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We don't know Microsoft market strategy, The Insider is a tech guy and always believes Microsoft will show that side to public as soon as developers sample technology to other developers. His info could be up to 3 years in the future.

The insider will sometimes state in his notes and messages, that the information he has supplied will not be 100% confirmed by him or the source he gain the knowledge from. We still post unconfirmed developers rumours as there no smoke without fire in most cases.

Main idea
XBOX ONE console, was a console that was originally meant to be released at a much later date and time of 2014-15 and is 2-3x more powerful then Sony’s PS4 at mknimum.

Its full DX12+ system and it's power is not 1.31TF as Eurogamer caclulated based on wrong interpretation of docs they got and all other media repeated. Microsoft itself never told its 1.31TF console.

- Xbox One GPU is 2.6TF. Its full DX12 and is not AMD 7770 series. Its accelerated DX12. Xbox One GPU is WDDM 3.0 while first PC DX12 GPUs are WDDM 2.0.
- Other special hardware and accelerators makes it around 5TF of total power.
- Xbox One have HBM like ultra fast memory stacked on main SOC chip. PC GPUs/APUs will start to have it at the end of 2015.
- Xbox One have FPGA reprogrammable chips inside. You can program algoritms directly in hardware and the speed of execution will be 100-1000 compared to software execution on standart universal CPU.
- Xbox One DDR3 is not typical. It has 4x capabilities of standart DDR3 for every 2GB. A DDR4 prototype. This one is less talked about by Insider and along with HBM is under very strict NDA at Microsoft until DDR4 and HBM like memory will make its debut on PC GPUs in 2015.

Hunt the truth
Please be aware of lies of Sony propaganda, they over promise and under deliver. They often show CGI or in-engine first and then downgrade later. In-game looks not as good as hyped.

Here are tricks Sony use in their games to make you think PS3/PS4 is more powerful then it is
- Narrow corridor games with low draw distance (Uncharted, God of War, and Last of Us), that all need less power for the system to render).
- Open-world games with low draw distance, lots of fog (Infamous).
- Games with static cameras (Beyond, Heavy Rain).
- Less objects and details on screen to render, empty locations, small NPC count(GT5, The Order)

All those tricks need 30-40% less power to render.  Compare for example Uncharted which consists 95% of corridor levels and some of Halo 4 corridor levels with Night and Day.

Other tricks:
- Tech demos that combines all the tricks.  Tech demos will never filter to real games with such visuals in real time on PS hardware.
- In-engine prerenderend cut scenes with better assets they claim as real-time game play (Uncharted).
- Make image quality lower but be sure to hit 1080p.
- Say it is 60fps even if it is hit only 30% of time

3rd party or MS 1st party developers don't use those tricks as there is no need to lie to gamers and show "superiority" of the hardware. Even with the launch of Xbox One when Microsoft’s DX12 API is not ready and resolution is slightly better on PS4 and still Sony again invents new tricks to deceive and lie to its own gaming community and media outlets.

So if we see "actual game play" logo in game trailer from Microsoft - it is. If we don't see "actual game play" logo from Sony - it could be fake/downgraded or pre-rendered cut scene. Sony started to use term in-engine in their videos. Still thats not in-game and could be not running in real time on PS4 hardware.

Thank you for taking the time to read my welcome page, I hope you enjoy your stay.
Game On!

Major posts about Xbox One accelerated DX12 tech

List of major Insider predictions (<--- click this link )

Xbox One Stacked hardware proof
1. Did Mistercteam found the stacked die on Xbox One SOC image?(stacking proof #1)
2. Insider Daily. Driver update will bring more than 50% power. More multiple SOC evidences received (stacking proof #2).
3. Mistercteam Daily. TSV 3D stacking found on Xbox One SOC (stacking proof #3)
4. @MSFTnerd confirms Insider 2012 info about Xbox TV and ARM SoCs(stacking proof #4)
5. Someone used Microsoft's exec names to confirm Insider info and Mistercteam investigations

Inside Xbox One (2015+ tech - full HSA/DX12)
1. Insider Daily. Xbox One secret sauces in more detail. It is packed with DX12+ tech and is not 1.31TF
2. Insider Daily. Full HSA 2015+ tech is next big thing. Old 3d engines need to be re-engineered.
3. Xbox Ones hardware Tiled Resources in more detail. A huge Xbox One advantage over PS4.
4. Inside Xbox One: Using HW Tiled Resources with ESRAM in more detail. Prepare to be amazed.
5. Insider Daily. Xbox One display planes in more detail. It is like 2-3 systems in one.
6. Insider Daily. Hana2 have G-Sync like tech and Xbox One is not 1.31TF GPU
7. Insider Daily. Everyone think Xbox One GPU is 1.31TF SP. In reallity it is 2.6 TF
8. Insider Daily. Xbox One is 2.6TF DP GPU@853Mhz+special hardware make it 4-5TF for whole system
9. Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 aka DX12 aka full HSA in more detail or why XB1s 5TF will last 10 years
10. Insider & Mistercteam Daily. PC 2.0 and Xbox One are based on Microsoft E2 research project

Sony’s lie and brainwash
1. "Industry insider" CBOAT is actually neogaf.com moderator. Fraud disclosed.
2. Neogaf.com and n4g.com fludded by Sony's employees and non-Sony fans could do nothing other than ignore them
3. Insider Daily. Every company fights till the end. Now it is Sonys turn to overpromise & underdeliver
4. Sony don't afraid to lie because they already know they will fail and PS4 is their last console
5. Full list of Eurogamer biased face-offs. Undeniable proof they are in bed with Sony.

1. Gamertags exchange.
2. Next Gen War Scores Dashboard - a key statistics about who and how are winning next gen right now (Now it is: Sony 5:3 Microsoft).
3. [Humour] True history of last generation of video games 2003-2011.

Insider Daily 252. RIP secret sauce and misterxmedia? Dear Albert allow to disagree
Insider: I can not see AP give an answer to an nda based question.  But I have said this before

Insider: 3 billion just so gamers can play apps alone side their games hahahaha here is some trivia for you. Galaxy s6 redesign cost samsung just under 500 million.

I like the fact some people who feel the need to slander. Think we're a cult. Cool iv all ways wanted to be apart of a community of very intelligent individuals who can think for them selves.

The Cult of free thinking.     Logic free thinking individuals who can sift through patents/ white papers/ and leaked documents and study the process for apu design.   System and what's to come.   Hater be haters I just can't see how they can't wait 29 days more :)

Misterx: Who disturbed your Dzen? I missed that one

Insider: I don't under stand ?

/Meanwhile on Twitter/

Xbox One hardware designer lead:

Albert Pennelo (Microsoft PR manager):

Insider: Ap is not telling the whole truth.   And back tracking on his own comments.  Strange that others in the industry say other wise.

Like the people who actually designed the architecture.  I wonder if he new his own comment was all ready contradiction him self.
Esram is a hybrid memory system especially when you consider it is multi  read wright paths and can be used as a whole or cache purpose.

ESRAM cache — breaking it into four 8MB chunks is interesting, but doesn’t tell us much about how those pieces will be used. If the cache really is 1024 bits wide,     Common sense all ready points to a 1024 bit wide memory being hybrid  but why take up a massive part of your chip budget, for an inadequate component.

But clearly the 1024 bits memory bus gpummu is the dead give away.   And anybody with an eye or intellect for memory design will clearly tell you, this does not make sense from a design or performance point of view.    Esram at 16mb caches sizes would be to small to represent the two large layers that are represented in the soc chip diagram.  Microsoft could have had 2gbs with 1 terror byte of bandwidth in that space of wafer.  And there is two separate blocks.  But the  biggest clue is why use dark silicon and a method to get more transistors on your chip.

I stand by the evidence that is against AP comment. Because the design clearly shows the total opposite.  In design/architecture/power/and fabing/ the silicon used/and the cost of design/.  Company's  like Microsoft/amd/Hynix/ would know from theoretic hardware testing that 32 mb of memory is not enough for target renders of 1080p or 4k up scaling, they had 10 years to design the arcutechture and test.  And to include a 4k cable for no usage but to in cure extra cost margins onto the consumer.
"Let's add less memory on super high busses. But give everybody a 4khdmi cable. That will never serve a purpose.

Another interesting aspect forza/forza h2. And all other 1st party games have all been 1080p with 4x msaa. I wonder how when memory and no other components 50mcu are in the box. So the xbox one live panel was all a joke.  I suppose that was also theoretical jargon.. And it does not matter because that was before the console launched.   So it's a free pass from holding your own theoretical comments.

The conclusion is he is not going to give you the answer you want because he simply can not. Under contracted agreement.

He can give theoretic answers to theoretic questions which he clearly has from the start..    The soc x-ray don't lie.  And nether
Does the evidence on this blog.   E3 is going to prove 90% of this evidence to be true in design. But it's even more plainer

I know what's in the xbox arcutechture.  I also know that in 30 days those nda are going to expire for a lot of devs. And it all lands right around e3.. Why have a PC e3 and have amd announce their next generation gpu at a console based expo. Name a year that PC had main hardware staging.  Right around the offical win 10 dx12 wd2.0/3 unavailing.

All I can ask of the community is e3 is your last turn to trust my comments ... And all I can say is GAMEON

Misterx: DX12 brings power we waited to PC and no Xbox? MS say Xbox is full dx12 box...they also say it will not bring massive changes to Xbox...thats totally break the logic...full dx12 but bring no fruits....only CPU optimizations(asym compute) PS4 will also have or already have is some 1st party games.

 I am sorry for those who believed us and now changed because of AP again. We really can't do nothing about how MS handles it. If you want ignore about 100x clues and evidences - thats your choose.

Insider: E3 is going to prove so much.  A false sense of judgment, it is perfect.  We kinda did make it hard
On a few people because of the direct information.  Nda.

Ap contradicts to many well known comments. The worst thing about this whole thing has nothing to do with xbox but the way it has been handled.. It's is going to be near impossable not to show

What win10 dx12 bring to the table in regards to xbox.  Or they could just release a new more advanced console :)

HBM or pim all have something in comment and any memory with 1028bit bus is hybrid.

HBM can be dram esram edram .. So to say their is no HBM in x1 arcutechture is also a contradiction to esram caches.

Something that has been left out of the discussion.  Ap said that their is no secret sauce and every body who has the hardware knows what's in their. Yes true to some degree if you have the update dx12 xdk document. I wonder if they new 3 months ago they were getting dx11.3 api updates with 20% gpu incress. Or the prior to that. The esram could handle more read writes due to pix api updates.  But the story gets worse if you read back through the xdk documents.

50 mcu where ? Move engines where ? Axi bridge where ?  Audio dsp where?  That's right there not on the soc X-ray in sight. I wonder where they are hiding.  May be it's all In Theory or theoretic

Make believe.  Or may be they didn't go back and over clock the soc they just took all that stuff out?  5 billion transistors ? 362mm2   Is it all a lie. Damage control no.

It's called we didn't want this information out their that's why we couldn't patient the arcutechture.  I get the point it's contractual agreements.

But holo lense can have 100s of tf.  Some thing that proves x1 is more why have a host gpummu and a guest mmu for CPU but your CPU can read in to your l3 "esram cache"  but onion is DDR and garlic is esram. To many read write paths.  Because that's to many bus pipelines.  Impossable Inless yes you can figure out this it's as clear as day.

The motherboard is the biggest give away.  Look at the power cores.

Also let's look at the most tweaky component  the memory bus ?????
The mother board gives that away also.
E3 nda expire.

Misterx: I wonder does AP and Aaron is in the same boat inside marketing department? Or do they have some competition?

Insider: Hyper theoretical question mrx :)  I  have spoken to a but never ap.  A long time ago.  Ap is only doing his pr relations part of his job. But nda's would be forcing him. Their is a lot of money invested in x1.  They are very good with their wording.

There is no such thing as secret sauce in any hardware. And they would know how to word things.  It's only matter of time now.  I say let them run it their way. It's a smart move bold but it proves their in it to win and I want xboss to be the one to show the world their surprises on their own terms.  After this year I don't think pr would be believed when it's clear happening but contracts are in place lets not ruin this round :) the wait is good and I did say the media and others would be tough leading up too e3 ..

Misterx: What about more powerful box? Is it happening? Year ago you said no. xbox one is 10 year box and no upgraded spwcs.

Insider: Nothing is set in stone. Protyping would and still is going on.  They never really did stop the team has contracts in place with venders but it's all need to know.

A new controller is coming.  Iv heard story's of a hybrid console  but their is no point digging into that. As it would be a pr nightmare
Plus their is a lot more tech from x1 to come yet. But it's all theoretic at this point :)

Insider: Looks like that p.r blunder is going to force the hand.  It's happening soonish.

Insider: “we will get nothing from Albert again concerning numbers” and “Prepare to have none of your questions answered. That may be a good thing but embarrassing for Albert”, Penello stated that, “If you go back an look at my posts during the big numbers debate, I said as much. I fully admitted that, since people had asked, I went to the engineering team to provide more detail on the numbers.

“You will see more from us on the numbers and explaining things we’ve done with AMD. You won’t see more from *me* on this – but I said that part already – hence why I’m not jumping in to the debate again. I’d like to, believe me, but learned my lesson on that. This type of info needs to come directly from the architects.

“I will continue (and did today) answer questions about the platform where I can. But I’m tapping out on this one for now!”
NDA!!   Broken :)

Misterx: I don't get who said some of those quotes... AP also tweeted modest improvement from DX12 to Xbox one....hm...is he going to leave and just trolling xbox brand now? Contradicting with about 20-30 other quotes from vendors and devs about DX12 and Xbox One and about 50-100 quotes about DX12 and PC?

Imagine how he will look like when the truth will come out.

I got info DX team is not happy about AP tweets at all.

Parasite to E3 campaign

Day 61 stats - 91%(+11%)

Thanks to everybody for donation once more.

Insider Daily 251.XB1 is a merging content server with cloud processing. Xbox Nano is already inside
Insider: Games that are ported to use win 10 kernel will still need to be optimised under dx12.   Xbox one games do not come with
User setting to configure hardware settings like PC games. This has to do with hyper visor hardware locking features.  So moving a game from win 8.1 to win10 will not aid the games performance under xbox one. The way the game os works each game has allocated resource tables.   Locked features.

Inless the game is reevaluated ported ..Just like day one patchs some first party games will see patchs.  The only game I know that is tested  Is dr3 and others bf but they may not see public release with bf5 coming.
Future is moving fast e3 is soon but this conversation will go on till years end.  You will know why those games got pushed back.
Ask the correct questions ... Just like the gow fiasco..

Misterx: What games are pushed back? :)

Insider: Not that easy mrx :)  closer to the event you will know.   Game on

Misterx: Why had them been pushed back? :)

Insider: Why have so many games been announced before e3 :)

Misterx: To have some attention before its too late before E3? :)

Insider: To late. Mrx you make me smile. No mans sky is a first party now :) up against halo/ fable / gears / forza / tomb rader / dragon scale /??? / ??? / ??? / ??? / ????????? ????? /

All console gamers need to understand that Microsoft has the games. People do not buy consoles for no games. Sales figures don't lie. Trust had to be gainned.  I find it amusing that p.t is locking consoles down!!! Drm !!! The multi hack is out in Brazil thanks to vita like hardware protection.  Clients should be secure not hackable.  There is some serous times ahead for the industry.

Console or mobile. ... Or a console with mobile and aaaa console.   Every body forgets what win10 brings to the table for xbox. All them mobile games from android / iOS  all work on xbox one.  Big konamia  can go mobile so can squire so can capcom the benifisory are the xbox community the win10 community. Sony are not even interested in mobile market they are after streaming market -- psnow

Nintendo mobile games will be playable and supported via win 10 mobile. ms even built the x1 as a server for up to 8 mobile devices connected at any time for multi player. Every body owns a phone .. Right you all do !!
Logic win 10 will be on a billion devices it will link mobile and console and PC.   Next year is the year that console gaming changes forever. It's a merging of content. A creative server with cloud processing.  X1 is five years in front of mobile arcutechture .

Mobile are cost 3x to 4x the amount of console you could build a PC that is ultra on settings for the price of a new gen samsung mobile device.
Stream in or stream out.  It's all the same adapter can = mobile phones / and other arcutechture.  Axi bridge.  Xbox nano can all ready be in the x1 arcutechture.  Think.  Why have the ssd hard drive.   Samsung new phones apple all use internal hard drives. They are rated at 20 years life. You need to look at the bigger under lieing picture.
1 billion devices over night = reality

Misterx: I meant before too late for games Sony can offer....
Mobile...cant see how I could use it...interested only in aaa blockbusters and comfy coach...mobile games are simple games...is hardcore audience became a minority in delivering a revenue? Is not GTA proves nothing or its an exception and game bosses think aaa market is in stagnation?

Insider: Mobile is one peace of the puzzle. As a whole x1 is a content server. Mobile games in the next 12 months will look better then wiiu games. You understand by having all content available in one devices you make it harder for other platforms to get content. And sony is not about to jump in to bed with apple or google. Infact there mobile division is on it's last legs also.  Intill playstation phone Is unveiled. Snap in vita control and all.
Remember xbox one was meant to launch this year... Dx12 / win 10. E3 /games come x10  Eurovision and soon to be announced conference.  You see what is happening it's the push that is happening.  All country's will be accessible. All content.

Their hiring for more teams so 3rd part 4th party Indy get their games up to scratch.
Remember  wm 2.0  4k blue ray is finalised now all the peaces are fitting in.

Insider: https:careers.microsoft.com/jobdetails.aspxss=&pg=0&so=&rw=4&jid=178175&jlang=EN&pp=SS
Hardware descriptions in there :)

1. Memory evolution from server level platforms to mobile and soc.

2. Esram evolution cache ?  In theory would it be better to have the esram
On your CPU cluster as caches or ? On your gpu.

3. Why have your DDR3 so far from the main soc.  Heat for an under performing soc /CPU/gpu. And also incurring more latency.  And have a massive cooling system and near silent level of fan noise for a slow soc?.  Ps4 small cooling system more noise more power ?  Gdr5 closer to soc?  More heat hardware pushed to its limits?

4. Tvs HBM  and test
Why mmu . Why fpga ..

5. Future or past ..

Why are ms using testing system that are not design for standard chip design?

The silicon wafer will be darker and harder to test chips.  Power must be able to be gated due to error in 2.5 3d..

7. Feb 5, 2015 - The term "dark silicon" refers to those portions of a device that need to be shut down in order to avoid overheating.
Over heating from an under performing soc with all heat has been miter gated by smart design choices. Or bad choices?


8. Beta tested in the future ...
Many hardware approaches will be Summarised to give an angle to Future past and present systems.

9. Would the x1 suit this design?   Ddr3 / esram accelerated cache / a HBM with logic and accelerated dsp specialised processors.

Why is it in the x1 X-ray we do not see the specialised processors.

Why is there a dense esram  and two larger memory systems. Incorporated into the X-ray.

Why dark silicon and designs to the layout and cooling system  that do not support the underpowered system. But wiiu a near passive cooled system. Should be factored into this also.

10. There were many reports that the xbox one soc is actually larger then 363mm2. And this approximation is true.  ?

11. Is the future amd gpu an evolved architecture from x1 design aspirations? Tsmc  hpm 28nm

AMD Bermuda (> 350mm² - @28nm HPM - 1Ghz from the slide)
certain: 28nm-process from TSMC ("28HPM")
certain: chipsize 350-390mm²
theoretical: 2800-3000 shaderunits
certain: clock speed arround 1 GHz
theoretical: 384 Bit DDR interface
release: winter/spring-season 2014/2015
performance-prediciton: ~ Radeon R9 290 series

Dual core gpu multi threaded gpu.

12. Xbox One supports 4K resolution (3840×2160) (2160p) video output and 7.1 surround sound.[42][50][51] Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of marketing and strategy for Microsoft, has stated that there is no hardware restriction that would prevent games from running at 4K resolution.

All information will point you in the right direction.  But be mindful of specs.   Game on :)

Parasite to E3 campaign

We continue our campaign to send Parasite to E3 who received personal invite from Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg.

Progress details
Surprisingly Parasite got invite for the whole E3 days not just a MS presser.Thats is special threatment to me(as Insider asked openly here) because usualy MS send access only to the presser. Now you make a conclusion what is realy goin on :)

Because Parasite got invite not just for E3 presser but full E3 his costs will rise to $1800. And thats is already without his dear wife. She will not travel. Parasite booked a hotel for 5 nights for $900. Lets make a final push so Parasite will not be bother his family budget as much as possible.

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How to fund
1. Parasite's google wallet - apelton1976@Gmail.com.
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Misterx: Parasite was so busy to leak secrets to us so he missed his opportinity to ordert misterxmedia crew T-Shirt.

Gforce: I have re put a campaign up for the shirts so Parasite can get his.

It is a little bit more than the previous ones as only 5 need to be ordered to make it official.
Lets help Parasite get his SHIRT asap and please, others who want to order or at least want to order to help parasite get his done.

Lets make this happen guys.

Insider Daily. HBM inside 2015+ GPUs will not function under DX11 or any other Windows but 10
Misterx: Hm...don't get it..
I was fine with what camera man broadcasted...there was like 180 field view...

Insider: Yes but your not going to get that wide of view angle even in the final product. But honestly it will be better then Morpheus and will comparable to c1 oculus. Ms will get it to 90+  so it's going to be like looking through your own vision to a degree.

Misterx: 90+ degree per eye?
Now its looks like 50 degree combined from Verge video

Insider: I told you mrx . Sdf and sony paid media will get very negative right up intill e3. We can't change that.  Ms has specified that dx12 talks would a be happening to a degree and the public would know more. They are only dropping clues and drip feeding.
Build had turned out to be a mega blow to apple and Google and Linux. As devs can port all their apps and other to win10 within mer hours.
The problem when showing beta hardware to public / "media" that are not developers. Like the verg article that is referred to over the internet.  Is the media will do anything to get a hit.   The 50 fov is correct in some of the first beta units. They have units that are a lot better but they want as many units in devs hands.  The forza units that are wired are 90 fov and objects don't disappear.

The beta units do have issue when sending and receiving object mapping. But these test units are only a glimps of what's to come.
And there not going to be cheap ether.

We all just have to be patient till e3. Nothing I say can change this.   Other then arm is the hold up with dx12 nda and xbox.
It will tie in soon enough.   I would dig tho about multi adapters and how the axi bridge ties in.
Just over a month to go.

Misterx: Is it 90 per eye or total? 90 per eye is like a 180 total according to graph in blog comments and it totally ok...

if 90 is combined than there is room for improvement..
Anyway MS does know what they do. It just out of time to bring more advanced beta to Buid...but it must be more good than bad...

Also can you hint a price? I think 600-800 would be a sweet spot to make it a hit...minimal margin and earn on commutative effect from whole win10 ecosystem..

Also low price would up average Johns goodwill and perception of MS brand...MS should see this not how to earn but investment how to make brand again attractive and cool.

Insider: They are going to be 50+ each eye. But that's why I say 90+ For both.  Price I could only demise on this but with Morpheus coming in at 450 usd. Holo will surely be 150$ more or even close to 700usd.  Holo lense is trying to get a 5k screen resolution of objects.

Weather or not they can achieve this in first commershal release is yet to be seen.
You will see more presents from ms in the industry on all fronts that hasn't been seen in years.

Misterx:You said 90 per eye.50 per eye is a flop...media will destroy it...sorry..

Insider: Sorry yes 90 per eye but  now it is 90 for both.  Confused in your comment.   But now holograph can only fill centre internaton which means you are left with 50 degrees view prospective.

When ms fire back you can't half blame them when they do.  Game on

fire back? you mean they will do more then usual xmas push?
I don't believe MS will outplay sonys sdf and haters in one night...That would be miracle if people will suddenly love MS...the hate is strong...and narrative xbox is weak is stoned to average John...
Tired to wait actually... dx12 adoption will gain fruits from 3th party only in 2016...before that 900p will continue till mid 2016...one more year of hate as 2 or 3 superior 1st party games will not help change narrative...

But that could be easily solved if MS will say it clear whats insider xbox one. People will start to wait and hate will be stopping slowly...very slowly

Insider: First party will show games that are 2/4 fold beter then sony's first party's this year.  Games sell consoles and sony don't have enough their scraping an e3 together most their games won't ship till late 2016.    When people find out about what's inside x1 architecture it's going to change the console war. Sony had a good effort out the gate no doubt but from e3 on it's going to be extremely hard for them to compete on all levels. Psn now is broken and that was their main cloud service Morpheus has major issues.  Watch the faces of sertion devs and studios they all know sony is is huge trouble selling consoles will shift.  No really good aaaa games when people want next gen games. I wish I could say more but like iv said this blog will transform after e3. Doors are open.  All I can say is get your vodka and pop corn ready.  :)

Insider: Looks like the leak has really started.  Sorry I couldn't say nothing iv dropped the info but it will make sence when you go back a bit.
It will be clear at e3 :)

Insider: Witcher 3 looks better on x1. These images hitting the net are not aspects of final game.   Take close look at the text and corners the person who uploaded them have used compression. The game is not blurry.

Misterx:Yep, thouse liars...

Insider: Every body tends to agree now that dx12 is a game changer on the PC front.  But they won't admit the fact xbox is specifically design to be the perfect echo system for hardware and software all designed around direct x api.
And being hardware that was developed just for dx12+

A question that people should dig.  What theatric clock speeds would be possible from tsmc hpm.
What Can tsmc hpm when manufactured with dark silicon gain.

What if move engines were not dma based but highly effective fpga that contained their own memory that is not esram.
Is esram really design to be just advance cache system and not design for full system memory allocations.

Why put ddr4 in to a console when HBM will give you better results as proven with gpu tasks purely from gpu comput aspects.
It is strange that Gpus with HBM will not have access to memory of their Gpus if they use any other os other then win 10

And the api read write is Handled via dx12 pix memory api.   HBM cards will not function under dx11 or any other windows but 10.

A form of HBM plus esram for caches would make sense.  Not saying their is HBM.  But memory that could process and move  logic would be cool. But it wouldn't work intill win 10 kernel and dx12 were installed on a system any way. I wonder what devs are receiving soon that will help x1 development smile.  New sdk maybe.  :)  only rumours   Maybe nothing tho ...............

Misterx: not saying hbm is there? is it here or not? :)


Do a full analysis on why ddr3 and why it is in 512mb channels. Why eSram is a cache not an actual single channel  but multi 8mb channels.  Do a budget analysis on transistor budget and tsmc hpm and why dark silicon.  Would dark silcon allow better transistor budget over the 40% that tsmc hpm adds to the fab process.

How many transistor for 4gbs of HBM  or 2gbs..  Their was rumours that xbox one had 8gigs of DDR plus 4gigs of other memory.
Could a form of HBM be staked with esram. Questions that need to be looked into.

Look at the soc X-ray is their a staked memory allocation.
Many devs have let sleep "ms needs to tell people know what's in there"

A form of HBM has been around since 2010.

It could be a wast of time or it could be the one thing that has been over looked this whole time.

Why store your target buffer in esram cache.  Dsp / fpga need faster memory .. Interposer mmu gpu mmu.   Axi bridge.
CPU / gpu.
What is the missing peace of the dx12 + puzzle.

Misterx: Here is it...AMD APU architecture inside Xbox One since 2013...3 bill deal went to make it 2 years yearly.

Insider paints and Misterc, Gforce, Srenia La and many others here found proof such config was real starting back in 2013. Now its comming...How could we know...

MIsterx: The thing @Directx12 made retwitt for.

Boyd Mulleter, former engineering leader for Xbox. Founded Xbox Live @BoydMulterer

Mistercteam: Him retweet this particular part

Mistercteam: He also retweet and fav this

Mistercteam: Congrats MrC, You now have an opponent of your scale of understanding to talk about THINGs.

Misterx: So, Aaron Greenberg invites Parasite to E3 presser, Boyd Mullterer retwitt and fav Mistercteam questions and chat with him about Xbox arhitechture. What is next? :)

Post update

Insider: Here is a start. Mrc has figured this out to a degree and so has others on the blog

1. http://i.imgur.com/da1IxVI.jpg


002 003 004?

K12 ? Axi bridge

2. http://www.hardwareluxx.de/images/stories/newsbilder/aschilling/2014/hynix-hbm-press2014-1.jpg

3. http://cdn3.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Xbox-One-GPU-Architecture.png

4. http://www.heise.de/imgs/18/1/0/6/7/6/2/1/Xbox_neu_3-5145d885291b2272.png

5. http://www.hardwareluxx.de/images/stories/newsbilder/aschilling/2014/hynix-hbm-press2014-2.jpg

6. http://www.hardwareluxx.de/images/stories/newsbilder/aschilling/2014/hynix-hbm-press2014-3.jpg

7. http://www.hardwareluxx.de/images/stories/newsbilder/aschilling/2014/hynix-hbm-press2014-5.jpg

8. http://www.hardwareluxx.de/images/stories/newsbilder/aschilling/2014/hynix-hbm-press2014-6.jpg

9. http://cdn3.wccftech.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/Hynix-HBM-8.jpg

The evidence that proves the theory of a hybrid HBM memory system
Has been around for many months now. Dx12 + and win10 enables memory stacks. Hardware layers. And offload.

Esram is only a cache. Dx12 / win 10 will bring more to x1.

Insider Daily. Xbox One could stream games to Hololens wall sized 100+ inch virtual TV without lags
Insider: Now you understand what win10 enables.  Now you understand the universal app. You have seen ms enable apple/ Linux / android.
Under win10.   And very soon you will see what they have in store for sony.
1 billion devices.    What is coming for you x1 fans.  :)   E3 2015

Misterx: Still blow away!...

Misterx: Really, what is the power inside hololens? What's is battery live?
Could it stream from Xbox one without lags?

Insider: It will stream to x1 using display plans  it will be able to do full worlds with full holographic object placements.  Kinect will be able to communicate via software with hololense. So enemy's know were you are.  Smarter ai.
You haven't seen any thing from hololense really yet :).

Misterx: Don't get it...
My room scanned by HL and send to a TV screen of Xbox one?
Is there is a other way? Play your game on a wall...on imaginary tv using Hololens only streamed from Xbox One?

Insider: You could be in 2x2 meter room and hololense will project past the boundarys of your small room. Because it has a depth and dimension processor.    Walls are gone and floors
What hololense can do that has not been shown to public. Is a vr simulation in 3d. And objects can be manipulated in real time 4d.  You could be on the toilet :) and put hololense on and you would be in the cock pit of the new ford.   When games are streamed to hololense it's not just a video signal.  games developed specifically for hololense will stream in to hololense with full 360 view. Not only that but 4d objects will appear in your pov.

But you could get up and walk around the game world.  So any angle.  Each display plan can overlay to the 360 view. That way every angle can be processed.
If you were in a jungle seen you could use your x1 or new Hololens x1 control to turn the camera in a 360 feald of view.  You could walk your boundary limit but you would walking into a physical wall.  A football feald could be converted into a war game..
So x1 can stream your games to a wall sized 100+ inch tv or a 360 view.   It's just depends on the software you use.
There will be a lot more coming that will explain this but the best part is seeing. This true evolution of hardware and software.
But it's x1 that will surprise you. More money was spent on x1 then hololense that's your clue. Remeber this is the year x1 should have launched :)
Game on

xboxnman: Hey all, I've been thinking about what brought me to this site back around the time of the XB1 reveal. After the reveal I had questions that I thought I'd find answers to from the gaming media online since things that MS had said and done didn't equate to the view of a weaker console, yet everywhere I went no one was asking the questions I had and instead just followed the public view that MS messed up.

I finally found this site and people asking the questions I was asking. I was glad to find I wasn't alone, so thanks MrX for this site. As much as I enjoy the insider views and MisterCteam's research, the thing that brought me here and that I think has the most power to make people question the real specs of XB1 are the things MS has said and done regarding Xbox, after all if people don't believe the info coming from the horses mouth they are unlikely to listen to insiders, etc.

As such I thought I'd make a list of questions I had that brought me here or that I've gained since that time from what MS has done or said. These are just off the top of my head, I am sure there are more so feel free to leave a comment with any you can think of, just make sure they are directly from MS people or MS actions so there is more accountability for the statements (again no disrespect to anyone else's research or knowledge). If any of my questions are incorrect let me know and I will change it, thanks.

Why would MS spend $100M on the controller and yet produce a weaker console than PS4?
Why would MS pay $3B to AMD and not get a better chip than PS4?
Why would MS use custom chips (along with the extra costs) yet end up weaker than the off the shelf parts of the PS4?
Why would MS use 50 other specialized processors if they wouldn’t help the XB1?
Why design a system not fully compatible with DX12 when DX12 is your own invention that releases within 2 years of your system launch?
Why design such a powerful audio processor if the rest of the system can’t even match the PS4?
How can a system the runs both apps and games at the same time produce games on par with the PS4 that only does one thing at a time?
How can a system that runs 3 OS’s (2 of them virtually) be less powerful than the PS4 with a single OS and yet still be on par with it?
Why would MS include a 4K HDMI cable (or at least bother to make a point of it) in a system incapable of producing 4K instead of saving money by including a cheaper cable?
Why would Major Nelson risk stating that the XB1 is ready for 4K video and games?
Why would MS designers say they are using a next-gen GPU if it’s even a lower and older model then the PS4 uses?
Why would MS designers risk comparing the XB1 to a supercomputer if it can’t even beat the PS4?
If MS never planned for the possibility to sell the console without Kinect, why include an IR sensor on the console itself for the Media Remote instead of having Kinect’s built in IR sensors do the job?
The Kinect V2 is very innovative so how is it that MS could create such an innovative component yet not make the custom XB1 system innovative enough to match a mostly off-the-shelf PS4 system?
How can MS claim a 10+ year lifecycle if the system is already outmatched by the PS4 and current PC’s?
Would a company spend $2.5B buying a small game company if it doesn’t care about supporting games and gaming?
How is a chip with more transistors and larger size weaker than the PS4 with a smaller chip with less transistors?
Why would MS risk saying cloud computing can add to the power of the XB1’s graphics if the cloud can’t do that in a practical way for every owner of the XB1 in its 10 year lifecycle?
Why does the XB1 have an external power supply and bigger case if it is weaker than the PS4 which has an internal power supply and smaller case?
Why would MS include a power supply that can provide more power than the known parts should need and which would add to their manufacturing cost?
Why would MS include such a large heatsink and fan for a low power system, even with last-gens RROD issue of overheating a company like MS doesn’t waste money if the system doesn’t need such a major cooling system as it would be overkill and cost more for manufacturing?
Why would MS waste money testing the XB1 chip using a very expensive Cadence Design Systems emulator if the end product is not more useful than a current off-the-shelf PC?
For at least 7 years MS has been working on HoloLens, even creating a unique Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) to process the super large amounts of data and yet they only create their game console with the power of current PC’s?

Insider Daily.MS will bring many games to E3. But will gamers want them? Brand perception is low now
Misterx: What is wrong with COD? The trailer was removed from PS channel and then backed up again...

Insider: The cod deal is real. Sony will get marketing costs from what I have been told. Pack it up it's over for xbox we lost lol :)

Honestly ms are putting their money in to the war chest and an absolute onslaught of Aaaa games. Sony may have some marketing
But it's all going to xbox one any way. And live is much better for multi player games.

The ps4 will heavily pool 3rd party marketing because they do not have enough aaa games it's a well played card. But 1st party are going to be a system seller. Some 3rd party deals have been brought into 1st party domain. As in ms exclusive rights to these games are established for console cycle. And first party games are going to look better then any thing sony can muster up.

Dx12 early developed games and dx11.3 games that have been ported to dx12 are all ready looking like true next next gen games.

Microsoft are so confident in this jump and amount of games coming to x1 exclusively that they know the sales will come.

From what I have seen x1 has this in the bag. Sales sales. Sony have a good exclusive but it's like a monster hunter clone :)

But for me it's going to be the wow factory. Things are going to look new. Textures frame rate post effects. No matter what happens e3 this year is a war ms ant going to be playing nice guys much longer humble pie is over.

I can't leak things out I will how ever do the right thing here.
Vr/holo/Ar is important to x1 so is driving games. But new experiences new games is what next gen is about. Motion is also important build will have a number figure of what devs will get when moving across to dx12. All the nda are getting enforced hard facts will come but people will down play them sdf. But gfx and games will set the record straight.

For the first time 3rd party games will look outdated. If they ant under the x1 devs program then your getting rehashes of last year.
2015 2x gfx jump 2016 x4... Tools are better. On x1 with dx12. And because of this you have not seen the real xbox yet.

E3 blog. I will give you a better opinion over the next few days. Their is a far chunk of information.

Insider: It seems this cod deal won't be 100% in sony's favour. Nothing like ms has with previous cod games.
Their getting dlc at the same time. But ms can also use the trailers but sony can to. Nothing like sw-bf.
more information soon.

Could be e3 spoiler only rumours for now so do not read on if don't want to have spoilers.

[Press to read E3 3rd party spoiler]But a source has suggested there will be a full fractions multiplayer version of cod. It won't be retail only digital
But it will have 32 on 32 war based campaigns and will have ww1 to future zombie maps. It will use an enhanced engine.
PC cross platform e-sports . And will be dx12. Captains give commands to teams. Teams have to work together
To win the war scenario's. May not be till next year tho. I haven't seen it.

Cd project will 100% be patching x1 w3. Ms ninjas have landed. Not sure if res tho so no hopes up I heard awhile ago it could be frame rate but I believe it is texture quality set to ultra PC equilibrium of PC standard.

Insider: Ms have a 10 year first to dlc on cod. But this timed exclusive content agreement has expired or will this year. Ms are perusing to keep it in place.

If the cod trailer is removed from ps adverts for the next 24(Misterx: from April 23) hours then this agreement will be extended. This agreement will not be known till the 28th. Nobody will be able to give 100% honest information. The sony side say it will have their market branding for ps4. But it has been taken down by request. Wait and see.

Insider: Your going to want to play witcher 3 on x1. Megaton. "You don't show hardware you show what hardware can do"
You can all work this out. Build / e3

Insider: You have to understand there is two sides to the cod story. Activation have final say. Sony says yes others say no. The deal is real but we will definitely know by the 28th. Ms is not in as desperate position as sony. Sony maybe moving console but with the truth coming and a a lot off aaa games on there way it's going to be a hard time at Xmas this year. No mans sky is not going to sell like halo or ??? Ms have some real big announcements coming. Just have to wait.

The industry is a little broken on this side. There really is a divide between the devs. Some see value in the 200 million console out there also. Dx12 is final decider. It's the extra a-cu that will make the difference soon tho :)

Insider Daily. 2016 AMD Zen APU config is very similar to what Insider and MrC tell us for ages
Insider: What a lot of people don't understand it is easier to upscale Rez with a patch or api update ..when it is the horizontal pexel count that is the lower aspect of the buffer output.  But it's the stream in to the esram is not even being used on x1 with mortal kombat there using dx11 api because it easyer to get working with unreal engine 3.5. Pix esram memory management and enhancement code op are not available to dx11 in the same performance mode as dx12 and the unreal engine 3.5 does not support it without setting up your constructor management at early enough points.

Their will be dx11.3 updates going out soon which will allow move engine 1 + 2 to process memory mangement. In cycles So that the 1980x1080p buffer can have two invidual display points. Their using display plan mangement to do this.  But frame rate will be locked at 30fps with this method.

these developers do not have dx12 full sdk and are not porting there code. The cdred devs have dx11.3 but their is no time to fix the port job. Iv heard they are trying to get the x1 version to have better higher textures in the final day one patch. Over resolution but if 1080p is targeted it won't be native.  They couldn't do the new display port method ether because they use a  dynamic buffer for draw distance "old method"  if they used tiled t2 they would need to use any of the above optimisations or branching.

Because they could have fit 4k textures/ poly counts  compressed into esram. 16mb would have been enough to render but cd red all so have their middle ware reading into esram..   It's in devs nature to put every thing into esram because they don't want to optimised for ddr3. Plus these devs are not very happy that Microsoft did not have dx12 ready to ship with tools for x1 sdk launch.

When a console has double the performance but first party have the keys and 3rd party can only use one side of hardware and software and the other company has api to metal and straight up has the model platform for there hardware months before shipping.
It's a tarnished brand intill e3  and these tools are shown over what can be done.  With so manny changes and internal dramas like Pd if your going to develop games on x1 you better start learning dx12 api. Or your constructor better be the right choose unreal engine 4 / unity they are the first to really show what's going to show next gen.

Can't say it enough e3 won't be matched.  But expect third party's to show a good amount of ps4 love. Only because they haven't enough time to dev with these new tools. But the games that matter to the gamers the legacy the new will be what counts.  Remember the second year e3 when gears was shown ps3 could get close for years. Well expect a few games with that caliber. And only on x1.  :)
Game on

Misterx: I Hope hate will not kill Xbox and DX12 adoption. Dx11.3 adoption seems failed with all that 900p parade.

Dx11.3 was not adopted by the majority off aaa 3rd party devs because they have or are moving over to the new dx12 api and the benefits out way the negatives. Check the unreal 4 listing and unit.  Their going to get major licensing.
Build will have a fair few question and a hand full of answers.  Just a little longer to wait.

Insider: I can tell you mrx 360 development is complete no more cross platform x1 and 360 are two different device now.   Dx12 and hardware = x1.  No more debates this is the true year of xbox one life cycle. This is the year the native big hitters hit.  Xbox fans will be happy.

Misterx: E
xplanation for moving to DX12 is not feet for currently being released games...
3 games in a row(is 900p - The Witcher, Formula 1, Project Cars), ...thats a lot. Do you have info if MS offered some help and who refused to get it?

Insider: Ms can not send recourses to all devs.  Let's be realistic.  Some games can be optimised some can not. And that comes down to how much middle ware they are using.  If I license engine like unreal which uses 90% own engine specific tools.  These tools can not be ad to all engines some modified yes. But any thing you bring into your engine will need to use recourses and memory management. The more middle ware in your tool chain the more resources. Unreal engine 4  has a Lite approch to middle ware. No need for bolt ons.

This has been the problem. And the fact that some devs are making games with ps3/360 in mind. Early generation cross platform.  It's proven to work in funding developing for next gen api.

But the problem lie here. Dx11 tools are still heavily based on dx9/10.
X1 is full hardware dx12. All future PC games will be dx12 . Win 10 is a free upgrade.

Every body who makes games for PC will be moving to dx12 or patching stuff in before the end of 2016.  The tools are highly developed. For multi CPU and gpu threads. I can not stress this enough dx11 was a port- tool to x1  but it was really about 360 to x1 development or cross platform games.  Now dx12 is the right design api for the hardware. Multi level chips do not run correct under dx11 or win8 kernel.

We can clearly see this in the PC domain with nvidia amd cards. Even CPU have been effected for years. And it's even worse at the o.s level. But nobody wants to put their hands up because it will make people angry. How come my CPU is only using one main core for balance. Why is my gpu dropping threads bottle necking.  These are questions that are not decisive of what was really going on.

Don't forget the humbleness that ms have shown sony. Who might have folded if ms was to ship a full dx12 box at launch. It would have been the end. But know that the might sony is able to hold it's own in regards to cash sustainability. So that we do not get another sega. The ms we have seen the last 2 years is over it's war time. People don't really understand how big e3 is for xbox brand. This is the first year  in a very very long time that ms is going to show you the power.

Look at the depth to hololense look at the tablets look at their xbox.
Xbox is still selling faster then 360 every did. People forget or were to young to see the change.

If your an xbox fan e3 will give you what you have been asking for. But 2016 will be the year the the gaming medium and hardware mature to an amazing level of  integration.  This year is the wow  next year is the boom.  Watch the gap change overnight.

Misterx: Thats ideal scenario in a world where SDF is never existed. They will found ways to damage the effect Microsoft managers expect in real world.

Why MS allow to do that? All that bad news and they don't react...Also Star Wars PS4 marketing first?

Insider: Those nda's are really  going to work.  Expect the net to be up in arms.  It's crazy to think that brad hasn't bothered to specificity talk about what is not known.   Ps4 software is not crummy. It's all ready to the metal. And uses all cores available.  Hardly crummy.  I'll stand by my words dx11 was a fail for x1 but it served it's preposes.

Ask him after e3 how manny cu are available. And way the movie engines are used and the axi bridge purpose.  Every negative aspect will come from now till e3. Then it's over.

Misterx: If Starwars is also 1080p on PS4 and 900p on Xbox one ...its over for Xbox one for 1 more year

"People will say...or I am ok with such visuals....dont care about dx12 and xbox". The point is..competitors will outplay xbox dx12 advantage with tricks and lies easily...Hate will not stop...need hardware talk

I really want to be wrong...but I wait right words and actions 7 years fro MS...not really sure why they could change and start to push this year...

it will be 1 more year of hate

Insider: And you waited for dx12 and you got that.  You wait for x-engine you got it.  And win 10. Ar / vr that happen.

E3 is all I can say. I gave my word to get one from this blog.  So I can not say anything. The picture will be clear @ e3 and no matter what I ant saying anything about ???  You have to understand this is the right way for the blog and community.

Mrx you just have to wait a little more.  Mrc and others have not wasted their time ether.
The wait is over

/Star Wars video is up/

Insider: Not actual game play...  Greatness does wait. Because when you see halo @ e3

Insider: This ant the only star wars game :)

/Xbox One rage about Star Wars PS4 love have started/

I am laughing at comments on this blog.. Sorry people but you do relies starwars battlefront is coming to xbox one.
How manny aaa games that are massive aaa games are coming this year.  Not only that again we have sony masking an in game trailer which will not representing final game play as true power of ps4. I'd have little faith in this.  Because iv seen sw-bf and crysis 3 on ultra still looks better for lod.

Not saying the game looks bad. But from what's getting said around the place. Is that people are tied of sony lieing to gamers even when fine print specifies it is not true game play on ps4.

Their is no denying that e3 is well and truly over due.  But I don't think people will truly be happy in less these console had 1 million teraflops of raw compute.  Ms have to really bring the thunder. And you want to know why things are quiet. It's because sony won't compete with the onslaught.

I am glade sony got a right to market sw-bf. because they don't have the amount of aaa games.  And competition is good.
People just need to stop destroying them selves it's only 4/5 weeks.  Hang in their people. Games is what you want the most advanced is what you will get.
Game on

Insider: "In the older build that was analysed it was possible to become CPU bound with very high numbers of AI, maxing out all 6 cores on XBox One. However, Microsoft had recently opened up 50% of the 7th core to developers : in later builds the development team was able to offload work such as the audio mixing, engine sound synthesis and detailed grass generation onto this core, fixing this problem of becoming CPU limited."

Why is the developer not using  audio off load.  50% of 7th core hmmm it would be impossible for x1 single core let alone to Handle hi sample rate encoding and detailed grass generation audio mixing and engine sound synthesising.  On only 50% of a single threaded CPU core.
But their get the equivalent of 4xmsa.   For a system that seems balanced how can devs be so unbalanced in their concepts.
I am sure mrc can bring these to light.

He already did...not a single core but a cluster..

Oh man

AMDs Zen APUs...includes almost everything you painted to us for last 3 years and MrC and blog members digger out....

How could you know such unbeleivable config would exist in APU format years ago...
- HBM in APU
- DDR4 = 4 x 72. You said its 78 x 4 = 272 gb/s for DDR3 inside Xbox One and once mentioned it like DDR4. Pennello also once said 272 gb/s related to main ram.
- 32mb l3 is esram
- Stream GPU. Like what MrC always said as 768 op/s is vector.
- double precision compute. 2x wider ALUs...


Insider: Now see that halo 5. You wait till you see HUD and game play. Nothing nothing can match this. For fps. All first party games are going to be a step up.

Misterx: That's looks fantastic! Jaw dropped. The art, the effects the pace!

The wait is almost over.

Congrats and thanks for all you did and do for us and Xbox!

100% truth like I said. Don't worry aw2 will come

Misterx: Oh..developer said its CGI.

That reads like don't worry if its CGI or not...

Finaj: The CGI team did a great job to make the lighting and textures resemble what we saw in the beta. Disappointed Blur wasn't used, though.

SalientOne(Seems from i343): The trailer was built almost exclusively using in-game assets to keep the look as consistent as possible.

Parasite: NYCrooked said its final game looks as good. My source said that it is cloud engine + dx12.  Still not using the last part of the puzzle.

Unreleased tech still coming. There's something with the memory sub system.  Trying to find out but all paths end in nda

Misterx: Drr3 inside Xbox is 4 lines x 78 Gb/s =272gb/s plus HBM 400gb/s(@800Mhz)...Insider told that for ages and MrC found a proof. Now new Zen APUs have the same config for 2016 server APUs. So it is not impossible. That huge confirmation.

Parasite: Wow

Parasite to E3 campaign

We continue our campaign to send Parasite to E3 who received personal invite from Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg.
Thank to everybody for donation once more.

Day 27 stats - 73%(+22%)

Special thanks to Mike_Flash from elotroforo.net for organizing group donation(#28 - $220)on his site - the best Spanish gaming community on the web. Phil Spencer and Aaron should consider elotroforo.net community as primary in Spain and Italy and support it by all means.

Details how to donate and updated progress are constantly here: http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186500.html

Insider Daily. Neogaf owner cries he wanted respect from MS & say GAF is moderated neutral to Xbox
Neogaf owner vs Microsoft latest drama

Tyler (EvilLore) went to Kotaku and said Major Nelson aka Larry Hyrb tried to bribery him as he invited Neogaf (Tyler personollay) last year for Xbox E3 conference (after GAF had being excluded from E3 coverage). I think he got so butt hurt that time as he interpreted Nelsons invite as a bribery attempt. Interesting fact Kotaku today is at full MS hate mode too!

Nelson went to NeoGaf and politely owned him, as EvilLore made a serious accusation on him:

http://m.neogaf.com/showpost.php?p=159640846&postcount=428 (the whole thread after is gold)

Tyler(Evilore): Yeah, it would have been fine, except for what happened when I ran into him at E3 afterwards.
Major Nelson: I'll just say I take issue with your choice of the word "bribe."

At no time did I ever imply or otherwise infer that I would expect coverage - let alone dictate the tone or tenor of said coverage.

What ever you choose to say or write or otherwise do to cover the event (or not at all) was entirely up to you. I said it then, and I"ll say it again: This was a 100% no strings attached professional courtesy I was extending to another member of the community. No expectations were implied or inferred.

I wanted to make sure you could see, in person, the Xbox briefing so you could draw your own conclusions. How or if you shared them was entirely up to you.

That was it.

No strings attached. Period.

Assuming that I would expect anything in return is just flat out wrong and misrepresents my intention. It's also incorrect to assume that I would somehow use this to create an uncomfortable situation when we would meet at E3. I think I have conducted myself in a much more professional and upstanding manner both online and in person that you would have understood that.


Tyler(Evilore): Yeah, professional courtesy and doing your job as PR guy was how I had interpreted it, since I had no reason to think otherwise, and I declined politely (as far as I'm aware) and thought nothing of it at the time.

Until a flagrantly disrespectful encounter at that E3 afterwards, which colored my perceptions of how you had taken the exchange in retrospect, hence the harsh commentary over at Kotaku.

Maybe I somehow misinterpreted the scenario where I walked up to you with my group in order to thank you in person for the E3 offer, said hi, made eye contact, went in for a handshake, and then you took my hand but immediately spun a 180 while the handshake was still in progress to directly put your back to me, to gasps and aghast facial expressions from the people I was with. A little bit '60s comic book villain, but charming in its forthrightness, I will say.

But, you know, maybe somehow it's all a misunderstanding, as unlikely as that seems, and I shouldn't have spoken harshly on Kotaku in case it was, leading to this silly public drama we have on our hands now. But had there been any room for interpretation I would have given the benefit of the doubt.

Ain't internet drama fun? At least this isn't on Twitter.

How Tyler wanted to be respected

Major Nelson: I shook your hand in in mid-shake spun around? I do not remember that. at. all. I may have been physically pulled away buy someone - as I get physically yanked in a multiple directions while at E3. If that's what happened, then my apologies. If it happened as you described then you have every right to feel that way. And I can do nothing but apologize because that is not cool. At all.

That said, you declining the offer was perfectly acceptable to me. Would I have wanted you at our briefing? Of course. But the choice was yours, and your decision in no way impacted my perception of you. I still respect you and your work here. That has never changed.


Tyler(Evilore): Yeah, I mean, this is really not something that we should be internet battling about, since things can come off a certain way, even if they look completely set in stone at the time, without any intent behind it, and we never spoke about it afterwards, so it just hung in the air. Believe me, had there been any doubt in my mind about the intent behind what happened, had you been in conversation or surrounded by people or walking or anything, I would not have taken it that transparently. We've met and chatted before and I didn't get any sort of vibe like that, so I was only left with assuming some sort of bad blood had formed, maybe the offer being declined coupled with some anti-MS sentiment being prevalent on NeoGAF at the time because of the DRM scandals leading to a big snub.

And then all this comes out in public while we're both defending ourselves and a bunch of unnecessary drama hits as a result, and things that should have been kept between the two of us end up blowing up. That's not cool, of course, and I'm the one who escalated to the public forum.

I'll take what you're saying here about it at face value, and I apologize in kind for the comments I made over at Kotaku. You have every right to defend yourself from that sort of language I used to describe the E3 badge scenario, I started the public drama by being an unfiltered dick (as I can be), and I think you know where I was coming from now, so we can move on from it and give that handshake another try in June. ;b

Major Nelson: Thanks man. I look forward to seeing you again at E3 - let's try to coordinate ahead of time a meeting time/place so I can be sure my schedule is clear and I'm not running from or to something else.
BTW: Need passes to our briefing this year?

Neogaf owner says his monster is neutral to Microsoft after all pro Sony moderating, Xbox users banning and bad for Sony topic name changes for Google not to see

Tyler(Evilore): Everyone tries to astroturf NeoGAF. The big three, all the big publishers, indies, everyone. I have met more than one admitted former professional posters who were hired specifically to go on NeoGAF to push a particular agenda for a company they were representing. Fortunately we're pretty good at figuring this out and they usually get outed quickly, and all the people I spoke to about this had long since been banned and found other avenues of work. We're always on the lookout. You can't escape Bish's gaze.

LuvOfThaGame: NEUTRALITY at its best!

Tyler(GAF owner)on the left says moderator Bish(on the right with Sony cap) is neutral to Microsoft

kipotan: GAF lying shamelessly

Lying like their god Sony.

lgk94: What a dipshit. If it was Sony offering him a seat at E3 his tone would be different

Misterx: 30 minutes later...

user tells have nothing big for year end and got banned by pro Sony moderator Bishop.

Back to our business. He have our own haters and they dont dissapoint also.

Insider Daily

Misterx: Parasite campaign to E3 make our haters mad. Someone from Mr Zweinstein crowd attacked Parasite on twitter by publishing some illegal personal data. He broke the law. I suspect MrZ itself as he uses many dirty tricks to spread the hate and lie on us behind the scenes.
Insider: This twitter attack is ridicules..  I suggest reporting. I can tell you the people that need to know ant happy about this.
This is what the industry has become. Because of the decorum to use common sense.  This community of xbox fans are sending parasite to e3.

Deal with it. Or fund your own forum/blog to go.  But people who demoralise for a selfish purpose and bully and bring children into a console debate and community for xbox fans sure wouldn't and shouldn't be allowed in to any convention with these intents.

I ask our blog and people who circle in these community's to not get verbally involved report the person via twitter or online.

Threats towards children  and in mature behaviour leading to physical threats is not warranted by our members or condoned under
Any context.

These people are the same people who course gamer gate / resolution gate verbal attack people for their passion male or female.
We all know who these people are and who their groups circle around. These individual who have tires to company's. should be morally ashamed of their own actions.

To the blog community this is the actions of a Desperate bunch of individuals. I expect their campaign to get worse towards individuals who frequently discuss the blog openly in other social mediums.  Facebook/ twitter/ /reddit  to name a few.

The sad fact is they are wrong and come the last minute of e3, there annoying onslaught will finally be over.  They will disappear in to the abyss they have come from.  So I will apologise to parasite and others who have been treat immorally wrong because of this blog.  But because we stand for our passion do not allow this or other individuals to deter you from what you find enjoyable in our medium.  This individual is doing this to course an effect that will see team xbox revoke this invitation to parasite. So I suggest let's not play their game.  Let's set a president and show them through mature actions that we don't behave in this manner. Because we are so close now let's not spoil it now.

Insider: Their is a massive e3 super mega tone unlike anything seen in the industry. 3rd party hardware support is coming.  This is huge and unsupported on sony platforms.  If you dig info is slowly coming to the surface and opens the door to a huge mega tone of 3rd party titles.  Xbox won .

Misterx: Android games?

Insider: Bigger

Misterx: Apple! There is no bigger 3rd party games library around :)

Interesting games...

Nintendo ok also...

PC does not suit the controller.

Sega not big enough...

So only Sega and Nin controllers suits...but sounds fantastic...some sort of emulator?    why? Will people want to buy that? Play outdated games...

Or maybe PC related? Mouse and keyboard for Xbox...steam apps...

No this is a huge deal not sure how aaa the games will be it's going to be an interesting partnership for the platform.

Misterx: It's hard for me expect big things from MS E3 again. They could end up with 2-3 great looking exclusives for 2015 and that's all. Will that be enough to change the narrative Xbox One is more than meet the eyes and up sales? No...

Please you too don't hype E3 for people if you not 100% sure. But people still will ask for E3 details. Let them judge by their own if its huge mega or bomb...everyone have their own definition of a mega bomb...

Insider: Ms know this e3 is the e3 to prove their point. This is the e3 were games are front and centre. This is the e3 were you have a console receiving a new kernel a new api a new hardware update.  An e3 that will have a huge amount of exclusive aaa games from first party.

And more from 3rd party. I ant going to spoil this e3 but after it is done  go back to last e3 list and mark 98% off that list.

If the story is true this e3 will be the longest running time ms has had at an e3 conference.  They are going to save the best for last and I ant going to hype this.

Parasite can.

There going in all guns blazing take no prisoners.  It's a shame that this e3 wasn't the true console launch window.
By the end of 2015 we will see who has the best selling console.  And the most powerful.
You all ways worry about gfx mrx well it don't get much better then cgi in real time.  Why show tech demos you can't play at home.
I know what they have planed but nobody knows in what order.  I wish every body on the blog were going to e3 this year it is the year to be there parasite is in for a once in 3 year event.

Some really really high level technology coming from xbox. No need for hype there should be some early announcements soon and even a controlled leak.

Remember ms hololense unveiling the one I sent an hour before the show but you had no internet to post. 100% current.
I could have hyped that to all hell. The problem behind closed doors showings take time to get to the public games are in dev for a long time before they hit the media.

Go back to the list from last year. I gave you clues. I promised games after games . And that's what happen.

Misterx: Can you update the status of AW2? you said 2-3 years ago episodes 12+ were ready by that time

Insider: That aw project has been put on hold due to the remastering/remake of the original.  They had planned episodes but don did not think it was viable. And TV/ game should distribute hand in hand.  That business model is not in favour.
You will get aw this year . And Qb next year.  There will be a few 2015 remakes.  But we are and will be getting a few aaa dx12 games.  Those aw episodes will become dlc for remake.  Not sure if it's the American nightmare stuff tho.

Some announcements will come before e3

Misterx: After latest news about DX12 is chooses as primary for many majour game developers and will help Xbox one fun to see haters in the past now say we always knew there is something more inside Xbox One.
That is ok to question Insider. That's not ok to go with personal attacks on any member here(or trolling) .

Misterx: Finished Ori and blind forest - 10/10. Took 15 hours with almost eveyrthing collected.

[Spoiler image]

Parasite to E3 campaign

We continue our campaign to send our member Parasite to E3 who received personal invite from Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg.
Thank to everybody for donation once more.

Day 14 stats - 51%(+6%)

Details how to donate and updated progress are constantly here: http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186500.html

Insider Daily. DX12 is taking off
Insider: @ 4k video streaming coming soon.

Insider: More news. Seen a short demo of an unreal engine 4 game.  X1.  The strange thing about said game.  The main charter were in both unreal tech demos.   :)

Halo online will get global launch @ e3.  There will also so be another version of an xbox game getting the same f2p treatment. These are all part of the win 10 PC initiative.  But there going to be playable on x1 also cross platform play.  They have an RPGs to announce soon too.

Also it is grate to see the community getting involved with the e3 lotto and funding.  Well done. The community will grow for the right reasons.

Looks like the leaks are starting .. X1 powerrrr

What leaks? Everyone is amazed by DX12 PC CPU optimizations now :)

Insider: Bt :)

Haters use your brain. That's what their there for.  Explicitly I have made clear. This information is not 100% correct for a big reason and if you used your brain you would clearly see this with just three letters.  But leaving sparks which I would hope  You could dig via resources via the internet you would be able to put two and two together.  Clearly this is not that simple to understand when you are expecting to be given every thing like its a given.  And now you will finally see this year how and why I used my own way, to get this community to dig for information which in turn is there own doing for truth and facts.. Haters is about bulling / verbal attacks / and clearly motivated by your console war fantasy.  Even when we are right and you guys are abandon by you members I know where they will be. That's right!!    This is about the xbox community.  And with dx12 api for xbox one we will see 1080p 60fps games more frequently. And when the hmd hit later this year we will see 120fps games.

Ms told you there were things they did to make sure there frame rates better.  Dx12 api CPU/gpu bundles is one. Reduced overheads and more performance.  Low latency too..  the type,  that gddr5 can not achieve even with there new api.

It's a shame that even after 80% of this stuff is starting to come out and is true you still display a negative approach. When really you all should be supporting the design and software that has been developed. It's is the negative that is sending this console generation to the mobile market.

This is why I do this. To prove the xbox community here is right.  This community is growing for the right reasons not from negative minded people.
Sorry mrx I feel haters are personally attacking what we stand for here.  They will be gone by e3. There will be no need for them for a very very long time.  Because they are going the wrong way about it.  Good luck to them their really going to need it :)

Insider: Are you ready for the big jump with halo5 gfx today. :) power

See the HUD. Now you see gfx.  :)
Halo5 = revenge

Misterx: People think its CGI or live action.

It is live action but the HUD few seconds is not.

Misterx: How did you know thats in engine while the HUD is different? Halo 4/5 beta In game HUD is different, more compact...

Insider: They are teasing game play.  HUD is super imposed. Check the shader and lighting it is in game .not 100% renders like the other parts of the video.

Insider: Some major major new regarding hardware will come soon.

Misterx: Can you answer some of questions too you?

- What the reason MS not even showed Many tech demos, so far, waiting for this year E3?
*)for example side note, we aware , and from GDC that MS have Ray traced demos, but not yet showed it to public yet only developer can test it out.
*)All IHV, include intel showed many UE4 test demos for DX12, but none showed on X1....

- Last Journal above, More about games that have character in both latest UE4 engine demos ?
- What we expect from games like Halo5, visually it will be close to what ?

- Is This year become much like predicted by Insider or even parasite
This time MS not only showed through the games MS also will Talk more about X1 hardware
*) side note, for me even XDKleak counter already 100% proof to me anyway

knightofthex: When are we going to see ray tracing on xbox, besides its use on lightning?

Any old hit games, that haven't been published in a while, coming back to the xbox?

Jari Koopman: when can we see the first demo of windows 10 on the xbox?

is there with windows 10 for xbox also a total new ui design or is it a more of an under the hood upgrade?

there are rumors of a new xbox controller are these true? is microsoft working on a new controller? does this controller has some new buttons/features or is it just an new design.

will halo wars 2 use the nitrous engine? this engine looks perfect for the next halo wars.

Insider: You can not play a benchmark test.  Games are the benchmark for consoles.
There is a lot of  debate in regards to x1 and dx12 all over the net.   We will not see 1300% increases in performance on x1 from software. Changes are in the apu. The big changes will become available when dx12 win10  x1 kernel are installed on x1 architecture.  Mrc findings are your place to look. But remember there is gpu offloading not used on dx11 games.
Unreal 4 games are coming. These are your benchmarks. The reason for the hold up for unreal games is dx12 was not available to developers and engines.  X1 dx11 does use similar dx12 performance but they are only available to dx11.3 games. They are pix based.

But these updates are not at the same performance or optimisation as dx12.  You still only have one main lead thread and very minimal branching. You know the optimisation that dx12 will bring  to CPU heavy games.

Raytracing will first hit in lighting.. there is manny articles on the net to explain voxel. But full ray tracing games will come later on but even then they will be heavily lighting and reflection shader based.   The most important thing at this time is to get complex shaders to expand to smid based shader comput.  This will allow polygons @ 1080p 60fps to be textured and shaded. This is also why the texture level caching is available only on x1.  Microsoft did not want a brute force approch they wanted balance. But dx11 was a place holder api as this blog understands.

Halo 5 will have the gfx of a late 2016 game as it is using dx12 and win 10 kernel. But there will be more gfx heavy games coming.

Squre dropped there own engine because of x1 PC dx12.  And moved to unreal 4.  Halo 5 is designed around a modified unreal 4.

From what I have been told. One thing that will stand out over most games this years is the complex elements that the engine produces.  And dx12 and unreal engine 4 are hand in hand no other engine at this time is this advanced. Just like for years unreal 3 was very prominite on 360 games as will happen with the x1.

Iv heard story's that halo wars 2 if it is a thing :) will use star  Swarm engine.  Not sure if this is true but the information was discussed and  It's a good possibility.  But I believe It will be more a middleware approch.   But if I had seen a demo it would have had a big scale all tho the player could switch into first person mode and interact with the environment.  Holo lense/vr will also have a mode in this game also but I never saw this. :)

The biggest games will come in 2016.  Gear of war will destroy any cgi renderd in Game  gfx to date. Although halo 5 is close enough gow is the next gfx jump and unreal 4 will show this.  The best thing about gow it made a ps4 dev pull back their best to improve gfx which is a good thing it's just a higher level to destroy.
New I.p will arrive @ e3 but per my pending agreement I can not say anything just the way it has to be. I want this blog to transform
Into a true xbox community so in order for this to happen you can guess.

Parasite to E3 campaign
We continue our campaign to send our member Parasite to E3 who received personal invite from Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg. Its going very well. Thank to everybody once more time!

Day 6 stats - 44%

All details on a campaign and updated progress are constantly here: http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186500.html

Insider Daily. Lets send Parasite to E3. Microsoft send him personal invite - that will be fun

Parasite: I was taking to Aaron in private message about the struggles I and others have with the ponies and bias media. I told him I would continue to fight the good fight and hype Xbox no matter what. I said something like I wish I could be there when you nuke e3 with xbox true capabilities but I'll enjoy vindication at home just as well. To my surprise he said "I will get you invited to our press briefing if you would like."

I was shocked to say the least. Ok here is my dilemma, I have to pay for travel and hotel to go for myself and my wife. I'm thinking about $1500 to make the trip. If I can get the funds for travel and hotel I'm going there as an ambassador for this very blog and be there first hand for our vindication. We're going to get the respect we deserve, especially Mrx, who without none of this would happen. Plenty have come here in the name of friendship only to be wolves in sheeps clothing, we know who the true members are and who has been here since the beginning. I am very excited for what's to come next for both Xbox and this blog. You all make me proud to say..

One United We Game On

Misterx: Aaron Greenberg invited Parasite to attend E3. He short on funds and need $1500 on travel expenses.
What do you think of idea to make 10$ lottery tickets for blog visitors to rise some funds for parasite and another winner(winners depend on funds collected) to attend E3 this year?

Insider: It's a good idea that this blog gets to send there own.  It would be good to morph the blog into an attending xbox e3 news blog.Like I said we need to change the community's approch still keep our edge and presents on the internet for the right reason.

Aaron Greenberg is as passionate about xbox as we are. And we do it for free.  With truth and facts to back it up. But I do respect and thank him for giving this invitation.  Respect.

If Parasite goes to e3 with funds raised from this blogs contribution ..It is only fair that he uses this blog. To report news
From his e3 indevers.

And I ask Aaron and Phil to allow a deeper inside presents then most VIP receive with parasite. It would be good for the community. And I will not contribute any information @e3 a month before.  Not one word.  The balls in their court. Because I think the passion of our community will grow beyond belief @ and after e3. Please consider.  It would be good for the xbox team to own this e3 on their own terms they deserve this.  Respect

I will donate also but it must be off the grid you will not know it is from og insider tho :(  but soon.  PayPal mrx anonymous. I trust you

Misterx: ok, green light. I am too modest to do that but that is a great opportunity for us we should not miss.

1. Lets collect $1500 for Parasite to attend E3 by Microsoft personal inviting. He will be live blogging for us too.
2. If there will be extra funds we will choose another winner to attend E3 by lucky tickets. He will receive $1500.
3. If there will be even more extra funds we will vote for our blog members to attend E3 with another $1500 each (I will not be in list).

How to fund

1. Paypal to me - misterxmedia@yandex.ru.
2. Paypal to Parasite - pieparasite@yahoo.com.
3. Parasite's google wallet - apelton1976@Gmail.com.
4. Credit cards form below from Yandex.Money (very large service. payments are anonymous and no registration is needed)
600 rubs are around $10 now. Exchange rates are here

Every $10 is 1 lucky ticket. E-mail me for lucky ticket numbers to misterxmedia@yandex.ru after no matter what payment option you choose. I send tickets once a day.

I will post all the statistics at the end  If you want to be named in the donators list please provide your blog name or name in payment notes. Or e-mail me to misterxmedia@yandex.ru after. I will send lucky numbers back to e-mail provided in notes or paypal transaction details.

Lucky ticket number is a random number in range from 1000 to 2000 for every $10 donated. The winner will be chosen at the end by web random generator. i will record and post all the process.

Day 01 stats - 10% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186500.html?thread=37749636#t37749636
Day 02 stats - 35% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186500.html?thread=37770628#t37770628
Day 06 stats - 44% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186500.html?thread=37865092#t37865092
Day 11 stats - 45% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186880.html?thread=37949440#t37949440
Day 14 stats - 51% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/186880.html?thread=37998080#t37998080
Day 27 stats - 73% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/187515.html?thread=38444923#t38444923
Day 57 stats - 80% http://misterxmedia.livejournal.com/188495.html?thread=39326287#t39326287

Thanks in advance from all of us!

Good luck and game on!

GAF on fire (c) Hasmeh

Insider: @ 4k video streaming coming soon.

More news. Seen a short demo of an unreal engine 4 game.  X1.  The strange thing about said game.  The main charter were in both unreal tech demos.   :)

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