can be made. Let the pones get there cgi and believe. I'm sure every body who has x1 is actually playing games not watching cgi demos from 2016.  We will get our vr next year and it's better tech :)  thanks samsung.

Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF
Insider: Mantel is a different api to dx12. They do share direct access to specific console hardware levels.

PC will always be superior to console grade hardware in raw gpu design.

x1 was design to be  able to  go beyond the gpu bottleneck. But software has had to catch up

And the burden of cross gen development phases has been the issues.  Developers are not using the architecture the way it was designed around.  Behind the media show devs know the-extreme performance is way beyond what they originally had before dx11.3 api dx12 is the game changer.
As offload becomes theoretic to numbers the T.F war and resolution will be left in last generation game development and sdf minds.  A paradigm shift is coming.

More objects more polygon more resolution more memory bandwidth more offload more dsp.  Smart programming will all ways beat the bruit force-approach.

Sony is no slush to game architecture ether, they were smart with more ace cues but ace against custom dsp is a no win  citation.

As dsp and fpga can be reprogrammed on the fly and for specific tasks.  Gpu are designed to only work with specific tasks ace including. Once the gpu is bottle necking and there is no offload other then memory cues and smart api are all ready in use there no we're to go..

But from my point of view games need to develop story also.  And that cost major investments in aaa+  We can all see we're this is going :)

Misterx: Is there enough DX12 developers jumped in? How many DX12 games will be next holiday? Halo5, Tomb Raider? FFXV? Scalebound?

Misterx: Meanwhile MrC found a new detailed closed published Xbox One diagram from Microsoft that explains why 1.31TF should be multiplied by 2 as in  2015 DX12 GPUs. Also some new details of other special hardware MS did not ever give any details.

Mistercteam: At last some solid info from John sell IEEE journal

The Journal link is at

1. like my prediction move engine and other accelerator is completely processing system, not just ASIC !!!!

"4 Independent GPU Processors and Functions"

Eight independent processors and functions share the GPU MMU. These engines support applications and system services. They augment GPU and CPU processing, and are more powerperformance efficient at their tasks.

Four of the engines provide copy, formatconversion, compression, and decompression services. The video decode and encode engines support multiple streams and a range of formats The audio-video input and output engines
support multiple streams, synchronization, and digital rights management. Audio-video output includes resizing and compositing three images, and saving results in main memory in addition to display output"

2. X1 has new ACE structures like my prediction PS4 has 8 ACE, means can have max 8 work stream !!! X1 has read below !!!!

" Each command processor supports 16 work streams"

It means X1 support 64 Work Stream! Wow!

Misterx: Xbox One - 64 work streams(4cp x16 each) vs 8 on PS4(1cp x 8)

Mistercteam: 3. Each block at hotchip can support 2 independent context means the troughput is 2 times

from Journal

"The two geometry primitiveengines, 12 compute units, and four render backend depth and color engines in the graphics
core support two independent graphics contexts"

*) now we know how DX12 will unlock more capabilities !!!!as we know from latest eurogamer they only stated
when they doing compute they can do other stuff but above explanation means per block have 2 independent context
impressive .... each block, not just the GPU as a whole!

- 1.3TF = 2.6TF performance (we know from 128 ALU)
- 1.7 Geometry = 3.4 Giga Pri/s
- 13.6 Gpixel = 27.2 Gpixel/s

4. Jaguar on X1 is probably also for Beema or Carrizo as X1 has modified Jaguar that support higher BW,

"The CPU contains minor modifications from earlier Jaguar implementations to support twoclusters and increased CPU cache coherentbandwidth"

they still not talk much about SRAM as it is PIM tech but interestigly now we have a detailed block diagramof X1 i will put it in 1-2 days

basically the GPUMMU is very complex and interestingly support 16 virtual channel means it must have large L3 or stacked DRAM

plus not like previous GPU or PS4the RBE is detached and directly connected to MMU system

Now we just need to see Xbox One with unlocked power, Microsoft have to do it fast because the damage is great on the biaised media.

Mistercteam: yep. DX12, plus they waiting nvidia and AMD ready with its nextgen GPU

Maruskwolf: Imho, MS is keeping quiet about the x1 (besides the fact that media outlets would quickly spin this as something totally different and the fact that the casual consumer wouldn’t really get the in depth tech talk) until Carrizo, pirate islands (and probably other “projects”) come out because of the tech involved.
They releasing info very gradually and only what they’re allowed to as they’ve already stated in a slide

Mistercteam: yep....but this one has more detailed slide compare from hotchip
i am glad i am found it infact this is confirming that X1 is future design and certainly it is high probability it is stacked

and the slide is at least answer the confusion we got from Hotchip

Srenia la: 16 channels... Yep. Gen 1 two stacks of HBM memory. Should be looking at 2GB max as a real possibility. 8 channel each. Each channel sub divides further. Sounds familiar... plus GPU is at same MHz as HBM used as a cache. Notice that DDR3 is used as a cache as well.

Front page news!

Josefajardo: brilliant find .... its the details that matter :)

xone_br33: Yes, In fact this article was publish in April 2014

Tho amazes me that specialized midia as DF didnt take note on that, once it confirms that: XB1 has 4 CP, 64 work streams, and can do 2 GPU task independently (cause it has 2 graphical CP). And as I know such features are not present in current GPUs...

Plus add the fact the LionsHead confirmed there using ESRAM to do GPU compute, which IMO is a great evidence that XB1 is using PIM. XB1 arch is something new and ill define next generation of GPUs

Srelia la: A true combination of CPU and gpu on the One as we been discussing forever.

"They reduce CPU overhead to manage graphics activity and combined CPU
and GPU processing."

The CPU isn't running the GPU like in the PS4! A true combination of CPU and GPU functions!

Dontea Humphrey:

While the fanboys keeps saying the GPU is a 7700 just look at it

If you look at the diagram everything is in
4s and 2s

2 command Processors
2 graphic command Processors
2 geometry Primitive Engines

2 blocks with 6 CU each why would you put it like that?

4 backend renderers

Are they power gating off part of the GPU?
Is this a SLI design?
They said with DX12 in SLI they can target one GPU at a time or both concurrently.
This what I been waiting to see I get what they are trying to do.
Dx12 will bring endless possibilities for this system.

1 command Processor
1 graphic command Processor
1 geometry Primitive Engine
6 CU beefier than old CU
2 backend renderers = 1.3tfs

A whole new mean to Double Precision probably the most efficient way I have seen

gforce1981: he plot thickens :)

Same with 2 sets of 4 core CPUS,

eSram is in 4 banks :)

DDR memory is in 4 banks :)

all of which can be access independently.

Dontea Humphrey: that's what it Exactly what it looks like ....so forward thinking, makes me even more giddy for the future of DX12

Mistercream: DX11 only use mono pipe
DX12 will use dual pipe dual render context
it is a new design

gforce1981: yep, and it is why DX12 is going to be so good.

MS is going to give DEVS with DX12 the tools to touch every piece of hardware in the xbox one and help them use it how it was designed to be used.

And like others have said, DX12 doesn't make the hardware that is 'already' in there more powerful, but like we know if you have something like DX11 barely able to take advantage of hardware and then add on top the fact that most devs are NOT using all of the hardware that then is going to make such a massive difference.

I can't wait until we have full Dx12 with all hardware supported features in the xbox one with tiled resources and all the offloading processors and cloud come into games.

man.... the xbox one has so much potential it isn't funny and the PS4 being a mid ranged PC (because it is) is already topping out.

Mistercteam: dont forget dual render context is actually on each block
not just on CU unit

means the RBE and Geometry is actually closer to tonga performance
or it is actually derived from tonga in the first place like insider suggestion

gforce1981: definitely made for a multitasking GPU.

the same cannot be said for the off the shelf GPU the ps4 has.

- 1.3TF = 2.6TF performance (we know from 128 ALU)
- 1.7 Geometry = 3.4 Giga Pri/s
- 13.6 Gpixel = 27.2 Gpixel/s     = MORE. :) (Misterx: with a help of other special hardware to render pixels. ROPs is not everything)

4x render back ends are not rop based "extra" .  Two-independent  context for each block.
Command processor/ geometry primitive engine /  six compute units /  render back ends x2..  This dx11.3+ old design diagram.

4x render back ends two context for each block  command processor 2x 4 threads. Geometry primitive engine 2x  4 threads
2x 6 compute = 12 units  2 threads = 24 compute threads(Secret Sauce 1).

Check compute units on soc top layer X-ray?  Also dx12 will allow CPU-coherent with esram for read wright.

The new api /and system kernel update will allow each compute unit 2x render back end pass through. It's more balanced.

4x256bit /8 Physical (128bit)/16 channel @2133 = 272 GB/sec correct  but with full system optimisation 200gb sustainable bandwidth to gpu the other 72gb are reserved for other system processors.  Due to HBM 1.5 design ddr3 is a caching system also.
Ms will not refer to HBM they use the terms MMU because it is a custom design. And it is layer :) (Secret Sauce 2)

Move engines  also have processors like cu for pim(Secret Sauce 4).. and display planes are 4k upscale enabled

Axi bridge is what you should be looking for the real-secret source.  4 Dsp cores with specialised instructions / reprogrammable 
two cores are single procession combined they are 15.4 billion op/s of processing available which have nothing to do with audio.
i7-820QM is actually capable of doing 4 x 1.73 billion = 6.92 billion operations per second. More then add and subtract ops.(Secret Sauce 3).

Next year is going to be unreal MRX you ask will devs support the dx12 api. They will across the board PC/x1  PC next generation Gpus will full support dx12. And this has been the main hold up. 11.3 is only a stop gap for cross gen.  Although x360 will be getting an update to its stream in and edram logic. For optimisation benefits.

NXE for x1 next year win10 full enabled experience and core Apps.

Why do you think Valve are holding back steam box. Win 10 kernel 10.5.2. X1.

Also xbox enabled phones will be coming next year. It will allow stream play @1080p 60fps. You will also be able to connect the phone to a supporting TV so that you can use your phone to stream your games to a second TV with out taking your x1 with you. Min hdmi 2.0 and screen mirror sync without.

Plus start saving for a 4k TV because  4k TV uhd colour and upscale support is coming.  No need not worry about hdmi 2.0 60fps support :)
More soon enough let's not spoil any more you can dig now every thing will line up.

Misterx: Try to overview

Secret Sauce 1.
New diagrams show GPU is 1.31TF x 2 = 2.6TF GPU. All media ignored there is 2x2 command processors and had not clue why its not 1CP as in 7xxx series GPUs. All DX12 2015 GPUs will also have this configuration.

but Xbox One also have tons of cutting edge custom or DX12 level tech that helps GPU eliminate its classic PC bottlelnecs where PC users never use their GPUs to max power. To fully load a hardware Microsoft in collaboration with AMD and IBM invented a PC 2.0 paradigm where they reinvented CPUs and GPUs meaning. Now they act as one device and if you add more cores/power it scales proportionaly.

Secret Sauce 2. GPU MMU on diagram is 272GB/s HBM new type of RAM. We expect more than 1 GB. Slow 68gb/s DDR3 acts as a cache for this RAM. Avatar quality needs super hight bandwith, low latency memory to make hollywood level special effects possible on screen. You can think of this RAM as Xbox 360 EDRAM 2.0.
Secret Sauce 3. There is other supporting reprogrammable on the fly processors of huge power(15.4 billion op/scompared to i7 6.92 billion op/s). All points it is custom A2 PPC tech. co-CPUs make calculations and modifications for data stored in HBM memory and make full raytracing, other new GFX effects and backward compability, possible.

Secret Sauce 4. Move engines have CPUs too to modify data while transfering from one part of SoC to another. That is how different program threads/SoC parts "see" each other and make parralel workload of all parts of the system more efficient. All points to small ARM cores.

Secret Sauce 5. All thouse parts with differents CPUs and differend ISAs connected and managed via
AXI bridge bus. NOC concept. Like a CLOUD(off loading) just local.

Other tech we have little details yet:

Secret Sauce 6. - Power gating or dark silicon. Every part of the SoC can be on and off on the fly.
Not so secret.     - Internet Cloud. As some wise man said - local cloud and internet cloud is a tweens separated at birth. If local CLOUD (NOC based - mass parallel getherogenius asymetric supercomputer paradigm) works than internet CLOUD will work too because it is the same idea just for tasks with larger latency and reaction time through different highways.

Secret Sauce 7. All this tech is hidden from our eyes because it is on stacked hardware layers inside Xbox One(see our proofs about stacked hardware).

2.6 TF GPU + all other tech = total of 5TF of raw power(in todays PCs equvialents).

Misterx: Why Ubi posted their shitty comparisons xb1 vs ps4? They try to say to MS they will hold parity and no dx12 engine for them while ps4 sells? That is dead sales for them very fast.

Insider: Ubisoft unity engine is 11.1+ even ps4 struggle with CPU over heads. The problem with ps4 is it to can be optimised to easily Handel unity even @1080p.  Ubisoft have not done so well with moving target sdk even sony couldn't get 2.0 sdk to them with gpgpu compute. And when Ubisoft really bring in the dx12 games people will forget all about early generational cross engines. Even tho unity on ps4 is CPU dependent then why in the new patches there is extream levels of downgrade lighting lod and Npc. The fact there  not all based on CPU. This game is broken because of sdk was old and. Devs didn't have recourses to implement optimisation intill final weeks.

Every gen has it's early problems. People and gamers alike have to understand console devs
Haven't even started on these consoles. Ms earlier sdks were all most broken due to driver updates.  Both console are truly going to bring the gfx and games. And even 4k upscales but the one that people thought was weaker is infact a lot more powerful.  Game on.
Misterx: Ohh..i thought PS4 is almost maxed out. Or GCN optimized engines could extract more power from 1.4tf ps4 gpu?
Gpgpu could only add no more than 0.4tf of power on PS4?

Insider: Yes but console vs PC gpu architecture ps4 still has the upper hand because it is one set hardware-component. Not 30 different gpu architectures with different gpu DDR.  Mantel can only gain back a set amount based on core api layers. not one code api suits all.

Dx12 will also make it even more difficult for ps4 because it does not have the benefits or the x1 architecture. But ps4 has plenty of headroom left. Sony need to drop the ps4 os to dynamic core. And free up more gddr5.  But sony now see the ps4 as the gate way to there media vu network and app structure. Which means more of the systems head room will be given to the media functions over games.  There will be changes coming...

Part 61. Preliminary examination for the Latest Microsoft John Sell - IEEE Journal
by Mistercteam

The Journal link is at

This Journal contain so many small but important detail and some of what we digging is so inline, plus the journal provide more detailed diagram compare from Hotchip 2013

Clearly this is a future GPU design

The Slide from me show some of interesting info from Journal plus the slide from it

the slide:

Also related to Above The Inventor of AMD PIM is related
to Microsoft Patent of Multi ISA (Mike Ignatowski)


/la dessert/
remember this :) ... It's like two PCs taped togeher...


"It's like two PCs taped together, a source said to the video game news source.

Although these specs aren't officially confirmed, according to VG247, the graphics cards are rumored to be equivalent to the AMD's 7000 series GPUs.

However, they will not be structured as they are in a normal dual PC-setup. In a typical double PC format, the two chips take turns to draw lines of the same object.

But with Microsoft's new console, the graphic units will work independently to draw separate items simultaneously."

*** So if they will work 'independently to each other' this explains the MONO and Stereo Drivers.

This also explains why even though the GPUs in the xbox one are more powerful than the PS4 but with DX11 'could' be only using 1 part of the GPU.

This document that has come to light has also CONFIRME (and is the reason why the TECH guys kept saying GPU(S)... with an S... but tis confirms that there is in fact more than one GPU.

These GPU's can work independent of each other so the options to this are massive.

There is NO way this uses the same hardware as the PS4.

*** Other sources...


"According to VG 24/7 new insiders have leaked additional information about the Xbox 720 and it may have Blu-Ray, dual GPUs and a Christmas 2013 launch has supposedly been confirmed.

A lot of the information seems to be a reiteration of what was rumored back in November, 2011, where it was speculated that the system would contain twin AMD GPUs and a hexacore CPU setup. The new reports from VG 24/7 suggests that one of the cores will be dedicated wholly to a built-in Kinect interface.

The dual AMD GPUs aren't exactly what we all thought before. They are not being used for an SLI/Crossfire setup but rather it's like "two PCs taped together", said the anonymous source. The cards are equivalent in power to AMD's new 7000 series. "

*** It is very funny when you look back at everything, and even the tech guys at the xbox one reveal.

"These GPU(S) are complicated BEASTS" :)

This would also explain the LACK of performance in current / launch games. DX 11 along with POOR CPU performance and trying to feed 2 GPU's is going to have a painful time.

Each Cu in the Xbox One has 128 ALU (as per the die shot photos).

this COULD mean that what we are seeing is 6 CU's @128 ALU's running at 853MHZ Vs PS4 which is 14 CU's @64 ALU's running at 800MHZ. (PS4 Being at Balance as per Sony said at 14 CU's GRAPHICS nd 4 CU for compute)

Now the xbox one Balance due to the 4 CP's each with 16 work items could be 6CU's for Graphics and 6CU's for Compute.

XBOX ONE (half of GPU) 6 * 128 * 2 * 0.853 = 1.3102 TFlops (this is or one part of the GPU)

PS$4 14 * 64 * 2 * 0.800 = 1.4330 TFlops

** This is NOT talking about each systems Compute Performance and this also lines up with what MS shared at HOTCHIPS.

also remember when MS said 1.31TF they never mentioned if that was DP or SP.

so inline with AMD where DP is half would mean 1.31TFlops DP would mean Each 6CU's would be 1.31TFlops SP.

NeoFreeman: yeah and this is still without the offloading stuff
to the 50 MCU´s

so its the Basic gpu Performance then

AMDs 2 better than 1 PR promo

Misterx: and that is what Insider and many others say since ages. Big thanks to everybody. Really great times ahead for graphics enthusiasts and gamers.

related topics
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Insider Daily. Halo MCC beta tested amazing tech of the future
Insider: Like I said halo 5 beta is different engine. There will be huge changes to see. This game gfx will evolve right in front of the media.

I will correct the black crush comment, ms did make changes but still some TV are not out putting correct gamma in the check board or gray scale. 4k tvs do not have these problems.

Easy fix is to turn the contrast and brightness up or your backlight on your television. In till a 100% fix is available. Sorry for your-inconvenience. Love black crush ;)

Insider:Ac unity lol 5fps difference I wonder what happen to ps4. Next year is going to see the buildings of n4gaf burn. CPU enhances 50% with dx12 even with out offload. Still ubi are patching optimisation dx11.3 right now. Better turn that into solid 30fps locked.

Insider:This time of the year is slow for news, too many games .. But I can say next year there will be some big-announcements for you xbox supporters.

I'll give a few hints away. Remember that unreal demo man vs machine that Tech is o so real.. Yeah o so real.

What's been shown is epic but still who would like a 3rd person scifi action scenario. You will defiantly see some cu cloth physics.

2015 is the year of 3rd person.

Black tusk will be getting split into two studios soon. And a few positions will be coming up a lot expect an insurgent of publishing from this branch. Microsoft want ea/ubi level of first party output. The man with the plan knows games sell consoles. Pre orders are up up and up. Do you all think sales parity is going to be viable. Ms are ready to put 7million ones into market for the Xmas rush. And another 4 million reserved. Word is pre orders are insane in the USA alone. Europe also tipping 2.5 million sales. But I should say shipped to retail. China is picking up momentum. I've heard the magic number is 7 expected let's see. The price is right and there is a solid game portfolio. It's time.

Insider:I told you why games would be smoother @30fps. Little by little it is beginning. "We did things to issuer our games have the better frame rate" the balancing act is over @e3. Sony won't sync with ps4 @ 20 million. Competing markets are healthy markets.
You didn't think including a 4k hdmi in every xbox one sold wasn't enough to elude to the fact that xbox one is hdmi 2.0 compatible.

But your starting to see the clues by the mistakes others are making. Up sampled then down sampled? ...I have seen the halo 5 campaign footage and it looks insane compared to the beta. But the beta is the first real test for online mp on a large scale with xbox one engine virtualisation. The debacle of halo mcc was also a test. They need real world data to summarise an uncontrolled server logistic stack. Send and receive. Packet to host or host to packet to server. Halo mcc has done some thing no other game has ever done. It has tested all features for forward computability and back words compatible . Halo 1/ xbox. Halo 2/ xbox. Halo 3 xbox360/ halo 4 xbox 360/ Old and new engine upscale new effects. A full two generations of code plus modification on the fly. No other hardware has done this. This is supercomputer architecture xbox is not a jagura apu with Bolton gpu. And people get angry over unity 5fps. Halo mcc code is the Armageddon of this generation for any competing "console" hardware. It's is the gameos/ Bc/fc /mediaos/ halo channel/ this is the future. Halo mcc is an operating system within its self that is fundamentally running virtual machines on top of each other. And can change in an instance. The halo mcc is the Microsoft vault Just like EA vault. Every single generation of platform xbox/360/x1 can run plus media channels with in there vault. Backwards and forward. Microsoft new there was going to be issues and severs would have to be activated and new sever clients dedicated to this future tech would need to be installed. No other game has had this level of updates applied. I can tell you your going to see a massive increase in on line performance. Your also going to see it across the board on all mp games... Gameon.

Everybody Daily. MS said Xbox One have supercomputer design. And here is why.
Misterx: Free copy for all who bought mcc? :)
Insider: This is not the answer mrx :) I hear there will be a bonus for people who do the h5 mp beta..
There is a link. Not saying .

Also Black crush ... From what I know it is a contrast error when in full rgb mode. It's link to the different in gray scale. It's is also being-critically analysed by ms. And there should be an update available to devs who are heavily scale based. Which will be finally over @e3. The display plans are also an issue with the h2 display scale. If you have access to a 4k uhd TV. You would notice there is no black crush with full rgb mode.

Mrc look for block diagram. Transistor calculation. What would staked count give you with your theory. More evidence to back the blog up. ;)

Part 59. Xbox One and Power A2 architecture. It is there is custom form

Boom, what about some people said in his linkedin debug test for Power arch on X1

That means insider is right.....
Power Arch still presence just like what it is rumored to be
Plus what tied this down , NVLINK (Nvidia move engine)
can only work with ARM + Power (not X86)

this is for tomorrow slide with various info from linkedin plus this
info focused on Kryptos + Power arch on X1

so this seems start to getting interesting.
So even if Durango-ibm slide is faked, the info probably right, and probably one of Power architecture function is probably provided scalar plus move engine function


Misterx (to Insider): You said PPC arch abandomed inside XB1 back in 2013 after starting from 2011 you said it is there... MrC found some linkid with Power and Xbox One in the same sentence. Could you clarify? Is it still there or really abandomed or changed to ARM?

Insider: A2 is all I can say. But its custom. Fpga dsp.
Next year.. not a straight chip I will dig more on specifics but ill have to word it none logistically. I.am sure you understand :)

ostom instruction sets.  Dsp/fpga A2 share the same power architecture. But its not the same as dx12.  Or mental or power7.  Gfx command buffer layers and gfx offload  raytracing need architecture layers.  Power cpu/gpu cell all run extreamly hot.
Core architecture not specific to facts or heat.  High peformance factors heat are bad design choose.  Fails in hardware not good.

Costom command buffer and excutable can ppc or x86 crossbar conversion with out middle ware.
I can say that you should think of the xbox one as a x86 system at this point next year you will not.

But you should think of transistor counts and compression tables.  What will you have spent and what is spare. Mythology says surface are not everything what lies within is more intune in time to benefit ddcl  but you just can't look at kryptos. What other chips are or were hinted at around design time. You are close. But your missing names id patient hunt. :)

Power Architecture Proven to be inside X1 from Microsoft employee

Plus Some previous Kryptos info
We have tons of proof all start to make sense .....
48 Ops/cycle ---> 24 SC (probably maxed at 28SC)
Jaguar 12-16 op/cycle --> 12-14SC

All Ops/cycle on CPU side = FMAC 256 not FMAC 128
But anyway just to show the important message to other tech site

MrX Insider tells the truth, plus OBAN, or other 2011-2012
tell the truth too, !!!!, As it is not making sense
they abandoned Billion of dollar integrating Power Arch + AMD SIMD
per 2011-2012 rumor, plus the ex AMD director that get lawsuit from
AMD about bring AMD IP document etc when he moves to Nvidia also
clearly said about Power Arch on Nextgen Xbox


Xbox One Power Arch:


mistercteam: If Microsoft employee said Power Architecture for X1 seems they bit by bit opened up the NDA

This is fist time we see a confirmation of Power Architecture presence on X1, MS opened up a bit. For me this is super huge!

This is super huge !!!!!!!!
this means the OBAN as esram block is a truth
this means BC/FC is indeed possibility
this means the CPU is up to 8 times from what available as jaguar
even if Jaguar on X1 is capable to do ~200 GFlops (using FMAC256)

this also means What S|A hinted as OBAN 300x2 mm2 using 32nm (not stacked) is some truth on it

this also means why s|A linked IBM 3D stacked W2W active logic interposer to Xbox One is because his sources probably inform him , that OBAN going 3D.

Let use simple formula why Xbox 720 rumored to have 1.2-1.3 TF CPU.

let said the CPU have capability to do 48 ops this time.
This is more believeable compare to Jaguar, which can only do 2 ops (even on FMAC256).

so let said like insider hinted the clock is about 2-above 3Ghz or Tipical IBM power A2 based clock which is in the range of 1.6 GHz-3Ghz:

8 core x 6 ops = 48 ops, then :
1.6 Ghz = 48 x FMAC256 (8 ALU) x 2 Flop x 1.6 Ghz = 1.2TF 32bit (SP) !!
3.2 Ghz = 1.3TF (64bit) DP or 2.6TF SP!!!!

This thing makes Batch submitting to gpu wont be bottlenecked plus there is 10 MB eDRAM per core , based on past rumor

@Jose basically this is like BTE = move engine but also provice Scalar Flops muscle if needed !!! and BC/FC as possibility !!!

This still means ARM is related to DSP/or the FMAC could be handle by ARM based . as this is custom, means could be Power + ARM

- But the point is we got a confirmation, Power Arch present !!!!
- That the whole point, and suddenly all people that downplay X1 start to thinking hmmmm, if they had Power, but we can not see it from chipwork then it means X1 is W2W , yes you bet !!!!

- hmmm Then the Linkedin that said BC for X1 is said the truth

- hmmm Then it means X1 is not a low spec , you bet

- hmmm Then it means CPU wont bottlenecked like PS4, yep

- hmmm Then it means The prev rumor about Nvidia interviewed
in last XBworld magazine that said 4 core 4 logic said the truth, yep, as he probably know there is Power Arch on X1

- hmmm Then it means it is logical that the Whole IBM Power Arch team that design Cell CPU + Xenon are hired and some of it currently become SOC Director of Xbox, yep

- hmm Then it means there is a huge eDRAM beside eSRAM, this could
also means HBM/eDRAM depent on Point of view, as eDRAM is basically
with current tech is DDR in HBM, yep

- Just only a confirmation of Power Architecture have a huge impact ? you bet, this change the game......

Mistercteam: Then we must remember AMD executive said about X720 avatar quality

I believe he probably sees what MS doing with Halo 5 + early Unreal 4
as i see on newer pastebin, they basically already long in development (halo5)

plus he probably already sees DX 12 pre alpha
as if people remember, DX12 rumor already started since 2010
and on old rumor it is said MS + nvidia + AMD, working for new DX tech

This also tied in to TR will be X1 exclusive
as they use impressive mo cap tech, for what ?
if X1 only 1.3TF, no need to capture the tiniest detail...

gforce1981: Xbox One with Power PC & AMD GPU and CPU

As per MisterC's research it is looking more and more real that there is actually PowerPC processors or 'stuff' on the xbox one chip also.

Now this could be part of the 'over 50 other processors' MS has been speaking about.

Now from a Dev's point of view if MS said here is two different sort or Architectures now go and make code this could be really messy.

So what if MS will be allowing more access of this stuff through the DX12 API that will be coming to the Xbox One?

what if MS will be building the API so that if devs now want to

Offload to Cloud - you use this
Offload to Audio Processor - you use this.
Offload to the Physics Processor - you use this.
Offload to the AI Processor - you use this.

Because the using of multiple and different processors and offloading fixed function hardware is EXACTLY what AMD is aiming to achieve with the HSA.

And it is also going to make sense that there will need to be a frame work with how devs will access the different parts of the system.

And this is why I think all of it is being Virtualized.

This also makes sense how the xbox one is beta tested in the future and also makes sense how MS is spending all of their effort on DX12 and simply threw a Highly unefficient API "DX11 Vanilla Code" with some 'minor' ad ons on the xbox one to allow devs to build games for the xbox one why they finish the software to be able to use the xbox one to its potential

Seems to be in line with what is happening.

Part 60. Xbox One is supercomputer tech

Ms_sony1(game developer): Take your time to look through all information...

Don't try and rush any information out, because it could be incomplete, but that is expected since you guys are not internally working on the XBox One at Microsoft. Compile a complete picture from beginning to end. One Company for all your entertainment and business needs. Welcome to the JUNGLE! A heterogeneous
supercomputer on every desk, in every home, in every pocket. Project 10. Supercomputer Architecture Design, Locality, Local Cloud, Noc, CPU/GPU Hybrid Custom, Supercomputing and the cloud are twins separated at birth, One Language, One Family, One Company,Your Potential, Our Passion, MICROSOFT.

Okay... That's enough hints until execution on day zero.


1. http://gearnuke.com/xbox-one-effectively-super-computer-design-says-xboxs-director-development-boyd-multerer/

“The GPUs are really complicated beasts this time around. In the Xbox 360 era, getting the most performance out of the GPU was all about ordering the instructions coming into your shader. It was all about hand-tweaking the order to get the maximum performance. In this era, that’s important – but it’s not nearly as important as getting all your data structures right so that you’re getting maximum bandwidth usage across all the different buffers. So it’s relatively easy to get portions of the GPU to stall. You have to have it constantly being fed.”

He compares this hardware design to a “Super-Computer Design” and ensures that we should expect to see “fairly large improvements in GPU output” in the near future.

2. http://www.afterdawn.com/news/article.cfm/2010/10/31/ncsa_director_says_gpus_are_future_of_high_performance_computing

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8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory
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"The Janssen collaboration validated our vision for the Gordon system," said Michael Norman, SDSC's director and principal investigator for the Gordon project. "We saw that emerging big data challenges such as human genomics would dictate new supercomputer architectures where memory and IOPS (I/O operations per second) would be more important than raw computing power, so we designed the system accordingly."

Quote from article.............................................

10. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/CHRG-109shrg71158/html/CHRG-109shrg71158.htm

"...Other research institutions in the state are making use of
high-performance computing assets through the Pacific Northwest
Gigapop, and Microsoft is working to make high-performance
computing technology more mainstream by developing software to
network desktops and clusters of computer servers..."


12. http://www.techradar.com/us/news/software/applications/microsoft-confirms-windows-10-will-ship-with-directx-12-and-you-can-test-it-today-1267738

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14. http://www.xcg.cs.pitt.edu/papers/conn-ems12.pdf


ms_sony1:  HDD HAS WHAT?



It is all connected.


ms_sony1: 2015



Misterx: HBM? :)

ms_sony1: The chip as a whole needs to be considered since it is all connected together to be as efficient as possible.
Also keep in mind Microsoft has to make the console affordable for mainstream use.

These are/may be useful:
- http://www.iariajournals.org/systems_and_measurements/sysmea_v6_n34_2013_paged.pdf

Srenia Ia: Thx. I think people forget that MS says it has DirectX 12 and C++ Amp. The One is not the family of APU as the PS4. Two different gens.

ms_sony1: The pudding is in the dirty details. The little things make the bigs things that much bigger.
16. http://www.academia.edu/8425652/Difference_between_AMD64_and_Intel64_bit
17. http://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/academic/class/15869-f11/www/
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24. http://www.computer.org/portal/web/computingnow/insights/content?g=53319&type=article&urlTitle=ray-tracing%3A-the-future-is-now
25. http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/fms/Colleges/College%20of%20Sciences/IIMS/RLIMS/Volume14/RLIMS_v14_pp25-771.pdf


26. Direct3D 12 (Dx12) introduces a new set of features that have never been seen before on any consumer product. Totally new software for a new generation.



All anyone has to do now is wait for the Xbox One to become complete. DX12 will have impact on XBOX One games written for DX12. ONLY for games written for DX12!

27. "Every Xbox One will be capable of running DirectX 12 games as well, he said, alongside many Windows Phones." Windows 10 :) XBox ONE. One company for all your entertainment and business needs.

"Specifically, AMD "Graphics Core Next" GPUs, broadly HD 7000 and up, and NVIDIA Fermi, Kepler, and Maxwell GPUs (which is to say, all of the company's DirectX 11 parts) will all support DirectX 12."

"People who have our current CPUs, they get the benefit of this API on day one," AMD's Raja Khodury said on stage. "And it's not a small benefit. It's... like getting four generations of hardware ahead with this API."


28. http://amd-dev.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wordpress/media/2012/10/4-Sutter_Microsoft-FINAL.pdf

This has great info. I already posted this, but it's awesome stuff.

Misterx: and i run out of post limits..Thanks everybody. Comments are blast to read here. Insider info from 2011 starting to be confirmed...

Insider Daily. Master Chief Collection have a huge secret
Insider: Looks like sony ant got exclusive rights to shenmuie. Turns out that checks in the mail.
They could even loose there stakes. :)

No xbox slim. 28 to 20 is die shrink. Not new console. Die shrink is for gpu cpu part. No xbox slim intill 14nm . 2 years. They can allready shrink size but up clocks @e3 is reason why it ant happening. They need that head room for the long ride ahead.

Ssod now that is how you fill a city. No second sun on this one. Wont be long before sony do a 1080 on there resolution war. Wait till you see scale bound think bay2 but faster with monster hunter action adventure. Very colorful game. Love the oceans and lighting engine.
But love the true world damage engine.

Master cheif collections has a huge secret. :)

Insider: Dynamic = old engine with basic dx11.3 optimization. No time. Cross gen will be finally dead @ e3 .. every game "next gen" game will be 10x better then the cross generation shovel fillers.

Insider: Rnd is going to redmond directly. And will be handed to a joint consortium. Mrc can tell you from his research who this consortium is houses.

To many resources going to 3rd party

Insider: Let me refrain the secret. It ties in with halo 5
Free copy for all who bought mcc? :)

Insider Daily. Xbox One GPU could be upclocked to 1 Ghz. CPU have turbo core mode.
Misterx: Could you update some info on this pic?
Steam app? Why no news from Valve?
Sony app? microsoft-sony.com related to that? Already have an agreement? Or MS just planned this as possible scenario 2 years ago?
Also what about GPU up clock for XB1? What is max frequency? You said it is higher from todays 853 Mhz..is it still in place?

Insider: 1ghz  after dx12 is stabble. Cpu has the turbo core

Project 10. It all comes under that reference. Because windows xbox and mobile are all unified within project 10. All apps are universal. And valve have worked on streaming apps on all devices.
Valve is in it for the money

Misterx: Really nice scenario when Xbox will have all the hubs from all the publishers.
What impressed you most of all from 3-5 years plans ahead? Will Kinect see a rise planned before or it is really a Don's failed toy?
Will Halo 5 MP beta demo will show gfx upgrade we all want? Quantum break is great but feels 1.5 wave. Need more fore me. Will it delayed till later in 2015?
Insider: Core specifics were all ways ms push for xbox brand.  3/5 years.
Virtual reality with environment enhanced physics.
Kinect was all ways design to give x1 the edge.  The problem facing vr is movement. Yes you can move your head. But true vr is movement within the virtual world space.  The rift has major problems to face with moving this aspect forward. And even harder with releasing a retail cost effective model.  
Kinect  is not DEAD!!!!!!   I've told people to purchase the full x1 plus kinect it will serve its purpose.  And virtual reality is the future of gaming.
Virtual reality with Ar are two emerging technology prototypes have been around for 18months
2015 will be gfx with surprises in vr/Ar but not for 14months will we see a massive push.
Microsoft xbox will evolve very fast in 2015.. 28 exclusive games will be announced for x1 for 2015 from ms 1st party offerings   2nd party and 3rd party unknown at this point due to emergingmarket-strategy   
Dx12 enhancement will really improve fps with in games ...  And frame enhancing technology will improve vr/Ar games.  The company with 60fps per eye wins the vr race.  120fps is going to happen.
A full vr/Ar of mine-craft 2 is in the works it was the main goal to purchase the company and it penetration of chines markets.  Billion will be made.... Mc2 will use an impressive engine .. The same concept is derived from halo 2a. Old engine new engine two gfx styles one game.
Microsoft want to evolve the sandbox for game devs. More soon.
Value will come when x1 Bc and purchase history's will migrate to x1 from 360 it's a win for loyal costumes  sony can not offer this  for free  and cloud streaming and cost are at uses cost and cost they will it is not in there strategy.
Rare. Lion head and 343 black tusk and turn 10 have some amazing games coming ...
Halo 5 mp beta will not have the same gfx engine there has to draw backs due to the different approaches.. Halo 5 mp = unreal quake arena Titan falls cod destiny.   Halo multi story modes will be extreme but the two games coming from bt and 343 in 2016 will be 4x what we have in 2015 mainly due to advance acceleration and flag offloading. It's a pargram shift in technology and code design.   It is early and the scope is huge compared to what people think is going on.

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